Today Was A Perfect Start To The Trading Week

Welcome back everyone!  What an excited day we had today!  The Euro was not an exciting market today.  That was definitely a stay away market today.  There was a ton of distribution overhead.  We are still stuck in our daily speed lines.  There really is not a lot to do with that.  We really want to look at what is hot, not what is not.

Gold is really as boring as can be.  We are stuck between key supports and resistances.  That is not our cup of tea.  If you are spending a lot of time in here, you are probably getting chopped up.

There was an opportunity with Crude Oil today.  I told people it is long side or bust today.  That thing just had nowhere to go but up today.  Of course that is exactly where it closed.

The Bonds are still not really exciting.  Remember that we are heading into that super resistance above us.  We have the inventory retracement bar above, and the resistance below that.  We are just struggling heading into that.  Until we can get through that inventory retracement bar resistance, we are just capped right now.

There is a great example of my work here with Apple.  Right now we had around a two bar break.  Two bars closed above their opens.  There was a warning sign because it barely made any forward progress.  We need to wait for a pullback bar.  If you buy into that, the risk is that it will keep going back down.  I just did a live video on that Friday as the market was happening.  We were trying to show you the risks associated with this.  Rather than waiting for the retracement back up, you fell into the trap that I warned you about.  It is so important to wait for that two bar strategy of mine.  It just makes for a much higher probability trade from my perspective.  Here that would’ve been an inventory retracement bar breakout with less risk.  There was a nice follow through from the swing trading video from the other day.

The real crown jewels are the Stock Index Futures.  This whole thing works great with the ETFs.  We opened at 15 on the VIX, and wanted to push away from 15.  I said as long as we open there and push towards 12 we should expect great things from this market.  Of course great things ended up happening with this market.  You were able to see a great move.  I like to gage it using real traders in my room.  Colorado John, who could barely turn on a computer at one point, is now teaching and live trading in my room.  He grossed $500 this morning in my trading room.  John H is another one!  Many of you guys have heard his story already.  He came on and did a live testimonial for you guys about his experiences with my work.  At the close of the trading room he was up $1060.  Not everyone makes money in the market.  There are so many people out there that are doing some really crazy things.  It is great to see some normal guys trading and training together.  Right now everything I have been saying has been correct.  We had a bullish pattern on many of the Stock Indices.  I would love to see some continuation.  I know we are overcooked.  However the reality is that if we can open up on the VIX tomorrow, and continue to drop through the 13 level, that could lead to another phenomenal day.  You can just see the indicators firing off so well.  Look at the Champion Setups Indicators.  There is a green dot and a blue bar.  That told us not to trade at all.  We wanted to see a green dot and a green bar.  We saw that with the very next bar.  If for some reason you missed that entry, you had the momentum shift breakout after that.  There was also another green dot and green bar scenario after that.  We got to see all of that with the Champion Setups Indicators.  Remember those two guys from before. I wanted to just thank those guys for taking the time to help teach you guys as well.

This Wednesday we will be doing training on how to use these different tools that I am using in the current markets.  Whether you liked my momentum shift with trend, momentum shift with breakouts, inventory retracement breakouts, you will be able to see those combined with different things we put together in the momentum fund trader.   They are champion for a reason.  This class will be this Wednesday at 6:00 PM Central Time.  We will be starting out a little earlier to help our colleagues in Europe.  This will be a great class.  It was phenomenal the last time as well.  The testimonials have been through the roof about this class.  It is a system that makes a ton of sense with some basic principles.  I have been showing those in the trading room, like this morning.  Go to the special update section to get registered for this event.

The Stock Index Futures are still my favorite trades.  If you trade the Stock Index ETFs, it will be the same thing.  It has been such a great year from my perspective.  Everybody is driven nuts by the election year.  You guys have a wonderful night and don’t forget what I said about the lesser interesting markets.  That could help you from getting buffaloed into some bad trades.

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