Four More Trades, Four More Winners, And Four More Reasons To Join Rob

Well welcome back everyone, first of all this is actually being shot during the day here. I have two doctors’ appointments to get to this afternoon, and I did not want to miss this awesome trading with the group this morning. Boy did that pay off! Went ahead and did 4 trades in multiple markets all winners. What a great way for our new traders to start the live trading room adventure with us. This new format is just killing it. Getting 4 trades back to back like that in multiple markets. Great stuff.

As we kick off today. One of the things that happened was we opened near the lows on the VIX. We could not continue to push lower, we pushed up. At that point we started looking for shorts in some of my various favorite instruments here. Stock Indices, Gold, Crude Oil and different markets there. We went ahead and took four short side trades today, as the VIX was spiking up. Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple markets I am going to be watching the next couple of days, particularly tomorrow and going into next week.

First things first, the Euro. This is going to be common theme you are going to see amongst a couple of the upcoming instruments here. I am looking to either brake down through the low set three days ago or to break above todays high and see if we can get a short term rally back to falling resistance. As soon as the directions presents it’s self I will be looking to jump onto that.

Now we going to see a pattern very similar to this in Gold. We have basically a positive divergence over here. Currently what I would favor is, instead of breaking the low, I would actually like to have it break above the high set from today, to retrace back up here in the falling resistance. That would be the favored trade there that I want to be more aggressive with. You see the Euro and Gold very similar situations.

Bonds I have been talking to you about time after time the last few weeks. If you recall I have been targeting this target right back down here. That is a low set from back in 2015, it was a major long term resistance level originally that became support. We expected that would be a great target for us to move back to when breaking below some key levels up above we have identified here. Here we are at that target so we are still holding here. People are taking bond side shorts, I think that is pre-mature. Not ready to make that commitment yet. I would rather see us, just like Euro, just like Gold, have a spike up into falling resistance. That would be my next favored trade.  You see a theme here between those different markets there.

As we move over to Crude Oil. Crude Oil was fun, one of the instruments that I actually shorted this morning. That was a fun ride here this morning as this thing came crashing down. But Crude Oil has pushed back into the channel so we stopped trading it here, because we are pulling back into key daily support. Same thing applies here I want to get through this 49 49.50 area, I want to get above 50 again. I want to make the same attempt before, we failed to break out before. I want to break above the 50 show that is support and start to take back off. So we can see if the Crude Oil can start spiking above 60 and beyond. We failed that multiple times now. That is why I have been keeping you up every time we get up to those 50’s. I tell you whether it is or is not a break out. So far it has not been a break out, and then we were looking for it to roll back over. It hit both my targets to the down side here. Now we are holding rising long term support. I am not going to be interested in shorts down here. It was one thing to take short side trades today when we had room to move to the downside. Now that we are in this whole gobblygook area I am not interested in being short in this area right now. We will see what happens with the inventory report tomorrow morning.

As we look at the Stock Index Futures. So the VIX we held off that 12 level that is a long term major support resistance level in the VIX. As we were pushing up today that put us under pressure.

We are shorting multiple markets, we got 4 different trades off this morning all winners, going into tomorrow what I would like to do is these speed lines will catch up here. What I would like to do is see if we can break down below those speed lines. The market tends to walk the stairs up, in fact you can see that now, and ride the elevator back down. I would love to break down below those for some great shorts. If we want to have a blast off, cause pre-holiday when things start getting one sided and not as many institutional in play. We could have a blow off, we have kind of a kick of over here and we could have a blow off. If we break through today’s highs I will be watching for a blow off especially if that VIX starts spiking down to or through that 12 level.

We have some really great trade ahead of us here. Those of you that did not take me up on that offer yesterday, big mistake. Huge offer with a trade guarantee. I fired off 4 live on the screen winning trades in front of people this morning. There is no guarantee what we are going to do from day to day. I have been doing darn well and this has been a phenomenal year. With all the improvements we made, looking forward to doing that again and doing that again tomorrow morning, close out pre-thanksgiving strong. If you didn’t already join us go to to celebrate my 23rd trading competition win. It includes thousands of dollars of goodies, a trade guarantee based on my performance there, if you don’t know what that is about watch the video in the special updates section. I don’t know what it is going to take for people to join, but we are going to keep doing what we are wanting to do in the trading room. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the live trading room tomorrow morning. Let’s see if we can keep that good momentum going. For those that have not joined yet I hope to see you tomorrow morning. Don’t forget you also get those additional two weeks when you join for the holidays. See you tomorrow morning.

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