Rob Looks At BIDU Tonight

Welcome back everyone!  We are going to switch gears tonight.  We are going to take a look at BIDU today.  A lot of people in last night’s special event were asking about this one. BIDU is kind of a hold at the moment.  There is a lot of potential opportunity with this one.  We have resistance in the back drop that is currently still … [Continue reading]

Key Strategies Of Rob’s Are Coming Together Nicely Today

Welcome back everyone!  By the time that you watch this video this evening, I will have completing a presentation using the same exact concept that I used today.  We talk a lot about stochastic spikes and Ms and Ws.   I have also been talking a … [Continue reading]

So You Want To Countertrend Trade Gaps? Watch this Video First For Rob’s Thoughts

Welcome back everyone! I am going to do a quick video for you guys in cyberspace tonight.  We have a question that kept coming up over and over from some of our newer students.  It is amazing how many of them have been taught that gaps always … [Continue reading]

Top End Of The Range Is Holding For Now, So Here’s What Rob’s Watching Next.

Let’s pick up where we left off from the last evenings video!  I told you that we are at the top end of the trading spectrum right now.  There are overbought indications that could put us under pressure.  The market is still open for a little … [Continue reading]

Key Stocks And Indices To Watch At The Top End Of The Range

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at some key things that are important to us tonight. I want you to understand that the U.S. Stock Indices are at extremely high stochastics. We have everything from full stochastic spikes to Hoffman fade stochastics. … [Continue reading]

Bonds Are Pushing And Rob Is Focusing On Channel Trades Until These Levels Break

Welcome back! This video is being shot intraday. I just wrapped up the last of my trading before I go to a dental appointment. I want to put out a video for you guys since last night I only put a video out for our premium members. Everything I … [Continue reading]

New Market Levels To Know After Our Strong Close To The Week

Welcome back everyone! Happy Easter weekend! I hope it will be a safe and fun one for you. I want to go over some things on the stock and equities side. Whether you trade futures or you trade equities, these levels I’ve been telling you about are … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Key Market Levels Continue To Disrupt Directional Investors And Traders

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at some futures and equities that we should be focusing on. First thing’s first, Bonds. The bottom line is we’re in a really great spot. We’re at the edge of the abyss on some potential opportunities in the … [Continue reading]

What Levels Are Holding The Stock Market Back Right Now

Welcome back! The markets are still open right now but everything we talked about this morning before 9 a.m. CT /10 a.m. ET, continues to be the case several hours later and will continue to be the case several days later. Even since very early this … [Continue reading]