Rob’s post-Fed thoughts and tomorrow’s class

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, as we go ahead and we take a look, obviously, the market was buoyed today by the news that the Fed is gonna go ahead and buy individual corporate bonds and such. So, the thing we’re looking at right now – we’re holding that key support and as long as we do, remember, that’s why I said, “until we get down below that support we’re not gonna be looking for moves down.” So, at this point let’s see if we can actually get back up here above these short-term areas around the 310 – 312 area given that the market is going to continue to support stock market. With that being said, as we’re going and looking, so our short side opportunities have not materialized either. We have not gone ahead and broken down below the channel much like the S&P so no move down so no trade there yet. And then same thing over here, we did not break up above the highs of these areas to look for continuation longs.

So, everything is status quo on those things, but there certainly were several trading opportunities that you need to know about and we’re gonna talk about those in tomorrow night’s special class. So, make sure you join me for tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Eastern, 6 o’clock Central. This is such an important time as you could tell in this market, these are the things you have to know and the reality is, I’m going to make sure that you know we talked about these things I’ll answer your questions, show you these key strategies, and this particular class is one that applies to everybody and really not just the 23 percent. So, this would be a special class that we haven’t done now for months and so it’s a great time for you to go ahead and see this and be prepared as we go into the coming months here at such a critical time.

So, with that being said, go to and I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at that class. Remember, it’s not recorded so make sure you attend live at 7 o’clock Eastern, 6 o’clock Central. I look forward to seeing you at that special event! Take care and we’ll see you guys tomorrow night! Bye-bye! English

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