The Market Bulls Had Hope And It Paid Off. So What Next?

Okay, welcome back everybody! Well, another wild and crazy ride on Wall Street this week. We certainly told you last week that it would be this week. Let's go ahead and talk about where we're at now in the big picture. We we talked a lot in the most recent videos here about the Bulls losing hope and exactly what we need to do to hold onto that hope … [Continue reading]

The market bulls are losing hope. Here’s what they’re watching now!

Okay, welcome back, everybody. Let's go ahead and take a look at the markets first things first, the update I always like to give you guys here at Dow 27,000 still holding as major resistance here. We're also taking a big bite into that accumulation … [Continue reading]

The price action and charts that the bulls are clinging to

Welcome back! As we kick off this weekend, certainly this is what the bulls are looking at. This weekly chart had a massive accumulation bar. The market settled back down and then we had another accumulation bar. That set us off at another attempt to … [Continue reading]

First shorting Gold, then shorting Indices. What an exciting week!

Okay, welcome back, everybody! What a week here, so, first of all, as we kick off, we talked last week we had that distribution bar that locked in. Very similar the distribution bar over here. So, this is basically a mirror image of where we broke … [Continue reading]

Why we shorted Gold this morning and what we’re watching next

Okay, welcome back, gang. This is gonna be kind of a midday video. I try to shake these up and do these every once in a while for you as well. So, basically our focus this morning ended up being interestingly enough on Gold. The US stock indices at … [Continue reading]

The markets and levels to be watching next week

Okay, gang, welcome back! I hope everybody is kicking off to a great weekend here or by the time you watch this video Sunday morning or fully enjoying a great weekend. As we go ahead and we take a look not much has changed since Thursday but since … [Continue reading]

Several markets Rob is watching tonight for the next move

Okay, welcome back everybody, let's go ahead and take a look at several things quickly. First things first, we are still down below that magic Dow 27,000 area but still holding in strong nonetheless. In fact, right now as we're coming towards the end … [Continue reading]

Stock market bulls are clinging on to these hopes

Okay, gang welcome back! While the stock market bulls are clinging on to a lot of hopes right now. Let's go ahead and talk about some of those hopes. Number one, they are hoping that President Trump does not go ahead and get impeached. That … [Continue reading]

The market is still failing to break Dow 27,000

Okay, welcome back, everybody! I hope you guys are getting set for a great weekend here. So, with the markets just now closing up here on Friday. I just want to go ahead and remind you of the unfortunate news if you're looking for long side trades … [Continue reading]