Outstanding Opportunities As Key Levels Are Breaking

Welcome back! This will be a quick update video. Some of the key levels I mentioned today started firing off that I mentioned last Friday. For instance, the NASDAQ did a great job of getting above some of those distribution levels. Other ones stayed contained while trying to charge ahead. We had the Russell and the Dow stayed contained. The S&P started attacking the 2665 level. The Dax stayed contained all throughout the day. The NASDAQ did go ahead and break and fired off some fantastic indications across the board. My Champion Setups indicators fired off beautifully down below. We had my “Rob in a box” indicators (ITP). Everything fired off leading to a monstrosity of a day all tying in with that core work that I mentioned last Friday.

That strategy that I laid out for you will continue into tomorrow’s session. Watch those distribution levels for further breakouts and key levels that I mentioned Friday. Catch up on Friday’s video if you missed it.

Have a great night!

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NFLX And The Key Stock Market Levels To Beat For Next Week

Welcome back everyone!  We are going to take a look at what we are looking for going into next week.  We closed strong and weak in different areas.  You have distribution bars on the DAX, NASDAQ, and RUSSELL.  You are closing into distribution on the S&P and DOW.  Everything here either closed into distribution set from around a week ago.

These are clear and well defined areas that we need to work through.  The RUSSELL is going to be even tougher because it has multiple layers that aren’t being tested.  Anything below these levels are going to be problematic.  We have to get through those distribution areas.  That is where one or more institutions stopped the market from going up, and also driven it back down.  Those are going to be key areas. The 13200 level on the DAX is going to be important.  The 640000 on the NASDAQ will be important.  Roughly the 25500 level on the DOW will be important.  We have to get above the 156200 area on the RUSSELL.  The S&P is going to have challenges, particularly through 266000.  We have some major resistance bands.  That is what needs to be broken through.

There are a host of reasons that could be.  We don’t care what their reasons are.  We just care what the overall market opinion is.  We are going to be watching that very closely into next week.

A lot of people have been asking me about NFLX because of the price change.  My response is that nothing has changed since a few months ago where I shared the 200 dollar round number resistance levels.  We were looking for a close in demonstration that the level was going to close above and hold support.  It closed above 200 with all things going well.  It ended up pulling back.  It proved once again how important the 200 dollar level is.  Until that time we get above, pull back, hold the 200 dollar level, and take back off, Netflix isn’t for me.  It used a ton of energy to get up to those levels.  Where is the energy now?

You guys have a phenomenal weekend!  We are all slowly but surely getting ready for the holidays.  I hope to see everyone in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos.

Goldman Sachs Update Video Tonight

Welcome back everyone!  Let’s take a look at Goldman Sachs!

I warned you about this key level in the Nightly Videos.  It is continuing to pose a great deal of stress.  We are back down around 10 dollars off that level.  So goes the market, so goes Goldman Sachs.  The markets have been under a great deal of pressure the past couple days.  We are seeing identical pressure inside of Goldman Sachs.  I am taking a couple things I have shared with you before and am tying it all together.

Goldman Sachs is a main resistance level going back into the first quarter of the year.  We need to get back above the 255 level, push through it, show that the resistance is now support, and start to take back off again.  That could give more opportunity for it to go much high.  It can also allow the market to go much higher as a whole.  We want to see both of these things take place to feel confident in a real market move.

This is a short update video to share that.  Congratulations to everyone who joined the very special Live Trading Room offer!  Don’t forget these key concepts here.  There are much known resistance levels.  We will keep watching that 255 level!  I will see everyone in the Live Trading Room or tomorrow night’s videos.

Today Was A Master Class in Price Action and Trading Strategy

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a handful of things tonight. Goldman Sachs is butting up against heavy resistance that is striking us from early this year (basically the first quarter of this year). This is not an easy level to break. We need to look to get above that resistance, pull back to show its support and take off before looking for any sort of longs. Watch the market as a whole because you can see what’s happening. The Dow gapped up today as did the S&P. As of the time of this video, it’s coming under pressure. Goldman Sachs is likely to go the way of the market. If you’re seeing the market transition to the downside. Watch for longside trades on Goldman even if this key area is a support level. If the market starts to roll back over, I’d want to get out pretty fast.

As you’ll recall last week when I did my video on AMZN, we talked about the kickoff/blowoff bar scenario. We had the kick off then this blow off. You saw that heavy volume on both those spikes. From my perspective, the way I’m looking at this, we know that after a KOBO, we expect the market to either trade sideways and slightly down or pull back down deeply. As of the time of this writing. It’s giving back a fairly healthy clip. Make sure you study up on the KOBO bars and why we’re talking about that whole concept of KOBOs. Watch the videos from last week and study up on KOBOs.

Another thing to keep in mind is, with the market being as high as it is, people are going to have to get used to these more volatile swings. A 1% move at Dow 24,000, that’s 240 points. Expect more volatility here which can be your best friend. If you manage the markets with the risk, like I did in the Live Trading Room this morning, I dialed in that risk/reward ratio. We spent a lot of time on that walking through tick by tick was incredible for people. Right now, I typically like to look for long-side trades above the speedlines. However, we weren’t universally above the speed lines this morning. We had big gap ups and we were coming roughly 50% off the high on the Russell and S&P. Of course, everyone is staring at the Dow. The Dow was very bullish at the time. The NASDAQ was anything but. It was dipping back down below the speed lines. This kicked in Rob Hoffman-type strategies that we offer you. That was phenomenal for people to see that.

With that being said, one of the key strategies I’m going to continue to use is I’m going to be very willing to take short-side trades quickly. If the NASDAQ is under the speed lines and showing weakness and the other markets are over extended and coming off their highs (with the exception of the Dow because everybody watches it). You can get a lot of selling in the market because everybody is looking at the Dow and it looks strong. I’m really quick to seize upon that opportunity.

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Have a great night! We’ll see you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning and in the nightly videos.

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Monday Will Be An Important Day For The Stock Market

Welcome back! It’s been roughly three weeks from today where I originally fell ill where I’ve gone from complete loss of voice to having it back. I know a lot of you reported going through similar things. Let’s take a look at a couple of key things. Going into next week it’s going to be pretty important.

If you were in the trading room this morning, you know what exactly ended up happening with the sell-off. I shared a lot of the reasons why. A lot of the reasons are coming to fruition here. We still have this political uncertainty with the investigation into the administration. We have the situation with the tax plan. We have the public news that we’ve seen where the mainstream media turned very bullish. I warned you about that. Since that time, we’ve actually seen this selling come out of this. This is what I’ve been talking about. It seemed very strange that we had these negative divergences out of the blue. These are perfectly normal and healthy pullbacks. There’s nothing wrong with these pull backs. People have to be prepared for them. If they’re buying now, the news media is starting to be really bullish on it. We were caught by surprise that the market has gone up for 4,000 points. It could be a big risk buying at these levels. With that being said, the better thing would be for these pull backs to flush out. The DAX, NASDAQ, Dow and Russell and the S&P all have big fat accumulation bars on the bottom end. That’s after several of them had distribution bars the other day. We’re starting to see some unwinding positions from certain institutional firms. The good times are rolling now and people are starting to move 401K money around. Now it makes perfect sense to get in. This is why some people are so into that fresh money coming in. Since there is fresh money coming in there is still some big buying especially since we’re coming into the first of the new month. Monday is going to be very important. Can we break through the highs of today? That’s one of the first things I’ll be looking for on the stock indices. We’ve got the last couple of days distribution days on the Russell. The high is always better to break above the previous high. On the NASDAQ this is a short-term resistance level plus we’re below the speed lines. You want to be above the speed lines. If we’re below the speed lines, we’re looking for shorts. Everything going on today, we were focusing on looking for reversals to the short-side. I initially was looking for a pop-up and a reversal.

In addition to what I’m looking at for the overall market, I have a lot of people focused on Bonds. We’ve been spending the last few months sitting on dead money. We’re still waiting for a breakout/breakdown. Gold and bonds are the same story. It looked like earlier in the summer gold might start break out but it came right back down in the channel today kind of sideways. I was very bullish on crude oil. I’ve been pointing out these patterns. It covered a very specific pattern and led to shifts in price. It was very interesting stuff. We are now coming up to long-term weekly resistance that stalled us out this week. I want to get above this resistance. If we can get above 60 then we can see much higher prices. Right now if we can make $60 support level, we could get to $70. It’s creeping up and nobody’s talking about it. We had that nice move from the 50 to the 60 as it was happening. Take that information and of course we had AMZN. It had a real nice inventory retracement bar breakouts that led to some nice movements on these. We hit that target of 1200 and what happened was we locked distribution at the 1200 level. The 1200 mark is the new level and it’s pretty healthy at this point. I think at this point there might be an opportunity if we get back above 1180. Otherwise, I really want to get through that 1200 resistance level before looking for any other major plays.

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Have a great night and a great weekend.

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Rob Reveals The Hidden Selling And Why He Put Out The Sell Alert Text This Morning

Welcome back! As we take a look today, we had a nice continuation to what I was saying about these risks in the market with a lot of media coming out being very complimentary of the market talking about how 2018 will be so much better. Usually, we set ourselves up for some retracements. We had roughly a 1.5% retracement on the NASDAQ in just one day. We could easily have a nice 3% gentle retracement and do absolutely nothing to this market. Nonetheless, we have to be contentious. The NASDAQ pushed down quite a bit today. We came 50% off the high on the Russell. We broke even on the S&P. The Dow we broke positive. It was all kind of hidden. People were getting selling done and yet it won’t be widely reported because the overall Dow is off to a new level. I want you to be contientious of that. That led to the trade alert I put out this morning. If you guys were in the live trading room this morning, you saw lots of momentum shift sell signals and momentum shift breakdowns. There were lots of continuation moves to the downside. Subsequently, you got that trade alert out there in the public sphere as well for those of you who weren’t in the live trading room at that moment. All of this is coming to a head. I’ll be asking does the NASDAQ continue to push down through its first support level that it’s holding on to for dear life. We had a distribution bar on the S&P and the Russell. Do they continue to sell back off? I would probably want to take the weakest and continue on that path. You can see those negative divergences have come to roost on those instruments because the Dow still making a higher high. We have a lot more to talk about in the days to come.

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Have a great night!

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Nice Market Follow-through After This Morning’s LTR Open House

Welcome back everyone!  I apologize because you will still have to deal with my voice.  I have had this cough and everything for around 2 and a half week.  I am sorry!

This chart right here is what kicks it off tonight.  It is a nice continuation of what we talked about in the trading room this morning.  We covered a lot of different topics for you today.  We talked about sideways versus congested trading.  There were just a whole host of topics that we talked about.  One of those things we talked about was about going from trending, to sideways tradable, to congestion.  Congestion is the one section that I will not focus on trading.  I will focus on trading trends and sideways.  These are a couple of key areas.

We focused on this in the Live Trading Room.  I said that I would not trade in the super tight range.  I was looking for the break out / break down.  We have a lot of bullishness in the news right now.  That doesn’t mean that the market can’t continue.  I am still going to look for long side trades as long as we remain above the speed lines.  That is exactly the focus right now and in the days to come.  That will be until be break below the speed lines.

We were looking for the next break out / break down scenario.  We were looking for the NASDAQ to start pushing up.  It was very benign this morning.  It started to push through some highs in the area.  That was one of the things we wanted to see.  There were distribution bars in the last three days on the RUSSELL.  We focused on that a lot this morning.  I wanted to get above that.  The S&P was at or above R2.  That was problematic with continuation if the other markets didn’t come along.  We ended up getting the RUSSELL to play ball and come along.  We typically only close above R2 a small handful of times a month.  Statistically we are going to end between R2 and S2.  We broke through R2, pulled back to R2, and then showed it was support.  That led to the rocket ship we saw on the S&P into the afternoon.  That is why I said I am going to continue to look for long side trades with break out points, until the market gets back down below the all-important speed lines.

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Rob Just Got Nervous About The Market Direction, Here’s Why

Boy, where do I start tonight. We’ll just hit a couple of key points because you can join me tomorrow morning for a live trading event. I’m a little nervous about this market truth be told. While I was Mr. Bull and have been very happy because of the President’s plans and the economy’s perceptions of the President’s plans, the reality is that a lot of places that aren’t friendly to the President have become very bullish on the market. 21000 we didn’t hear much. 22000 we didn’t hear much. 23000 and we’re hearing a bunch. Take a look at Goldman Sachs. The world’s economy is exceeding most predictions. Going into 2018, they see amplifying in 2018. That may be the case but when I see something like this, that normally shows us that we’re in for a very big speed bump in the meantime. When someone tells you that they were wrong and it’s a good time to buy, that gets me real nervous. We saw that happen in the late 90s with the tech bubble. Now I feel like we’re seeing it again.

We also had this from CNN, which is another organization that is well known for not getting along with its President. It was something that was noticeably missing from the mainstream media for a while. CNBC reported that the Nasdaq chart looks “amazing” with no top in sight. A lot of the organizations that are reporting this normally don’t because it can be seen as promoting the President’s agenda. We’re also seeing some signs of distribution and some divergences. These things combined are showing us higher highs in price but lower highs in indications. I’ve shown this to you before and it usually leads to some short-term corrections if not larger corrections. This totality of seeing these negative divergences and seeing places that can’t go without talking about the market anymore, gets me a little bit concerned.

We’ll talk about this more in the morning as well as different strategies that I shared with you last week. We’re going to show different types of trading strategies with live real money so you’re not going to want to miss that. Don’t forget to join us at that live trading event. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/room to talk about these things and any of your concerns. We’re going to try to ride this bull as long as we can but be prepared for more significant pullbacks.

Have a great night! We’ll see you in the morning.

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Rob Discusses WMT, How His Directional Strategy Played Out, And What Now Before The Holiday

As we take a look at the strategy that we used going into today with the markets being above or below the speed lines and focusing on directional trading that way. It went ahead and worked very well. It did stall us out. Nonetheless, with the exception of the NASDAQ, the strategy itself worked and that continues to be the strategy for the foreseeable future. I will not be trading on Friday. Statistically speaking, barring the holiday, the big up bars usually end up having rejections to the speed lines or some small pullback. That’s roughly an 80/85+% the marketing will pull sideways or go back into tomorrow, which could make trading somewhat lackluster going into tomorrow. If we see some of that activity, the goal would be to bail out and start focusing on our families. I want you to understand if you see any signs of consolidation or the pull backs, we’re probably going to be starting the holiday early given that.

Also, as it relates to things like KOBO (kick off, blow off). Basically, what this is, if you go in the search bar in my nightly videos, you should be able to look up several different videos that address this topic. This is a classic KOBO that we had with Walmart. We had the kick off and several small bars and then we get the big wide range blow off. Statistically, when this happens you either start drifting down sideways or you outright pull back and start reversing. This is compound that Walmart was at the $100 level. Whenever we get to the $100 level, make it support so we can see much bigger prices. Understand this pattern, we have well over an 80/85% chance from my perspective where that market at a minimum will start drifting, which it’s done the last several days. Either way, buying the high where the blow off bar is equal to or greater than the kick off bar that tends to be a poor performer. Right now, going into the retail season and holiday, I don’t want to hold on to underperforming money going into holiday weekends. Just keep that in mind and study that KOBO strategy. That’s a couple of my key thoughts and I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and Happy Holiday.

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