Rob’s Back And His Timing Was Perfect

Welcome back!  I have so much to share!  Here are a couple great pictures from the cruise that we were on.  Look at all the great students!  There are a couple different pictures because there are so many different students in each.  Some students didn’t even end up in any of the pictures too!  There were lots of great students from all over the world during this special week that learned advanced mentorship level strategies from me.  Who wants to learn from me?  We actually had the star of the show.  That was Makenzie Grace Hoffman.  She got away from mom and ran on to the stage to touch my charts.  Hopefully that is a great sign that she will be a great trader some day while using on my indicators.

Today was a wonderful day.  Let’s start up at the top and work our way down.  The Euro is still caught in between a rock and a hard place.  We have falling long term resistance and rising short term support.  We are definitely caught here in a sideways congestion.  That is also known as a kill zone.  There is nothing new to do with this after last Thursday’s ECB report yet.

Crude Oil is very interesting.  We are now at the edge of the abyss.  There is long term support and it is below my 3780 area.  That is my key 80/20 rule breakdown.  As we go into tomorrow, any signs of continuation to the downside, I will look for signs of short side trading.  That will be so nice.  There is a special follow up live trading event this evening through the overnight.  That might lead to some good trading in the European session for myself and Davide.  We will be focusing on the Crude Oil for some follow through.  Yes, we are overdone in the short term to the downside.  However we are testing the previous low where we found support.  If we fail to find support there again, we could see much lower prices.

Gold is much like the Euro.  It is caught between fallen resistance and rising support.  It is in a kill zone.  Like the Euro, I don’t have a lot of interest in this one.  Crude Oil is more interesting to me.

We do not like low probability trades when it comes to the bonds.  There is a whole bunch of resistance above us.  There is a key support area that earlier this year we broke out above.  It became support and took off.  It did that multiple times on repeat.  You can see we have massive resistance exactly above us.  There is massive support below us.  We are caught in this shooting gallery.  That puts ulcers in your stomach.  That is not the place to be.  We really need to get out of that area.

The real story of today was with the Stock Index Futures.  It is great to be a trader in this market.  These markets came back off the lows.  Right now, going into tomorrow, we will be looking for long side trading.  We want to see that between the W pattern buys, and the fishhooks as well.  We prefer to see long side trading going into tomorrow.  However if we break down below the inventory retracement bars that formed this afternoon, that could bode very well for continuation shorts.  If we get down below the 116000 on the Russell, you could see a look out below situation taking place.  You should expect a lot of fun out of the Stock Index Futures.  There were a bunch of fire offs with my setups.  There were momentum shift with trends, momentum shift breakouts, inventory retracement bars, and reverse inventory retracement bars.  You can see this stuff live in London this coming weekend.  I have a trading competition and the ability to teach you some of these concepts there.  There is a lot of different setups and fire offs.  You can check your work against mine here to see if your favorite interpretations fired off in these areas.

I apologize because in the charity event from earlier this week there was an old video from a previous event.  While I was gone the July video was placed in there.  Let me go ahead and give you a quick update for things I want you to know.  It is important because you have less than six days left for this.  You need to go to the link in there.  That link will also be in tonight’s special update section.  What you need to know is that we are at 29,000 dollars now thanks to you guys.  What is nice to know is that if you give $100 dollar donation or more, you will not only get 25% off most of my products and services, you will have a chance to win me for a day.  I will be showing up at someone’s house on December 21st.  The drawing for this ends on Monday, December 14th.  That is next Monday and that is why time is wrapping up.  I know people were confused because of the different dates and they wanted to get with Rob for December.  I completely understand why.  What you will get is 25% off products and courses.  That even includes private mentorships as well.  Those who got my mentorship information on the cruise were very surprised to say the least.  Everything we discussed on the cruise was absolutely seen live in the live trading room.  Here are the things you need to keep in mind.  December 14th is the deadline.  On December 21st I will be showing up at one of your houses.  Even if you donate anything you will be a true winner.  I even did another video for another company to promote this charity event because I enjoy doing it so much.  I think we are up to $29,000 dollar all because of you guys.  Please take the time to donate because you will get a discount to all of my goodies.  You can also win a chance for me to come to your house and that could be a life changing experience.  Please watch the new video link in the special update to give tonight to help a great cause.  It is great to be back and there is some much trading to come.

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