The News Offered Up Perfect Trades Today With More To Come!

Welcome back everyone! This just couldn’t be better timing. This morning we were focusing on short side trades. I am going to be paying attention to the DOW versus the RUSSELL heading into tomorrow. The RUSSELL held up pretty strong today. Despite the fact that the NASDAQ was down, we had 300 on NFLX, and 288 on AMZN. The DOW was down a percent and a half today. Amazon actually held up pretty strong today. If we can find stocks that are pushing up and doing well, even if the overall market plummets, they will be slightly down or recover. Watching for the news is very important. We are going to be talking about that tomorrow!

We are actually doing a special training class tomorrow. We shorted the heck out of this today in the Live Trading Room. We fired off several shorts because of the news that was coming out. We were getting a lot of nice information today. This is a live one-on-one session with myself and Oliver. We will be talking about how to trade the news. I have a lot to say with my background experiences. This is good for both day and swing traders. This will also focus on things like earnings and stuff. Go to right away to sign up for that special live one-on-one interview. You will not want to miss how to trade the news differently than you have ever traded it before. Again, go to It ties in really well with some of the strong numbers coming in from Friday’s close. They held up the market really well.