Tomorrow Morning’s Trading Strategies

Welcome back! Thanks for being with me. Late last week at those two training classes I did for you. It was part one of the actual strategies from the actual special real-money trading competitions in Europe. I’ll be sharing part two of those techniques at the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. Stay tuned for more information on that. In the meantime, I have a special 3 day intensive class and I have some special training strategies I’m going to be doing tomorrow morning so I want to give you a heads up.

Right now we’re at that important magic 26,000/27,000 resistance area. You’ll recall I want to get above 27,000 on the Dow Futures and push up. What’s interesting is we have distribution from last Friday on most of the stock indices with the exception of the Russell and that’s because it’s been going down the last few days. Normally, the Russell is a pre-curser indicator so if it continues to break down going into tomorrow and the other markets could lead to some great shorts. So my strategies for tomorrow would be focusing on short-side trades. At the same time, if we can break above these distribution levels, I’ll be looking for long-side trades as we’re trying to test that 27,000 area on the Dow Futures. So, we could be looking at both long and shorts at those key levels I gave you. We’ll also be looking at Goldman Sachs as a guide. Goldman Sachs had distribution bars two days in a row and is still struggling to show that this channel can become support. Remember, we want to break above it, pull back and start to take off. It’s not really taking off yet. So, I’m looking at Goldman Sachs for guidance as well as comparing it to the Russell and those important levels like that 1535 area. The double distribution that was lodged on the Nasdaq and S&P. If we can overcome that, it can lead to some great buy signals. If we failed and get down below these key speedlines on the 7720 area on the Nasdaq or the 26600 on the Dow, 1535 on the Russell and the 2940 level on the S&P, that could lead to deeper selling. There’s room to grow on the down side. I want to let you know about the things that I’ll be looking at walking in the door tomorrow as part of my 3 day special event.

Stay tuned for more in the days to come. I’ll see you at the 3 day intensive or the upcoming videos. Have a great night!

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