Rob’s strategy above the SPY ETF 300 level is working great. What’s next?

Ok, gang, welcome back! What an exciting end to the week here with the announcements from President Trump going into the late-day session caused the markets to rip roar and give some really great trading opportunities here. So, ended up not too bad. $1400+ gross profit so not too shabby but as we go ahead and we take a look here now one of the … [Continue reading]

The SPY ETF is right at the magic 300 level Rob has been watching

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Let's go ahead and take a look at key things we need to understand about this market. So, we have paid secretly worked our way back up right up to that magic 300 dollar level that I've been talking about on the SPY the … [Continue reading]

Watch tonight’s “where and why Rob traded” video and then join him live Saturday!

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Watch tonight’s “where Rob traded” video and then join him live tomorrow!

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Watch Rob’s “putting it all together video” then join him live on Tuesday

Okay, welcome back, gang! What an exciting end to an exciting week here this was a lot of fun and hopefully you went ahead and we're really focused on the things that we had mentioned to you really from the last couple weeks, of course, really for … [Continue reading]

Here’s Rob’s trading strategy from today and you need to know it

Ok, gang welcome back! Well, a lot of excitement here today. So, to kind of summarize there was a lot of negativity going into this morning and I just want to remind people because that's something we talk about often. When there's too much … [Continue reading]

Rob did it again today using THIS trading strategy that he continues to share with you

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Sorry for everyone locked out today, here’s a recap of the trades and strategies

Well, welcome back everybody! If you went ahead and saw this when you went and tried to get in this morning you and a few thousand other people did as well. So, basically, by 8:15 central time this morning So, only about 45 minutes after we opened up … [Continue reading]

Watch Rob and the whole team live and in action tomorrow morning!

Ok, gang! Welcome back! Welcome to an exciting end of the day here frankly. So, backing up just for a quick moment, we're gonna make this fast we got big announcements for you. So, the game is over now with just a few moments to go before the market … [Continue reading]