Rob’s Market Leadership Strategy Continues To Power Stocks Higher

Welcome back everyone!  There are two quick and important things you need to know this evening.  The first is that the leadership strategy that I have been using the last several days has been working fantastically.  It kept us out of a lot of trouble.

Once again this morning we had the Stock Index Futures selling off into the open.  I told you that what happens heading into the open, often gets reversed.  That was exactly the case!  I told you guys that I wasn’t going to be looking for shorts as long as the Stock Index Futures were above the speed lines.  The Stock Index Futures ended up being above the speed lines this morning.  As soon as the market reversed and stuck it to the retail traders who went short and it was off to the races to the upside.  We ended up trading right up to the end of the session.  I was trading up until the last 20 minutes of our session today.  We were really focusing on this today.

The strategy continues to work guys.  The RUSSELL has been far more powerful in general.  While they were taking nasty dips here, the RUSSELL held the speed lines and continued on.  The RUSSELL has shown its leadership in this market.  It has been that way for a while.  That will be the strategy heading into tomorrow.  If all four of those are above the speed lines, I will look for long side trades with those Stock Indices.

If you like to trade these indices, you can trade the futures or the ETF.  The stock or the ETF is the best way to go for the average retail trader.  I want to note that we are back above the 5000 level here.  If we can hold up there heading into tomorrow’s U.S session, I will be aggressively looking for long side trades.  If we can make 50 a support level we could see much higher prices.  It will be just like the last time when I gave my buy idea.  That was when we broke above the distribution bars.  We were looking to move from 47 up to 50.  That is around 3000 dollars a contract.  We hit that target decisively.  We now need to see if we can make 50 a key support.  That could lead to some great opportunities in the market as a whole.

Take care everyone and I hope to see everyone in the Live Trading Room tomorrow, or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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