So What’s Next For The Market With The Holiday Weekend Ahead!

Welcome back everyone!  Monday is Columbus Day.  That means the U.S. banks are closed.  That will dramatically impact volumes and volatility.  We will talk more about that in a moment.

I want to look at NFLX.  If you have been following along with my Premium Nightly Swing Trading Videos, then you would be aware about the top time to by Netflix was over there.  There were a host of different strategies coming together.  There were trend resumptions, W Pattern Buys, and Half Spikes.  Stay on top of the latest news from those swing trading videos.

People see that Netflix is going up.  People also see that the reason for that is Netflix is raising prices.  It is a little too late for the moment.  We are now approaching the round number resistance at 200 dollars.  Before a fresh entry, I will be waiting for it to pull back, show that 200 is support, and then take back off again.  It is really important that these levels are shown to be key support or resistance levels.  Otherwise you end up in a situation like the 51 dollar level on Crude.

We originally pushed through 51.  That led us to almost 2000 dollar per contract push.  When it came back, it didn’t hold that area and take back off.  It came back down and rallied to 51.  I warned you in the free video that I needed to see it become support.  I was worried that it would revert back to the mean.  It is important to understand these different rules for these most successful and advanced swing trading, from my perspective.  Stay up on the nightly videos!

We are basically priced for perfection right now.  Everything is looking really good.  The markets was even going down with the domestic terrorism in Las Vegas.  Now all of a sudden enter the media and President Trump’s comments.  There are news outlets that cannot stand him, like CNN.  We are all accustomed to these types of articles.  It is a total hit piece on him.  If there is a storm to come, this market is priced very well.  Any signs of weakness, I am going to be all over that.  I am going to be far more aggressive once we get below the speed lines.  It is a Friday today before a holiday weekend.  Of course I would be looking for short side trades.  There were people taking profits from the run-up.  Then you add President Trump’s comments.  That is exactly what I was focusing on this morning in the Live Trading Room.  That ended up being profitable.

I am going to look and see if we start breaking down below the speed lines heading into next week.  That could bode well for short side trades.  I will start with the RUSSELL in this case.  Whichever is the closet to breaking below the speed lines are the ones I would be the most aggressive with at this time.

If you haven’t joined our Live Trading Room, the weekend sums the time to do that.  Go to and see all the different things that you will get.  You will get several thousands of dollars’ worth of things.  We also added that JumpStart Course that also comes with your membership.  There just couldn’t be a better time to join.

Again go to and get signed up.  It is only $797 for three months of those videos, indicators that come with the membership, and the trading room with me.

Have a fun weekend and join the room today.  I can’t wait to see you guys there!

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