Trading Strategies – Four Markets That Are Set To Explode

Welcome back gang! I hope you guys are having a very good Memorial Day weekend and celebrating with your families the way you see fit to honor those that have fallen protecting our freedom. As we go ahead and we get into the weekend and focusing on what our trading strategies are going to be going into next Tuesday. There’s four markets that I’m going to be spending an awful lot of time with and one of those is the Euro.

Now, the Euro I actually did a lot of trading and an incredible amount of trading the Euro back in 2010. Since that time it’s not been more of a primary instrument more of a tertiary instrument but that may change here in the very near future. What I’m looking at here is the rising support. We’ve got 200 day moving average support here and then down below that 1.36 round number support we’ve got lots of great room to grow to the down side. That’s what I like to see. What I hate to see here is when we get into areas where we have all sorts of congestion back and forth and you know you hear me refer to it a lot as ‘gobbily gook’. Just a host of support resistance levels kind of bee bopping around there stopping us from great advancements up and/or down. As we go ahead and we look here, if we get down below this 1.37 price see my interest peak in this quite a bit once again.

Another one that we just absolutely would be remiss talking about in regards to trading strategies we have going forward, and I’ve mentioned it several times and I’m just in awe of it, is Gold. Gold is such an incredible opportunity here as this is coiling up and coiling up and coiling up. Just getting tighter and tighter and tighter here. The last time we saw something like this, even remotely close we had these great moves that takes place here. Let me just show you a couple of examples like that. Back over here when we had a coil up like that we had this wonderful blast-off over here. And we had a coil up like that and had this wonderful blast-off to the downside. So here we are again, great coil up and I’m expecting fantastic movement. There’s going to be a lot of opportunity in that in a very short amount of time. I’m very excited about what we’re seeing here with Gold. That also ties in very well with what we’re seeing with the $VIX.

The volatility continues to drop and drop and drop and let’s put this on a weekly chart basis first here, you’ll notice it’s been since the beginning. March time of 2013 so over a year ago the last time we dropped this far and that lead to some great selling opportunities going into the summertime, look at that. Well here we are, going to be looking at this all over again going into this summer I think it’s going to be another fantastic trading summer and I thank myself every day and I thank my lucky starts that I’m a trader so I can be here and take advantage of this this summer. As we go ahead and look at this on a larger scale, we go back to the 2005/2007 time frame, that’s the last time we got down this low but then of course that lead to a market crash. We’ve got an exciting time ahead of us. Really looking forward to that. The $VIX is certainly an instrument, an index that I’ll be watching very closely here given where it’s at at this time. I’ll make sure you guys are very aware of this as well throughout the week when we revisit our trading strategies.

That ties in with, of course with what we’re seeing with the Euro, Gold and the Russell. We can see all these markets poised for large, wide ranged moves. We’ve now spent a seventh week on this channel of mine on the Russell. One, two, three, four, five, six, and now seven. Seven weeks we’ve spent in this channel here. So we’ve got the $VIX coiling up at super low levels. We’ve got the Gold coiling up. The Euro right on the edge here. A lot of great instruments poised for moves and this could make for an incredible, INCREDIBLE summer here. I’ll certainly be focused on these levels. In fact, what we’ve done here in our Live Trading Room, we’ve put in a special segment in the morning, the first 30 minutes in the session between 8:30 and 9 o’clock central. We actually put in some special trading segments and like this morning that’s exactly what we did. We had that special trading segment there and got live trading done this morning right during that initial time let alone when we go into the primary part of the program after the US open and the news. There are so many great opportunities right now in those first 30 minutes we actually have a special trading segment taking place even during that and that was fantastic. Our trading strategies today focused on long side trading in the stock index futures. Even though what we’d really like to do is have this break to the down side because look down below! Such fantastic opportunities, we’re an equal opportunist and again that’s what’s so wonder about being a trader. When we see the other stock index futures open up above their speed lines today and then we saw the Russell was opening up above its speed lines, well guess what? Focused on long side trades and that was the right move to be sure.

As we go into next week here again, seven weeks trapped in this key support and resistance. $VIX coiling up, Gold coiling up and the Euro set for great moves, we’re going to break to the downside. We’re going to watch this all over again, these four markets to be sure. Of course if the Russell Does have a big move well then that’s fine if you like to trade the S&P, if you like to trade the NASDAQ or the DOW, hey those are all great instruments to go ahead and seize upon this opportunity as well. It’s just that the Russell is the one that is the odd instrument out compared to the other three. So we kind of want to watch what the one isn’t doing or IS doing compared to the other three because that’s where we get our best moves from. But if you’d like to ultimately trade on the actual move on the other three well that’s awesome too!

Great stuff here. Great week, nice way to close our week there. Good profitable and looking forward to next week here as we come out of our holiday and thoughts of Memorial Day. Going into Tuesday I’m really excited, really pumped up about these four markets and more. So I look forward to seeing each and every one of you Tuesday morning in our Live Trading Room. Don’t forget, if you’re a member of anything of ours, we have our big monthly Q&A interaction with me. Those are usually extremely valuable and just seem to be getting longer and bigger as more and more people are asking lots of great questions and we are going over trading strategies more in depth. If you have any membership with us we have that so don’t forget. Monday you’re going to get an email with the link for Tuesday for that so be on the lookout for that. Also, if you’re anywhere near the Kansas City, Kansas area I’d love to meet you personally. A whole bunch of you already signed up for that so I can’t wait to see you guys. This is going to be a big fun even. That’s going to be next Saturday morning live there in Kansas City, Kansas. We’re going to have a lot of fun at that even. Look forward to seeing you guys there. There’s a link in the email tonight to sign up for that if you are in that area. Otherwise, for everyone else you guys filled out those special forms to get dedicated videos there. Keep on the lookout for those of course and I’m just excited, we’ve had a great 2014 and there’s so much more to come, especially with that $VIX down here at these levels. As I said, that always historically foretells big, big markets moves. Great time to be a trader! You guys have a great night, weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week. Take care everyone!

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