Real Life Example Of Handling Trading After A Mishap

Welcome back! Let me start out tonight’s video with this question to you. How many of you have ever taken a trade, whether it’s a day trade or swing trade or long-term investment where the market moved a fair amount and you feel you missed something and did not want to miss another dollar of potential opportunity so you jumped in after a big move … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews Several Key Markets And Stocks Today

Welcome back everyone!  I am going to do a marathon run on some different indices! The Bonds have been sitting here for several weeks with the accumulation bars. Shorts into the falling resistance is the only way to go. It is basing here. I have … [Continue reading]

The Market Action We Want To See Tomorrow For Best Results

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at this from a short term perspective this evening. This is really going to affect people on both sides of the fence. There are some very specific things that we need to see and know right now. This morning … [Continue reading]

When The Sells Don’t Sell It’s Time To Buy

Welcome back! Friday was a classic case of something I’ve taught you many times in these videos. When the sells don’t sell, it’s time to buy. The last couple of days in the news all we heard about was Trump tariffs and how the world was going to fall … [Continue reading]

The Key Market Divergence To Watch Tomorrow

An often overlooked piece of information for people trading the futures markets is contract rollover. A lot of people don’t realize that our brokers push us to the front month’s contracts even though the volume might not be there. The last one … [Continue reading]

GE’s Fall From Grace Continues

Welcome back everyone!  Normally I talk about key happenings in the markets as a whole each night to prepare people for the coming days. Tonight I am going to switch gears a bit. I am going to talk about General Electric. Instead of being a top … [Continue reading]

Our Alerts, Key Levels, And A Breakout Strategy Reviewed Tonight

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several things here. We started off having some key accumulation bar support in the U.S. Markets. We also had very specific resistance on top of us as well. This made it very clear to see what we wanted to … [Continue reading]

The Key Points You Need To Watch In The Markets Next Week

Welcome back everyone! This morning I fired off multiple trades. It was really a two sided market this morning. I looked at both long and short side trades. The focal point was mostly long side trades. We held some key support levels. The DAX has … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews His Plan For Closing Out The Week Strong In Tomorrow’s Trading Session

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at a couple things here.  The markets are still open at this time.  However, we have enough information to share with you.  I was focusing on short side trades this morning.  The first trade that I took this … [Continue reading]