A Rotational Market Before Another Big Move

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Nice Follow-up Video On Trading The Iranian Conflict

Okay, welcome back everybody! Let's go ahead and cover a couple of things with you. First things first, let's go ahead and pick up where we left off in the last video about watching out for false moves in the oil situation over the Iranian conflict … [Continue reading]

Rob’s trading strategies given the latest Iranian conflict

Well, welcome back and happy new year everyone! You know, the last time where we left off with you was - I told you we're basically going flat going home for the holiday and that was the right thing to do since that point which is reflected by the … [Continue reading]

Check out this video: Rob’s life-work continues to hit the mark

Hi everyone! This video was created on 12-19-2019. Now that the holidays are over, we are catching up on uploading videos. Enjoy! Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, listen, as you guys know in video after video here I've been telling you … [Continue reading]

The Previous Big Public Event with Rob!

Hi everyone! This video was created on 12-16-2019. Now that the holidays are over, we are catching up on uploading videos. Enjoy! Well, welcome back everybody. This is exactly what I was talking about in my video from this weekend here. So, … [Continue reading]

Rob’s back and here are his thoughts tonight

Okay, welcome back everybody! Well, first of all, sorry my voice is gonna be a little bit rough still and I make off on you at some point but thank you so much for all of you that went ahead didn't know we're so supportive in my absence thank you to … [Continue reading]

Market Ideas Into US CPI & Powell Update

Well, hello, gang! I hope everyone's doing well, Z here from Become A Better Trader. A little market update for you. So, last time we spoke on videos we talked a little bit about what this week is to look like and where we could potentially see the … [Continue reading]

Check out tonight’s special market video analysis

Hey gang, filling in for Rob, he lost his voice. It's Z here. Let's take a quick look at markets and see what we've got up next for the next day. Markets have been in a bit of a dive over the last couple of sessions and perhaps recovery today. We've … [Continue reading]

Rob’s heads up on the market divergence hit and broke key long levels

Okay, welcome back gang. Really great action today and this was really important because this ties onto a lot of things I said here recently. First things first, as we look to the negative divergence, we had a negative divergence that's been forming … [Continue reading]