Outstanding Opportunities As Key Levels Are Breaking

Welcome back! This will be a quick update video. Some of the key levels I mentioned today started firing off that I mentioned last Friday. For instance, the NASDAQ did a great job of getting above some of those distribution levels. Other ones stayed contained while trying to charge ahead. We had the Russell and the Dow stayed contained. The S&P … [Continue reading]

NFLX And The Key Stock Market Levels To Beat For Next Week

Welcome back everyone!  We are going to take a look at what we are looking for going into next week.  We closed strong and weak in different areas.  You have distribution bars on the DAX, NASDAQ, and RUSSELL.  You are closing into distribution on the … [Continue reading]

Goldman Sachs Update Video Tonight

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at Goldman Sachs! I warned you about this key level in the Nightly Videos.  It is continuing to pose a great deal of stress.  We are back down around 10 dollars off that level.  So goes the market, so goes … [Continue reading]

Today Was A Master Class in Price Action and Trading Strategy

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a handful of things tonight. Goldman Sachs is butting up against heavy resistance that is striking us from early this year (basically the first quarter of this year). This is not an easy level to break. We need to … [Continue reading]

Monday Will Be An Important Day For The Stock Market

Welcome back! It’s been roughly three weeks from today where I originally fell ill where I’ve gone from complete loss of voice to having it back. I know a lot of you reported going through similar things. Let’s take a look at a couple of key things. … [Continue reading]

Rob Reveals The Hidden Selling And Why He Put Out The Sell Alert Text This Morning

Welcome back! As we take a look today, we had a nice continuation to what I was saying about these risks in the market with a lot of media coming out being very complimentary of the market talking about how 2018 will be so much better. Usually, we … [Continue reading]

Nice Market Follow-through After This Morning’s LTR Open House

Welcome back everyone!  I apologize because you will still have to deal with my voice.  I have had this cough and everything for around 2 and a half week.  I am sorry! This chart right here is what kicks it off tonight.  It is a nice continuation … [Continue reading]

Rob Just Got Nervous About The Market Direction, Here’s Why

Boy, where do I start tonight. We’ll just hit a couple of key points because you can join me tomorrow morning for a live trading event. I’m a little nervous about this market truth be told. While I was Mr. Bull and have been very happy because of the … [Continue reading]

Rob Discusses WMT, How His Directional Strategy Played Out, And What Now Before The Holiday

As we take a look at the strategy that we used going into today with the markets being above or below the speed lines and focusing on directional trading that way. It went ahead and worked very well. It did stall us out. Nonetheless, with the … [Continue reading]