Today’s Market Was Another Perfect Example Of Champion Setups In Action

Welcome back everyone!  This will be a really brief video about what is important.  This morning I was telling you about the VIX strategy.  I told everyone I wanted to break down below the 13 level for a long.  If that did not happen I wanted to get above the 13.50 level.  The market fired off some great sell signals.  That is something we will be teaching you guys in tomorrow night’s class at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

You had the Momentum Fund and Momentum Shift Indicators firing off left and right this morning.  This was all as the VIX was spiking up.  This gave official trade entries and continuation trades.  There were momentum shift with trend and momentum shift breakdowns.  Then the VIX dropped down below the 13.70 area.  That allowed the market to come back off the lows.  That forces us to back off from any shorting.  We are looking to see what we can get next.

We will focus on the VIX heading into tomorrow.  We will also be focusing on the great Champion Setups.  Obviously you have seen me use them in trading competitions and in various webinars.  Join us at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  You can access the link at the end of the video or in the special update section.  I don’t know what else to say!  Whether it is the trading competitions, or the real live markets, it is just an incredible tool.  I want to build upon everything we talked about before.  With that being said, have a great night and see you tomorrow night!

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