Rob’s Updates On Strategy With This Market Run And Key Stocks Recently Featured

Welcome back everyone!  I mentioned that as long as we stay above the short term moving averages that I will be looking for fresh long side trades.  I focused on the long side for the Stock Index Futures.  It was the only way to go!  We did have some of the markets pull back, like the DOW.  It was very weak early this morning.  I wanted to wait because we had buy signals on the NASDAQ and selling on the DOW.  I wanted to see if the DOW could kick back in and turn around. We were very over extended here.  It is a news driven market right now.  That kept the volatility pinned very low.

I told you guys last night that I am looking for a long call type play in volatility.  That VIX is unsustainable to stay down there at these levels.  I am looking for long side trades in the short term.  That is all on the U.S. Stock Indices.

The other day I did an impromptu class where I went through a marathon run on different stocks, even Forex plays.  Let’s hit a couple highlights from that event.

We are still right in that area that I warned you about in NVDA.  We are very mindful of that.  We pushed up into that resistance level.  All that energy was expended to get to that area.  We have to get above the previous high.  That would be the 220 level.  We used all of the rocket energy and got over bought in the short term.  That is where you often see failures.

Since the last time I updated you on TSLA, there just isn’t any consistency.  The weekend chart has been caught in that channel.

We are getting closer on AAPL here!  I have been telling you all about the 175 level.  As of 30 minutes after the close, we are showing an actual price of the 175 level.  We could potentially see a 200 dollar Apple.  Apple has had some problems, but it is doing an alright job of shaking that off.  The technical story of 175 is the big story to me.

I am looking to break through key resistance levels on some key stocks for long side trades.  Once those become support we could see some very nice moves. I want to watch for any types of pull backs because of the low volatility.

It was a nice start to the year!  Don’t forget that we are only 9 days from the largest online wealth, trading, and investing summit.  I am so excited to be a part of it.  Go to right now to sign up.  We will see you there and Monday morning!

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