Key stocks, markets and levels Rob is watching now

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Rob revisits AMZN, CDNS and more

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Early Video From Rob Today – Check this out!

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More ways to practically apply Rob’s trading ideas

Okay, welcome back, gang! Let's go ahead and follow up on our conversations from the previous videos and talk about ways to enter these from my perspective. So, the thing that I want to go ahead and start off with is reminder that in my last video I … [Continue reading]

Buckle up for the next big stock market move. Here’s what Rob is watching now!

Ok gang, welcome back! Well, before I go ahead and answer the question on some of the stocks we've been looking at as far as next opportunities, some of you look like you saw what we were looking at and enjoyed them and other people missed the first … [Continue reading]

Did you see what happened with ADBE? You have to know these strategies!

Okay, welcome back, everybody! I hope you guys had a phenomenal Father's Day weekend and a great summer weekend here. So, really great stuff. If you recall before I did the special events last week on Tuesday and Saturday I went ahead and I shared … [Continue reading]

Join Rob for a special live workshop tomorrow morning

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Rob said it, taught it, and then it happened… Again

Well, welcome back, everybody! The markets getting ready to close up here in the next 20 minutes and locking in another reverse inventory retracement bar so looking to see if we can get those markets up here above that 315 level and this is really … [Continue reading]

Rob’s post-Fed thoughts and tomorrow’s class

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, as we go ahead and we take a look, obviously, the market was buoyed today by the news that the Fed is gonna go ahead and buy individual corporate bonds and such. So, the thing we're looking at right now - we're … [Continue reading]