Open Now: We Move Tomorrow. Don’t Miss A Single Strategy Video

Welcome back, everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Let’s take a look at the markets from Friday and what we’re looking at for next week. On Friday, the markets were very under pressure as it relates to the Nasdaq. However, the Dow held very strong and the Russell, which initially started a bit weaker, held on to some key support and … [Continue reading]

The Important Things To Know And Watch After The Last Few Market Sessions

Welcome back everyone! Before I get started, I wanted to give a special announcement. You probably know we made the Inc. 5000 fasted growing companies list. Due to that, we are going to be switching to a new email server. There will be a new look for … [Continue reading]

See How Rob Put Yesterday’s Strategy Into Action Today

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a couple of things important to this morning’s session and going into tomorrow. You’ll recall that I’ve been talking to you a lot about Goldman Sachs and the Russell. Goldman Sachs is a key market indicator. We … [Continue reading]

Why The Stock Market Is Under Pressure And What Has To Change

Welcome back, everyone! Let’s take a look at a couple of things. Let’s recap what got the market to the point where it’s been pulling back the last several days. If you look back on my videos from early last week, I warned you in advance. We’re … [Continue reading]

A Nice Ending Video For The Week And Perfect Follow-up To The Last Few Videos

Welcome back everyone! This is a follow up to yesterday’s video. I warned you all last night that we are hitting resistance at some key levels. I mentioned a ton of things in last night’s video. It is important you all take a look at it. I told … [Continue reading]

Key Market Levels Now And Avoiding Costly Mistakes In The Interest Of Saving A Buck Follow-up From Last Video

Welcome back everyone! This is a very important video. Let’s start with a couple more important things. I hoped to get this out earlier today. However, we were focused on a lot of different things at the time. I wanted to make sure that you still … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Costly Mistakes In The Interest Of Saving A Buck

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a couple of things. Right now, the Russell is about 50% off the high of the day and we’re roughly a quarter to a third off the high on the NASDAQ. To get really excited about the afternoon, I’d like to see the … [Continue reading]

The Key Things That Rob Is Looking At For The Next Few Trading Sessions

Welcome back everyone! Let’s look at some intraday and end of day trading vehicles. I have been watching the RUSSELL all morning. It has been in a great deal of pressure. That has capped the moves on the NASDAQ and DOW. They were very strong early … [Continue reading]

Picture Perfect Strategies Aligned To Launch AAPL Again Today

Welcome back everyone! A whole lot of strategies came together once again today. Before we get into all the important things that made Apple today, let’s start with the basics. If you go to, you can find a lot of news you can’t find … [Continue reading]