[Market update] Rob’s fresh review and take on the market here

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at the market from two different perspectives. Number one is going to be intraday and then we’ll go to swing trading and what you need to know going into next week.

From an intraday perspective, the best trades of the day were from the 9:15-10:15 a.m. CT. They were hitting target 2. We saw that solidly from the TRP and ITP. The ITP was screaming reentry opportunity after reentry opportunity. That section was really the best section of the day. The rest of the market was kind of a ho hum type day with slow signals back and forth. It’s fine for scalping but if that’s not your cup of tea, it’s not so great.

Let’s take a look from a bigger picture perspective for stocks and the markets as a whole. Part of what was happening today was a retracement back to the speed lines. Where we’re at going into next week on a daily basis is we’re at the top end of the daily speed lines on all the U.S. stock indices. Even the Dax is right there as well. We have some key areas where this market has an opportunity. My perfect world would be the market opens up and pulls back and takes back off. The surprise moves are always the favorite moves. Right now, we’re underwater and the risk is it comes to the down side. I’m going to show you more about that risk in a moment. What this is leading to is very individual stock picking opportunities. Let’s step back one more moment and look at the bigger picture. This is the weekly chart on the S&P. I talk with you often on the divergences. You remember back last year when I kept pointing out the big divergences last fall before the big sell off. Then I told you I was no longer looking for shorts at the beginning of the year. Now we have these negative divergences happening again and we have nice corrections.

Basically, we have two accumulation bars back to back. This is going to be really powerful coming out of this. We have two accumulation weeks back to back. If the market were to fail through those, that could lead to some really powerful selling. At the same time, we break back above the top end of the speed lines around the 2444 area. That could open up a resurgence opportunity. It’s a really important area as you can see. How often do you see those accumulation bars so long and powerful back to back like that? Very seldom do you see it. We hit the bottom end of the channel the last two weeks in a row. We keep hitting the bottom end of the channel more frequently. So far we locked into two accumulation bars. What we’re looking for is a breakout above this and it’s getting ready for another big rally. That’s what happens when you can’t give stock away, it’s one of the best times to buy. If it does fail through these accumulation bars, that’s a massive sell signal for all of you who are familiar with my work. We already had sells with a negative divergence. The weekly chart is really important and I want you to start paying attention to that from a daily perspective where we’re now trapped between falling resistance and rising support. Again, breakdown from there and break up from there and that leads to some great day trader markets. Another thing you can do is look at some individual stocks as well. I’ve talked to you about CINTAS on the Wealth Strength Index. Nice moves down and nice moves up with this. You can find some longs or shorts and you can find some of the weakest or strongest stocks at Wealth365.com, which will give you the best shorts or longs based on the key support and resistance levels. There’s great articles and commentary then click on the middle section and you can go ahead and get a basic list of key stocks and go from there.

The other thing to keep in mind in addition to that great information, this is your last chance to get signed up for tomorrow’s big class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We have the 3 Day Intensive. I don’t want you to miss this. We do them once a quarter where I do the live trading and training. So, you can either purchase that outright for $497 or you can become a BBT Insider member and get a ton of different benefits and you can get access to the 3 Day Intensive for $197. Go to www.becomeabetthertrader.com/insider. If you become a BBT Insider member, you get access to all the past 3 day intensives, which is a treasure trove of information that you won’t see anywhere else. If you were following along with me, it was a phenomenal week for me. I’m looking forward to teaching you when to trade, when not to trade and other great strategies. We’ll also have an options session in this intensive. I will look forward to seeing you Monday morning. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider right now and pick what’s right for you.

Have a great weekend! I’ll look forward to seeing you the next three days for the intensive!

[Check this out] Rob killed it in today’s market volatility… to the tune of 12K+ gross profit

Welcome back! I told you that below the speedlines we wanted to focus on shorting aggressively and until we get back up above these channels, I’m not interested in anything more than an intraday trade as far as the longside. Right now, the primary focus is short down below and every once in a while you get those powerful bounces. Moving on to today, it allowed me to gross over $12,000.

Before we walked in the door, we had these great Trader Rescue Package signals that were breaking through what we call the target 2. When we break through target 2, we look for runaways. I taught all of you inventory retracement bars and reverse inventory retracement bars. All these different entries and reentries. How many times today did we have that stochastic trade including the full spikes, M Pattern sells, hockey stick sells, etc. We had two things going for us. We had TRP firing off relentlessly. If you miss one of those initial signals and miss the reentries and are not familiar with the IRBs and Reverse IRBs, then the ITP constantly reminds you of whether we have it or we don’t from my perspective. Whenever we have those double dots, that’s one of the strategies that tells you if we have it or we don’t. There were lots of entry and reentry opportunities all day today.

If you’re not familiar with the strategies like the Reverse IRB, IRB and how to use these different things, join me this upcoming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Obviously, these are powerful tools that I’m using. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider. You can do one of two things. It’s a 3 day intensive class where I’m teaching different strategies. You can either join the BBT Insider membership, which so many people are on and we do these quarterly 3 day intensives that are part of your membership for $197/month or you can pay for the event for just access to the 3 day intensive for 3 Day Intensive for $497 (one-time fee) and you’ll get the recordings from this event. Some people don’t like to be part of a regular group of successful and budding traders. They want to just come in and do their thing. You’ll come in for a one-time thing for $497 or you can become part of a regular more meaningful group for $197. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider right now.

Let’s refresh these different strategies both on the with-trend side and reverse trend. I’m not counter-trend trading- there’s a difference. Learn some great skills and enjoy this. Let’s celebrate our successes. Hopefully my $12,000 gross profit means that others made some good money too. I look forward to seeing you in the 3 day intensive next week so go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider.

Have a great night!

Great start to the trading week

Ok, Welcome back gang! Let’s go ahead and take a look at several things. First thing is first, after the last video that we made for you, which was right before the BBT Super bash. Congratulations to all of you that came to that last week. That was phenomenal, there were massive amounts of people here on our property and different hotels where we did a bunch of training with videos crews. All sort of fun stuff drones flying around, cruises, what a big several day event! I hope we are recovered and recovering!

You recall after the video I left you guys with here, I talked on this day, where I said look, we have this bar. Going down isn’t the easiest path. I prefer that it goes ahead and breaks above that high to look for a move back into the channel and that’s what it did. So, it had a nice move to the channel and then of course resistance and gravity took back over again. That leads us into this week now. We are still l down below that 27,000 level here.

So, in general, after retracements, we are going to get those volatile nasty retracements, because of bars like that. Well, then we look for fresh shorts. As we walked in the door here the plan was that if we could get down here below 1,500 on the Russell for instance. Nasdaq, we want to get down below 7,600. The Dow wanted it to get down below 26,000. These were all things I was looking at in my live trading room. On Market Monday’s we do Q&A and live trading together, that’s what I was doing this morning.

We basically getting down below those key areas. That ultimately led to really great opportunities on the short side here. So, I grossed about $2,600 bucks this morning Into today. Some of the key things we are looking at now. This goes back to what I was saying. We have to be focusing on these markets. That’s why I have all these. You know I don’t do any trading on these DOM’s typically unless I’m like doing some type of student event. When I’m trading for myself, I am trading the bigger contracts like the S&P for instance.

This morning I wanted it to get down below that 7600 and I wanted it to get back down below 1500. That’s why I wanted this one here, live and in real-time watch those looking for trading opportunities. The good news is, those end up coming here. You will notice here form an ITP perspective, that’s my institutional trading pack. We went ahead and fired off the sell signals that we like to see. So, there is kind of a certain follow-through that we like to heave here where we see certain types of DOTs kicking in. Then what we do is after the double dots we like to see a single dot here. And these dots are a lot of strategies coming together. It led to a really nice move on the higher time frames, and you can see the exact thing happening here on the lower time frames. The big dots here firing off, then a single little dot, and then the double dots down below. You can see our dual momentums, dual triggers, all these different things that come together to get those super high probability setups.

For the Institutional trader pack, it was massively powerful signals taking place there. And then on the Trader Rescue Package here, you can see here as well. The same thing. We also went ahead and had a nice sell signal. What is nice is that It stalls out initially at target one and then went to target two. Bounced through target two pulled back and then started to take off. We know that right there can lead to runaways and sure enough, the market went ahead and pushed down.

All this contributed to great opportunities the kind you see here like your 2600 gross profit. Lots of great moves and re-entry type of opportunities. Small lot and large lot traders alike. Really great stuff there. In the days to come certainly, I would prefer, based on where we are at below the Speed lines. As long as we are below the speed lines, I would look for fresh continuation shorts. That would be my favorite trade. Because the path of least resistance is lower. A lot of room and a lot of gap opportunity to push down. If we get down through these key areas. Let me just kind of re-highlight those in a different way.

I want to make sure everyone gets this; it is so important. As we are down below these levels that I am highlighting here, I really want to go ahead and just be focusing on fresh short side opportunities. I will look and some select intra-day opportunities. If the hourly charts begin to pull out of their nosedive and start turning back up a little bit. But right now, below those levels I just drew for you there, I really want to be focusing to see if I can find a fresh additional short. Because you can see there are a lot of opportunities, and we saw some of those opportunities a few days ago.

Those are a couple of things I am looking at there. Keep your questions coming in their gang. Again, thanks for all of you that came to the BBT super bash. If you missed any of those great things. Don’t forget that next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we have the three-day intensive. This is for people that went ahead and couldn’t come to any of the other events that we did over the last several days. This is an online event that is a three-day boot camp that involves trading and training in the morning and more training into the early afternoon.

It starts each morning Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. That’s the 19th-21st. So, if you didn’t already sign up what you can do is one of two things: You can go to become a better trader http://www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider and then you can read all about it. All the features that come with the insider membership. You can have two choices here. You can either just come to the three-day insider online and get the recording of it for a $497 one time fee. Or you can come it as a BBT insider member, and it is $197/month for that membership, and It includes a whole bunch of other benefits that you can get access too.

You can go ahead and once for the classes or you can get the class and a whole bunch of other benefits for a lower price of $197 per month and comes with other trading session and everything else. Really great stuff there. Go to http://www.becomeabettertrader.com/insider . Get signed up for that. WE only do those once a quarter and we will be doing the next one here coming up now on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week perfect timing to get your self signed up for that. Let’s see what kind of fun thing I can get myself into here during that trading event there.

Today was about $2,600 gross profits. Let’s see what we can do there next week and I look forward to having fun the rest of the week as well. Take care. Stay safe. Look forward to seeing you at the BBT insider three-day intensive event next week!

[Next Levels] Here are the next market volatility areas to watch

Welcome back, everybody! Since the last video I did for you on Monday, I went in and told you that the next day we would typically expect a bounce and we did get that bounce. Now, today we went ahead and had another one of these, you see the theme here. The selloff first, getting everybody excited about the selling, only to turn around and halt and reverse. So, going into tomorrow here, I really like to get above these levels you see. Basically the 7600 level on the Nasdaq, 26,100 on the Dow, the 1515 level on the Russell, and the 2895 level on the S&P, DAX 11,800 level. If we get above those levels, there looking for long side trades if we can get above those levels. See if they will push up towards the midpoint of the channel.

Going to the downside here though, because the Nasdaq, the Dow, the Russell, and the S&P are all accumulation bars and that’s after the previous day’s accumulation bars, I’m going to be a little more reluctant on the short side. We have seen what has happened in the past couple of days with those shorts. In order to get into the shorts, I would really prefer to get back down below today’s lows, especially on an intraday basis.

On an intraday basis, these opportunities are kind of a bounding you can see here with my trader rescue package. WE went ahead and fired off the buys here went straight up to target two. Then we went to sells, got through target two, which lead to a deeper push to the downside. We went back to the buy-side and pushed back up. Sell-side here worked, definitely had a pretty decent move there pointwise, for those of you that are familiar with these markets. But compared to some of the other big moves, 7490 down to 7450, that is a pretty healthy move make no mistake about it.

Compared to some of the other ranges that we have gone ahead and had. There have been some better ones here. Then we went back to the buy-side and pushed up all the way to target two and pulled back. The point with all this that there are some really healthy moves on the intraday basis on both sides of the fence right now. I get a lot of people asking me about Apple, Apple, what do we do with apple now. Buy? Sell?

Stocks like Apple here, for instance, we go ahead and look at this. You can see here, just focusing on this recent past. We are right at the zero-line and that’s not what I like to see. I’m going to prefer to look for long side trades above the zero line and short side trades below that. Long side trades back above there. That is the preferred trade choice. Look what’s happening now. You basically have a 50/50 trade here. Its already hit target one. You have a trend that is broken here from the upside. You are nicely above the zero-line here. Which meant good for longs.

But now we are back to this. You have a 50/50 as it breaks down below and potentially becomes a short here. Or does it start to rally back up and then we look for longs when it gets back above the sell signal in an uptrend. Sell signals in uptrends usually ends up being fresh buying opportunities from my perspective. There are a couple of opportunities, but they are not here. If you buy here it is basically a 50/50 trade not really the kind of trade I am looking for. I look for, much higher probabilities than that.

Those are a couple of updates and things to watch for going into the next couple of days trading as it relates to a follow-up video from what I did for you on Monday that followed through nicely. Take care, everyone! I look forward to seeing you in future videos. For all of you that are coming to our special events over the next two days, I’m looking forward to seeing you there as well! Have safe travels here we will see you shortly, Take care everyone!

[Watch Out!] If you’re late to this market move, you’re dead

Welcome back! For those of you who are brand new to our student family, let’s give you the big update first. I’ve been warning for quite some time that this 27,000 level never really got broken. What we needed to was push back and take back off. We could never take back off and break through there. We had a little bit of an up move and everyone said there we go to 30,000 and I said “not so fast.” It was a blood bath for those who got caught up without this information. On the daily charts, we can see with a little more clarity what I was warning about. You can see these negative divergences. We were making higher highs in price but lower highs in indications. There was a lot of great information there.

One thing you need to understand is, if you’re trying to jump into the market now, watch out. You’ll notice that on the Dow for instance, this is a major level at this 25,500 level. Each of these 26,000, 27,000 and the mid points 26,500, 25,500, 24,500, etc. are all important levels. We also have long-term massive support as well. Plus, it’s the big red bar theory. Typically, what happens to the average small lot retail trader was they finally get in on the green red bar to the upside or the big red bar to the downside and then the market is usually due for a correction. Unless we’re in crash mode, seldom do we make tomorrow an even bigger gain to the downside. We’ll talk more about that in a moment what to look for. Now we can certainly see much lower lows. But, initially the size of the reactions we had dead cat bounces. People will think that it’s a bottom in the market. Now, we look at this and people can say at least it’s coming back now and they can be lulled into complacency. What I want to see is some sort of bounce back up and some push back up in this area to get excited on a swing basis. Let’s go back to the daily, I said watch the Wealth Strength Index. When you go to www.wealth365.com, you can look at the market as a whole and see the individual stocks like the FAANG stocks. They were up around 300 only to have them falling down the last few weeks. And AMZN you can see was getting worse and worse. It crossed over sharply to the red side. Let’s take a look at what that means. AMZN crossed over to the downside with big fat sell signals in this downward move. We crossed the zero line on the Trader Rescue Package as well. Basically, the short was taken at the close of this bar. Even here, it was down below but that’s okay because you had a reverse inventory retracement bar, classic IRB so plenty of re-entry opportunities. Here this market went down easily into today’s move to the 1760 level. It was a $160 move to the downside. First it went down to Target 2, bounced and came back through. Of course, that’s always a re-entry signal for those who came to my classes last week already know. Sure enough, it led to that nice runaway here. Even AMZN here is making a big fat accumulation bar into the close of the day.

You can’t watch one of my videos without the warnings I’ve been giving you the last few months. As far as the WSI at www.wealth365.com, go there and check out your favorite stocks and indices. We’re coming up to the end of the day so that should update by the time you see this. I’m sure they won’t look much prettier. On an intraday basis, in case this market starts to do the crash scenario, I’ll be looking for selling and the down-trend and making sure I’m down below the zero line. This is for the TRP, which as you can see does the trick. What you can do is wait for a buy signal in the down trend and short below that. Actually, you’ll notice that these right around the same time, generated fresh sell signals as we’re breaking down below those buy signals. It was coincidental but it was confirmation at the same time for further selling. Also, all those strategies I taught you over the weekend were entries and re-entries. You’ll also notice the strategies of getting down below Target 2 and those can lead to those runaways. Everything I taught you on Thursday and Saturday, boy perfect timing.

What a great day to follow along the lessons I gave you on the weekend. If you didn’t heed the warnings before, now’s not the time to execute the fresh short-side trade. The best thing to do is to wait and perhaps break down the 27000 levels on the Dow. Only in a crash situation would you have another day bigger than this. But I’ll be on the lookout for this. You don’t want to discount that move. I’ll want to see are we down below that channel and most importantly the buy signals to go back to sell signals. When buys don’t buy in a downtrend, it’s time to sell and when the sells don’t sell it’s normally time to take a fresh buy. That’s the super important on both sides of the fence. This is a great way to take intraday opportunities and swing trading opportunities. Use WSI at www.wealth365.com and see the great news articles as well. It’s all about trying to be successful with these macro and micro views.
Have a great night!

[Today’s Proof] Check out Rob’s real-money results

Welcome back! That was exciting today! Hopefully everybody listening to this went to this morning’s class. I know not every single person can make it but man, you missed it. For those who missed it. Let’s recap for a second to pick up on the learning.

First of all, I warned everyone in the previous videos on the declining market energy on a lot of the indicators. Then we saw this follow-through that we have here to the downside. I raised the whole specter on interest rates. We haven’t broken that 27,000 level. As we pull back up to the 27,000 level, it’s still clearly resistance here based on this chart. It has not pulled back and taken off to the upside. It’s still resistance.

Then, I spent the whole morning teaching for everyone that went to our special class this morning. I went through four different trading strategies including one I have not shared publicly. It was absolutely exciting to say the least. As we went ahead and got into it, we recovered a whole bunch of things to make sure people understood in real time. We talked about yesterday morning and this morning. We talked about divergence trading to sell signals to trading the markets back and forth. We covered accumulation and distribution, stochastic trades and whole bunch of different things. It was really important because this morning the market had a really nice divergence and kicked off a long-side tirade where more and more buy signals kept coming in and the sell signals we broke above. In an uptrend that means fresh buy signals. We also had distribution bar breakouts, reverse inventory retracement breakouts. Everything I taught this morning, happened this morning. When I walked in the door this morning, we already had $1,600 worth of gross profit in my live account. What was really cool, after I got done teaching, we had more divergences and that led to the market turning around and rolling over. All these things I taught in advance, ended up happening while we were still in our class. It ended up going on for an hour and a half because I taught a lot of strategies and answered a ton of questions. We had a Target 2 with my indicators and we ended up pushing down and pulling back up and rolling back over. I told people that was a fresh buy signal. I told people we needed to get back to trading and that led to this market coming down and you can see these reverse inventory retracement bars, classic inventory retracement bar breakdowns over and over again and that led me to cleanup on the afternoon side leading me to get my total gross profits to $3,012.50 on the day. It was a really nice day with these different strategies.

We ended up having one of those divergences and that ended up being the bottom with a few minutes left in the market. It was an incredible event. If you’re not keeping up with the things I’ve shared in both the macro and micro perspectives, you are missing it. You can’t afford to miss it. It’s time that you learned these strategies. It’s time to understand the opportunities, the entries and strategies. I shared four strategies and watched them play out. They’re playing out at the end of our event. I ended up saying we’re done. Sure enough, in a handful of minutes, I ended up with a few thousand dollars of gross profit. If you missed today or want to see it again, I encourage you to go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/go. This is my live trading account. We had that great video that we started out earlier showing off some of the different strategies that were available and saw the things I was teaching happening. I ended the webinar and profited more on the day. You can’t make that stuff up.

If you haven’t already, go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/go to get registered. The event is Saturday morning. It’s at 10 a.m. ET. You can’t afford to miss this very special training. Like I did today, I’ll answer all your different questions that you have. Come hang out with a real trader, trading real money at risk. I’ll look forward to sharing it on Saturday like I did today.
It was a great way to end the day. I can’t wait to see you Saturday morning! Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/go. Let’s close out the week strong!

To learn more about Rob Hoffman Trader, visit www.becomeabettertrader.com.” and hyperlink the www.becomeabettertrader.com

[Rob Nailed It] Watch his video and see him live tomorrow morning!

Welcome back, gang! Let’s go ahead and look at a whole bunch of things. First of all, you can see as I said before this 27,000 level was still not support. Here we are now back under 27,000, so we dead on nailed it right there. With the warnings I gave you previously if you look at any number of the countless videos, I have done leading up to this you can see all that great analysis I gave you and why it is so important.
Then we combine that with important indications that we a are getting with the higher highs in price and the lower highs in indications, and then you combine that with a rate cut. If you look at it reasonably, if we haven’t done a rate cut in ten years, why all of the sudden would we be having lower rates now? What does that tell you about where we are? Are we getting close to the top and we need to give it a little stimulus and little boost, a kick in the teeth to get moving?
Clearly, there are a lot of people that are thinking that that is a warnings sign. Technically we were ready to pull back here. Because the underlying indicator which I have shared with you many times before, If you can recall the lead up from the September and October time frame I showed you those big divergences that took place before the markets had massive pullbacks back over there.
So, Let’s take a look at some of those. If you look right here we had the higher highs in price and the lower highs over here. We talked about these divergences multiple times leading up there as well. Here we are back at it having more of those divergences. They typically resolve themselves 85% of the time in direction of the indication. It has a high probability of success.
Speaking of which we will talk about that tomorrow morning more in class. So as far as that concerned. So, in the end, we went ahead and had sell signal firing off here for the FOMC announcement and that just exacerbated it. We initially went down to target two, pullback, broke through, and of course when you break through target two it can lead to those wild runs and that’s exactly what ended up happening there post news.
Before that this morning there was a lot of great opportunities, back and forth and back and forth. WE are going to talk about some of the traditional strategies that will share with you. I am going to share one tomorrow morning that I don’t want to talk about it publicly. I do it all the time in my live trading room and don’t talk about it publicly so much. So, I said you know what let’s go ahead and share that tomorrow as well. FISV we talked about that one the other day again after past conversations about it. It continues to rip and roar ahead there. It has been up since I mentioned it the other day so there is a lot of great stuff to share.
To give you live updates while we are here together tomorrow morning. I want you to go to www.Becomeabettertrader.com/go. Get over there now. If you aren’t registered for tomorrow morning make sure you get registered right now. You’re not going to want to miss that. Between the stuff, I don’t normally share that I will be sharing tomorrow morning. With the accuracy I have had with this market I think it would be a great time to step away from the nightly videos and look at the markets intra-day tomorrow, Teach you strategies, review the morning’s activity, lot of great stuff. Go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/go and I will look forward to seeing you guys at Noon eastern, 11:00 central 9:00 pacific. You do not want to miss that class. Have a great night, take care, and see you tomorrow morning. To learn more about Rob Hoffman Trader, visit www.becomeabettertrader.com.

[Update] Rob’s Thoughts Ahead Of FOMC And On FISV

Okay, welcome back, gang. Well we’ve got a lot of talk about, of course we have the FOMC coming up in a few days and basically that makes everything from these next couple of days. A wild card as a reminder from yesterday’s video here, that weekend video, I went ahead and told you, we still have not officially broken that support level. And at the resistance level at 27,000, I’ve not officially made that sport. And I said, you can see these really volatile days right now as you have rising support underneath us, but you have that falling market energy in the indicators so that can lead to some whipsaw saws. So I said that would make for some really great intraday trading opportunities. And the intraday was certainly the focus this morning. You can see from my indicator perspective here, indicators were just blood red basically for that first 45, 40 minutes or so this morning.

But then things started to go ahead and change here. And so that actually led to the trade room and you’d be able to watch me focus on reversal, a pattern trades there as well. And that can tie in with a lot of different great strategies, many of those you’ve been taught here. How we get below this Magenta line here, that’s a target number two, if we break through those, those can become runaways. You’ve often heard me talk about those. And then we get to more meter moves, especially on the retracements back just to target number one. And so we’re focusing on those target number ones as a reversal point this morning, which helped dictate how I end up dealing with my stop management the trailing stop management behind those trades in that.

So with that being said, so intro day still kind of rules the roost as I’d mentioned the last couple of days, but a couple of stocks that I want to put on your radar here and bring back to the forefront. I’ve often told you, if you go to wealth365.com, you’ll see the rankings off of the homepage. You’ll see the WSI rankings and so you’ll see those right there. Well, so if you go over here to WSI, Click there and then FISV is one that I’ve talked to you guys about several times in the past and as an update here the last couple of days, it’s really been a rip roaring here, but really it hasn’t just been the last couple of days. So if we, let me just pull, pull it over here for you.

So this has been one that continues to fire off fresh bias signals here multiple times and really nicely, solidly above. It’s kind of zero line here. Some of those things where like to look you up and if you look at it from a weekly basis as well, that’s really nice buy signals here and then the cells back to the buys. So it’s, it’s a really nice job. So I just wanted to continue to put this one on the radar because it keeps showing up over and over the last several months. And I mentioned that if you go to wealth365.com, you could see those rankings and it continues to often show up there in that top quadrants. So something I wanted to bring back to the forefront, but in general right now, the overall strategy, if you haven’t already taken one of these different trades in advance, and if you’ve got good profits, you might want to consider trailing up behind some of your different trades right now just because we’ve got the FOMC, it’s a wild card with this mixture of these daily charts.

So really for me, the next couple of days I’m going to do what I did this morning, focus on a day trade in the next couple of days, and then a re-evaluating now for the bigger swing trade opportunities after the FONC lays out its hand. And keep in mind what I shared with you in last night’s videos. Okay. So just want to continue to give resources there. And also speaking of resources, don’t forget this Thursday at noon eastern time, I’m going to be doing a class with you. So what a great way to go ahead and look at the markets they’re sharing additional strategies. This is a follow on session from the previous two classes that I’ve done. The one before the Wealth365 summit, the one during the Wealth365 summit. I promise follow up classes and this won’t be able to be more intimate cause you won’t have the restrictions on the back end from a timing perspective.

So go to becomeabettertrader.com/go and get yourself registered right now to join me this Thursday at 12PM ET, 9 AM Pacific time. So we can be together as well. And talk more about these intraday strategies, these swing trading strategies, all the above plus get my current thoughts post FOMC. So really good time in there. So again, becomeabettertrader.com/go. We’ll see you soon. Take care everyone.

[Market Update] One Stock Rob Is Watching

Welcome back, everybody. I hope you’re having a great weekend. Let’s go ahead and take a look at several things that you need to know. Let’s start with the top down here. First things first. I know a lot of people are anxious for me to say, “Ding dong, the witch is dead: resistance is now support”, but unfortunately that is not the case as of yet. You’ll notice here, we actually locked in a very clear signal of distribution here. So that bar is well off its highs and so it is in fact distribution. So that area in there right now, you basically have sell-side activity taking place at an area where we wanted it to break out through pullback to this 27,000 area and then take off. Well instead of taking off that attempted take off was actually an opportunity for more selling to take place.

So in fact, we have not made this resistance into support as of yet. We’re going to be watching the highs of that distribution very closely looking to see if we can actually break through that, which would give us a little bit more information. Speaking of more information on, let’s drill down a little bit more. That was the weekly view of this long-term resistance. And those of you that are new, since we have new people join us every day, that’s based on weekly resistance at the Dow 27,000 level, going back all the way to January of 2018 so well over a year and a half. Now, this has been a massive resistance level. In fact, you’ll see that distribution air over there that let us, it does struggle here and then let us a struggle here for a while. We’ll only have this one bar breakout walls.

We know one bar breakouts can easily be reversed and that’s what we’re struggling with. So just to kind of get you up to speed now as we take a look here from a daily perspective. So, daily perspective. You see, we’re a somewhat hopeful because we had the Russel, powering ahead a little bit, but unfortunately it turned right around and lost much previous gain. Now it did turn around and gain that back, but you’d see this volatility here. So all this volatility has taken place near this distribution, combined with the distribution that I just showed you on a weekly basis of the Dow here. And you can see we’ve got a lot of issues. You know, you have a negative divergence here. We have higher highs and price, but lower highs in the indications. We see that over here, even despite the last week’s highs, we went ahead and making even lower highs on the indication.

So that’s a little bit concerning to say the least. So this is going to be a big week for us, as we’re watching these markets that we’re either going to get some really powerful breakouts or you’re gonna get some nasty reversal fake outs. So for those of you looking to put on those, swing positions, yet, you’re in the clear one direction or the other, a lead into more of a short term market, Opportunity, at this point. So we’re going to see that on the day trading ins as a space in particular. So, um, those were a couple of key things. Notice the distribution on the decks there. you know the resistance, same thing up here. You’re making sure trying to meet new highs in this area, but making lower highs in indication. So you’re seeing that a lot of different spaces here.

So I wanna make sure you guys are all aware of that. One other thing to go ahead and take a look at then let’s look at an individual stock play that might be able to benefit from, some of this wild action in the weeks to come that has been depressed. And we’ll start off the divergence verse. This is Activision Blizzard. So Activision Blizzard here again you can see was making higher highs in price much of last year. But notice that from an indicator perspective, we were not, we were actually making lower highs and price. While guess what statistically happens? 85 plus percent of the time is that the market turns around and then dies a horrible death, or at least has a pretty healthy pullback of which it did. And so now what’s happening is the rally that we saw in the beginning of at the end of December, beginning of January, that we saw in most docs was not realized by Activision.

Okay. So why am I looking at the stock now? The reason why I’m looking at this stuff now is you’ll see some clear areas of distribution in the backdrop here. So you’ll take a look, see this area right here, some pretty clear areas of distribution. And those have been holding us in very well. As you can see now, all of 2019 well, so if we can start to break through that longterm area, and seasonally we should be coming up on the area where we would look to do that. So I’m looking to get back above the zero line here, like on the trade rescue package because we’re below the zero line. Bad things can happen and stay happen and bad. Then we got a nice bounce because of the overextension of the downside over here, but we’re still haven’t quite recovered above the zero line.

So I’d like to do is recover back above the zero line there. But just, you know, regardless, either way, I want to get back up above this distribution and then make that support and then we could potentially take off on this. So be watching to see if that happens because seasonally, what usually will happen is, into the wall. In fact, even last year as we were, you know, right here in this area from the August to October timeframe, you know, you’ll get some really good runs. And the reason why we’ll get those good runs is because people are thinking about Activision as big gaming company. And so people are basically buying the rumor that gaming sales are going to be strong, that they’re going to do really well. You know, all the kids want the hottest video games of which Activision has been known to make many of the award winning games out there.

So they’re gonna have a good Christmas. And so let me get into the stock before we hear the good news about strong retail sales. And that’s gonna benefit me. Okay. So goes the theory there. See, you’ll often see Activision to do well into coming out of this, the summertime. So with that being said, let’s see if we can use that to break out of that one term resistance, but basing for quite some time, which in itself could, you know, lead it to an opportunity there. Then, as far as I’m concerned, then all bets are off for a long side trait until that happens above this distribution bar over here. So it’s a pre alert warning to go ahead and keep an eye on that and we’ll certainly be doing that here as well.

If you’re trying to buy it in advance, that’s somewhat gambling to be quite honest, because there was no technical reason to do that. But if you were to buy it early, hoping, wishing that it’s gonna go and break out from my perspective, you know, you’re dead wrong, below $45, but again, wouldn’t buy it here at this point. So anyways, kind of a longer video to go ahead and kind of go through one potential play if we can get out of back about that distribution here in the backdrop. Okay. So couple of updates there. Free from a weekly basis on the long-term, a long-term breakout on the Dow, a daily breakout of the overall market, where we’re at and what we’re watching and the concerns about the negative divergence incidents such and then the individual, a stock play on a TVI. And then of course, we’ll be looking at videos in the coming days on the intraday basis as well as the swing trading basis. So have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll look forward to seeing you in upcoming videos.