The Session Played Out Exactly As Rob Forecasted In The Live Trading Room

Welcome back everyone!  What a powerful day today.  Exactly what we talked about in the Live Trading Room ended up happening.  We guided people through the process.  I explained why I wasn’t shorting around the 5980 level and why I didn’t want to go long above the 6000 level at that time.  I also explained what it would take to make that happen.

The market did push through the 6000 level, pulled back to it, and started to take back off again.  That is exactly the kind of conditions I was looking for in order to take a long.  That catapulted the market up significantly after.  It went up around roughly 10 NASDAQ points.

I walked through why I wasn’t shorting at that time.  It ties in very well with what I have been telling you on the NASDAQ.  We are focusing on that heavily because it is a nice follow up for what I was telling you this morning.  There is no greater proof than saying it before it happens.

We are stuck right at the 6000 level right now.  As long as we stay above that level going into tomorrow, I am going to be focusing aggressively on long side trades.  Once we dip below 6000, all bets are off at that point.  We will give you an update on other markets as we get into tomorrow night’s videos.

We made that really great offer to join the Live Trading Room today at  We made a huge offer with huge benefits.  It includes the great jumpstart course.  That was a big benefit and helped people.  There are thousands of dollars of benefits as well.  It is only $797 for 3 months of the same stuff that you guys got this morning.  I am looking forward to having you all in the Live Trading Room tomorrow.  Again, go to!  Take care everyone!

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