Rob’s Futures And Stock Trading Strategy Right Now

Welcome back! Today was a great day. If you guys were watching me during that special live trading event this morning, you got to see me employ some different types of strategies. Basically, the strategy at hand is this. If you’ve been following along with some of my previous videos, the $VIX is very low right now. It’s setting us up for an … [Continue reading]

Historically Low Volatility And Live Trading With Rob

Welcome back everyone!  These are pretty exciting times to say the least.  It ends up just boiling down to the VIX. The VIX has been at very low levels in 2017.  The lowest low I can see is around 8.6 in the late 2006.  That was right before … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews AMZN, More Markets, And Ideas In This Video

Welcome back! As we’re getting ready to close out our week, let’s take a look at a handful of instruments. First of all, AMZN. AMZN as you recall, I was looking to break into the 990 level for a quick move to the 1000 level. What we’re looking … [Continue reading]

Final TSLA Update From Previous Videos And Where The Trades Are Coming From Right Now, Like Today

Welcome back! This video is being shot mid-day after we just got done with that special Champion Setups live trading event. Boy, was that exciting for all of you who joined. I showed you places where not to trade and where to put trades on. I did it … [Continue reading]

TSLA Update From Previous Video And Where The Trades Are Coming From Right Now

Welcome back everyone! If you have been following along with my videos you would know that I said this band would be major support on Tesla.  You have two very long term support levels coming in here.  You will see that most days we held to that … [Continue reading]

Tomorrow’s Strategy After A Great Monday And A Thank You From Rob

Welcome back! Let’s kick off the week with an overview video. We’ll get into more specific instruments as the week goes along. What we walked into this morning was primarily doji stars. We ended up fairly similar. The Dow still has a doji star at … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Video Replay And The Exciting Summer Of Trading Continues Friday

Welcome back! People have been asking me for a general market update. I’ve been giving a lot of stocks in the nightly videos. Let’s talk about the general market as a whole and how I’m trading it live like I did today. What we had today was … [Continue reading]

This Video And Tonight Are For Every Day And Swing Trader

Welcome back everyone!  This video is for all of you tonight because there is something for everybody here.  If you are a day trader you will want to watch tonight’s class because I am going to explain how I fired off three trades this morning … [Continue reading]

TSLA Swing Trade Was Not A Surprise But Tomorrow Night’s Class Is

Welcome back everyone! Those of you who have been coming to my special events over the last week where I’ve been doing different classes at different times trying to help people with things in the way of day and swing trading that are happening … [Continue reading]