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Welcome back, everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Let’s take a look at the markets from Friday and what we’re looking at for next week. On Friday, the markets were very under pressure as it relates to the Nasdaq. However, the Dow held very strong and the Russell, which initially started a bit weaker, held on to some key support and rallied back up to close right near the high of the day. This was really important as we looked at this morning’s trading strategy for Friday. Basically, right off the bat we came into the Live Trading Room and I ended up firing off short after short after short. We really went ahead and had a great time with it. However, what we noticed was going from making lower lows in price in indicator to all of a sudden making a lower low in price in a higher indicator. That’s a positive divergence. We also noticed that at the same time, the Russell was holding on and finding its footing as was the Dow. After the final short, locked in my profits, I told the room that I’m done. I said I’ve lost my will to short. In part because of the positive divergence. The indicators started to give indications that it was actually over and started going to some blue bars and some buy signals. That’s when the market started taking back off to the upside very nicely as you can see. These indicators were very important to that process. From a day trading basis first, that’s how we focused on using the multiple markets and these key support areas for our trading decisions. It was a nice way to close the week nice and strong.

With that being said, we did hold on to all the key supports. The Nasdaq was near the S2 – the normal maximum statistical daily range to the down side. So a high probability area for at least a short-term reversal. So, armed with that information, there’s a couple other things to note about the Nasdaq. If you recall, I’ve talked to you about and we’ve talked specifically about the WSI rankings. What I pointed out to you yesterday was AAPL was very strong and sure enough it went back up today. The key is that AAPL was sitting there very strong for the market and of course when AAPL is strong you have to watch out for a reversal on the Nasdaq as well. I always talk to you about the Russell index. You’re near support on the Nasdaq and you just saw that reversal flip from the sell indications to the buy side where it went back up. Keep that in mind. As we go into next week. We have accumulation bars below us and we also have distribution bars as well. The Nasdaq is really getting pushed and pulled so as we go into next week, if we’re going to look at long-side trades, I want to see us get back above the high of the Friday/Thursday time frame and that can open up some air to get back above. What I don’t want to see us do is push back down into the speedlines on the Russell nor do I want to continue to deteriorate on the Nasdaq. I’m going to be very bearish and concerned if the Russell dips down below. This is important whether you’re a day trader or a swing trader. You’re going to want to be leery with that. The other thing you want to watch is look to see what’s happening with these indications. They went from green to blue to red. If you’re looking at the Facebook’s and the Netflix’s, it’s not been good. But on AAPL, we’re firing off incredible buy signals on AAPL. It’s gone off like a rocket to just shy of $30 to the upside. It’s really had a beautiful run and my institutional indicators and WSI have been pointing that up.

Those are a couple of key things I want you to remember going into the weekend. Also, one final thing to note, remember as of Monday, we’re going to have a new look to our emails and they’re going to be coming from a new place. It’s going to be real important to keep an eye out for them. You might not recognize them when you first see them. Hopefully you’ll see that in this weekend’s videos but due to our huge growth being an INC 5000 company we need to grow to different companies to support you as well as us. Have a great rest of your weekend with a new look and new emails on Monday. Let’s hit some of the same great trading like we did here closing out Friday strong.


The Important Things To Know And Watch After The Last Few Market Sessions

Welcome back everyone! Before I get started, I wanted to give a special announcement. You probably know we made the Inc. 5000 fasted growing companies list. Due to that, we are going to be switching to a new email server. There will be a new look for our emails as well. Keep an eye open for those. You should see them starting Monday. Make sure you check your other email locations like spam and promotions. They might end up there because they will be coming to you from a new location and the same look. Keep an eye out for that!

I have a tale of two markets today. Today was an inside bar on the NASDAQ, the DAX, and the RUSSELL. The S&P and Dow were charging ahead today. The RUSSELL kind of stalled out with an inside bar. The NASDAQ actually closed more than 50% off the high. That created a distribution bar in the NASDAQ. I will talk more about that in a moment.I warned you about this on Goldman Sachs before. I really want to get through the 240 level to the upside before I get warm and fuzzy about further long side opportunities. We further failed and pulled back. We have to watch this level. It initially pushed the market down yesterday. That led to some big accumulation bars. We came well off the lows yesterday with accumulation on many of the key indices. That led to a nice follow through today. Goldman Sachs has been doing good, but not great. We have to get above 240 to breathe a little easier.

I have been watching the Wealth365 site. Many of my tools have went into the WSI. I like to find some of the outliers here to separate the longs from the shorts. That helps me get away from the middle sections. My ITP indicators have been firing off like crazy on AAPL. APPL has continues to do well and charge ahead. We are still focusing on fresh long side trades in key markets. It is a very select market type situation right now. Goldman Sachs needs to do better as far as its performance goes.

Going into tomorrow I will be very interested to see what happens with the RUSSELL. Do they regain these levels and above the daily speed lines? That would be very bullish. If the other markets start to come down because they are over, I will look for short side trades. There is a much bigger picture though. Some of those things I just explained. If I am looking for fresh resumption trades I will be looking at my ITP and the WSI for assistance. You can find the WSI at There are great articles there as well. Make sure you all check that out!

Don’t forget what I said about checking your email. Make sure you look for our new look email. Take care everyone!

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See How Rob Put Yesterday’s Strategy Into Action Today

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a couple of things important to this morning’s session and going into tomorrow. You’ll recall that I’ve been talking to you a lot about Goldman Sachs and the Russell. Goldman Sachs is a key market indicator. We talked yesterday about the negative divergence where the stock indices were making higher highs on this second wave but Goldman Sachs was making a lower high. We also had a W pattern buy signal today and over sold weekly stochastic from last week. A couple of things indicated that Goldman Sachs might find some support. The other thing that ended up happening was the Russell. When we walked in this morning, everything else was way down lows for the day. Clearly a lot of selling under pressure. Meanwhile, the Russell was up sharply along with Goldman Sachs. This market was pushing down and I said watch out. We’re going to focus on shorts for the moment. My ITP indicators were firing off sells and so we were focusing on short-side trading but what happened was we found ourselves in a situation where we saw a positive divergence. We saw a positive divergence where we were making a lower low in price but a higher low in indicators. That was combined with one of my Hoffman IRBs of the accumulation type. We saw Goldman Sachs and Russell both being nicely up. Sure enough, that led to a V-Spike back up this morning. We see these other markets right back up right or near speedlines. That’s what we’ll be watching going into the remainder of the session. Can the Russell hold up? Can Goldman Sachs hold up? Can we start to see some of these other indices get back above those all important speedlines for long-side opportunities.

The focus this morning was short-side and rightfully so up until I saw that positive divergence so I backed off and didn’t get caught on the wrong side of the trade. Now as we’re looking into the remainder of the afternoon, we have the Nasdaq just barely above. Three out of the four stock indices are inside bars. Today’s high and low are within yesterday’s high and low implying big moves are yet to come. We’re going to be on high alert watching what happens with the Russell and Goldman Sachs. Do they continue to drive ahead and allow these markets to break back above the speedlines? If they fail, then absolutely no long-side opportunities could lead to short-side opportunities. This is tying all that great work that I show on a daily basis along with trading live with real money in front of my students and try to guide you here.

Have a great evening. I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room or in the nightly videos.

Why The Stock Market Is Under Pressure And What Has To Change

Welcome back, everyone! Let’s take a look at a couple of things. Let’s recap what got the market to the point where it’s been pulling back the last several days. If you look back on my videos from early last week, I warned you in advance. We’re making higher highs in price and we’re making lower lows on the key indices. That’s a problem. The other thing that was taking place too is I warned you with Goldman Sachs up here, the weekly chart has been down the last few months. When we did the rally with Goldman Sachs it only got to the midpoint of the channel, which was problematic. If we continue this rally then we’re going to need to get through the midpoint of the channel. Instead, we failed at that and are now pulling down. It’s putting on a lot of pressure. When the Dow and the S&P were making higher highs with prices at the time, we were making lower highs with Goldman Sachs. I told you in general so goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market. We have a situation where we have Goldman Sachs failing to break out of key resistance. While the US Stock Indices are making higher highs, Goldman Sachs is making lower highs, which is making a negative divergence and putting us under pressure. One of the things that has to change is Goldman Sachs has to get through this 240 midpoint resistance in order for this market to be firing on all cylinders. If that doesn’t take place, then the US Stock Indices are likely to be under pressure as well.

One of the key things we’re watching is NASDAQ. It held pretty well. It tried to get above the speedlines today but the rest of them didn’t. I warned people in the Live Trading Room to be careful. I really wouldn’t encourage long-side trades because if the other stock indices hold below the speedlines, bad things are likely to happen. Sure enough, the market gave out and pulled back under the speedlines and the others accelerated back to the downside. Right now, we’re caught between rising support and falling speedlines. We’re kind of trapped in there as a kill zone. That’s chopping a lot of people up. It’s really important that we get all four of these stock indices back above the speedlines. We’d like to get Goldman Sachs off those lows that I shared with you a few minutes ago. In the meantime, there’s isolated opportunities like for instance when you go over to, we talked to you about the Wealth Strength Index. AMZN has done a good job of being a star and has led to a nice continuation back to the upside. AMZN did very well while other markets have been under pressure. It fired off very well and led to a $39 rally. If you go back and watch the last week or so of videos it will all make sense. You’re going to find these isolated strong indices and individual stocks in them like the AMZN for instance. In general, we have this breakout/breakdown area that we have to get through now. Watching Goldman Sachs is going to be an important piece of that as well. I want to get all four of these stock indices back above the speedlines. If we start deteriorate through these lows in the next day or so, that could accelerate the down draft so we’ll be looking to Goldman Sachs for guidance.

Have a great night! I look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow night’s videos.

A Nice Ending Video For The Week And Perfect Follow-up To The Last Few Videos

Welcome back everyone! This is a follow up to yesterday’s video.

I warned you all last night that we are hitting resistance at some key levels. I mentioned a ton of things in last night’s video. It is important you all take a look at it.

I told you that if we got below the speed lines I would look for a drop. We saw that across the board in early hours. The European colleagues can trade the European session and the U.S. session. They can take advantage of the U.S. sessions.

We didn’t get skunked in the Live Trading Room this morning. I was able to get some trading done. The markets ended up whipping back and forth though. We were unable to get any longevity trades though because of that.

We have pushed down below on the speed lines on the DOW and S&P. The NASDAQ is down. However, it is more in the middle currently. The RUSSELL is actually up at this point. I want to show you all what it looked like before. The RUSSELL is right near the high of the day. The DOW is around the low of the day. The NASDAQ is actually in the middle. I told people that could limit the trading I would do because it was whipping back and forth. That leads to high risk trades. That is where a lot of retail traders can be chopped to pieces.

You can take a look at the NASDAQ this morning. It went back and forth. That was destructive to retail traders who are not using protective trailing stops. That could help maximize gains before it snaps back on them. I used that this morning.

We still have the negative divergences that I referred to on these charts. This is all about the RUSSELL versus the DOW. This is the real story right now. One of the charts is very wrong. I want to see if the RUSSELL wins. That would potentially give us a huge reversal opportunity on the DOW. Otherwise can the RUSSELL fail and stop at the resistance levels? Everything else could really give out like weak knees.

The original story was exactly what I told you yesterday. The next story is to wait and see which wins. The RUSSELL is currently at the high of the day. The DOW is currently much lower. That is exactly what we want to see. I want to see if the markets start to recover. That could give recovery opportunities in the DOW and NASDAQ. The RUSSELL is the main key to the story. I am going to be watching those very closely to see who wins and who loses. I am going to jump on that way and trade directionally. If the DOW snaps back, the RUSSELL continues the progression I am going to jump on the long.

You guys have a great night and great weekend. Everything we talked about in the videos from earlier this week came true. Make sure that you go back and watch the last couple days’ worth of videos to help put together the pieces.

Key Market Levels Now And Avoiding Costly Mistakes In The Interest Of Saving A Buck Follow-up From Last Video

Welcome back everyone! This is a very important video. Let’s start with a couple more important things.

I hoped to get this out earlier today. However, we were focused on a lot of different things at the time. I wanted to make sure that you still have these levels because they are still very important.

The 7500 level on the NASDAQ is super important. We have been struggling the last couple weeks. That continues to be a key area. We also locked in back-to-back distribution bars at this key area.

We have multiple distribution levels. We are making higher and higher prices overall in the markets. We are also making lower lows down here. There are negative divergences taking place here. That is very important to keep all of that in your mind, especially if there are pull backs.

You will notice that the 25600 level on the DOW. That also locked in a distribution bar today as well. We are only a stone’s throw away from breaking down below the speed lines. That could accelerate moves to the downside. You will also see that we had a higher high in price and a lower high on the trigger. There are also IRBs on the RUSSELL and S&P.

That basically means that we have a lot of selling at key levels. The 1700 level is a round number resistance area. That still needs to be beaten. Every time that we have pushed through that level and pulled back, it sits there and fails that area. You can see that we have key resistance levels. We are also facing negative divergences as well. That could be very important over the next couple days. Does this market surpass the distribution bars? That could be very bullish. Does it fail this level and roll back down to the speed lines? We are only a few ticks away on some of these. I am going to be an equal opportunist from a trading basis. That will also help from a directional basis on swing trading as well.

I did a very important video for you the other. One of my traders was using a free charting tool. This market had gone up and long since locked in buy signals on my charts. It was up very high. His free scanners picked up the buying very late. Where were they long before this? I was encouraging people to trading tools and strategies that they like. Ones that they can get comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be mine. I have some very powerful ones. Those are my ITP indicators. I am looking for a combination of green dots, yellow dots, single dots, double dots. I want these momentum indicators to fire off. That sounds like a lot. But it really isn’t.

That is a culmination of my life’s work. It is a bunch of my courses all put into an indicator package. Where you see the black dots, those are the buy signals. That is the break-down level right there. There are so many different elements to consider.

We had all of that firing off the other day. We had the green, yellow, double green dots and more. I explained that we already had buy signals firing off at that time. That was around the 1857 area. We had already got up to 1862. A few days later we fired off more buy signals yesterday. We fired off more signals today as well. This is the daily chart now. On a multi time frame basis. We had many different buy signals. This isn’t after the fact analysis. You can see how the market did at this time. There were some very nice run side opportunities. There were over 20 dollars of opportunities today and yesterday.

These indicators aren’t even available publicly yet. They were only made available to our Live Trading Room students. Those are the people who are the most serious. People have been giving great testimonials about them.

The key is to find the tools that you like. You can use them for your trading. Make the investment in your trading life. It is a serious business now. Using free scanners and tools to find trades that have already gone up setups you up to be the last person to know. By the time you hear about it, mainstream media makes it time to go the other direction. It is building upon that theme.

This is a great follow up video from the other day. It is very important to be on top of all of this stuff. Would you rather have a free tool that gets you in late? Would you rather have a tool that can get you in nice and early before the next big wave? Those are the major questions to ask. Sometimes free can cost you a lot of money.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes In The Interest Of Saving A Buck

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a couple of things. Right now, the Russell is about 50% off the high of the day and we’re roughly a quarter to a third off the high on the NASDAQ. To get really excited about the afternoon, I’d like to see the NASDAQ to continue to power ahead. More importantly, I’d like to see the Russell back off this 50% off the high and start moving up as well. Right now, I’m watching the 1692 level and start pushing to the upside. The S&P and the Dow are making higher highs but they’re making negative divergences forming and that bugs me when we don’t have support from the Russell and the Nasdaq. I’m going to be watching these two weaker instruments going into the afternoon to see if they can pick up some steam and offer up some afternoon trading. Otherwise, I’ll be focusing on some intraday stock-type trades, which we will talk more about in a moment.

This does bring to light a question about a stock that was being reviewed. The question was about ULH. I asked the student how he came across ULH and basically it was through a free stock scanner. Whenever we have new students, I’d like to make sure they understand what they need to know about these things. This free stock scanner picked this stock now. Where was that stock scanner before? One thing I just want to remind people is using free tools can be extraordinarily expensive. Be careful with that. I won’t go into a deep-dive of my professional indicators. I have my ITP indicators and what we look for is either a breakout buy indication, at which point we go long. If you look at this stock that’s presented today that’s a buy, just shy of $18 it was triggering a buy on my ITP indicators and that market rallied up to just over $25. That is quite a run there. Then we went and fired off more signals. We got the yellow dot and a green dot but we wait until we get the double green dots. This right here is the actual official buy bar. This takes my entire Six Day 21 Setup Course and Professional Trader Development course and identifies the best buy opportunities from my perspective. It’s “Rob in a Box”. Take a look at what happened. That was just shy of the $24 mark. Here we are in this stock and we’ve gone up $11, which was a $24 stock. It was a massive move. Both of these were forecasted by my indicators. Now we’re not hearing about them on free tools until now. It can be very costly to have free tools. You don’t want to have a situation where you have a high-visibility purchase. Next thing you know, you’re sitting on dead money for six months for all the market risks, stress and emotional anxiety that is caused from this all because of a late purchase. We really want to time those entries. Another thing to look for when you’re looking for indicators like that is to be able to do your swing trading. You also want to do something on an intraday basis. This is actually AMZN right now. It’s not cherry picked. It was firing off a yellow dot, green dot, then what you’re looking for is the two double dots. Right here on this bar, at approximately 1857.50 it fired off the buy signal. Then, here we are now around 1862. Above $4.50 up that it fired off the signal. The point is you want something that’s fractal and that will help you identify trades both on an intraday basis but also on a swing trade basis. Those are going to be the most powerful tools. You never know when you will be able to do back and forth. Things can get real expensive, real fast using tools to help you identify great trades for free after big moves.

Have a great night! Looking forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning and in the nightly videos.

The Key Things That Rob Is Looking At For The Next Few Trading Sessions

Welcome back everyone! Let’s look at some intraday and end of day trading vehicles.

I have been watching the RUSSELL all morning. It has been in a great deal of pressure. That has capped the moves on the NASDAQ and DOW. They were very strong early on. They then pulled back as the RUSSELL accelerated to the downside. It has since gained some of that back. However, it is still under pressure.

It is going to be hard to get some of the instruments to perform really well without the RUSSELL cooperating. It usually is a leader versus a lagger. If we start to accelerate below the 1670 mark, it could post some danger to any longs that you might be looking at on the DOW and S&P.

If the RUSSELL has a serious change of heart, that could accelerate the moves on the Dow and S&P to the long side. The NASDAQ would have to get back above the 7400 level.

Let’s turn our attention to the bigger picture perspective. We have a mixed market in the big picture. We have the DOW and S&P performing very well. The RUSSELL is under pressure. That is a very big deal. The RUSSELL is coming into major areas of support from the past couple days. Those are the all-important inventory retracement bars. We are right there in those as we speak. If we start breaking down below those that could really accelerate a down draft in the market. That is where you will start hearing more about China. They are already voting to retaliate now. That is where it will all of a sudden settle in with people.

Some people did ask why I feel that the markets didn’t go lower because of China. We talked a lot about China and retaliation for weeks. The market had a chance to account for that. It’s nothing new, really.

Let’s take a look at a few individual instruments starting off with the Bonds. The Bonds made a lower low but a positive divergence. Now, we’re pulling back a little bit but we’re holding this area and locked into an accumulation bar. Unless we have a dramatic move in the next few hours. It makes an inverted head and shoulders situation. Will it break through this area and push to the upside? That could bode very well for Bonds. If we start breaking below this head, that could be bad.

Gold futures are holding on to dear life. Let’s look at it from the GDX perspective. As far as GDX is concerned. You’ll notice it shows up very well. You had this inventory retracement bar of the accumulation kind back there. We repeatedly got stalled in this area time and time again since May 2017. It’s a very important area for gold. It’s a do or die area. If this support area becomes resistance, you can see much lower prices in the gold miners ETF. We’ll be watching that very closely. If we can break above this week’s high, it can lead to a nice reversion to a short-term swing trade. We’ll be keeping an eye on that to be sure.

AMZN right now has a fish-hook buy pattern. If we can start to break above the high on Friday’s trading, that could bode well for retest to these previous highs. It’s important to note that we have an accumulation bar set to lock in this week and we had double dutch distritbution bars back to back the previous two weeks. Our opens and closes have been very close for the last few weeks. It’s more of a day traders market than a swing traders. For instance going into Monday, if this fish-hook buy signal takes off, we’ll be looking to go long above the high but I wouldn’t be holding it for a swing trade. I’d be looking to see how we respond to these previous highs. Two of these previous distribution bars back to back will be on my mind until we clear this one set from last week.

One other thing I want to keep an eye on with a little pressure and weight is Goldman Sachs. I’ve talked to you about this repeatedly. It’s usually a good barometer from my perspective. We had this long-term resistance that was going to be an issue we need to break through. On a weekly chart we have key resistance that was once support and made for nice bounces but has since become resistance. It’s still resistance right now. Today’s highs are right there on those areas of resistance around 238.84. That ties in very well with the $238.58 area of resistance. Bottom line is Goldman Sachs has resistance coming down on top so I’m interested to see if it fails this resistance area and roll back over, which could put the rest of the market under pressure. Or do we break above this and make it support, which could really help set us up to further heights in the overall market so I’ll be watching that.

Have a great night and a great weekend. I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room on Monday or in the nightly videos.

Picture Perfect Strategies Aligned To Launch AAPL Again Today

Welcome back everyone! A whole lot of strategies came together once again today. Before we get into all the important things that made Apple today, let’s start with the basics. If you go to, you can find a lot of news you can’t find elsewhere. There are so many market exclusives written by top traders, investors, real estate and more.

One of my favorite areas in the WSI indications. We saw that yesterday yester really popped up into the zone I like to watch. I don’t want to see numbers in the low areas unless for a short. Apple ended up popping out. It also set the stage for further opportunities. Check that all out at to see the numbers. If you click on the WSI area on the home page, it will take you to a larger area with rankings and ratings of stocks.

Let’s talk about bringing it all into the real world. We love to see the daily and weekly charts having a trend. We then need to find the timing for the entry. This is where I have taught you things like the stochastic spikes, the speed line continuation trades to help identify spikes and stuff.

We then can look at it from the perspective of my Institutional Trader Package. That is the culmination of my life’s work. You have to be living under a rock or not in my Live Trading Room to have not seen me do incredible things with this package. I have been making money in front of my students. Our monthly, weekly, daily, 60 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute were all firing off green.

We fired off a couple key indicators here. Without getting too technical, I like to see the green and yellow dots firing off. I would also like to see a single green dot and a double green dot. That happened very early this morning. Apple then tore off to the upside. This is around the point where we would back off. It does make for a great day trade when there are days like this. You also want to have the confidence to stay with it. The higher time frame like daily, monthly, and weekly can prove to be very helpful.

The NASDAQ Futures were doing a similar thing as Apple. It was giving some great buy signals. That opened up the opportunity for the long side trades there. I want to put all of these things together. There are so many tools that I have been showing you. I want to see all of these things coming together. I have shown you the Wealth365 signals, the ITP signals and more! That is how you want to find some of the great trades to be looking for. You want one that has a strong back bone in the backdrop. You will then try to find some of the best entries to maximize the profit opportunities. Kudos to Apple for being the first trillion dollar company. I am looking forward to many more profitable days in the future! You guys have a great night and I look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow’s videos!