Tuesday’s Market Strategy Video For The Afternoon

Welcome back everyone! I am going to do something a little different here today.

I have been mentioning to you that on the Wealth365 News Site there has been some stocks that looked like they were starting to climb. Amazon is an example. That led to Amazon performing very well. The markets were under a little bit of pressure today.

The DOW and S&P were basically in sync trying to catch up to the NASDAQ and RUSSELL. The RUSSELL really started pulling back this morning. This led to some really important trading decisions that I made this morning. This helped me preserve profit today. The RUSSELL started to pull back down and the DOW and NASDAQ were both going up. Something is wrong with that gang. We don’t want that out of sync. I got out of my position and the markets rolled over quite a bit.

That really helped us use that strategy. I am going to be watching the RUSSELL very closely again into this afternoon. We had beautiful sell signals on my ITP indicators. All the classic sell signals were there. That really put the rest of the market on notice. It has kept the NASDAQ from being over enthusiastic. The DOW has basically been stuck in a 40 point range. The struggle on the RUSSELL side has really capped things.

I am going to watch to see if we can break below the speed lines. That is around the 1700 area. I also want to see it accelerate because it could bring the markets down more. I also want to see if the markets firm up. The markets could then have a nice rally into the afternoon. Despite the stall and pull backs, we have had a couple of the key stocks hold up very well.

Don’t forget that we have the Wealth365 Summit next week. I will be speaking on Monday I believe. I will be sharing some of the strategies that I used to win some of the trading competitions recently in Europe. There are around 80 other speakers there. There is just so much there for you guys to learn from. You can see the schedule right on the home page!

Make sure to go to www.wealth365.com/bbt to sign up for this event! There are 6 days full of wealth information. I look forward to seeing you all in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow night’s videos!

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