Four Things To Know Before Friday’s Session

Welcome back everyone! I am going to go over a couple things you need to know heading into tomorrow and beyond. Roll over for futures is often misunderstood. It isn’t necessarily in the best interest of the brokers for you to understand it. Most of you that trade futures saw that your brokers automatically rolled you over to the September contracts … [Continue reading]

The Pullback – Bounce Play Worked Flawlessly Today! So Now What?

Welcome back everyone! What an exciting day today! I told you all last night to watch out because we were expecting a sharp pull back. We saw a huge influx of people taking a look at the WSI indicators. People are starting to pay more attention to … [Continue reading]

Rob Told You To Watch NASDAQ Stocks! Now He Says Watch Out!

Welcome back everyone! Let’s start by recapping today. If you go to you would see that all the numbers are going up really high. We watched the speedometer continue to climb time and time again. We saw the individual instruments … [Continue reading]

It Happened AGAIN Today With NASDAQ Stocks!

Welcome back everyone! This is an awesome follow up to what I have been telling you the past couple days. I don’t want to spend a bunch of time talking about the WSI. There are an incredible number of people going to look at the WSI. You can click … [Continue reading]

Boom Goes NASDAQ Stocks. A Great Follow-up Video For Serious Traders

Welcome back! Let’s talk about a lot of things. First things first, Nasdaq. If you’ve been following my commentary the last few days, Nasdaq was something we’ve been very heavily focused on. Nasdaq did a phenonmenal job today out-performing several … [Continue reading]

How To Find The Hottest Trade Ideas In A Market That’s Struggling

Welcome back everyone! There are a lot of things to pay attention to as we head into Friday. The NASDAQ was once again struggling with the 7000 level. We have a big fat distribution bar. You can see that time and time again we keep hitting that … [Continue reading]

The News Offered Up Perfect Trades Today With More To Come!

Welcome back everyone! This just couldn’t be better timing. This morning we were focusing on short side trades. I am going to be paying attention to the DOW versus the RUSSELL heading into tomorrow. The RUSSELL held up pretty strong today. Despite … [Continue reading]

Tomorrows Trading Strategy And Key Swing Trading Tools That You Need To Have

Welcome back gang! Exciting ride on Wallstreet and we are going to see if we can close out on our Pre-Memorial Day trading with some more excitement coming into tomorrow morning. Right now we have these double accumulation bars back to back on all of … [Continue reading]

Important Stocks And Options Lesson From Rob Tonight That You Won’t Want To Miss

Welcome back gang! Well tonight we got a little training session for you here. So, first things first, go to So, this is a very important video to teach a little bit how you can help identify and pick better stocks for long side … [Continue reading]