Why We’re Watching The S&P, NASDAQ and SNAP Here

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at several different things. There’s a couple things that are important to me. I’m concerned with where the Russell is at. We’re in the middle of the kill zone for sure. We have rising support underneath and falling resistance on top. We’re right there stuck in the middle with some long-term resistance as well coming … [Continue reading]

The Market Failed At The Resistance Levels Rob Warned You About. So Now What?

Welcome back everyone! I want to make sure you catch up on the last several videos to see how we got to where we are at now. The market has been phenomenal. I talked to you all about the negative divergence situation that we had in the stock … [Continue reading]

What An Incredible Trading Session! Here’s What You Need To Know

Welcome back everyone! This is the final day with the final mentorship group! This has been an awesome time with awesome trading. I want to continue with the fun tomorrow morning. We had great support and resistance. There was all this rising … [Continue reading]

Long Side Trades Ruled The Day Again. Here’s How We’re Trading It Right Now.

Welcome back! We’re going to take a look at a handful of things. Let’s take a look at what’s hot and how we’re trading it. The big thing that we’re watching right now is the Nasdaq. It’s really important that everyone understands exactly where we’re … [Continue reading]

Long Side Trades Ruled The Day But What About The Bigger Picture? Here It Is.

Welcome back everyone! I have a special edition of tonight’s video for you. There is a great mentorship group here today! We had a big fat Doji star back to back on the S&P. That is a period of indecision. We had a Doji star back to back on … [Continue reading]

Rob Hoffman’s Levels Being Tested Right Now And The Key Trade Ideas Around Them

Welcome back! There is so much to cover this evening. Let’s talk about both the swing trade and day trade side. First thing’s first, the market was testing this major resistance level to the tick on the S&P. Also, I told you in the last couple of … [Continue reading]

How Rob Hoffman Profited With The Market’s Continued Failure At His Key Resistance Levels

Welcome back! Friday was an incredible trading day. As we kick off, first of all, I warned you about the resistance above several of the stock index futures. I even told you what the levels were for the Dow 25400 level. We opened up this morning and … [Continue reading]

Rob Hoffman’s Key Resistance Held And The Market Failed At Them, For Now

Welcome back everyone! This is a great follow up video to Tuesday’s video. The market did fail at those levels that I warned you about. It’s important to know the levels in advance. That is exactly why I warned you about them. Wednesday we stalled … [Continue reading]

Rob Hoffman’s Key Market Levels That We’re About To Hit

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several things you need to know going into the next few days. We are approaching some key long-term resistance levels on major markets. The NASDAQ is about to hit long term resistance. The RUSSELL just … [Continue reading]