Rob’s Trading Strategies Proved To Be Valuable Again Today

Okay gang, Rob here with you. Boy, what a lot of fun! Thanks to all who joined us this morning that made it a great event. I was able to fire off multiple trades, discuss trading strategies,  identify key support/resistance areas, break downs, reversals, the whole nine yards for you guys this morning. It all stems from what I’ve been saying here for the past several weeks.

I’ve been utilizing the Russell a great deal the last several weeks. I’ve been preaching and screaming from the choir there day after day, week after week here sharing with you all sorts of things about the huge divergence that we had between the Russell vs. the S&P and the DOW. This really wasn’t being talked about. What was happening here was that people just keep seeing these indices rise but nobody was watching this underneath here. We talked about it, it kind of came across for a few different reasons, number one was the weekly chart here. I mentioned that for the first time in a year and a half we actually made a lower high in my core trigger. We were talking about that back in here because we make a lower high in the core trigger while making a higher high in price. That’s a big deal! When that’s the first time in a year and a half that that’s happened, we have to take notice. What does that mean? We’re in for deep correction. That’s exactly what I said, we got the deep correction. Here is the last correction, you can see this one went much deeper. But people just weren’t talking about this. It wasn’t about the Russell. I’m sure you heard some mumblings here or there but it wasn’t really a mainstream media type of thing. In fact, now look what happened finally today after everything I’ve been pointing out, even up to an inclusive on this yesterday during the big brokerage event that we did. A whole bunch of you were saying HOLY COW, HOLY COW looking at that. Guess what? Now we’ve got mainstream media focusing specifically dead on about the Russell. Isn’t that interesting?

As we go ahead and we take a look the bottom line is this led to several trades. I think this is going to lead into even more great trading going into tomorrow now. We are on the edge of the abyss here. Once again we are just as we were last Friday going into this Friday we’re going to be right back in the same place. Now the following Monday we stepped all the way back into the top end of my resistance only to wind up right back down at the bottom end. So here we are back down at the bottom end. I think that’s going to lead to some great fun. So just like I fired off multiple trades this morning looking to do even more than that going into tomorrow morning. Great things that we’re focusing on ahead. Just remember that my trading strategies will continue to be around this whole thought of the Russell being weaker and the DOW coming off. In fact let’s just see how much that came off as that was all the same stuff that I pointed out to you in last night’s videos. As we go ahead and pull this apart you can see how much the DOW and the S&P came off. Everything I went ahead and warned you about come to for wish there. Gang there’s so much you can learn by being in the Live Trading Room each day watching these free nightly videos basically that at least gives you a taste of it but everything we talked about came absolutely true.

I’m looking forward to more great trading as we’ve had here. As we said, 2014 is going to be a great trading year. It’s going to get better and better and better here as we go into in the summer months. Most people will always say that it’s just like conventional wisdom, “Sell in May and go away”. Well, if you guys looked at the last two or three summers, two were pretty extreme. I expect we’ll go ahead and have a lot more great trading this summer.

Also, we went and made a great off for everybody that came to our room this morning to join us. That offer is contained in your nightly video in your email section there tonight. Take the time to do it and by the way, Tanya, Sarah and Angie were quite keen on pointing out to me today that we had more ladies join us today than any other time in recent history. The sheer number of ladies that joined us. So ladies I saw there was East Coast all the way out to Huntington Beach on the West Coast, so from the far East to the far West. Welcome to all of you great lady trader that joined our student family today as well!

A lot of great stuff happening here gang at Become a Better Trader in 2014 and hoping you guys are going to go ahead and continue to be a part of it each and every day. Be it through our fantastic Options program, our Live Trading Room, or even just joining us on these complimentary nightly videos. You guys take care, have a wonderful evening and we’ll see you soon!

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