How Rob Traded Today And What He Is Watching Ahead

Welcome back gang! Let’s take a look at some different strategies I used today. I will also be sharing my thoughts on the bigger picture as well! I pegged the RUSSELL this morning against the NASDAQ. The DOW held up pretty strong. It ended up … [Continue reading]

Really Monday Made Today Using Last Night’s Strategy Video

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at a couple important things. We had wonderful sells on my Institutional Package of Indicators. We had nice waves here. There was a second wave right after that. The third wave actually made a positive … [Continue reading]

The Excitement Is Building At These Key Market Levels

Welcome back everyone! I Hope you all have a fun extended weekend with the U.S. Markets being closed yesterday. I want to start by looking at a few key things first. We are at some very important levels right now. We are barely holding on to the … [Continue reading]

Several Stocks And Markets Reviewed Before Heading Into The Holiday Weekend

Welcome back everyone! We have a lot to cover here. Let’s get right into it! We have several stocks and markets that we want to look at. The Bonds have some basic support underneath. I really have no interest in the Bonds. We have been sitting on … [Continue reading]

Breaking Down The Failed Divergence Trade Rob Wanted And Got!

Welcome back everyone! We talked yesterday about the failed divergence trades. I identified the situations where we were making lower lows in the indicators. We were also making higher highs in prices. That is a negative divergence. We barely … [Continue reading]

Wanting A Failed Divergence Trade Or Skipping This Afternoon

Welcome back everyone! Let’s give you a special mid-day update for today. Typically after a big move you will get tighter consolidation. The market is pausing today at this point. I talked to you about the negative divergence that was taking place … [Continue reading]

An Update On The Make Or Break Levels We’re At In The Market Right Now

Welcome back, everyone! Let’s take a look at a few things. First of all, yesterday I talked to you about the fact that I would not be interested in remaining long. What came back behind the high of this bar and you’ll notice what happened in the … [Continue reading]

The Strategies And Cautions To Know At These Key Market Levels

Welcome back, everyone! This market continues to climb the wall of worry. We see virtually nothing but bad things in the news media regarding the economy. We hear about the trade war with Europe and China. We hear about Iran removing the dollar as a … [Continue reading]

Open Now, Here’s the new look. Also, Watch The NASDAQ Closely

Welcome back! We have a lot of things to cover. Let’s get right in. First thing’s first, as we take a look at the Nasdaq. The Nasdaq is something we want to watch very carefully, and here’s why. We have this big distribution bar from Thursday of last … [Continue reading]