TSLA Swing Trade Was Not A Surprise But Tomorrow Night’s Class Is

Welcome back everyone! Those of you who have been coming to my special events over the last week where I’ve been doing different classes at different times trying to help people with things in the way of day and swing trading that are happening right now. You know that I was talking about TESLA. I spent a lot of time on TESLA last week. You’ll recall, one of the things I mentioned about TESLA, is we had fired off sell signals. Well, you’ll see over here, we fired off a long-side trade on TESLA over here then there’s a re-entry opportunity with the momentum shift with trend and breakouts. This is all happening since May. Then, from there, we had gotten a sell signal just last week. That means close out any long positions back off then we were looking to break out above that for a fresh long-side trade. At that point, we start rolling over to a short-side mindset on an intraday basis. It’s really great how it ties into some of our different strategies together – everything from negative divergences and backing off at key resistance areas.

We’re going to tie in some additional work tomorrow night when I host another class. This ties in with Video #15 in my Trade Like a Pro Series: How to tell if your High Probability Trade is About to Fail. That’s going to be a real important tie in to this process. For all of you who have access to my videos already, you can get a little jumpstart by watching that video. Go to your member area, click “Trade Like a Pro Series” and go down to video #15. We have a special event at a special time tomorrow night to be inclusive of our group on the west coast at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. We’re going to bring together the work that defined TESLA and defined this morning that didn’t heed this. We’ll bring it all together in what’s happening and identifying those key entries, when to push, when not to push, putting together for day and swing traders. Don’t forget to watch that video and if you can’t, we’ll cover the key topics for you in real-world terms and in real dollar and cents terms tomorrow.

Have a great night!

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