Nothing Short Of A Phenomenal Trading Session!

Well, welcome back everybody! It going to be great seeing you guys on another fantastic trading day here! Let’s go ahead and compare notes here.  Basically, what happened here was that so many retail traders get caught up watching the majors such as the DOW, S&P and the NASDAQ. They don’t watch for the Russell. It is so important and a great clue to these markets. We broke up above the IRB on three of these markets. However, you will notice that the Russell couldn’t get going this morning which I commented on that to people. Students were saying, “Rob we broke above the IRB let’s go long”, and I said, “I would love to as soon as you give me the Russell as well, then we can go off and fire off longs.” But it was not there. It could actually push down. I wanted to break above the high of the Russell or break down below the low. We ultimately broke down below the low. The good trading started in the LTR and continued on for the rest of the day. In fact, I put trade alerts out there for everyone that has my BBT Pro Trader App downloaded.

This market sold off relentlessly today. Great stuff both before and after I put out that trade alert today. Let’s put this in terms of dollars and cents and why it was so important to be listening. John H and his wife Shari found me several years ago while I was with a partnership and collaboration with other traders. He was there but by then it was too late he had to leave the trading arena. He came back and has been with me now for the last several months. He went on the Mentorship cruise that we did back in December. John had a fantastic trading session today which he grossed $1850 in his trading account using the techniques that he learned from me during the time together on the cruise and in the daily Live Trading Room. A big congratulation to John H and his lovely wife who are good people and well deserved.

Of course we have our great friend Colorado John! Twenty minutes after the Live Trading Room was done and grossed $770 today! He has been a phenomenal person for you guys to learn from along with me. As you guys are seeing me live and coaching him right there on the screen. I want to introduce you to Steve and his wife Carol-more great people. He came to me and was damaged at the time. I had to do a couples counseling session with them when these two first came to me. I had to tell him, “Steve you cannot trade until I see you on the cruise.” He went into simulated mode in the LTR for two months and then came on the cruise. Look at what he is doing. He is doing live trading here. This was yesterday and so you will see here that he is trailing up his profits with his trades and then he is going to be taking out with his profits there. He reported $1900 gross profits in his live account ($190 is the ticks. He doesn’t like to see the PNL).

Today he grossed about $1410 following through with the things I have taught him. Just a couple of months ago I was helping him with counseling, told him not to trade and to go on a simulator with his trading. Now, look at him-great stuff! We have an awesome year ahead of us.

Hopefully, you have been seeing what I have said. Why we are looking for sell offs and looking for break downs below the IRB and couldn’t break out. We rolled over and died a horrible death. I put the trade alert out there for you all.

Right now go to This offer ends this evening. Normally my LTR is $997 but you can get it now for only $797. You will see live trading right there on the screen in front of you. You can get three months with me in the room along with trade alerts, daily Day & Swing trading videos and much more!  This is a great opportunity to jump in with us. Come see it for yourself gang! Here is your chance which end tonight. We look forward to seeing you in the LTR tomorrow morning. Congratulation to Colorado John, John H, and Steve and all of you guys. We are going to make it a great year. Take care everyone and have a wonderful night. Thanks for being a part of our student family.

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