Swing Trades, Swing Trades, And More Swing Trades!

Okay, welcome back in what an exciting day if you weren’t with us this morning you missed it and you missed it big! One of the biggest events we ever went ahead and did unbelievable feedback some of the best ever, absolutely off the charts incredible! So, we’ll talk more about that in a moment as we go ahead, and we take a look here now today a couple things to focus on. First of all don’t forget that on a weekly basis we are still caught right now and we have been now all week long this is why I’ve been pointing this out. we’re caught through that key resistance level above us, the key support down below us and that’s super important for all of our trades. Day trades, wing trades etc. So, and then we break this down into a daily basis on different stock indices you can see why we’ve got falling resistance on so many of these stock indices but at the same time you got rise in support coming up underneath.

This is a kill zone of the umph degree what does this mean in English? It means we’re getting ready for another big move and I’m excited because that’s where the biggest opportunities come. Speaking of opportunities here, so we go ahead and you know back off if you recall earlier this year I’ve always told you guys go to wealth365.com we have a full time financial news site there and we have a lot of original content as well and we had an article written on Microsoft, sorry, McDonald’s a while back ago here and at that time we talked about how the stock was at 194 we talked about analyst expectations we talked about menu changes and how they were trying to revitalize themselves we talked about the technical reasons you know that with the positive divergence and that you know this was looking good well you know and then we take a look at this from an intraday and from weekly in a daily perspective and obviously my institutional indicators were going gangbusters! We had throttling all the different things that you know, like, and love about my indicators and then of course during that special swing trading class today I was showing how to put all that together that you know things like those great articles things like those your great indications mind and then I taught you the free strategy you guys could take away with you today to go ahead and add into you know that whole process here so everybody had takeaways from this incredible event that we had today and it’s so I said, there are great stock picking options right now in my opinion they just have to be done with options and so we laid it out for you very clearly today why and how it all has to be done with options right now and it was just phenomenal and absolutely incredible event if for any reason you had to miss it, oh my gosh, do not miss this Saturday we’re gonna do an encore live presentation we’re gonna come back live answer more questions we were there for hours today going ahead and answering different questions for people it was just an unbelievable event like I said super incredible feedback so if you had to miss it go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing right now become a get signed up join us this Saturday morning at 7 a.m. Pacific 9 a.m. central 10 o’clock Eastern.

We are going to do a live encore event, not a recording, it’s a live encore event so that you guys could come back bring your super awesome questions see what the big buzz is about see why this is so exciting. You guys been asking about my swing trades for years and now you’re getting full double dose you know it was worth the wait and people saw it and what a phenomenal event and gave some great free information for people to take away tied it in with all these incredible moves that are happening with the market, things I’ve taught you, added new things in and bringing it all together really nicely for you. So go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing right now to get signed up for Saturday morning 10 o’clock Eastern 9 o’clock central and 7 o’clock Pacific you cannot afford to miss this incredible event, alright? I’ll look forward to seeing you there and happy trading we’re still in those levels I told you on the weekly charts we caught the kills on the daily charts everything I’ve been telling you is absolutely true we wrote articles on stocks like McDonald’s and then look what happened to McDonald’s and that so many great things happening right now I can’t wait to see a Saturday morning. www.becomeabettertrader.com/swing have a great night gang, we’ll see you there. Bye-bye!

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