Rob Answers The Question “Are We At A Bottom Yet?” With Profits To Back It Up

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a bunch of things that you need to know. Part of this is a major recap for you and you need that. Let’s start out back in August. We talked a lot in August about Goldman Sachs. I kept telling you that at the time we … [Continue reading]

A Picture Perfect Sell-Off In The Market. The Days You Live For!

Welcome back everyone! Was this an exciting day in the market today! Let’s start with the facts from yesterday. We had distribution on four out of the five instruments. All the U.S. instruments had distribution after yesterday’s gap up. That was … [Continue reading]

Great Live Trading Today. So Now What Actions Do We Take And What To Watch Next?

Welcome back everyone! Thank you all for spending several wonderful days with us last week and into the weekend. There are more strategies and setups going on. We had good news all weekend long. We heard about President Trump’s and China’s news … [Continue reading]

Here We Go Again In The Market. Another Critical Support Level Being Tested.

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several things tonight. We will discuss different stocks and the market as a whole. We weren’t able to get what I was looking for today. We couldn’t get above the 69 level today. It briefly got above … [Continue reading]

An Important Strategy Video To End The Trading Week Strong

Let’s take a look at a couple very important things. I have been telling you for weeks that unless we get above the channel on the four indices this means nothing. I told you that in yesterday’s video. We are now trying to cross through the bottom … [Continue reading]

A Key Update To Yesterday’s Video Ahead Of The Fed Announcement

Welcome back everyone! There were really tight ranges today. We did get the pullback that I warned you about yesterday. We so far today only got a shallow one. The main issue of the day is going to be FOMC. They are expected to hold the rates today … [Continue reading]

Here’s What To Focus On If You’re Serious About Buy Side Trades

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at some key things you need to know about today’s surge. Hopefully no one was short on the Stock Indices today. It was buy side all day today. The hourly, 15, 5, and 2 minute charts were all buy today. This … [Continue reading]

The Trading Kill Zone And The Election. Two Nightmares For The Uninformed.

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic trading week! The kill zone is still in full effect. We had the kill zone back there before. I wanted to see a break out and break down from that. We did break down from that and it led to some … [Continue reading]

How Last Night’s Video Determined Today’s Live Trading

Welcome back everyone! Let’s do a follow up to yesterday’s video. I said yesterday that we had distribution bars and falling resistance below them. Seven minutes into the market open I gave another update to my live trading room focusing on that. … [Continue reading]