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Ok, gang! Welcome back! Welcome to an exciting end of the day here frankly. So, backing up just for a quick moment, we’re gonna make this fast we got big announcements for you. So, the game is over now with just a few moments to go before the market closes. We held on to the weekly key support that I warned you guys about here in the weekend videos. And we’re holding out of the key daily support as well so we kind of pushed down to those levels near the open only to hold those levels into the session. So, basically, that went ahead and opened up opportunities here both from a sideways market perspective as well as then we started breaking out into a trend ooh we’ve got the Rob Hoffman classic throttling here, ITP indicators, all sorts of different things kind of firing off and you’ll notice here with the WealthFinder was firing off here on multiple time frames as well. So, this is where it all started that’s what it was looking like at the time when it was firing off and what ended up happening here this thing just went “googoo gaga!” and really had the longer-term time frame, short-term time frames and everything just offering up really great opportunities including stochastics, “W” pattern buys, the ITP, a lot of different things here and the IRB continuation trades and the reverse IRBs, classic IRBs. All sorts of these different trades. So, tomorrow is this huge event that we’re doing it’s from the live event that we did at the Wealth365 Summit. We told you we were gonna go ahead and bring this together.
So, what we’re gonna do is rather than tell you well what we’re thinking about tomorrow – let’s just get in there and do it all morning tomorrow. We’re gonna go ahead and do the event that we promised you back here two weeks ago at the summit. Many of you have already registered. Some of you aren’t. So, we want to make sure those of you there aren’t get there for this to be a very special event it’s gonna be a lot of Education. We’re gonna be looking for live trades, we’re gonna be doing a lot of training in stocks, options, ETFs, and Futures. So, we’re gonna be bringing in our normal live trading room options expert is going to be looking to do some trades. He tells me he’s got some trades lined up for tomorrow morning to do live with you on the screen so you guys can see that. We’re going to have myself and Ziad going ahead and focusing on everything else. The stocks, ETFs, Future is there as well. So, we’re gonna bring it all this together, we also might have some special guests coming into the live trading room to do some additional training as well. So, it’s going to start at 8:45 Eastern and then it’s gonna go all morning here in this very special event. So, it’s gonna be very heavy in the training it where is it would be very open Q & A and of course, we’re going to stop that at times is to focus on the trading aspect that we want to get out there as well, of course. So, we’re gonna be focusing on live training, live trading, if you’re a day trader or a swing trader in stocks, futures, ETF’s, options or Forex, you need to go ahead and be at this very special event tomorrow morning. I cannot emphasize that enough. There’s a lot of opportunities to go ahead and get one-hour presentations out there but like the Wealth365 some of them were short and condensed to learn a couple of things then have a sales offer. This is gonna be an all morning trading training event. So, this is gonna be a very special event the one that we promised you back at Wealth365. You’re gonna be able to learn how to use a lot of the tools we use, a lot of setups and strategies we use and we use entries, stops, all that different types of risk management and this is gonna be a really, really incredible event.
So, go to and see how we navigate tomorrow’s situation here being caught between the rising and support and the falling resistance. That’s gonna be really important how we’re gonna also focus on the break out of that, so what kind of strategies for more trending, what kind of strategies for when it’s going back and forth: sideways because those are different strategies and then how to manage the risk from there. BIG event. Promising to be a huge success and wonderful time together in this all morning event. We’re gonna have two rooms going so it’s gonna be a pretty big deal and looking forward to having you guys there. So, one more time, go to and then get our live updates tomorrow morning on all the different markets that we’re looking at across the stocks, futures, options ETFs, Forex – everything we’re looking at and all the things we’re going to look in the trade tomorrow, alright? See you guys tomorrow morning bright and early 8:45 Eastern. It’s gonna go all morning possibly into the early afternoon as well depending on how many questions we get, right? So, it’s gonna be a big deal. This is a wonderful opportunity! We’ll see you there, Have a great night everybody! Can’t wait to see you in the morning. bye bye!

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