Four Things To Know Before Friday’s Session

Welcome back everyone! I am going to go over a couple things you need to know heading into tomorrow and beyond. Roll over for futures is often misunderstood. It isn’t necessarily in the best interest of the brokers for you to understand it. Most of you that trade futures saw that your brokers automatically rolled you over to the September contracts today. The volumes of the first day of the rollover aren’t usually advantageous to the traders.

Let’s look at the biggest volume spike that I see here towards the edge of the session. The September contract only had around 1200 contracts traded. That same bar on the June contract was 6700 contracts. That is around 3 times more volume in the June contract. The lighter the volume, the more risk you have a slippage. That is the same with a regular stock. You are more likely to get crummy fills when you have less volume. Brokers want you to move over into the September contract. I wait until the 5 minute volume in the September contract is larger than the 5 minute volume in the June contract. I won’t make the rollover until that happens. It should be around tomorrow morning to make the switch. I will continue to watch the 5 minute volume between June and September.

I have been telling you guys to watch out. These tools that I have been showing you how to use said it all. People are finally realizing all of the useful tools on this website. You can check out the tool bar at Yesterday Facebook was around 165, now it is at 150. I said that I really wanted to look for long side opportunities. We saw Facebook start to pull back and drop down. Now we have to watch out for deeper corrections. That is exactly what happened here today! We saw that coming with the WSI indicators. Make sure to check out for those kids of tools.

Yesterday we had a pull back. It then took back off after that. It had another pull back today and rallied off of those lows into the afternoon. Things were much more sluggish today than yesterday. It only fell back about half the distance at the time before it started to rally back off. The recovery was also just slower. I am going to be watching the bottom of these. If the RUSSELL and NASDAQ start to push down, that could lead to a deeper correction back. We already saw Facebook starting to climb on the WSI just to lead to even deeper correction.

If we start to break below the lows, I will look to get more aggressive because of all the room to grow to the downside. Before I take any longs in any of the stock indices, I am going to be looking for the 1670 level. I want to be above that level and rising on the RUSSELL. I would also like to be rising and above the 7180 level on the NASDAQ as well. Those are the key levels that I am going to be watching going into tomorrow!

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The Pullback – Bounce Play Worked Flawlessly Today! So Now What?

Welcome back everyone! What an exciting day today! I told you all last night to watch out because we were expecting a sharp pull back. We saw a huge influx of people taking a look at the WSI indicators. People are starting to pay more attention to them.

We came in today and saw a very nice pull back. That put the fear into people! That is exactly what we wanted to see. We wanted to see it whoosh to the downside, clean the clocks of all the average retail traders, and then charge back up. That is exactly what I told you from last night.

If you go to you can see all the rankings. Finally a lot of people were starting to catch on. A lot of people were noticing that it might be time to shake the tree. The tree did get shook up. That led to a nice buy opportunity for the rest of the day. I told you all to watch for a pull back into the speed lines. That is exactly where we wound up on at the end of the day. There are still a lot of different stocks performing very well! If you look at the Wealth Strength Index you can see that. Make sure you click on the buttons at You can check out all of the articles too.

I think this will be the same situation over the next several days. As long as we stay about the speed lines we will be focusing on fresh long side trades. Because of some of the patterns we see here, I am going to be focusing on any sort of pull back into the speed lines. That will be a pause for me. It was like that for the most part this morning until we got down below rising support. I did fire off a money making short in the Live Trading Room this morning. I then told everyone to watch out because of the Inventory Retracement Bar. The focus was all to the longside or bust. That’s where it’s going to continue the next few days. Pullbacks to rising support mean no trade there. Breakdowns of the hourly support can open up some short-term shorts and then on a daily basis. If you’re holding for a handful of days, that’s how I’m looking at it from my perspective for swing trades. On a daily basis, below the speedlines, if we’re pulling back to the speedlines, I don’t want to focus on longs. That was the strategy for today and that worked very well. If we pull back down into speed lines, then the concern is could we see a deeper correction. Right now, keep in mind the Dow can pull back a few hundred points. Of course the Russell we can use a barometer with this. That’s been slowly pushing up but the real winner of this whole bunch has been the Nasdaq as I previously mentioned.

One other thing, do not forget, you are welcome to join me and countless other traders. We have people who are not typically accessible on a day to day basis. You’re welcome to check out some of the speakers that we have and past speakers that we’ve had. We have a whole bunch of great speakers that are going to be coming. This event is going to be the best yet. For those of you who are signing up and asking about Kevin Harrington’s free gift, don’t worry that’s coming to you after the event is done. It’s going to be a great and valuable gift for everyone that comes. I’m looking forward to his presentation “The Secrets of Wealth”. He’s built several $100 million businesses. This is going to be the biggest and best Wealth365 Summit event yet. Go to to get registered now.

I’ll look forward to seeing you in the live trading room tomorrow and in the upcoming videos.

Rob Told You To Watch NASDAQ Stocks! Now He Says Watch Out!

Welcome back everyone! Let’s start by recapping today. If you go to you would see that all the numbers are going up really high. We watched the speedometer continue to climb time and time again. We saw the individual instruments coming off the middle 150 level. It started to push into the low and middle 200s after that. That is a great sign when looking for opportunities. Look how many things are just buried here. Some of these have been like this for quite a while. I have been pointing that out to you recently.

Now we have to look at going back the opposite way. I want to put out a warning. We noticed that over the last couple weeks the number of people visiting the Wealth365 News site has been climbing. Obviously there is a lot of great content there. There is just a bunch of stuff focused on all things wealth.

People didn’t really pay attention early on as I was pointing these things out. The market then started to take off to the moon. Now everyone is starting to pay attention to the Wealth365 News site. They are realizing how much these things have gone up. Usually when you start seeing a whole bunch of retail and institutional participation, it starts getting me more nervous. This makes me cautions of a pull back. I want to sound a small alarm because a lot of things are running at all cylinders.

I am still going to be looking for long side trades. I told you guys that in the last couple videos. As long as we are above the speed lines I will look for longs primarily. The DOW held above the speed lines today. The RUSSELL and S&P did the same thing! I will continue to primarily look for long side trades. The first thing I did this morning was a long side trade. That was the right choice in the end.

I am still looking for long side trades. However, I am going to be a little more selective to watch for pull backs that tie with this. I might get concerned. Once you start getting all the retail traders on it can change. As long as we are above the speed lines I will be looking for long side trades. I might look for some with a little pull back.

The weekly and daily chart with AMZN have been really strong. We can further break it down on an intraday basis. We are basically looking for the same thing. You can see AMZN on an hourly basis. It looks beautiful! I want to look for a little more of a pull back then look for the resumption. I am going to be a little more cautious. I will also be looking for possible re-entries. You can see the same things like in Twitter and such. Sure enough, look at the big gap up today. We are seeing all of this in multiple instruments!

I wanted to share all of that with you guys. I want to show how I will be playing things like Goldman Sachs. They had a small pull back today. That always makes me very nervous. We are usually looking to see the markets and Goldman Sachs working together. I would really like to see Goldman Sachs pushing back up to help with some sustainability. That will be another thing I would like to see to get more warm and fuzzy. Make sure you go to to check out and see all the stuff that I have been saying! A lot of people have really started to watch all this information. You all should understand my process is still looking for long side trades! I am ideally looking for small pull backs first. We had one shortly after the 9 o clock hour. Those are the kind of strategies I am looking for right now!

I am going to be sharing my strategies at the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. There will be a lot of great guests. It won’t cost you thousands of dollars of travel expenses. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home! Go to to sign up! You will be able to even watch a video from Kevin himself! I hope to see you all in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos!

It Happened AGAIN Today With NASDAQ Stocks!

Welcome back everyone! This is an awesome follow up to what I have been telling you the past couple days.

I don’t want to spend a bunch of time talking about the WSI. There are an incredible number of people going to look at the WSI. You can click and see all of the rankings. You can some of these at the 300 level. The speedometer has been rising! What is the end result? The NASDAQ has been on fire! We had AMZN and climbing. A lot of other ones were already climbing too.

You will notice AMZN had a beautiful day today. NFLX also had a nice gap up! It pulled back into the rising support and went right back up the ladder. Twitter has also been climbing as well! Twitter had another beautiful day today too. You need to follow those different numbers to see what is happening there. Go to to check that all out.

I want to stay on the long side as long as we stay above the rising support levels. I really want to stay above the recent distribution bar on the S&P. That would put us right around the 2742 area. I want to stay above that on the S&P. It is not much below where we are. If we can do that, it could give some great opportunities. The RUSSELL was very weak early on. I wanted to see the RUSSELL pick up steam into the afternoon. That didn’t stop me from making 3 trades in the trading room as well. As long as I see the RUSSELL continue to push forward, I will want to continue to looking for long side trades.

You will notice that Twitter pulled back to the rising speed lines and took off like a rocket after. NFLX pretty much did the same thing! If I have really strong numbers that are rising then you are in really good shape.

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Go to get signed up for the biggest Wealth365 Summit ever! I look forward to seeing all of you guys there. Don’t forget what I said about the news. I showed you the whole process as they were climbing. There are some cool things on the news and summit sites. You all need to be there to have a phenomenal back half of the year. You guys have a great night and I look forward to seeing everyone in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos.

Boom Goes NASDAQ Stocks. A Great Follow-up Video For Serious Traders

Welcome back! Let’s talk about a lot of things. First things first, Nasdaq. If you’ve been following my commentary the last few days, Nasdaq was something we’ve been very heavily focused on. Nasdaq did a phenonmenal job today out-performing several other stocks and markets. With that being said, here’s a few things to note for Monday before we pick up on the Nasdaq.

The Dow is at some major resistance here. It’s at approximately the 24,700 major resistance area. Going into next week, we want to get through there. We did just close above a key level here in the Russell today, which is great. Now what I want to see going into next week, can we get above this 1655 area. That will make me feel a lot better about the Russell. The key here is I want to see these markets break through these key areas, which can lead to more stability.

The S&P has a lot of distribution. We had numerous distribution bars buried in here. Now what’s happened is we are right in the middle of the muck. I don’t want us to stall out Monday and roll right back over. I want to see if we can push through these resistance levels, which can lead to more opportunities in the other markets.

Let’s step back and talk about Facebook, Amazon and Netflix. Let’s not forget, it’s a tool you had access too. Why were these important to us in the first place. It’s a tool all of you have access to built for traders and investors by traders and investors for free. It’s This is becoming one of the hottest institutional trader websites to get all kinds of great information in all areas. You have stocks, options, futures, ETFs, forex, precious metals, investing, etc. You also have the Wealth365 Strength Index, which I want to talk about. One of the best ways to use this tool is to click on it, and you’ll look for stocks that have been around the 150 area on this scale that are starting to push up or if you’re looking for shorts, then you’re looking for stocks that are down here and pushing down. On the positive side, I was pointing out some of the different stocks that we just talked about. We saw some of these FANG stocks doing very well and so we told you we would be looking for continuation in those. Sure enough, you can see beautiful continuation in those plays going into today. Again, if you’re looking to find trades on an intraday or end of day basis, you find these stocks that are positioned for the best growth and then look for your favorite signals. I can help with that. This tool can help you each and every day find some of these best plays. Go into the section and click it. If you need a little entertainment along the way, there’s political news and financial news. More and more tools are being added. Go to and start checking it out. Make it the first stop of the day each day. It’s a seven day a week site so enjoy the commentary that comes in over the weekend as well.

Have a great weekend!

How To Find The Hottest Trade Ideas In A Market That’s Struggling

Welcome back everyone! There are a lot of things to pay attention to as we head into Friday.

The NASDAQ was once again struggling with the 7000 level. We have a big fat distribution bar. You can see that time and time again we keep hitting that level and failing to break through. I am looking to see the 7000 level become a support level. Instead of falling and dying a horrible death, I want to see it get above there. That is really pivotal.

The other markets really struggled more today, especially the RUSSELL. The S&P is right at the daily speed lines. We are just slightly above the speed lines on the RUSSELL. The DOW pulled way away from the speed lines. The DAX is also holding on for dear life at some support.

I want to see some follow through heading into tomorrow. The NASDAQ has really defied that today. We had a distribution bar 50% off the high. If we go into this and start breaking down tomorrow below the speed lines, that could signal deeper selling into Friday. We are going to be watching that level very closely. I want to see if the NASDAQ is willing to push down further too. I want to remind everyone that we have a lot of distribution on the S&P. It is almost hard to see it all because there is so much. Those are bars that are 45% off their high or 45% or more off their lows. We have accumulation bars in here as well. I was telling you all about this mix. I want to see if we can break out / break down from that. That could show me a definitive trend. That has not happened yet. We pushed down and came back up. I want to take a multimarket approach to this tomorrow. I want to be watching the NASDAQ 700 level closely.

You can see what happens here at We had a climb on Facebook and Amazon. You can see the rankings for several different stocks. Facebook had jumped up even higher. That led to a very nice continuation here today. If you were using the ranking system and saw that it was climbing, that would have really grabbed your attention.

Amazon did really well here too! It is just continuing to climb. These other markets are pulling back sharply. The ones with high rankings on the Wealth365 site were all high. You can get custom news on what you want. You can get stocks, options, futures, precious metals, liberal news, conservative news, what’s hot, and what’s not. There are so many different areas you can look at. You can get that custom directly to your inbox. You can also check it out on your website. This has become extremely popular. There are just so many tools being added to that site. Make sure you go to to check that out! There is just so much valuable information there.

That is our strategy going into tomorrow! We will be checking back for news and updates to see what is hot and not. Take care everyone!

The News Offered Up Perfect Trades Today With More To Come!

Welcome back everyone! This just couldn’t be better timing. This morning we were focusing on short side trades. I am going to be paying attention to the DOW versus the RUSSELL heading into tomorrow. The RUSSELL held up pretty strong today. Despite the fact that the NASDAQ was down, we had 300 on NFLX, and 288 on AMZN. The DOW was down a percent and a half today. Amazon actually held up pretty strong today. If we can find stocks that are pushing up and doing well, even if the overall market plummets, they will be slightly down or recover. Watching for the news is very important. We are going to be talking about that tomorrow!

We are actually doing a special training class tomorrow. We shorted the heck out of this today in the Live Trading Room. We fired off several shorts because of the news that was coming out. We were getting a lot of nice information today. This is a live one-on-one session with myself and Oliver. We will be talking about how to trade the news. I have a lot to say with my background experiences. This is good for both day and swing traders. This will also focus on things like earnings and stuff. Go to right away to sign up for that special live one-on-one interview. You will not want to miss how to trade the news differently than you have ever traded it before. Again, go to It ties in really well with some of the strong numbers coming in from Friday’s close. They held up the market really well.

Tomorrows Trading Strategy And Key Swing Trading Tools That You Need To Have

Welcome back gang! Exciting ride on Wallstreet and we are going to see if we can close out on our Pre-Memorial Day trading with some more excitement coming into tomorrow morning. Right now we have these double accumulation bars back to back on all of the US stock indices. We are going to be watching and I would love to see follow through. The last couple days every time this market Is being driven down somebody has been accumulating big time. Well lets to see if tomorrow they are going to run out of money on the sell side and the buy side will continue to power through. After double accumulation bars like this typically we will see an uptrend. That is predicated on the fact that you normally have a down trend and then you get the double accumulation bars and then you look for an uptrend. In this case we were already up. But the concept really remains the same. Somebody is still accumulating at these higher levels. Tomorrow the theme is going to be can we break through the highs set from the past two days? They are pretty much even tops on the S&P and Russell. The Dow we are looking to get a little above the Wednesday high and on the NASDAQ we are looking to get above the high of today. This is a very exciting time, I would love to see some fireworks going into our Friday for nice little close before the holiday weekend. We will be watching that very closely.

Despite this wonderful recovery after the news that president Trump was stepping aside from the Korea meeting it caused a small push down this morning which was reversed. What we saw though was some pretty heavy sells coming in here with some key stocks.

This was one of the stocks that I featured for you last night. It is down another 4% today, $9.50 more. Have you been following along if you go to I shared with you here all you have to do is go to this little mid-section where the WSI Market Overview and what that is going to do is bring you to the whole list of all different stocks. I have shared with you how we have had some very powerful sell signals here and right here is where that NTES that I have mentioned to you in last nights video. These markets have been coming down and breaking down. Watch last nights video if you missed what I was saying. Well NTES continues to be at 0 here and that is continuing to lead to a move. This thing was already down badly, and it is just getting worse as we go along here. Make sure you are watching these numbers here. They can be instrumental in giving you some ideas on how we are looking at the market and especially when you start seeing ones coming from 150 level and pushing down is a strong sell signal and 1510 level and going up is a strong buy signal.

Keep that in mind and go to  for that information as well as all sorts of top business and financial news and custom articles specifically written for our website. We have a great variety of news articles for everyone. Make sure you go check out and I look forward to seeing you in the live trading room or in tomorrows videos. Have a great night!

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Important Stocks And Options Lesson From Rob Tonight That You Won’t Want To Miss

Welcome back gang! Well tonight we got a little training session for you here. So, first things first, go to So, this is a very important video to teach a little bit how you can help identify and pick better stocks for long side trading, short side trading, and options trading. On that site as a whole you will see a lot of top news, financial and business news, and a lot of really great articles written by a lot of the best known traders, investors and entrepreneurs of the industry. I am also writing for Wealth365 as well.

With that being said, what you do is when you are looking to pick some great stock plays there are a couple ways to do that. You can look at the Wealth Strength index which is a very important tool. Another one that you can use is to Top News Gainers and Top News Decliners. We are going to talk about news and how to pick top moving stocks and ups and downs.

For tonight, we will focus on the WSI. So, what you want to do is click on the WSI buttons. What this does is it gives you daily, weekly, and monthly information on a lot of different stocks and ranks them.  It is a 0-300 scale right now. We are looking for stocks that were kind of in the middle of the road here and starting to climb up here from the moderately flat or extremely flat and starting to climb up to the upper levels. Usually when I see something like that I am finding my next potential winners here. By the time they are getting to the 300 level that’s really showing areas where they can really take off. I really like watch for the trending signals.

On the downside I am looking at the exact opposite. Things that have been in the 150 areas or so and have started to push down from there usually helps us to identify the best short side opportunities. So, the way that you find that is go to and click on the WSI Market Overview.

Looking at MNST we were sitting at that 150 level and then spike down to the 50 level you are normally in for some pain and we did suffer a monster amount of pain. You will notice that we didn’t really get back above that 150 level and then we get back down between 0-50 level over and over again. It is very indicative of a stock that wants to go much lower.

As we take a look here a DISH. Same thing here DISH was hovering around here at the 150 level as you can see and dips all the way down to 0 and ding dong that was a kiss of death for this win. All t his thing could do it get back around the 150 level and roll right back over and die a horrible death.

Taking a look at XRAY. Very similar thing here. It was sitting around the 200-250 area and rapidly declining very near the 0 level a very strong indication that your in for a world of hurt as well.

Despite a lot of these markets being very strong and going up what can see here with the wealth strength indicator is that the markets were at 150 and consistently trying to go lower.

NTES was at 150 again and then it pushed down to the 0 level and it was very indicative to a stock that wants to go lower.

CELG did the same thing. We were at the 150 level and pushing almost down the 0 level and it was very indicative to a stock that wants to go lower.

On the opposite side, CTXS sitting around the 150 level and then you start to push up towards the 200-250 level and that is indicative to a stock that wants to go higher.  Then you will see it come up and get towards the 300 level and you watch this a lot gang. You will see some of these stocks that get buried around 0 to the downside, buried to the 300 and keep going and going. That is a great way to identify some different stocks here.

Same thing with SIRI. Sitting shy of the 150 level and pushing away going towards to the 200-250 level and that could be indicative to some nice moves on some lower prices tocks like SIRI there.

ILMN same thing. It starts out around the 150 level and then it starts push away to the upside from there and that is very indicative of opportunities to the upside. If we look at some of these price differences, there is a quite amount of money very quick.

CTAS starts around the 150 level and pushes away to the upside and then taking off here very well.

These are really great opportunities here and it all goes back to and looking at the WSI Market overview. You should go back and check it each day to see what ones are pushing up and trending up if you are looking for longs or pushing down and trending down if you are trying to get ideas for favorite shorts.

That is one tool of many different things on as well as all of the news articles including politics. We have liberals new, conservative news, top news, top market news and things you need to know in the world here. So check out and that is your first tip and we are going to cover some of these stock market impact reports and how to focus on top gainers and decliners based on news releases in upcoming articles as well. There is a lot of really great information packed into this very powerful site.

Go to and check it out and I will see you tomorrow morning in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow nights videos.


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