What a market ride above Rob’s pre-Thanksgiving buy levels!

Well, welcome back gang, let's go-ahead and just have a quick video and do a couple things. First of all, for all of you here in the United States Happy Thanksgiving here going into Thursday. Very, very, happy and please be safe Thanksgiving. As we … [Continue reading]

Key bullish and bearish areas after this week’s trade war news

Okay, welcome back gang! Well, you probably haven't heard a lot from you this week unless you are in our live trading room for those of you that haven't heard we went ahead and launched an incredible full-time live trading room this week for stocks, … [Continue reading]

Long side day and swing trades still rule the day

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Hope you guys are having a great weekend well what an exciting time across the board. Let's go ahead and talk about the markets first, so, in general, as I told you in previous videos here we're gonna remain bullish … [Continue reading]

Rob’s intraday thoughts on these markets

Alright, welcome back, gang! Well, the market is still opening and will be now for about three more hours but I wanted to get a video out here, okay? I haven't been able to do one as I've been on the road here a great deal and you guys will all see … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Latest Thoughts At These Key Levels

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, what exciting time in this market but there's still these key areas that we have to go ahead and watch. So, every level that I've been sharing with you has been important in some way or the other. For instance, … [Continue reading]

Focus on long-only market trades, but be selective. Watch this video

Ok, gang, welcome back! Well, what an exciting week on Wall Street here. A lot of things we talked about is we firmed up on the S&P; we went in and held above that 3000 level that led us off to the races and so everything up to an inclusive of … [Continue reading]

Long Side Only Trades Above These Market Levels Now!

Okay, welcome back, gang! Well, let's go ahead and do a quick update for you. So, first of all, last week we went ahead and had the S&P; at 3000. This was an important level I was watching for the break. I was even aggressive on the break I was … [Continue reading]

The Market Is On The Razor’s Edge Of Extreme Bullishness

Okay, welcome back everybody! Let's go ahead and talk with you all there is so much. Let's see if we can compact all this into this presentation. So, as you know, we've been talking about DOW 27,000 and at S&P; 3000 The spy 300 and then looking … [Continue reading]

Market failed at 27,000 again, what now?

Okay, welcome back everybody! Well, couple of things here, first of all, everything's okay here. I had a lot of business travel this week and then had some weird hiccups with a canceled flight where we had to drive across the country all night long … [Continue reading]