Rob’s Trading Plan For Tomorrow

Welcome back, everyone. I’m going to be really brief tonight and get back to all the wonderful people that I was talking to this weekend. It’s been great talking to so many of you. Welcome and I’m really glad you guys enjoyed this really special class this weekend. Champion Setups and Hedge Fund Trader Setups are merged together here. We’re going to be doing this again tomorrow night at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT. You are not going to want to miss that. In fact, a lot of you who came on Saturday said they’re coming back tomorrow night. That’s great! Just keep learning and learning from me and our friends on the hedge fund side.

As we take a look at the Euro, it was still stuck in the channel. Isn’t that great? I love sounding like a broken record because we continue to see the power of my work. It’s not great for the trading side. We got plenty to trade on the stock index futures but the Euro is still stuck in that range and that’s the power of my work right there. Nothing to do with the Euro just yet.

Gold has the same consolidation. It’s going nowhere fast until we breakout, break down as I’ve been telling you. We need to breakdown below this support until we can look at gold.

Crude oil continues to go ahead and be sell side. In fact, we take a look at late last week. We had more sell signals. We had a Hoffman Fade pattern here and so that was a sell. We take a look at the weekly charts. You can see here we had weekly sell chart signals along with hockey stick sells. We see continuation to the downside. What I’d love to go ahead and look at buys here and positive divergences but not quite yet. We need to get back before the speedlines before looking to do such a thing.

Bonds have been interesting. We spent more than two days above this channel. We really didn’t have an official two bar break though. We had a one bar break and two distribution bars and a one bar break. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting to see if we can sustain that to the upside or if we come crashing back down. If we come crashing down, all is kind of lost. If we can hold to these speed lines, we can get some longside trades. We had a big fat distribution bar here. We had a big fat distribution right there. We had another big fat distribution bar over there. We’re in some major resistance so be careful with the bond.

Let’s take a look at the four stock index futures together. All four had inside days today. It’s understandable due to the holiday shortened trading. As you can imagine my short-term play on an intraday basis is to look for a breakout breakdown for these doji stars that we set. For more conviction for bigger moves to come, I’d really like to break out from Friday’s lows. That will be more encouraging for me especially since we have this big fat accumulation bar on the Russell. We could be due for some retracements back up especially since everyone is talking about how terrible things are. We have a hockey stick buy and a fish hook buy over here and some more hockey stick buys over here. I’d really like to see us break above the highs for Friday for some long side trades going into tomorrow’s sessions.

Don’t forget this fantastic event tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there. Register with this link:

We’ll see you in the live trading room tomorrow morning or at this fantastic event tomorrow night. Take care, everyone!

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