Today’s Trading And Discussion About The Stock Index Futures Was Important!

Well welcome back everyone, hope it was a great and profitable day for you! If you were listening in on our special event this morning with Infinity Futures, you should have learned a lot. You saw what we did trade, saw why we took that trade, and then actually as you watched and heard our very explicit thoughts about looking for the breakdown going later into the session. You would’ve had to wait about two and a half hours because it just held there, held there, held there at the exact level that I identified for you for a couple hours. Finally, it broke down and dropped quite a bit, 70 or 80 ticks there. So great opportunity going into the afternoon based on the information I gave you from this morning’s special event.

The Stock Index Futures Are Due For Correction

Couple other things that were important from that event. We pointed out to you, to expound upon some of the things I have been sharing, how the Russell is so grossly misaligned against the other key Stock Index Futures, so I showed this graph, here, this morning that really caused a lot of people to say, well actually the most common words that I saw were, “Holy Cow”. People didn’t realize what I’ve been trying to say here, how these were so grossly misaligned and we’re due for a huge correction here. The other Stock Index Futures are going to start tanking here, or we’re going to have a real serious attitude adjustment for the Russell. So far though, based on what we are seeing with this, as we’re watching all the Stock Index Futures as a whole, after breaking down through that support level that I gave you in this morning’s session, that continued now to drag down the other Stock Index Futures, and in fact as we go into the last few minutes of the session here, the last fifteen minutes or so, on the Cash Session we’re sitting right down there on the speed lines, and what I’d like to see is this open up and start driving down, here, deeper through those speed lines on the Dow and the S&P.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, at the Russell, which is what I have been sharing with you for weeks, everything has played out explicitly. Monday we came up, we tested the top end of my channel, and here we are, quickly as we approach now into Thursday’s trading session next, coming right back down near the bottom end of this.

So, going into tomorrow and Friday, as you can imagine, we’re going to see if we can finally break down through that level. This is a big fight right now between the Soros’-based type funds that are heavily, heavily, heavily short and have been averaging the positions since all through the last fourth quarter, expecting this Market to come down, and then the traditional long-side biased and based funds that are trying to hold this Market up. So, this is a big deal and, and as you can see from various other graphics that I’m presenting to you, these are grossly misaligned and due for major market movement here.

Make Sure You Get The Information That You Want

We gave you an opportunity to join us for a second day here, tomorrow. What you can do in the email, that we sent you tonight, fill out this form here. It’s the top link, which will get you into the to get into the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning and give you an opportunity to fill out a Special Trader Interest Form to help us send customized videos to you. So this video is going to be sort. We are starting to send more customized videos to people on what they want to see; Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, etc. whether you’re a part-time trader or a full-time trader, whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, and or long-term investor. So take the opportunity to fill out this form, join us live tomorrow morning, or, at least, it gives you the opportunity to enter information on whether you would like to receive those more customized videos, rather than the standard videos I send out each night in the Free Video. Also, if you want to receive a textual reminder for tomorrow morning’s event, we all have busy lives, me included, I pretty much live off text messages now to remind me where to be, when to be, well that and, truth be told, my lovely wife, basically if you fill out this and click on that little button there, it will then allow you to receive a text message reminder, if you’d like to get that too to make sure you don’t miss anything.

With that being said, great stuff. By the way, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, if you’re anywhere near Pittsburgh, live, in-person I’ll be in Pittsburgh there for an in-person speaking engagement Saturday morning. Fill out this information here and you’re welcome to join us. If you are anywhere in the Pittsburgh region there, come see me live Saturday morning. You won’t want to miss that presentation. Okay?
So some great stuff here. Some great opportunities for you to come see me in-person and also on the webinar tomorrow morning. And, like I said, for those of you that came to this morning’s webinar, we’re giving a lot of valuable information that played directly into this afternoon’s session. So let’s see what we can do for you tomorrow morning as well. You guys have a great night, we’ll see you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning. Take care, have a great evening everyone!

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