Rob’s Strategy Going Into The FOMC This Afternoon

Welcome back! I want to do a little special pre-FOMC video for you. So far this morning, we were watching very important levels. This day is basically on three out of four stock indices an inside day. On the 4th index we just ever so slightly popped … [Continue reading]

Trading Into Earnings And This Afternoon’s Key Levels For Breakouts

Welcome back gang! Let’s take a look at a couple things first. Facebook had been climbing nicely for a while here. I had mentioned that as well. We saw all the indications pointing in that direction. I always say not to execute trades during an … [Continue reading]

Key Market And Stock Trading Ideas From Rob

Welcome back gang! I want to look at a handful of issues today. I want to remind you that I said to watch the RUSSELL today. I wanted to see if it holds, recovers, or breaks down below the 1675 level. You can see what happened today. It held that … [Continue reading]

The Market Index That Everyone Needs To Pay Attention To Right Now

Welcome back everyone! Let’s get right to the answer the question. What is the one index that we have to watch right now? It is the RUSSELL! We were watching it from the moment we walked in the door this morning. We were almost completely off the … [Continue reading]

Key Market Levels And Trading Through A Slow Summer Week

Welcome back everyone! I am going to help you all through the lunch hour! I am going to get a quick video to you while I can! We are facing a summer doldrums in the moment. It is a short term phenomenon. It is not all summer long. We have some … [Continue reading]

Thursday’s Intraday Update On NASDAQ 100 Stocks

Welcome back everyone! Let’s do our last video update before the incredible Wealth365 Summit! That kicks off next week with 6 days and 80 speakers. I will be speaking there as well. There will just be a wealth of information. There will be around … [Continue reading]

Tuesday’s Market Strategy Video For The Afternoon

Welcome back everyone! I am going to do something a little different here today. I have been mentioning to you that on the Wealth365 News Site there has been some stocks that looked like they were starting to climb. Amazon is an example. That led … [Continue reading]

Monday’s Must-See Market Strategy Video And An Important Clarification

Welcome back everyone! On Friday we had a failed divergence on the NASDAQ. The price was making a higher high and the indicators were making a lower low. This market would start to retrace about 80 - 85% of the time. Every so often we have a … [Continue reading]

Key Levels And News That Every Day And Swing Trader Needs Right Now

Welcome back everyone! I wanted to get this video out before the FOMC meeting today. I want you all to understand what we are looking at in the big picture. The videos that I left you with the other day are still very much in play. We have had the … [Continue reading]