Thursday’s Intraday Update On NASDAQ 100 Stocks

Welcome back everyone! Let’s do our last video update before the incredible Wealth365 Summit! That kicks off next week with 6 days and 80 speakers. I will be speaking there as well. There will just be a wealth of information. There will be around $250,000 in free prizes given away as well! I have been talking to you the last several days about … [Continue reading]

Tuesday’s Market Strategy Video For The Afternoon

Welcome back everyone! I am going to do something a little different here today. I have been mentioning to you that on the Wealth365 News Site there has been some stocks that looked like they were starting to climb. Amazon is an example. That led … [Continue reading]

Monday’s Must-See Market Strategy Video And An Important Clarification

Welcome back everyone! On Friday we had a failed divergence on the NASDAQ. The price was making a higher high and the indicators were making a lower low. This market would start to retrace about 80 - 85% of the time. Every so often we have a … [Continue reading]

Key Levels And News That Every Day And Swing Trader Needs Right Now

Welcome back everyone! I wanted to get this video out before the FOMC meeting today. I want you all to understand what we are looking at in the big picture. The videos that I left you with the other day are still very much in play. We have had the … [Continue reading]

Important Key Levels That Every Trader And Investor Needs To Know Right Now

Welcome back everyone! We are heading into the holiday week! We did hold the key support levels I told you about successfully. We did lock in distribution bars on all of these stock indices. Selling came in on the back end of lal of these. We … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews Several Markets For You Tonight

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at some key things today! I did fire off multiple shorts early on in the trading room this morning. I did let students know we had the 12100 level on the DAX. We also had the 21000 round number on the DOW. … [Continue reading]

Dead On Market Analysis Again: In Advance As Always! Want More?

Welcome back! What an exciting day on Wall Street. As we kick off, think about something I’ve told you in previous videos about watching Goldman Sachs. We can’t have a situation where the market continues to go up and Goldman Sachs goes down. That … [Continue reading]

Come See How Rob Hoffman Just Won Two More International Trading Competitions In Europe

Welcome back everyone! It is good to be back after the trips and trading competitions in Europe. The market is pulling back again today. Let’s take a look at what is happening from my perspective. This is a cumulative effect. We have trade war … [Continue reading]

Four Things To Know Before Friday’s Session

Welcome back everyone! I am going to go over a couple things you need to know heading into tomorrow and beyond. Roll over for futures is often misunderstood. It isn’t necessarily in the best interest of the brokers for you to understand it. Most of … [Continue reading]