Tomorrows Trading Strategy And Key Swing Trading Tools That You Need To Have

Welcome back gang! Exciting ride on Wallstreet and we are going to see if we can close out on our Pre-Memorial Day trading with some more excitement coming into tomorrow morning. Right now we have these double accumulation bars back to back on all of the US stock indices. We are going to be watching and I would love to see follow through. The last couple days every time this market Is being driven down somebody has been accumulating big time. Well lets to see if tomorrow they are going to run out of money on the sell side and the buy side will continue to power through. After double accumulation bars like this typically we will see an uptrend. That is predicated on the fact that you normally have a down trend and then you get the double accumulation bars and then you look for an uptrend. In this case we were already up. But the concept really remains the same. Somebody is still accumulating at these higher levels. Tomorrow the theme is going to be can we break through the highs set from the past two days? They are pretty much even tops on the S&P and Russell. The Dow we are looking to get a little above the Wednesday high and on the NASDAQ we are looking to get above the high of today. This is a very exciting time, I would love to see some fireworks going into our Friday for nice little close before the holiday weekend. We will be watching that very closely.

Despite this wonderful recovery after the news that president Trump was stepping aside from the Korea meeting it caused a small push down this morning which was reversed. What we saw though was some pretty heavy sells coming in here with some key stocks.

This was one of the stocks that I featured for you last night. It is down another 4% today, $9.50 more. Have you been following along if you go to I shared with you here all you have to do is go to this little mid-section where the WSI Market Overview and what that is going to do is bring you to the whole list of all different stocks. I have shared with you how we have had some very powerful sell signals here and right here is where that NTES that I have mentioned to you in last nights video. These markets have been coming down and breaking down. Watch last nights video if you missed what I was saying. Well NTES continues to be at 0 here and that is continuing to lead to a move. This thing was already down badly, and it is just getting worse as we go along here. Make sure you are watching these numbers here. They can be instrumental in giving you some ideas on how we are looking at the market and especially when you start seeing ones coming from 150 level and pushing down is a strong sell signal and 1510 level and going up is a strong buy signal.

Keep that in mind and go to  for that information as well as all sorts of top business and financial news and custom articles specifically written for our website. We have a great variety of news articles for everyone. Make sure you go check out and I look forward to seeing you in the live trading room or in tomorrows videos. Have a great night!

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