Last Night’s Strategy Work Right On Cue, So What About Tomorrow?

Welcome back everyone!  This video will be shot with a little less than an hour and half left in the market. The bottom line is that the strategy we told you about worked flawlessly.  One of the two strategies we were looking for was if we were going to stay above the speed lines, and take back off for the market to become a long after that.  … [Continue reading]

Here Comes A Great Finish To A Fantastic Trading Year!

Well, the wild and fun wacky rides continue post-Brexit, post-Trump election and now post-Italian election over the weekend. We’ve continued to hear time and time again that the markets are going to fall and deteriorate. We hear that the market is … [Continue reading]

Rob Really Had A Great Week In This Market! Will You Be Next?

Welcome back everyone!  We are slowly but surely wrapping up the day.  What a phenomenal week!  It is just going to get better as we go along.  We will try to close out 2016 strong.  I have been on fire with my trading.  I have told all of my … [Continue reading]

A Perfect Start To The Trading Week. Way More To Come…

This video is going to be shot early in the day today!  In light of what is happening here, it ties along great with this question.  Andrew basically said that I have had great success in the past year with your nightly videos.  He also said that … [Continue reading]

This Stock Market Is At The Point Of No Return. Here’s How It Will End…

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have a fantastic and safe holiday weekend. Let’s go ahead and take a look at why we are due for a more major movement. First of all let’s recap where we were. People have asked me why I was saying we could reach … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Thoughts For Friday And Thanksgiving After A Great Month And Year

Welcome back, everybody! The market will be closed shortly. First of all, I want to wish all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble! It’s been a great year with a lot of improvements across the board for many of you. As we settle into … [Continue reading]

Four More Trades, Four More Winners, And Four More Reasons To Join Rob

Well welcome back everyone, first of all this is actually being shot during the day here. I have two doctors’ appointments to get to this afternoon, and I did not want to miss this awesome trading with the group this morning. Boy did that pay off! … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Trading Session With You This Morning Was Dead On!

Welcome back everyone!  This morning’s live trading session could not have been more dead on.  Let’s recap all the things we said in the Live Trading Event this morning. I told you that we were in a major long term support on the Bonds.  We … [Continue reading]

A New Wave of Volatility Is About To Hit The Market

Welcome back! This is going to be a quick video as I’m making my way to Las Vegas. I can’t wait to see you guys here over the next few days. Basically, what I wanted to say is this. Volatility is extraordinarily contracted in today’s session. … [Continue reading]