Many Winning Traders With Rob Tonight, But Not Greece

Okay, welcome back gang! Exciting photo finish here. We got several winners we are going to be announcing from the “Win Rob For A Day” event. We will show you how and why and what happened there. First, with all the great stuff coming out of Greece basically, let’s talk about what we are looking for next. First things first, unless the Euro breaks down below these lows below 10980 I am not really looking at doing much with this right now a lot of resistance here up above there and I am not really interested in much there. I like to get down below 10980 these for a short. As we look to gold sure it gaped up initially and came right back down and held into a double accumulation area here. The accumulation bar right here that is the inventory retracement bar over there and then of course on Fridays as well. You will see there is an overlay of key support levels and we stop in the heart of that. Until such time we break down below the most recent inventory retracement bar from Friday not really willing to short there. As far as longs I really don’t want to go long onto the falling resistance. Still got wait a little bit longer on Gold. I have been telling you guys for days about Crude Oil. I gave you the break down levels that have been working fantastic here. We got down below the key support. We went ahead and got down below the key supports that we were looking for last week. We broke down if you remember, that I was looking for shorts.  Right down here below these inventory retracement bars and if we got down below those we would be looking for shorts down below because we having this multi month consolidation and sure enough we staring breaking down there that has led to some fantastic movement. I was even getting email today if I was interested in shorting this and my response was the same in each of those emails that I replied to in the LTR. Any rallies in Gold are going to be short opportunities.  I said that repeatedly in the LTR this morning and then said it in the afternoon with the emails that I was responding to. Sure enough it continued to be a fantastic short and that will hold true while a lot of times we will get a natural retracement back up to the rising support levels over here and also get some gravity kind of pulling back up and you get the speed lines coming down. As far as I am concern I would like to see this come crashing down point. That would be my favorite trade. Do exactly what we did today and focus on short side trading for Crude Oil.

As we continue to look at the stock index futures right out of the gate my focal point was that we had major resistance above. This was a snap shot taking this morning at 9:11am. You can see I was pointing at that we have five different resistance levels right above us so if you get up above this area looking for failures in that area. As we can see based on the end of the day that is exactly what ending up happening here as the day played out. Here well after the market closed out we stalled out exactly at those key resistance areas that we pointed out this morning.

Going into tomorrow here continuations on the up side. Any sort of long side trades would have to be 1.) Above the speed lines and 2.) With really tight trailing stops to the long sides. There is a little bit of room to grow to some falling resistance up above but that would not be the favorite trade I would rather see if I can hold these speed lines and actually start selling back down. That would be a favorite trade. Either way though just because of where the supports are underneath of us here versus the falling resistance levels, trades I will be taking tomorrow I will be managing with more tight stops more aggressive stops. As you guys will watch me do in the LTR tomorrow morning.

The Greece news was already priced in especially after the high gap down going into this morning. So sure enough we took off right to the upside. Very similar to what we did the last time. Except when we came into the US opens the last week we gaped down a little bit and kept going down. This time we gapped down much more dramatically. In these different markets. All the news was out on them so we were free to retrace back up. None the less, we were caught at those major resistance levels. So we just laid out the plan tomorrow.

Two things that I need to go ahead and share with you guys at this point which is important for each of you that did this charity event here. We have Paul Vlodarchyk who went ahead and was actually the official winner! What happened with Paul was he had a family trip in Canada planned out starting this Wednesday through next Monday and so he actually said, “Rob don’t worry about it because I will be out of town”. Paul donated $750 a total of a $1000 to the charity, most recently $750! What’s happed here is he is actually coming up for mentorship here and I am going to add on an extra day for his mentorship instead of five days he will get six! This whole thing was about me going to somebodies house so we spun this random generator here and came up with another winner who happens to be Braden McClintock! Braden is this super lucky guy. I will be going down to Braden’s house and will be down there in less than a week now and looking forward to working with him. I gave him a bunch of homework to do for me so we can really have a great event together. Now for all of you that went ahead and donated a $100 or more I wanted to go ahead and do two things.

1.)    25% off everything that we have there on the website through July 13th (great for indicators, annual membership and courses)

2.)    Special Class this Thursday 7-9-2015 at 12:00 Central Time

The other thing is what I am doing I am really appreciate of what you guys did for us and I really want to take care of each and every one of you. It is also inspired from here today. David V, what he did this morning after the competition was over he donated a $1000! We are at $23,950 which is 119% of our goal. What a great thing that he did. If you go to the official board for St. Jude you will see all of the details.

I am going to a “Special Event” here this Thursday morning. I have added another class for you guys. This is going to be different. This is going to be after the LTR and we are going to be dosing a really advanced student review. All of my students that are a part of this program here they submit their recorded trade videos to me each day for me to analyze. What a great way for me to see what you do right, better and have advanced commentary for me to go over.

I am looking forward to doing that this Thursday morning. Bottom line when it is all said and done we had multiple great winners here under these circumstance here. Paul he was a gentleman and so I still took care of him anyways and Braden got to win as well. All of you that donated $100 or more this Thursday you guys should be receive an email later today or by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Again for all of you take 25% that have donated a $100 or more on our products or services. My thanks to you for the $23,950 what a great organization and you guys have went ahead and done great things for them and thank you from my family to all of you. Hopefully all of you are winner today. Gang we will see you in the LTR tomorrow morning as the obviously the markets are heating up! Have a great evening.

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