There’s The Morning Pullback We Warned You About Last Night. A Coil And Breakout Is Coming.

Welcome back everyone! Let’s do an update video about last night’s video. You can check that video out by clicking here. We told you that we were looking for pull backs today. We had massive overbought sign in a brief down trend. We aren’t really in much of a downtrend overall. However, we are in a situation where the last several days have been … [Continue reading]

There Goes The Stock Market’s Plunge Protection Team Off Of Key Support

Let’s get a quick update out! I told you guys about the plunge protection team in last night’s video. I talked about these different things at the 3 and 7 minute marks. Sure enough, we completed that entire cycle in one day. That is why things were … [Continue reading]

At Least Three Or More Weeks Of Exciting Market Volatility Ahead. Here’s Why.

It's been a big couple weeks here. We had the Wealth365 Summit last week. The servers even crashed because of the large growth. You can see the people you want and like without walking out of a hotel room or anything. You can see the best people … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Time To Be An Active Trader

Welcome back everyone! We have a market that is basically net-net neutral right now before FOMC. The S&P is into the speed lines. The DOW is just below the speed lines. We also have a falling RUSSELL and rising NASDAQ. My strategy is going to be … [Continue reading]

How To Get Prepared For Six Things That Could Throw The Market For A Loop

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several important things today. It is great to be back with everyone after being in Europe last week. I ended up winning my biggest ever trading competition ever there. I will be explaining how you all can … [Continue reading]

After Exciting Live Trading This Morning The Theme Is Balance

Welcome back everyone! I have been telling you that the markets are overall up. Even the RUSSELL, which is pulling back at this time, is still in an uptrend in the bigger picture. There are plenty of accumulation bars in the backdrop as well. You … [Continue reading]

These Markets Are Offering Up Big Opportunities Right Around The Corner

Welcome back everyone! This is going to be a quick update video here. This is so exciting right now! I have been telling you about all the accumulation and distribution bars on the DOW, and RUSSELL. You still have distribution bars above on … [Continue reading]

Watch These Market Levels Right Now To Avoid Whipsaws

Welcome back everybody! It’s always exciting when things that we talk about stand the test of time. You see them happening over and over again. This morning we had a situation where I was focusing on the S&P at the speed lines, the RUSSELL’s … [Continue reading]

The Dow Is Ready For Another Move, Here’s Why

Welcome back everyone! This is going to be an intraday and swing trading video combined into one today. This is for Friday afternoon! We have rallied back and bounced into some key supports that we have talked about in previous videos. We are also … [Continue reading]