How Rob’s Looking To Trade Post-FOMC

Welcome back everyone! Yesterday in my trading I was focused on trading the NASDAQ in relation to how Apple was moving. I talked about how we lined those up when the were highly correlated yesterday. When they kind of backed away, I backed away too.

They weren’t in sync with each other this morning. You can see that we closed at the low of the day. Apple didn’t quite close on the high of the day, but did compared to the U.S. Stock Indices. It was a completely different story!

We had Tesla up $1.23, Twitter up $0.25, and Netflix is up still. Even though some of them weren’t up by much, they were still up compared to the NASDAQ on the day. This will be really important tomorrow to see which one blinks. I am going to be looking at the same ones tomorrow. I will want to see if those start going the way of the overall indice. We are coming up on the bottom edge of the accumulation bar on the DOW, and S&P. If we continue to push down, and those FANG stocks start to roll over, that could really accelerate this to the downside. I will gleefully short that if that happens!

If they can hold there, we could see a relief rally back up post-FOMC. I will be really watch the two to see where they get in sync. If they don’t, that could be problematic. I will probably stick to the Stock Indices for buy or sell signals from there. If the FANG stocks start to roll over, and the Stock Indices pound to the downside, I will be happy to short.

The key is that I am looking for them to get in sync. Once they both start moving directionally, I will be looking to fire off trades with that.

We have accumulation above us and distribution below us. Swing trades aren’t going to be a real good idea in my opinion. We just have huge selling above us and huge buying below us. We have long term support below us on the DOW. There are just to many 50/50s going on right now. I am going to be more focused to the active investor tonight because that is where the best money opportunities are from my perspective.

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