Updates On Some Of Your Favorites Stocks And Markets

Welcome back everyone!  It is good to be here today.  There are a couple updates to start the week.  I am trying to respond to a lot of the viewer’s requests for people would like updates and such. The Bonds continue to be in or near the … [Continue reading]

AAPL, Crude Oil And Rob’s Key Levels Into Monday

Welcome back! You have to put up with my raspy voice a little bit longer. What we’re looking at tonight as it relates to AAPL first. People have asking about AAPL. We have this nice pull back to support. My thought first of all, we want to get back … [Continue reading]

TSLA Update After Hitting Rob’s Target And Market Update

Welcome back! This is going to be a little bit brief with my voice but I wanted to get a video out based on two different subjects: TSLA and the market as a whole. The NASDAQ was extraordinarily impressive with its rallying today. In fact, we had … [Continue reading]

Rob Is Back…Here’s How He Dealt With A Brokerage Crash Today. How Would You?

Welcome back! It’s good to be here with you. As many of you know, I had a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection late last week that really put me off my feet for several days. I’m back at it here. As you can tell, my voice isn’t quite the same … [Continue reading]

Revisited: Rob’s Featured Stocks From His Weekend Strategy Video

Welcome back! Thanks for being here. Sarah and I have a few thoughts to share with you about Texas at the end of this video. Let’s focus on the markets first. With Crude Oil we’ve been talking about this over and over again. We’ve been looking to … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Thoughts Ahead Of The FOMC

Welcome back everyone!  This will be a quick video ahead of the FOMC.  I won’t be able to be with you after the FOMC today. We have had an excellent reversal today.  That allowed us to get short in the Live Trading Room.  The RUSSELL really took … [Continue reading]

CELG And Rob’s Market Strategy For Tomorrow

Welcome back everyone!  Our focus on an intraday basis was on the long side today.  The DOW gave us a run for our money.  It also caused some stress along the way because it just couldn’t stay above.  The RUSSELL finally did push to the upside.  That … [Continue reading]

A Nice Surprise In AMZN To Close The Week Strong

Welcome back, everyone! What an exciting week! As we close out the week, I said yesterday, if we got through yesterday’s highs we would be focusing on long-side trades. Well on most of the stock indices with the exception of the Dow, we were through … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews CMG Swing Trade Thoughts And His Market Strategy For Tomorrow

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s talk about today, going into Friday, before talking about Chipotle.  We closed well off the highs in today’s session on the S&P, RUSSELL, and DOW.   The NASDAQ did very well.  We had a lot of earnings coming out this … [Continue reading]