Rob’s Strategy (He Gave You Here Last Night) Worked Flawlessly Today

Welcome back gang!  What I want to do here is follow up on the very accurate video from last night.  I said we wanted to focus on breaking down below the 14 level on the VIX.  The further we go down, the more bullish it will be for stocks.  As you can see from this morning, we gapped down from yesterday’s close.  That led to a massive rally in the market this morning.  Every time we pulled up on the VIX, it started to break the market back down.  We are getting a little pullback towards the 14 level.  Therefore there is a pullback on the Stock Index Futures.  This is so important.  If we can keep driving down towards the 12 level on the VIX, that will be a fantastic place to be.

Remember that the 12 level is a historic level for us because more major market correctsions will be born.  We usually will get rejections off that.  The whole move from 15 down to 12 can lead to some fantastic rallies, especially if we stay in that range.  That could be very bullish.  I was telling you all this yesterday.  That is why I wanted to show you this live.  We are trading below yesterday’s close, which is bullish.  If we start pulling up above 14, the market will probably roll back down again.  In the coming days you will want to see if we drive down towards 12, for major moves upwards in the Stock Market.  This is important for both day and swing traders.  Anyone who is looking for moves in the market will focus on this cue.

Myself, Davide, and Colorado John traded multiple times, and made money as well.  One of the core strategies I used this morning was using this strategy.  We came, we saw, we conquered.  Hopefully you all were using this tool to your benefit.  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I will see you in tomorrow night’s videos.

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