Here Are The Key Markets And Levels Rob Is Watching The Rest Of The Session

Welcome back gang! Let’s take a look at a couple things. First, let’s take a look at crude oil. Crude oil right now which has recently moved over into the M contract is sideways and technically damaged. We also locked in some distribution up above. So this morning I was very skeptical when we popped up to the 6930 area. I know it was an area that … [Continue reading]

Today’s Range Says There Is A Big Market Move Ahead

Welcome back everyone! This is important information for you guys to see because it will affect my day and swing trading thoughts for the upcoming days. The situation has remained the same for the past couple hours. We have an inside bar on the … [Continue reading]

Here’s A Special Intraday Trading Video Update From Rob, Check It Out Now!

Welcome back gang. This is going to be a quick intraday video update so the opposite of last night’s video. We are going to get a clear concise video out for you this morning. Here is what we are looking for. We are more focusing on long side … [Continue reading]

Major Stock Market Crossroads Are Being Hit Right Now. What You Need To Know Now

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at a whole bunch of things today. First, I go to in the morning. You will see an indicator up top. My code is a part of that indicator. There was a whole bunch of code that went into that … [Continue reading]

Will People Watch Their 401k’s Become 301k and 201k’s With This Market Volatility

Welcome back everyone! Amazon is back in the 1500 level. I was hoping that level could become rising support. We never made that level support. We are right back down to 1500. This is a critical area for Amazon. If we break too much lower it could … [Continue reading]

A Must-See: Rob’s Favorite Sources For Wealth Creation Tools

Welcome back everyone! First of all, before I get into cool sources for wealth creation tools. I want to give you a quick update from the last video. We told you that the preferred trade of action going into today’s session was to have the market pop … [Continue reading]

That Was A Fun And Very Profitable Trading Session. So What Next?

Welcome back everyone! That was a lot of fun today! If you were in the Live Trading Room today you saw me fire off multiple trades today. It has been one of the better days of late. We were looking for a day like this. In my previous video I said … [Continue reading]

Managing Market Risk Reward With A Real Life Example In ORCL

Welcome back everybody! I hope you are have a great day post-FOMC. I want to talk about something that came up this morning. There was a potential trade opportunity in Oracle. Ideally three to one or better risk to reward ratio is good. That is a … [Continue reading]

Real Life Example Of Handling Trading After A Mishap

Welcome back! Let me start out tonight’s video with this question to you. How many of you have ever taken a trade, whether it’s a day trade or swing trade or long-term investment where the market moved a fair amount and you feel you missed something … [Continue reading]