Goldman Sachs And The New Key Stock Market Levels You Must Know Now

Welcome back! Let’s go ahead and take a look at a few things you need to know about the current market!  We now know that we have had this massive 15 month plus triple top resistance area right now.  The market is really struggling in this area.  Let’s go ahead and drill into the area a little bit closer where it really struggling and … [Continue reading]

Remember Rob’s Golden Rule For Trading… It Did It Again Today

Ok, gang welcome back. We had an interesting day on wall street today. The bad news made the market go down and stay down. That was a really powerful sell signal, we are going to talk in just a moment how. As a reminder in case your brand new today, … [Continue reading]

Were You In Rob And Davide’s Live Trading Event This Morning? Don’t Miss Saturday Morning Updates And Encore!

Welcome back, everybody, what an exciting way to close out the week on Wall Street. It was even better because we had a live class this morning which was a special follow-on from the VIP class we did yesterday. We did the class today and I was … [Continue reading]

Can The Market Get More Exciting Than Now?

Welcome back! It’s another exciting day on Wallstreet. The long and the short of it is, we came down and tested some really important support levels on some of the major stock indices today and we found support at those levels. There’s some really … [Continue reading]

Do You Want To Know How To Day And Swing Trade These Markets? Open This Email!

Welcome back! It was another down day on Wallstreet. The Dow pulled up a little bit out of its nosedive but generally overall it was a down day as we’re struggling to hold some key support levels. The big issue here is we have the negative … [Continue reading]

The Market’s Failing At Rob’s Levels. So Now What?

Welcome back! Let’s talk about a couple of key things. First of all, we are continuing to fail that key resistance level that I brought to your attention repeatedly. It’s important to understand it because it really affects our trading. We’re not … [Continue reading]

From Fear To Greed In One Day. Don’t Listen To The News.

Welcome back! There’s so many things to talk about but I’ll try to be as brief as I can. I told you repeatedly that because of the 15 month resistance that we have, we’re going to be in for a rocky ride. We’ve been sitting at these levels for several … [Continue reading]

Key Stocks and Levels to Watch Right Now

Welcome back! As we’ve been keeping you apprised, not a whole lot has changed but the next few months will be pretty exciting because it’s going to be a stock picker’s market and a day trader’s market. Well, the day trader’s side of the equation, I … [Continue reading]

XOM And Stock Pickers Dream Market At These Key Levels

This video is being shot well-before the close today. Unfortunately, we have to go see a dear friend of ours who has ended up in hospice. We need to do that and so I need to do this video now. We don’t have a close on the day yet but what we do have … [Continue reading]