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Welcome back gang! Let’s take a look at what we are looking at going into the afternoon prior to Apple earnings. First things first, as we are taking a look at this my focus this morning is trading the NASDAQ futures based on the volatility of Apple. What is happening here is the other markets are fairly weak but they have some wild gyrations back and forth because of the fact that we will still have some strength in the NADAQ and the Russell. Rather than we deal with those sharp whipsaws which has stopped a lot of retail traders. What I did is focus specifically what I mentioned yesterday was to watch Apple and watch for trades in Apple and for futures in the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ was given some really good opportunities there this morning. What we did is we used this chart to help us through the process. So early on what we had was a real nice tight cohesive move for move in the NASDAQ futures and Apple. So what this allowed us to do then was to take trades accordingly in the stock index futures as we were getting moves in Apple. Apple is featured here in blue. That worked really well. I was able to fire off several winning trades this morning.

But then what happened, after the 10 A.M.  hour it kind of went “wonke”. You will notice at times like here through this process that Apple was going down but then the futures were actually going up at times. You will see that kind of broke protocol were doing.  Earlier in the morning it was really nice and following the law so we were able to take trades pretty much one for one. As we went further it was pretty good up until the 10 A.M. mark and then everything kind of just changed there and things were not quite matching and doing the same way.  Even the little things like where you are getting a pop up on one but you are still going down on the other one. Those kinds of vergence I do not like to see when I am doing that particular style of trading. So going into the afternoon here for these last couple hours I am going to be focusing on the same type of situation. Are we going to get back to more of a one for one going into the afternoon? Will they both move together? Then look for some additional setups and strategies. That is going to be a key focal point for us there.

The other thing to keep in mind is post Apple is that I am looking forward to being with you guys tomorrow morning at this special live trading event. This is the last time you are going to hear about this from me. Tomorrow morning you will not get another warning about this so now is the time to join if you want to watch this live trading event. At 8:30 A.M.CT and 9:30 A.M. ET there will be a pre-show that you will not want to miss as well. You will get to see how to use some of my tools and stuff before the show starts.

We will look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at that special event. This event will be Post earnings and Pre-FOMC so that is going to make it interesting. We are going to have things that will make the world move post earnings and then things that slow down prior to FOMC. That could lead to some interesting volatility and how we handle it. You are going to want to be there for that.  Have a wonderful night. I look forward to seeing you at the special event tomorrow morning. Click on the registration link in the special updates section in the email or sign up on the pop up at the end of the video. Take care everyone. Happy trading this afternoon!


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