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Okay, welcome back, gang! What an exciting end to an exciting week here this was a lot of fun and hopefully you went ahead and we’re really focused on the things that we had mentioned to you really from the last couple weeks, of course, really for the last three or four weeks I’ve been mentioning this key falling resistance and rising support. I sound like a broken record but boy it keeps on working, doesn’t it? So, hey, it puts money in your pocket you know broken records a-okay. Listen to the classics, right? So, what happened here going into today, we were focused from yesterday at the key resistance we closed right back at that key resistance again today. With the weekly here at the center point of the weekly chart just could not go ahead and break and we closed. But at the same time we held precisely to the rising speed line support on the SPY. So, where we are once again confirming these levels remember in the bigger picture I want to get down below 270 or above 300 everything in between we’ve got key support, falling resistance there on the daily charts. The weekly charts got key resistance, rising support so a couple of key areas we really want to breakdown. In the meantime, as I said it’s really a stock pickers market and if you take a look one of the ways that we’re finding (this is the official release now with WealthCharts) where you can see that we have you know these different markets highlighted and what’s really nice is when you can find these different stocks the top ones that are firing off at any given time and you can kind of look for them in the the different sections here and what’s nice is for instance, Netflix. So, we see like Netflix here was daily weekly and monthly. So, it’s really great is when you can find something that’s on the monthly that’s on the weekly that makes it really nice to go back and take a look at the daily opportunities in this kind of market in particular. So, for instance you see the monthlies have been firing off on Netflix there for more than five months, right?
So, it’s been going off for quite some time here the same thing here for five of more than five weekly bars as well, and then now you have the daily bar. So, what’s really nice about this is you find those conditions that are there and by the way, some of the strategies I’ve taught you repeatedly have come into play here. Inventory retracement bars. Reverse inventory retracement bars and countless others we’ll talk more about that in a few minutes. The key is to find those market structures in the backdrop and then look for re-entry opportunities on the short-term timeframe. So, this is what I keep saying it’s the stock pickers market right now. So when you have that tight consolidation where the SPY is weekly charts are in the kill zone, daily charts are the kill zone, then really what you’re doing is you’re looking for individual plays that have statistical massive probabilities and when your algorithmic and AI type programs are firing off the key opportunities that’s what you want to focus on and that really close up the week strong with Netflix after having the monthlies and the weekly is firing off for so long, okay? So, that’s a key thing and by the way as we’re taking a look here, earlier today you know kind of putting that all pen to paper a little bit tying it all and together for you so a few minutes say so at around 12 o’clock Central Time today I went in and to announce that WealthCharts went ahead and actually came up with the new coloring system here so you can see at that time this was this picture was actually taken at 12:08 here and we’ve been talking about showing it since over here but you can still see it you’ll notice that the one minute, the 15 minute, the 30 minute, the hourly, the two-hour, the 4-hour charts on crude oil we’re all firing off really nicely. So, remember what you want to do in a situation like that. Then you want to start looking for opportunities, right? So, reverse inventory retracement bar – start looking to see if you can break above those reverse inventory retracements bars – start looking for things like the ITP buys or sells. So, let’s go ahead and just bring that on over and put the current charts over for you on that so here’s where we were. So, look at what happened, the reverse IRB – nope. We didn’t break above it yet, okay? But then over here we started to fire off when they started firing off ITP buy signals right and so now you’ve got the signals all firing off at that time and that’s that was back over here and these are now based on the end of the day here. But at that time these were all firing off and you had ITP signals. So, now you have the culmination of my life’s work firing off here and look what happened- it went from 2930 up to 2980 on this chart here this is the crude oil equivalent and so it went up 50 tics that’s about 500 US dollars a contract. So, the crude oil itself on the main actual futures contract based on this just went flying and a lot of these strategies I teach you all kind of came together. I mean, you had stochastics, you had the throttling and firing off here, and then when it made a higher high it had more throttling, and then it had even more throttling over here and what did this lead to after pullbacks? To the next higher high. After pullbacks to the next higher high, after pullbacks to the next higher high and it just continued on. A perfect use of all of the Rob Hoffman strategies coming together but it was all proceeded back over here in this area with WealthFinder. This is where they were all firing off back over here well you can see them because the 4-hour bars were firing off for, you know, days! So, you had that all that coming together and then all of a sudden you locked in the ITP signals and then off to the races it went. A perfect marrying of all my work coming together. So, the good news is bringing this all together in summary, the weekly charts and the daily charts in the SPY are all consolidating tightly.
So, it’s an individual stock pickers market. Hence, how we use like WealthFinder and ITP to find individual super opportunities on the shorter time frames and then you can also use even closer time frames instead of daily and weekly for Options trading, you can then go into the intraday and find really powerful moves on your favorite instruments that you can now set up because part of the new upgrade that was done today for WealthCharts now everybody has access in the main app to set up your own watchlist and run them through the super, super powerful WealthFinder app and then what you do is take your ITP indicators and wait till you get the best signals and that’s what I’m doing. You saw some of the trading that I’ve done if you’re watching the videos this week. So, really great stuff! To learn more about all of these different things and a culmination of my life’s work come to the special event here. By the time you’re watching this now will be a Sunday morning, so, Tuesday evening I’m doing this special event 7 p.m. Eastern, 6 o’clock Central, 4 o’clock Pacific. This is a very special event. We do this very rarely. It’s gonna be about a three hour plus event so make sure you budget enough time. As always, it’s not gonna go ahead and be recording I do these kind of events I’m looking for the people who are the most serious that really want to be involved with these markets right now, you always find the time when it’s important to you, and if trading and investing is important to you in this current market environment you’ll be there. So, go to
You really can’t afford to miss this because I’m gonna be spending hours going through laying out these different strategies in a very meticulous way and this is to be a very, very, very, special event for the most serious traders out there. So, again, I will look forward to seeing you at this very, very special event next Tuesday evening and perhaps Monday evening in a video there as well and of course in the live trading room. So, you guys have a great rest of your weekend here celebrate our successes if you’re not where you want to then make sure you join me Tuesday night and if you are where you want to be here and you want to go to the next level, join us as well and we’re really looking forward to having you guys as part of that event. So, enjoy the rest of your weekend, gang! I will see you Tuesday night and see you in the room this way in the next couple days. Bye-bye everybody!

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