How Rob’s Videos From Last Night Paid Off Today

Welcome back! Nice first day for those of you who just joined us yesterday after the special live trading update we did with Infinity Futures. We were able to gross out a lot more profit this morning. We did it using the strategies we laid out last night. Going into today, we told you that we would not want to see in the stock index futures is to open up and bleed into these levels. The reason why is we had resistance coming down on top of us. We had speedlines on the NASDAQ. We had long-term resistance coming down on the Dow. We had speed lines on the Russell. We had speed lines on the S&P. The bottom line is there is lots of resistance up above us. It was a slow dribble coming up in here because of these over-sold positions. That can lead to some choppy trading.

We got a break this morning because I did not want to focus on long-side trading. We originally opened up and went up in the pre-hours so when we got into the U.S. session we actually got some selling there and that led to some great trading this morning early on. That was nice profit. People got to watch myself and Colorado John make money. That was pretty great for them to see that. We did not focus on long side trades because the risk of rollover was really high so we just avoided those types of trading. That all stemmed from the strategy that I gave you in last night’s session. Short was the only way to go this morning and that’s exactly what we did and what made money in the trading room this morning.

Going into tomorrow, I’d like to see us get above the highs from the morning and above these resistance levels. Let me see if I can pinpoint these levels for you. That gives me some nice room to grow on the NASDAQ and the Dow. Not too much room on the Russell but the Russell has a way to power through things when it wants to. It tends to be a leader, not a follower. We have some room on the S&P as well. Otherwise, I’d like to get down below today’s lows for shorts. That’s what I’m going to be looking at. The short side I’m perfectly comfortable doing that. That’s what put money in my pocket this morning. Right now, we have these little fishhooks. On one hand I’d like to see us pull back on these sell side opportunities. It’s possible they could be comparable to today’s small rallies. So unless I see some real aggressive selling there, I’m going to want to keep stops tight behind my profits. Any move to the upside got caught in a whipsaw. We did have a nice little move down. At this point, I’d like to see us explode through this area and cause a nice little jolt that can offer up some nice long side trades. The favored trade would be to the long side unless we had an explosive move to the down side and break down below those lows giving us room to grow. Tomorrow we’re going to be an equal opportunist taking trades on both sides. That’s the beauty of being a trader – all of these opportunities springing up an intra-day basis.

Speaking of taking advantage, for those of you who didn’t join yesterday and saw me make money today, that offer is coming to an end for quite some time this weekend. I’d encourage you guys to go to You can read about all the benefits of the membership here. We made a special offer with lots of bonuses there at a special price. That price will go away for several months. You will regret taking advantage of it. The people who joined yesterday got to see me in action today. Make sure you get to be a part of it. Again, that’s

Looking forward to seeing you in the live trading room tomorrow and in tomorrow night’s videos. Looking forward to doing it again.

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