Rob’s Support From Last Night’s Video Held Perfectly. Not Selling Until There’s A Break.

Welcome back everyone!  The market is still open.  However, this really emphasizes a point I made in last night’s video.  I really want to focus on longs, until we break through the speed lines. We tested those speed lines. We also touched the speed lines.  These are on all of the Stock Indices. Even the DAX ultimately closed up at the speed lines.

These are daily pivot points. The green ones are weekly pivot points.  We had a confluence of multi time frame analysis. There were multiple support and resistance levels. We are looking for the IRBs that are 45% or more off the low in a down trend or high in an uptrend.  There are multiple of those bars.  I did a presentation on this yesterday in one of my premium videos.  Sure enough today that happened on the top and bottom side.

We were hitting key support that I have been warning you about.  We hit the same support on an intraday basis.  That is one of the most powerful strategies you could get. I am going to hold on into this area. If it break there, it is now a problem. That is a more aggressive cut. It is a great identification point. I wanted to follow through with that from the previous conversations.  Have a great night!

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