Updates And Follow-Through From Last Night’s Video And More Strategies Rob Is Using Right Now

Welcome back everyone!  Well with less than an hour to go in the market, we are still challenged by the same levels that I shared with you in last night's video.  I mentioned the distribution bar over here from a few days ago on multiple indices.  You see that we are still having havoc played in that area on the S&P an DOW.  We just can't break … [Continue reading]

Key Market Levels Rob Is Watch For Tomorrow

Welcome back everyone!  This will be a quick video tonight because my Premium Ones were very long. This is a split market condition here.  I wanted to talk to you for a moment about that.  I was doing live trading to long side in the trading … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews Several Stocks And Markets To Prepare For Another Big Run Of Trading Next Week

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at several different markets this weekend. First of all, let’s talk about Google. For all its rallying that it did, it smacked back into key resistance on the daily and weekly chart. As you can imagine, I really want … [Continue reading]

Tonight’s Market Review And A Sad Loss Here At BBT

Welcome back! Let’s review the market first then I have a little bit of sad news to share as well. We did get follow through today, which was great. I focused on long-side trading and did long-side trading in the Live Trading Room. That was the right … [Continue reading]

The Market Responded Right On Cue As Rob Shared With You Yesterday!

Welcome back! What an exciting day in the market! Everything we talked about in yesterday’s open house came absolutely true. We told you that after the inside bars from yesterday was to breakout from the Monday high or low. Well, we initially faked … [Continue reading]

Did You Miss Rob’s Dead On Trade Alert Today? If So, Join Us For Free Tomorrow!

Welcome back everyone!  We will keep this video nice and short for you.  I put a trade alert out for you today for the 1485 or better on the RUSSELL to go long on the NASDAQ or S&P.  I wasn’t looking to go long on the RUSSELL.  The market has … [Continue reading]

The Perfect End To A Perfect Week Of Trading! So What Now?

Welcome back everyone!  It has been an exciting week!  It is not quite done yet.  I am taking a quick break right now.  I did nine trades in the Live Trading Room right in front of students.  That was very exciting and draining as well.  I continued … [Continue reading]

Key Levels On The Stock Indices And AAPL That Rob Is Watching For Next Trades

Welcome back! As you know, it’s been a phenomenal and exciting week. I’m glad a lot of you got to join me either last night or this morning for the special events. It was a real nice follow on from Monday and Tuesday’s great trading. I spent some … [Continue reading]

This Is Where The Stock Market Is Most Likely To Bounce, Or Else…

Welcome back! What an exciting end to an exciting week. I fired off several trades in the Live Trading Room Friday morning. Of course, the market is the gift that kept on giving. So, as we go ahead and take a look, a lot of the things we talked about … [Continue reading]