Special Access To Rob Hoffman and Live Trading Tomorrow Morning

Okay gang, welcome back! Listen, first things first, we had a split market today. We had 2 and 2 because we had fishhook buy signals on the SNP and the DOW. At the same time, we had fish hook sell signal on the RUSSELL and of course we were extraordinarily overcooked on the NASDAQ. Basically, this means that we had two were under pressure and two were all systems go. That is exactly how it came out. So that was something that we were focusing on and talking about throughout the morning here. But what is a fishhook? And what are all of these different strategies that we use in these nightly videos and that I use in the live trading room and to win different trading competitions around the world? Well, we are going to talk a lot about those tomorrow morning, along with answering your questions. So, make sure you come to this very special event. We have not done this event in four months for the public because we have been absorbing all of the growth from all of the people that have joined us. So, make sure you do nothing but get ready for tomorrow morning. Get your questions prepared on stocks, options, futures, forex, you name it, and I will be able to look at it and answer questions for you tomorrow morning. You will see how we do things and based on how these markets are setting up, looks like we might get some good trading tomorrow morning as well. Of course, we also have some great news. Register at www.becomeabettertrader.com/room and it will also be in the special update section of your email. This page will also pop up at the end of the video here. Make sure you get signed up – be there because you won’t want to miss it. Again, it has been four months since we have done this. It is going to be even bigger and better than what we have normally done for you guys. We will see you tomorrow morning. Have a great evening. Get rested, you will need it for tomorrow morning. Take care everyone.

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