Thursday’s Intraday Update On NASDAQ 100 Stocks

Welcome back everyone! Let’s do our last video update before the incredible Wealth365 Summit! That kicks off next week with 6 days and 80 speakers. I will be speaking there as well. There will just be a wealth of information. There will be around $250,000 in free prizes given away as well!

I have been talking to you the last several days about the news. I have been commenting on the Wealth365 News site’s WSI. A lot of the things were around the 150 level and going up. I pointed all of that out to out. Sure enough that ended up happening! These markets have been tearing it up to the upside. That is culminating with the movement today.

The RUSSELL is totally recovering. The others are also doing well. This is the NASDAQ 100 that was alerting us to the big moves that I have been telling you all about. I have been warning you all about that too.

NFLX was already at the 300 level for a while here. That one is actually having a pause today. The rest of them have been climbing higher. Since they have been climbing up they still have room to grow. That can come with some opportunities.

We are breaking out to new highs on Amazon. We are having another great day today on Google. That is smacking into daily and weekly resistance. We are getting really close to breakout opportunities above 1200 dollars. Right now it is going to be a resistance level that we want to break through. These things have been charging up to get to these levels. I have been trying to tell you that in these nightly videos. This week I was doing them during the day for the afternoon session. I have also been talking to you all about Facebook as well.

Make sure you stay on top of those numbers. You can get there by going to! You can click on those dots to enlarge them and take a look at those. You can see the ones that are really trending up or down.

We are focused on the NASDAQ this morning. I took a long side NASDAQ trade this morning. I am going to be watching the RUSSELL carefully. The RUSSELL is at a key inflection point right now. I am looking to see if we can get above the resistance on the RUSSELL. That could help us to power higher. The DOW and S&P is trapped at the top ends of the distribution bar. I want to see if the RUSSELL can push into that into the afternoon. That could lead to some nice end of day long side trading. The market has been on fire from the NASDAQ. We knew that because of the 300s. The throttle has been climbing as well. If you have been watching that, you can see that has been picking up intensity.

The prize sheet is about to be revealed at You will see over a quarter million dollars of prizes. I have donated some big prizes as well. I donated some Pro Trader Development Courses and Pro Packs that will go to some lucky winners! There are lots of speakers giving away great prizes. There are all sorts of things from top traders and investors. Kevin Harrington’s group is giving stuff away! You can click through each day to see what everyone is offering. Again, that page will be up sometime today or tomorrow. Make sure you download the Wealth365 Mobile App as well! If you download that you will be able to win some mobile prizes as well! You can do that at the bottom any of the Wealth365 Pages.

Register by going to! There’s no driving into the city or taking the time away from the family. You just get to be there and get access to some of the greatest wealth experts from the comfort of your own home. Go right away! I wanted to make sure you all were away of that.

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