[Update] Rob’s Thoughts Ahead Of FOMC And On FISV

Okay, welcome back, gang. Well we’ve got a lot of talk about, of course we have the FOMC coming up in a few days and basically that makes everything from these next couple of days. A wild card as a reminder from yesterday’s video here, that weekend video, I went ahead and told you, we still have not officially broken that support level. And at the resistance level at 27,000, I’ve not officially made that sport. And I said, you can see these really volatile days right now as you have rising support underneath us, but you have that falling market energy in the indicators so that can lead to some whipsaw saws. So I said that would make for some really great intraday trading opportunities. And the intraday was certainly the focus this morning. You can see from my indicator perspective here, indicators were just blood red basically for that first 45, 40 minutes or so this morning.

But then things started to go ahead and change here. And so that actually led to the trade room and you’d be able to watch me focus on reversal, a pattern trades there as well. And that can tie in with a lot of different great strategies, many of those you’ve been taught here. How we get below this Magenta line here, that’s a target number two, if we break through those, those can become runaways. You’ve often heard me talk about those. And then we get to more meter moves, especially on the retracements back just to target number one. And so we’re focusing on those target number ones as a reversal point this morning, which helped dictate how I end up dealing with my stop management the trailing stop management behind those trades in that.

So with that being said, so intro day still kind of rules the roost as I’d mentioned the last couple of days, but a couple of stocks that I want to put on your radar here and bring back to the forefront. I’ve often told you, if you go to wealth365.com, you’ll see the rankings off of the homepage. You’ll see the WSI rankings and so you’ll see those right there. Well, so if you go over here to WSI, Click there and then FISV is one that I’ve talked to you guys about several times in the past and as an update here the last couple of days, it’s really been a rip roaring here, but really it hasn’t just been the last couple of days. So if we, let me just pull, pull it over here for you.

So this has been one that continues to fire off fresh bias signals here multiple times and really nicely, solidly above. It’s kind of zero line here. Some of those things where like to look you up and if you look at it from a weekly basis as well, that’s really nice buy signals here and then the cells back to the buys. So it’s, it’s a really nice job. So I just wanted to continue to put this one on the radar because it keeps showing up over and over the last several months. And I mentioned that if you go to wealth365.com, you could see those rankings and it continues to often show up there in that top quadrants. So something I wanted to bring back to the forefront, but in general right now, the overall strategy, if you haven’t already taken one of these different trades in advance, and if you’ve got good profits, you might want to consider trailing up behind some of your different trades right now just because we’ve got the FOMC, it’s a wild card with this mixture of these daily charts.

So really for me, the next couple of days I’m going to do what I did this morning, focus on a day trade in the next couple of days, and then a re-evaluating now for the bigger swing trade opportunities after the FONC lays out its hand. And keep in mind what I shared with you in last night’s videos. Okay. So just want to continue to give resources there. And also speaking of resources, don’t forget this Thursday at noon eastern time, I’m going to be doing a class with you. So what a great way to go ahead and look at the markets they’re sharing additional strategies. This is a follow on session from the previous two classes that I’ve done. The one before the Wealth365 summit, the one during the Wealth365 summit. I promise follow up classes and this won’t be able to be more intimate cause you won’t have the restrictions on the back end from a timing perspective.

So go to becomeabettertrader.com/go and get yourself registered right now to join me this Thursday at 12PM ET, 9 AM Pacific time. So we can be together as well. And talk more about these intraday strategies, these swing trading strategies, all the above plus get my current thoughts post FOMC. So really good time in there. So again, becomeabettertrader.com/go. We’ll see you soon. Take care everyone.

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