Strategy Session With Rob: Here’s What You Need To Know For Tomorrow

Welcome back! I was really going to use this as an opportunity now that I’m back here in the U.S. after winning those trading competitions and give you a market update but I figured let’s do one better. While I was away we broke through those key levels I told you about and that led to some really nice market moves to the upside. You’ll recall I told you that’s exactly what we want to see happen. We still have some key resistance levels above us so I wanted to tell you about how to play those. This ties in with what I’m going to teach tomorrow. I have a series of strategies and I’m going to show you how I put them together. At the upcoming Wealth365 Summit, I’m going to teach you a whole bunch more about how I did that as well. That Summit is going to feature a lot of celebrity experts like Tom Sosnoff and more. I’ll be there sharing in a special commercial-free trading session as well. I used multiple ones and put them together. It worked out well. I’m going to kick that off tomorrow morning. If you go to www. you can get registered right now for tomorrow’s event. It’s at 9 a.m. PT/11 a.m. CT/12 p.m. ET. I’m going to start showing you some of the different strategies that I use. You can join me tomorrow morning for the first of the different strategies that I did that will help you out.

I’ll follow up with more of those strategies to complete the series during the Wealth365 Summit. I don’t want you to miss a moment of it. We’ll see you tomorrow morning and give you a big update to show you how I won the trading competitions that was a pretty cool deal. There were several traders and I had a nice performance to tie along with that. We’ll see you tomorrow morning. Go to . I can’t wait to see you there.

Have a great night!

Why The Market Is Not Safe To Buy Yet

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at the things you need to know for the markets right now. First of all, it’s a great rally this week but the reality is we had some great rallies in past junctures. We had a dead cat bounce that led to lower lows. It’s hard to celebrate yet. What we’re going to look for is to get above $26,000 and make that support. That will give us a little sigh of relief but the real sigh of relief won’t come until we get above $27,000. Once we make $27,000 a support level, then the market has a real opportunity for a bull run but based on historical precedence, it has gone down and stayed down. We’re going to be watching some currents and whirlwinds very closely. I’m not going to remotely breathe easier until we get to $26,000, make it support and take back off. I’m not going to get aggressively long until we get to $27,000 and take back off. It will lead to significant longs to the upside.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching where the longs come from in situations like these. On Monday, I was fortunate to do a class for our BBT Insider members where I talked about this. What we’re looking for in a down trend, you’re looking to get caught off guard. You expect another down day. What you’re looking for next is to break back up above the speed lines. With that being said, have a retracement and break above speed lines. What will happen is you will get a whoosh to the falling resistance like the 20 period MA or the downtrending channel that happened back over here. You’ll recall, when we got back to that level, as it was hitting that downtrending moving average I said there is no reason to be excited. We haven’t pushed back above this level, pull back and start to take back off. It’s one big fat resistance level still. Then the market moved back over. All that’s happened is we’ve rallied back up, hit that resistance. You’re talking the 2830 on the S&P, the 1520 level on the Russell, the 25560 area on the Dow and the 7232 area on the Nasdaq and the 12070 area on the Dax. We want to see those areas from being resistance to support and get that Dow back above $26,000. Until we get above that level, we can’t breathe easy. If we get above $26,000, you’ll see how we magically get above these channels. You’ll see how all these different levels and timeframes coincide with each other. Otherwise you run the risk of having more that happens historically where it falls to lower lows. If you want to avoid that, then you have to have the things happen that I’m talking about.

From a trader’s basis, one thing I want to point out is this morning, the market did what it does best. It tends to go on in the correct direction with as few retail traders as possible. As retail traders, we tend to look at things one dimensionally. The real art is to look at things from multiple time frames and multiple avenues. We were at a lot of these resistance levels kicking off the day. I was doing a special event for our student family this morning and I said no longs from my perspective at the open. That paints a really pretty picture. You have a nice green bar and you think it’s going to be a great day like yesterday but then the market turns around and crushes you. Even if it was going to go back in the direction you want, then you get stopped out. Timing is everything. Watch out for those fake moves in the U.S. open.

Let’s look at two different markets. AAPL has been firing off several different longs and was very strong. We were above the zero line on the Trader Rescue Package and firing off longs. Then we hit that resistance that I warned you about several weeks ago and the market started making these distribution levels and it was taking accumulation levels and they became resistance. That’s why I told you, there’s not a single thing that says go long from AAPL. Go back and watch my videos and you’ll see what I said. Sure enough, AAPL trucked down the last few weeks and is still underwater at this moment. Much like where I showed you we had to get back above these key resistance levels, AAPL has got these key areas to get back above. I want to get back above that zero line on the Trader Rescue Package and get back above the channel, make that support so that market can be more free to have a chance to recover. Watch those levels that I showed you on the Nasdaq.

Another barometer to watch on the tech field is Goldman Sachs. So goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market. Goldman Sachs fired off a sell signal several weeks ago. It broke the channel and zero line on the Trader Rescue Package, then took a fall to our official target. At this day and time, it said this would be Target 2 and it went right down to Target 2 a few days ago, made an accumulation bar and bounced. In the big picture, this is a short-term reprieve. We still have the falling channel and we’re still below the zero line. We want to get back above both those things and see this market recover. Remember $26,000 on Dow futures along with Goldman Sachs getting to 198 and making it support. Those are what you want to see if you’re long right now otherwise you run the risk of deeper corrections based on historical precedence.

I wanted to get you up-to-date on those things. Thank you for those who wished me luck on those trading events in Europe. I’ll look forward to seeing some of you there at my talks. Have a great remainder of the week and keep an eye out for update videos. It’s going to be a phenomenal summer as it’s already proving to be. It’s going to be exciting!

Have a great night!

Rob’s Market Analysis Was Dead On Target, So What Now?

Welcome back! It’s great to be right and it’s kind of a burden as well. There’s a lot of people who hoped I was wrong. It’s a reminder of how many people are being hurt that did not lighten up on their longs. We talked about that here. From my perspective, locking in profits would make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, a lot of people were hoping it would break through, pull back and take back off. I thought it would be better to take those profits and then get back in. If that happens then you won’t have to sit through months of being underwater. A lot of people decided to hold despite the massive resistance and now they’re feeling the repercussions. We’re closing at new lows. This is exactly what I was afraid of and it’s happening. I’d like to talk to you about what I say in advance in videos then look back at what happened afterward to have that proof of concept.

With that being said, the last video I did for you, I warned you about the key levels up above. We talked about the 1500 level on the Russell. It’s the only one that didn’t have the clearly defined support levels where the other ones had clearly defined support levels. I said if we break those, that’s going to be bad for the market. Now, at the end of the week, we’re closing right at the lows with the exception of the Russell. From my perspective, we now have to look at those levels I identified earlier in the week resistance levels. We can rally all the way up to those levels and breath a sigh of relief and turn around and go right back down. I know some of you are excited about those levels but we have not broken through those resistance levels, make them support and take back off. We failed those levels and now those levels are resistance levels in my mind and there’s no need to breath any easier because you’ll have to face this downtrending resistance. In my opinion, it would be better to take profits after that massive rally where we identified the bottom at the end of December/January and take the profits. If it takes off and starts to run, great. You miss a little bit of the profit opportunity but there will be so much if it does break off. Then you’re not sitting through this misery that so many people are.

There was very heartening retracements and went right back down for a few months again. It still took all that time to get back to that point where it was before. Why not consider taking profits and sit through months of downtrend. People are worried about saving a few bucks on commissions. If you’re at that point, then let’s take a look at what we’re looking at. This is a follow up to the video I did the other day.
If you have my Trader Rescue Package, once again, I kept off some of the obvious indicators up above showing the selling and focused on being below this simple level. I mentioned the other day that this is not a time to catch the falling knife on like AAPL for instance. AAPL continues to go lower. Boeing was crashing literally and figuratively. Sure enough, look at where it’s at from when I did the last video. It was at the $355 level and now it dropped $15. Once again, until it gets back above the zero line, there’s not a snowball’s chance on a beach I’m going to be thinking long. We have things that have to be done beforehand. Watch the last video I did and you’ll see the additional pain. When you take a weak stock in a weak market, that’s a recipe for disaster. That’s what I’m trying to convey to you. Now we’re adding more resistance levels on. If you have these weak stocks, take note of it and where you’re at with these stocks. Is it better to wait until they strengthen back up? That’s an important key update that people you need to be aware of.

Also, for those who are student family members of mine who have been to mentorship and have my indicators, don’t forget we have the big Hoffman superstar bash on August 8th and 9th. Your save the dates are being sent out this weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our estate. We’re looking at having potentially hundreds of students for a two day educational event. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
Don’t forget what I said because if you follow through everything I said in advance, these are the same things you’re going to need to know market cycle after market cycle. It’s not about I told you so. It’s I learned this and spoke to you about this in advance. See how I keep talking about these things over and over so that you can be a better trader and investor.

I’ll look forward to seeing you in upcoming videos and events. Have a wonderful weekend!

AAPL, BA And Dangerous Market Levels

Welcome back, gang! Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of things that you need to know right now. You can recall on some recent videos I shared with you how if your looking for long side buys, and there is nothing good to report on the long side, then wait to get back above these channels and show some support start to take back off. That would open up the opportunity for us to hit 26,000 and make a run for that all important 27,000. That is kicking the markets butt. I have shown you that week after week.
As you can see it continues, weeks later, and it can be a monstrosity for people looking at longs. So, where are we at with all this? With all that being said, we’re at some key market levels that you need to be noticing. Look at the S&P, were coming up on some key rising support and previous price low levels. Here 1500 on the Russell is very important. Here we have the Nasdaq around that 7250 area. And the Dax has been coiling up and consolidating in here as well back and forth to the 12000 level.
Really what you can see is, an area where we failed to break through the resistance, we are still holding on to support levels, but barely. So, if we start to break down through those support levels that could lead to more of that multi-month downtrend we saw when we hit this level before. We spent a lot of time moving down, but it took us several months to get back to those levels. Then we spent months again going down, 3 or so months, and then several months getting right back up there. Here we are again pulling away from some of those levels.
Armed with that information on the bigger picture perspective on a weekly basis is why the daily levels are so important. I have been having value buyers come to me saying “ROB, ROB what do you think of AAPL, BA,” Let me just go back and explain to you guys. I cleared off the stuff on the upper chart for a moment. All that is well and good. But let me keep one simple indicator for you form my trader rescue package. Help you understand what is going through my mind. When I look at this when we break down below this trader rescue package of indicators. That leads to really ugly moves down. When we break above, that can lead to some pretty great moves to the upside. It’s pretty simple and pretty straight forward. Which is why its part of the Trader Rescue Package. Focus on short, simple, easy to understand, easy to use tools.
Now you have seen what happened here. Now we have moved back below here. What should we be focusing on? Certainly not the long side. People asking, “Is it time to buy apple?” No from my perspective that is still catching a falling knife for the time being. Until we can push back above. I just wanted to show you one simple tool out of many that are on my mind right now.
Let’s take a look at it from BA’s perspective. Similar thing here, had a really rocky ride just did not want to get above and stay above the zero line, until finally over here. We went ahead and did that. That led to a nice move to the upside. Then the world came crashing down, literally and figuratively, with their disastrous news. Since March, of course, I was no big fan of BA since that time. We are just holding the gap in here.
So, what is to be excited about right now? That’s a massive resistance level up above there. So, you move all the way up here you would still be in a downtrend. You still have not moved above the zero line I told you about over here. That’s when we got down below and we have stayed below since. So you can see for those of you that are looking for good news and trying to bargain hunters, there isn’t a lot of good news at these current levels. We are not getting the buy signals.
Those are just a few I was looking at. Right now we are barely holding on by the skin of our teeth by these key support levels, If we break down below those that could lead to the deeper correction we have has the last two cycles coming off these highs. Again, please note back over here what I was talking about. You see some healthy moves to the downside.
So, this is a pivotal time in the market. It’s going to be an exciting summer, to say the least. I’m looking forward to enjoying the ride with you as traders and investors. Day traders and swing traders it’s going to be a lot of fun here the next couple of months. Have a wonderful night! Looking forward to seeing you at special events! Take care, everyone! Have a great evening!! To learn more about Rob Hoffman Trader, visit

Market Coiling Before The Next Big Move Coming

Welcome back everybody! As we go ahead and take a look today. The overall theme is consolidation. The beauty is though that at least the last couple days I have been able to go ahead and trade during the special BBT insider events we have been doing in the live trading room Tuesday, Wednesday and again tomorrow. The bigger picture we do have consolidation. This has led to some focusing on trading back and forth.
Here is a screenshot where we were talking about that this morning. We were having what we call sideways trading and technical damage on a lot of the charts here. If you don’t know what that is, you should go back and watch some of my previous videos on that topic here. The market as a whole, in the bigger picture is kind of coiling up here getting ready for a big move. So we are seeing some great whipsaws back and forth here as the market is getting ready for its next move.
If you take a look, not all, but some of the different charts here are, are basically inside days. For instance, the Russel here is an inside day. The S&P is an inside day. That’s when today’s high is lower than yesterdays and today’s low is higher than yesterdays. So that’s an inside day. We’re seeing that on the Russell and on the S&P. And we are pretty close to that. Certainly, the bodies themselves are within the previous day. So, this is all coiling up here. Falling resistance, rising support, in these kill zones that I have been telling you about.
So, the market is getting ready for nice moves again here. That’s really going to continue to make trading nice. And as I told you the coming months are going to be phenomenal. We are seeing more and more of that. We’re going to be watching that very closely here into Thursday and Friday. Looking for breakout/breakdowns from these areas. And don’t forget in the bigger picture here this is all part of a bigger play at hand, that it’s part of this 15-month triple top I have been talking about for weeks.
So, what’s happening is you have the accumulation from last week were are trying to get above the highs of those last big accumulations. At least try to challenge the 27,000 level. That’s what you want to see on the futures if you are looking for a long. If you are looking for a short you want to look for a breakdown below the low of last week’s accumulation bar. Anything in between is just short-term noise.
So, we are seeing the Markets coil up. As you can see with Wednesday’s trading. We are in a very tight range on the week here. You can see it barely, its this range right here. Compared to the previous weeks. Coiling up here getting ready for some big moves. If you take a look at previous times when you have those tight coil ups, a lot of times they can lead to some really good moves. So, a lot of fun we are going to have a great summer ahead of us. You guys have a great night! Looking forward to seeing you guys in tomorrow’s special live trading event! We will see you in upcoming videos! Take care, everyone! To learn more about Rob Hoffman Trader, visit

Rob’s Key Levels Are Still Failing, So Watch Him Trade Live Tomorrow Through Thursday.


Welcome back, the market’s not quite closed here but we’re going to go ahead and get this video out to you right now.


Let’s see if there’s any last minute trades for this session. Really exciting at this point, the things that I’ve been telling you about on previous videos are all kind of coming true. In fact, we can see that here with this sea of red on the NASDAQ. I warned you guys on last week’s videos to watch out here, I told you that these were resistance levels now. Go back and watch the last videos I shot for you. There wasn’t any real fresh updates from them because everything I said before was still absolutely true and sure enough you can see it here. We’ve got a nice resistance, a real solid proven resistance level in this area. And that’s all on top of the resistance level that’s on top of that too. So you can see resistance layers upon resistance layers. To even a shred of hope on the longside right now, you’re going to have to get above that 26,000 level and start pushing back up. You want to see this act as an accumulation bar, pushing back above 26,000 but remember the big granddaddy is goign to be 27,000 that we want to get back above. That becomes support for any long term massive “throw the baby out with the bathwater” positive long side trading. Otherwise, it’s a very individualized stock picker’s market, a delicate one as you can see right now, for all the reasons I’ve been outlining. With that being said, you’ve got to get above 26,000 on those DOW futures to even consider the long side here on a more meaningful basis. On a macro basis, across the board, longside trading you’ve got to get above 27,000.


In the meantime, what that’s leading to is more and more resistance being had, that’s what I warned you guys about in the videos I shot for you last week. Sure enough, that resistance is now proving to be the resistance I warned you about, layering it on, making it thicker there and giving you more things you’ve got to watch out for. In the meantime, that leaves these really great shortside trading opportunities that we’re seeing on an intraday basis. The market just kind of went short and never looked back here on the day. Now we’re coming up on the end of the day here and it’s making a little positive divergence so maybe it’s over. That’s why I chose to shoot this video now with you. In general, in the big picture, we’re going to go ahead and be looking for shortside trades more readily.

The good news is that I have a live trading event over the next three days. All these things that I’ve been warning you about in advance, if you want to watch me trade live on the screen, you can watch me do that. If you go to my website, to Become A Better Trader Memberships, it’s normally $197 a month to get access to those three day trainings. We have the three day intensives, Market Mondays, all of the things that I put out there as part of that monthly membership but, right now, there’s a link to get a charter membership for $97. CLICK HERE to take advantage of that while you can. Go ahead and join me in the next three days for only $97 and get the whole month’s membership with me. It’s a great opportunity to see what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, how I’m executing my trades live on the screen in front of you and why I’m focusing on shortside trades and what this sea of red means. All these different setups and strategies I show you here and watch it in action for yourself. We’ll see you tomorrow at that special event. Join me!  Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated on how we’re trading, what we’re focusing on in the markets here in these nightly updates because they’ve been pretty powerful and everything we’ve talked about has proven true.

Goldman Sachs And The New Key Stock Market Levels You Must Know Now

Welcome back! Let’s go ahead and take a look at a few things you need to know about the current market!  We now know that we have had this massive 15 month plus triple top resistance area right now.  The market is really struggling in this area.  Let’s go ahead and drill into the area a little bit closer where it really struggling and why.

Underneath us, we have that long-term rising support.  You can see here, the S&P, the Russell, the Dow, and the Nasdaq.  Ok, we have rising support.  This is Goldman Sachs over here. So, we have long term support underneath us, at the same time we have some recent resistance coming down on top of us here.  After the recent technical damage, you can see Goldman Sachs has some real long-term heavy-duty resistance. In fact, every time we kind of come up there, we get killed back off again. So goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market as you have often heard me say.

With these negative divergences taking place, we are making higher highs in price, but lower highs in indications.  That’s put us under pressure when the Dow hits major support levels where the market found major support, but, and there is a major but there, now we are trapped back under and in these key resistance levels.  So, if you are looking for a glimmer of hope on the long side.  What your looking for is to start breaking above these main areas on Goldman Sachs here.  Those key levels are 202 and 206 respectively.  As your looking at the Nasdaq, you’re going to want to see us break above the 7600 area here, it pulled back and it showed us that support and started to take back off.

Look at the Dow, 26,200 will be a Key area to hold above.  Now, remember though 27,000 is going to be a key area.  In a bigger context that is that 15-month resistance we have been talking about. So, the Dow futures you have to watch in a couple of different ways there.  As far as the Russell is concerned 1580 will be a key area and on the S&P futures, really roughly that 2900 level that is going to be key.

So, remember those numbers because that’s going to be a big deal as you can see.  We have very clear well-defined resistance levels and at the same time, we have very clear and defined support levels.  So, you are looking for the big breakout or breakdown.  And now even with Goldman Sachs, which is a big tell for the market, you can see how its getting coiled up.  I told you this is going to be a fun summer here.  We are going to make it more fun here next week.  So, what we are going to do is have a three-day training event, doing live trading, I will be doing live trading next week Tues, Wed, Thurs.  So, all you BBT insider members get ready and get geared up for that.

You saw what happened this morning.  The market opened and we got a big fat buy signal on our Trader Rescue Package.  Went ahead and just fired away and didn’t look back.  Went ahead and had all sort of signals I teach you guys here in these nightly videos all the time.  Inventory retracement bars, reverse inventory retracement bars, gotcha bars, all sort of great continuation patterns here after breaking out to the upside.  Then it finally backed off there into the lunch hour and started to go ahead and pull back.  So really great stuff, we are going to keep talking about it.  Now you have the key levels of support and resistance here. Goldman Sachs and the key market levels and why we are so heavily focused on that intraday trading activity as well.  It should be a phenomenal summer.  I’m looking forward to having you with us and looking forward to having all you BBT insider member with us next week! Take care everyone, have a great evening!

Remember Rob’s Golden Rule For Trading… It Did It Again Today

Ok, gang welcome back. We had an interesting day on wall street today. The bad news made the market go down and stay down. That was a really powerful sell signal, we are going to talk in just a moment how. As a reminder in case your brand new today, we always have people that come and join us each day and welcome. We had a major triple top taking place here in the market that I have identified for you now for the last many videos since we were up here. And sure enough, we are pulling away from that at this point. So, where we are at with this is, we are watching this in the bigger picture. We talked about this being an individual stock pickers market.

Let’s talk about today vs. the last several days. On Thursday and Friday of last week, we had double accumulation, after a downtrend. Statistically what is supposed to happen after that, is that we are supposed to break above the high of this bar and push back here to the upside. But we got hit with lots of bad news again over the weekend. The market has been pounded with news of trade wars, escalations, and tensions with Iran. That is what happened since this weekend. But of course, there have been many other things: political issues and other aspects wearing people down for the last couple of weeks. Most of the times the markets will recover 50% or more. Given the market, people hope to stay in the trade.

Then we come into this morning and what ended up happening, was instead of it going back up like it should have, breaking above the high here. We had one of those adages I teach you all the time that when what should have happened in the market doesn’t, that that is a very powerful signal. And in this case, it’s a failure. So instead of it breaking above the high coming into this morning and shooting way back up here, instead it stalls out, rolls down, and because of the bad news we came into Monday morning from the weekend with, it opened up and then it went down and this is what we basically saw here.

Again, what is supposed to happen when we have a situation when we are going to the downside and then you get these double tails within two bars of each other or back to back, we are statistically looking for a reversal. Looking for it to break above the high of the tallest of the two bars and then that sets us on a pace to the upside. That’s what will happen most of the time. In this case, we walked in, and even before we walked in, the market was blood red, you can see my institutional trader pack of indicators, all my different strategies are all screaming, the same thing and it was a blood bath.

That’s what led to the phenomenal moves to the downside and we got some great videos of some of my traders taking advantage. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and pause the video for a moment. And pull this up. This is one of our students, I am very proud of him. He has gone ahead and made some really great strides in his trading. Let’s go ahead and take his trade that he did this morning live. So, he went ahead and went short here, 4 contracts in the S&P. As you can see, he was using my tools and strategies here. As you can see it was blood red on the screen, everything was firing off, what we call throttling, all my different indicators fairing off here, it was a mountain of sell signals. He trailed the stock down here and then he went ahead and had a profit target out there into the future and momentarily it will go ahead and take him out of that position and there it is, plus $600 dollars gross profit in his real live trading account using these strategies. So, congratulations to you Robby! So, he was very happy putting all the pieces together with that.

So, with that being said it’s a strong reminder of using those strategies. It should happen here after a downtrend. The double accumulation bars, it should take off. Bad news comes into the market and the sells go on command and the sells start selling. That is a massive opportunity to the downside which is what led to the market basically giving out at the knees today. So, no more 50% off the low, 50% off the low, kind of stuff. It is catching its breath giving people hope. This is no different than what we see quite commonly. Someone buys into a stock and then it will go down a little bit and go back up, and go back up, then it will go down more, and we will want it to go back up. I then I’m not going to sell it because it keeps on going up. Then all of the sudden panic starts to set in with people. So, it is a great, great trading opportunity as I mentioned there.

So, with that being said, again, it ends up being a stock pickers market right now. As far as I’m concerned, it is mostly about managing the profits in the longs with trades you’re in. For instance, if you are using out dash-alerts program here, for our incredible swing trading opportunities. Right now, you have a Cadence here as an example. It’s up about 61+% if you were to enter when it first went long. You have a couple of these here. So, what’s happening here is these have, the trailing stops that are coming up underneath these. You can see the new trailing stops for these here. It is just basically, with this market, waiting to see if the stops will catch up to the price, or the price will pull back enough to get stopped. With the huge, gain opportunities that were in these, its basically just managing the wonderful trades your already in. Rather than trying to get into a fresh new long, at this moment.

We are coming up on some major support levels. As you take a look here, those are right here. On the Nasdaq, we are already below them on the Dow, and right now we are below them on the Russell and just above them on the S&P. Nasdaq and the S&P are coming very close, and that’s the natural place where you would normally expect a push back up. When you start to get into a real news driven market, if anything flares up with Iran, accidentally or intentionally, like when Obama was in office, they took prisoners of some of our soldiers, launching towards some of our ships, and we let them get pretty close at times. Trump doesn’t appear like he is going to have a lot of tolerance for that. So things could escalate very fast there. There is also the China trade war situation that could quickly escalate as well. So, there are some legitimate eventful hazards out there.

But remember in the big picture all that’s really happening is, don’t worry about panicking, its where I warned you about weeks ago. Were at a triple top and we might be in a situation where we may be down and have various types of short-term trading opportunities to the short side and then back up to the long side which could last several months. That exactly the conversation I had with you previously. Which why I said if your long up above, trailing those stops tight, would be my best opinion. Taking the positions as I showed you just a moment ago, managing your successful positions, keeping the stops coming up underneath there. So that you’re not giving back all your profits. If you have a 60-30 perfect profit in there, you’re going to want to trail that underneath and make sure it’s not going to give it all back. That’s really the strategy right now.

I’m not looking to initiate fresh longs right this moment. At this point its more about managing the strong trades. In the meantime, it’s also enjoying the ride that the market is giving you on an intraday basis that’s allowing you to sell the heck out of this thing, go home at night and sleep like a baby and look forward to the next day. Really great stuff. You guys have a great night. We’ll keep you updated here with several other updates in the days to come. I look forward to seeing you here in those upcoming videos and next weeks live trading room experience and all the other fun stuff we have coming up for you guys. Take care everyone and have a great night we’ll see you soon!

Were You In Rob And Davide’s Live Trading Event This Morning? Don’t Miss Saturday Morning Updates And Encore!

Welcome back, everybody, what an exciting way to close out the week on Wall Street. It was even better because we had a live class this morning which was a special follow-on from the VIP class we did yesterday.

We did the class today and I was able to go ahead and make money right there, live in my real live account using the strategies that we were teaching. I keep telling everybody, I guess I’ll keep saying it until I connect with every single person out there, shout from the rooftops: this is an incredible market out there right now, especially with the way that we closed this week.

We have two inventory retracement bars back to back here, which is very powerful. We held those key supports here into the week. Statistically, what typically happens after this, and this is certainly what we want to see for long side trade action into next week, is getting back above the speed lines here and trading above those on all four of the US Stock indices and, for that matter, I’d like to see the DAX do the same there. The Bottom line though, is that what should happen is that we actually bounce from there next week with those double dutch accumulations bars. Massive support holds, we’re going to be watching that very closely, because that’s what should happen. If that doesn’t happen and the market starts to go down, that should really cause some exacerbated selling to the downside. So, as you can imagine, for the average retail investor, they’re looking to get right back above those little pink lines on all these different markets, come Monday, so we’ll be watching very closely.

The beauty is, on a day trading basis here though, like with the strategy we showed this morning using some of my conventional tools like the Trader Rescue Package, the beauty as we were actually teaching it this morning with some of the stuff you guys have in your charting packages, so you can use it for absolutely free. We went ahead and we broke back up above this line, pulled back, started taking back off to the main forefront indicator that you guys have on your charting packages. Sure enough, that tied in beautifully with target two on my indicator as well. I was able to talk about how my strategies and these new strategies that we were teaching go ahead and tie in. So if you, for some reason, did not go ahead and make it to the class here, if you were not part of the VIP class on Thursday, if you were not part of today’s class where I was able to trade with live money, tomorrow I am not going to be able to trade live on the screen or make real live money, of course, because the market will be closed but you can sure learn the strategies that I’ll be focusing on going into next week. So go to, one more time, myself and Davide, and if everybody noticed, Davide is doing a lot of teaching but I’m doing more than half the teaching myself, if not more than that today, as well. It’s a really great opportunity for you to learn and hear from both of us what we are using, as in this morning with my real live account, the same things I’m teaching. Really phenomenal.

Make sure you go to because of the volatility and what’s happening in these markets, you need the information and because there are so many opportunities in an intra-day basis and a swing trading basis, as I proved repeatedly this morning, this is a stock picker’s market. If you’re a stock or options trader, I can’t imagine what you could possibly be doing tomorrow morning that would be more important than that unless you’re with your family. If you’re not with your family or if your family can do without you for a morning or two, you might want to be on this class. As we showed, it’s really powerful information at just the right time.

Go to and do that right now to make sure you do not miss this tomorrow morning. It’s at 10ET, 9CT, 7PT so you can get this great class taken and watched and then enjoy your day and get ready for a phenomenal trading week next week. Have a wonderful rest of the evening and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.