Significant Moves Off Of Rob’s Key Support Levels. What’s Next?

Okay gang welcome and a couple quick messages a quick video to follow up on the important messages I have been giving you from the last couple of days so tonight’s videos her the Russell Nasdaq and the Dow kind of sitting here side by side and this is what I mentioned to you the other day really understanding the key support levels are down close to price here with the key supports we have had two very intensive days of retracement as you recall we were looking for long side trades today if we got to and or above these channels so that is what we focused on today in the Live Trading Room. The trading I focused on in the live trading room was long side trades. And that continues to be the case now going into tomorrow we have some pretty intensive stochastic spikes I would prefer to see initially a small pull back into these channels and then actually look for retracements back up and if we don’t get these charts going back up then what I will just be doing is looking for fresh buy signals into the intraday session tomorrow so bottom line is though I will be tepid on the shorts tomorrow we are due for a pullback but for being above the speed lines here  its generally above the speediness in this situation it is better to be focused on long which is what we did today so as we were talking about over here we have to trail down the profit targets down to the key supports that made all the sense in the world if you watched our premium swing trading video we gave very specific information about that which is very timely and could of helped people make or save them hundreds or thousands of dollars on that trade so great stuff and again we just gave you the game plan here going into Friday. Let’s wrap up a great and we will look forward into seeing you all in the live trading room or in tomorrow’s nightly video have a great night and I will see you tomorrow.

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