All Of Rob’s Featured Markets Moved As Previously Explained Here

Welcome back to this exciting time in the market! You can see the things I’ve been warning about for weeks have continued to unfold. Even this morning we had a pretty decent rise on NASDAQ but that did nothing to help AAPL, which got stuck to and below the 120 level. You can see we ultimately closed today on 119.70 – still holding that … [Continue reading]

Bonds Moved Nicely Off Of Rob’s Resistance Level

Welcome back! We’ll keep this nice and brief. I want to hit a couple of things. First of all, bonds. I’ve been warning you for days about how important this key resistance is that we’re at. Its at 153 and it’s strong. We had triple … [Continue reading]

Nice Market Moves Today That Are Just The Beginning

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s go ahead and look at a few hot items pre inauguration.   I want to build on themes that I have been sharing with you to see them follow through.  We have been talking about the channel on Goldman Sachs.  We tried … [Continue reading]

Expect More Moves Like Today In The Market

Welcome back! Let’s build upon what you learned in the last week as we’ve been talking through different things. First of all, we’ve been talking about this magic 11 to 12 area on the VIX and staying there vs. breakout out. Earlier today, we … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews The Drug Sector Stocks In Tonight’s Video

Welcome back everyone!  We have an all member Q&A tomorrow.  We usually compile all the list of questions.  One of the questions I got multiple times was about shorting the drug sector.  That is $DRG.   It is easy to understand why people … [Continue reading]

This Mixed Stock Market Is Offering Excellent Opportunities Long And Short

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at tonight’s videos. First of all, just an update on Goldman Saks – it’s still trending sideways. We’re seeing a mixed market as a whole. We have the NASDAQ still holding above the speedlines. We’re at the … [Continue reading]

Critical Days Ahead For GS, Bonds, Gold and Stock Indices

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at a couple key markets and indices to watch. The VIX had a small pullback today.  We locked it in with an accumulation bar.  That was more than 45% off its lows.  If we can open up and push further … [Continue reading]

2017 Trading Is Already Off To A Great Start

Welcome back to the New Year everybody! Before we get into tonight’s review, I want to congratulate Alan R. from Florida. I’ll be seeing Alan this weekend. He won the Win Rob for a Day so I’ll be flying to his house this weekend. I’ll be … [Continue reading]

Get Ready For An Incredible 2017 of Day And Swing Trading

Welcome back everyone!  I have a lot to share with you this week.  We will get through some of that information tomorrow possibly.  Let’s hit a couple major highlights. Today the volatility was completely broadcasted.  I saw it coming a mile … [Continue reading]