That Was A Fun And Very Profitable Trading Session. So What Next?

Welcome back everyone! That was a lot of fun today! If you were in the Live Trading Room today you saw me fire off multiple trades today. It has been one of the better days of late. We were looking for a day like this.

In my previous video I said that we had an inside bar. It was an inside bar for most of the day yesterday too. There were still tight ranges in the NASDAQ and such. It was coiling up and waiting for the explosion. The tariff situation gave an excuse for the market to move out of the range.

We are going to close the week strong. Hopefully we are going to get a bounce off these rising support levels. More importantly, we start to pull back down further below this. I don’t want to hold here and driving up. I will look for long side trades if that does happen. I will get more aggressive with further downside moves. Watch these key support levels. These levels will be important. Those are the 6655 on the NASDAQ, around the 24000 on the DOW, the 1545 level on the RUSSELL, and the 2645 level on the S&P. The bottom line is that we are right at the key supports on three out of four of them. I would love nothing more than to breach those for continued selling going into tomorrow’s session. I am okay with going for the Gold!

I would entertain longs, but longs would come with smaller size. Those won’t likely be as profitable if we were to get continued selling. People saw that will all the trades I made in the trading room today. I am looking forward to closing out the week strong! I hope to see you guys in the Live Trading Room tomorrow or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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