The Key Levels For The U.S. Market On Thursday

Here are the key levels that you need to know going into tomorrow.  Right now the 2848 on the S&P, the 1596 level on the RUSSELL futures, the 26345 area on the Dow Futures, and 6968 area on the NASDAQ Futures are key. I mentioned last night … [Continue reading]

Why Tuesday Was Traded Short And The Plan For Wednesday Ahead Of The SOTU And FOMC

Welcome back, everyone! You’ll recall that our strategy here was pretty straightforward and pretty sound. We saw that the Russell was going to extend to the other markets finally. We talked about skipping rock theory and how the markets over and over … [Continue reading]

Our Trading Strategy Given How The Market Closed Monday

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at news we can use going into Tuesday and beyond.  We had the FOMC this week!  That will be this Wednesday.  Make sure to check your economic calendar. This market is in a very dangerous spot right now.  … [Continue reading]

Rob’s Support From Last Night’s Video Held Perfectly. Not Selling Until There’s A Break.

Welcome back everyone!  The market is still open.  However, this really emphasizes a point I made in last night’s video.  I really want to focus on longs, until we break through the speed lines. We tested those speed lines. We also touched the speed … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews GS, Tech Stocks, The Dollar And Crude Tonight

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at a few different things today.  The strategy continues to be the most sound from my perspective.  I am focusing on longs as long as the markets stay above the speed lines.  We have these strange … [Continue reading]

The Market Melt-Up Continues, So Our Strategy Continues

Welcome back everyone!  It was an exciting week because of the Wealth365 Summit.  Don’t forget that all of your news can be found at  That will have exclusive content that you cannot find elsewhere. The path of least resistance … [Continue reading]

Important Video About The Market Melt-up and Last Night’s Must-See Replay

Welcome back everyone!  There are a couple things for today.  Thanks for all the great feedback about last night’s class.  The video replay was put up for you today.  The link is enclosed in the nightly email.  Watch that video tonight or first thing … [Continue reading]

Rob Reviews AAPL, BABA And His Strategy That’s Working Right Now For Markets On Edge

Welcome back everyone!  Before we get into a couple individual stocks let’s take a look at the market as a whole! We are getting a little top heavy on the DAX.  Both days have come well off their highs.  It actually made a distribution bar here … [Continue reading]

Key Instruments We’re Watching And You Should Too

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look here at two markets that are very much on my mind. TLT is something I am watching very closely.  Today is only Monday, but it is an inside bar of last week.  Last week was also an inside bar of the … [Continue reading]