How Did You Trade This Morning? Did You Follow Our Plan And Execution

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a couple of things. TSLA we did a great review. We had a really nice Champion Setups sell that triggered in the other day. Since that closed, we dropped right around $11+ to the downside. Follow-through with my updates on that in the swing trading videos. Let’s take a look at what happened in today’s session.

You’ll recall in the special public event I did yesterday and in the nightly videos, we talked about the strategy on the VIX, if we were above 1350 and pushing up, I would want to be looking for shorts. If we were below 1350 and pushing down, I would be looking for longs. That’s the pendulum that everything is going to key off of. We walked in the door and what ended up happening was just that. The VIX started to violently burst through the 1350. At first it was hanging around that price back and forth. All of a sudden it started shooting off toward 1380 and went all the way up to the 14s to 14.5. It was a one-to-one correlation more or less. We fired off Champion Setups sells. Congratulations for all of you who took advantage of that super offer before it ended. We fired off momentum shift breakdowns, momentum shift with trend over and over again. We fired off great signals, cloud signals, hedge fund signals over and over again. The market couldn’t get out of its own way. It was sell signal after sell signal all morning long. It all ticked and tied so well with our core work. We had our momentums, fast triggers, core triggers firing off. We had great railroad tracking to the downside. Pick your favorite time frames. They were all selling off. What a phenomenal morning. There were so many of you who did so well this morning. It was a great way for you to participate and watch me trade and make money. Hopefully, in your own trading this morning, you benefited from what I taught you.

If you’re already not a part of our trading room, I have no idea what you’re waiting for. Take advantage of this offer before it ends. Take the time to read through the offer, then you’ll be the kind of person who goes through the video coursework to accelerate your trading. Go to Get some extra time to study with the holiday weekend. It all spoke for itself this morning. I’m looking forward to giving you more great tips and strategies. It’s not just what we say in the market but also what we do as well.

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