Tomorrows Trading Strategy And Key Swing Trading Tools That You Need To Have

Welcome back gang! Exciting ride on Wallstreet and we are going to see if we can close out on our Pre-Memorial Day trading with some more excitement coming into tomorrow morning. Right now we have these double accumulation bars back to back on all of the US stock indices. We are going to be watching and I would love to see follow through. The last … [Continue reading]

Important Stocks And Options Lesson From Rob Tonight That You Won’t Want To Miss

Welcome back gang! Well tonight we got a little training session for you here. So, first things first, go to So, this is a very important video to teach a little bit how you can help identify and pick better stocks for long side … [Continue reading]

What You Need To Know After Today’s Wild Ride On Wall Street

Welcome back gang! Well listen because I did not get to do a video last night because of the unexpected trip to the dentist I wanted to give you a market update tonight and then we will get on some special training in the next few days. Well let’s … [Continue reading]

Which Markets Rob Is Watching For Guidance Monday And Key Stocks On His Radar

Welcome back everyone! I am going to be taking a look at where we are at. These are things we need to know going into next week. We are not really getting a lot of information right now off of the DOW and S&P. They are coiling up. That gives … [Continue reading]

Key Market and Strategy Updates For Thursday Evening

I promised you that we have really important information that you want and need. I am going to give that to you. I am going to share that with you next week. Things got a little bit crazy on the east coast. There were hundreds of thousands of people … [Continue reading]

The Market Performed Right On Cue Last Week. So What Lies Ahead?

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a handful of markets and talk about some other exciting stuff. First things first, Goldman Sachs. I told you about this earlier in the week. What was necessary was to see that while the markets were holding up here, … [Continue reading]

Goldman Sachs And The Market Followed Through Right On Cue From Last Night’s Video

Welcome back! A couple of things and real nice updates from last night. First things first. We are above that $70 mark that I’ve been telling you about. I told you for weeks we were looking to get through that $70 range, pull back and take back off … [Continue reading]

Why We’re Watching Goldman Sachs Divergence From The Market

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at a couple key things to note this evening! I want to look at the NASDAQ and the RUSSELL compared to the DOW and S&P. I told you all on Friday that if we got above the channel, that the market would be … [Continue reading]

Nice Way To Close The Week In The Market. So What’s Next?

Welcome back everyone! Rather than talking about individual stocks tonight, let’s talk about this market as a whole. That is very important too. I have been talking to you about accumulation bars. These are very interesting. What are they? They … [Continue reading]