What a market ride above Rob’s pre-Thanksgiving buy levels!

Well, welcome back gang, let’s go-ahead and just have a quick video and do a couple things. First of all, for all of you here in the United States Happy Thanksgiving here going into Thursday. Very, very, happy and please be safe Thanksgiving. As we go ahead and look at the market you know I’ve been giving you the key levels. As you know, I was very bullish here for quite some time we talked about Dow 27,000 and the key levels on the different markets and then as we’ve gotten a little bit more top-heavy we’ve started giving you market levels to the downside to go ahead and keep an eye out where you want to back off of long’ if we go ahead and get down below those levels. However, this week as we saw in the live trading room it was basically long side trader bust. Long side trader bust and for all of you that are in our new full time trading room how awesome was it to see how well the long side trades went ahead and worked this week. Really great stuff to say the least! It just reinforces everything we’ve been saying.

So, you know now we can look back go back and take a look at the last couple months worth of videos all the things I’ve shared – here’s the good news though, what I’m gonna go ahead and do for the first time ever first time ever I’m gonna go ahead and actually share with you going into later next week I’m gonna be sharing with you all my work, my life’s work and how it culminated together and the key things that I’m looking at and this is the first time ever for the last two years it’s been available internal to my live student family but for the first time ever and, that’s a big statement, gang, because you know many of you have been with me for many years but for the first time ever all the work that I’ve been sharing only privately internally with my life trading room and student family there you’re actually gonna get access to be able to see the things you’ve never seen before from us and so I know there’s a lot of Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales and all sorts of you know crazy stuff going on where people are selling stuff around the holidays we want you to enjoy time with your family so we’re not going ahead and doing any sort of sales here this week or anything but next week we’re gonna be doing a very special event and you’re really gonna be disappointing yourself if you don’t wait to that event to go ahead and see what we do privately – internally behind the curtain in the live trading room with both trading competitions and the culmination. If you look back at what we’ve done here we’ve talked about Dow 27000 here. You don’t see my indicators firing off for instance but then you see I’m really firing off over here as we started push into that Dow 27000 and look what happened. Here in the last several days in the Dow you don’t see it going in and pushing here and then all of a sudden you start seeing it fire off and then look what how this market went ahead and pushed. So many different great things kind of taking 25 of my greatest strategies there and kind of pulling together all this different work and I want to go ahead and share it with you much more in-depth next week, doesn’t matter what trading platform you use and so this is really, really important stuff. What a great time to share it with you around the holidays, talk about a Christmas you won’t forget.

So, make sure you go ahead and don’t do anything crazy during Cyber Monday and Black Friday and everything else you’re really gonna want to see what I share with you next week during this very, very, very special event that we’re gonna do that I’ve never ever, ever, done publicly only internally for my live student family. So, I agreed to a lock-up period a long time ago I honored that lock up period and now it’s finally time to go ahead and share with the world what people only had privately access to until now. So, this is exciting and never done before and that’s a big statement coming from us so with that being said enjoy the ride that we’ve been having at this point. We’re gonna be giving some different market forecasts and outlooks, so, next week stay tuned for some updates and come join that event take a look at what we’re looking at with the tools and the strategies that I’ve been sharing but now you can kind of go back with hindsight and look at what I was saying in foresight about the market and its explosion to the upside and I really encourage you the name that several days look back at my videos and see all the things that I been sharing with you and sure enough we got the breakout and now here we are well over 1100 plus points higher on the Dow here – so much more opportunity to come. If you missed the first part of it there’s a lot more opportunity to come here so what I want you to do is enjoy your Thanksgiving, enjoy your holidays the next few days and we’ll look forward to going to seeing you going into next week. So stay tuned we’ll send you all an invite to a very special event with us next week but don’t do anything crazy during Cyber Monday and Black Friday because you’ll live to regret that late next week when we go ahead and finally let you in on what we’ve been doing here with our student family so you guys have a wonderful, safe holiday. Enjoy your successes for all of you that have been following my work here and now its time to go ahead and you know take it to a whole new level because 2020 is right around the corner if you didn’t have the year you want this year I’m really excited to go and show you some exciting, exciting things here you’re gonna see for the first time ever unless you’re one of my already internal students and I can’t wait to share – obviously as you can tell. So, enjoy your week, enjoy the rest of your week, enjoy your family and then we’ll be giving you updates on the market next week and the ability to come join us for a special event next week as well. Thanks for being the world’s greatest students. Have a safe and happy holiday. Take care, everyone. Bye-bye!

Key bullish and bearish areas after this week’s trade war news

Okay, welcome back gang! Well, you probably haven’t heard a lot from you this week unless you are in our live trading room for those of you that haven’t heard we went ahead and launched an incredible full-time live trading room this week for stocks, options, ETFs, futures, doing a lot of trading in these last several days in the Futures markets in particular and put a heavy focus on stocks and that had a breakout room on options – a lot of different things going on there this week to say the least. So, because of that massive roll out we had to be a little quiet this week and focus on all those wonderful student family members. So, I want to go ahead and do a weekend recap video here for you though and talk about where we’re at with this market so as you know up in the last several weeks I’ve told you I’ve been very bullish. Once we went in made Dow twenty seven thousand finally support – long side trades were the best side trades and I told you one of the few things that could really torpedo any of this would be like the US-China trade agreement/trade war whatever you want to call it and certainly, that’s one of the big things that kind of harpooned us earlier in the week here but even despite that so far what you can see is because of the rising trends here we’ve really held up pretty well. We’re really holding up above the top end of the channels on all of these. Now, for those of you that want to go and be — here’s the levels I want you to think about know for what’s happening right now. So, as it stands the first thing I want to do is be back above this speed line, so, in this case the top line in each chart.

So, 8302 for instance on the Nasdaq I really want to be North of that I really want to be North, in this case, I’d like to be north of 28,000 actually on the Dow it’s really a psychological round number level. If you recall that I warned you guys before we went into this week about what’s bugging me which is the Russell, Russell, Russell, Russell is bugging me, bugging me, bugging me, and we have all this distribution – a lot of distribution here then we continue to make new distribution going into this week that we made even more distribution here. So, now we got one or two or technically at this one one, two, three, four, five, six, distribution bars in the immediate backdrop has a lot of pressure on this Russell. So, Russell, I don’t want to just get above the speed lines here which in this case is right up there about 1592. I really in the big picture here want to get through these distribution levels this is a lot of distribution six layers of distribution – that’s a lot, folks. So, first things first, if we get back above 1592 I’ll at least be focusing on long side trades but I’m not gonna really breathe easy until we’re back up above this distribution finally. All that being said, we had more distribution from earlier this week – double distribution on the S&P; and with the trade news that came out that kept us underneath those levels the remainder of the week. So, the theme here is to be clear, I want to be clear on this, I’m still very bullish but there’s certain things I’d like to see and if we get down, for instance, I want to get above the speed lines really on the Nasdaq. We’ve had with the Nasdaq let’s just take a look at like Apple here as well. So, with Apple I want to really get back up above this 264 area. It’s holding the accumulation bar from the other day. If it starts breaking down below that accumulation I’m gonna back off of any sort of Long’s right now on Apple until we get back up above those speed lines and I think that’s kind of the key theme here is I’m still bullish, so, it’s not like “oh my gosh head for the hills and sell everything, sell everything!” Nothing like that at all but right now I need to add new long positions I really want to be above these speed lines. We are on the Dow we’re right at it on the Russell and again I won’t breathe a lot easier on the Russell for a little while still and we’re right at it on the S&P; so as long as we go right into next week pushing back up again – gravy. As far as where I’m gonna start backing off and so there’s getting long and really pushing for the long – we just talked about that. Then there’s where I’m really going to start to look either lightening up or just stepping away and that’s gonna be right down here below these recent lows. So, the lows of this week and just beyond that from the week before – those lows right in there that’s a major, major support level. You’ve got lots and lots and lots of accumulation bars there, for instance, on the Nasdaq.

As far as the other stock indices, for instance, the Dow. I’m okay down to around 26,950 area. So, we actually have quite a bit of room we could still go down on the Dow but that’s where I’m gonna get a lot more nervous on that one. The 1580 is the key area to break just like on the upside I want to get through 1580 to the upside now it’s kind of support and holding. I don’t want to get back down below 1580 that would ruin my day. Then as we go ahead and take a look here with the S&P;, the S&P; you see the accumulation bar as well from earlier this week around a a 3090 area. I’d like to go ahead and stay up above that 3090 area. So, below those levels they were looking to lighten up a little bit or go in the position of free. I’d rather play it more aggressive there and otherwise be more aggressively long with you back up above the speed lines, okay? Again, we’re seeing caveat is trade war type information that’s the kind of thing that can torpedo these markets. There’s not a lot that could torpedo these markets right now given where the impeachment hearings are, the election cycle is there’s not a lot of things that can really torpedo those yet but, the trade war stuff is certainly high on the list of things that can. So, that’s why these levels are super important and just keep in mind individual stocks right now that are below the speed lines – not really interested in taking fresh longs until they show me along with the market that we’re gonna recover back above them and that this was just a blip for institutions to acquire as evidenced by like these accumulation bars that if somebody’s willing to buy here and they’re using the short term weakness from the trade war news to accumulate and then drive this back up again, so, a little pause to refresh, okay? And they’re not an intraday basis we’re seeing the same thing you know you’re seeing that sells are very violent and very short but very short-lived to the downside. Looks like the markets going to heck in the handbasket only to go ahead and be rejected back to the upside, so, if you’re too aggressively long for the long end up giving back those gains very quickly. So, make sure you trail quickly as you can see when these moves get moving and you can have fairly tight stops on these things because they’re moving down pretty fast looking like the markets completely a disaster now. Only to have it turn right around and say, “yeah that’s not so bad after all”. So, keep that in mind that’s gonna be a systemic issue you’re gonna continue to see as long as we stay very bullish here with these trends you’re gonna continue to see that pattern overall, so, be very wary of staying in a short side trade too long, okay? You guys have a great night, great rest of the weekend, can’t wait to see you in the live trading room Monday morning and get ready for a big Thanksgiving week later in the week and we’ve got a great rest of the year planned and then, of course, an incredible 2020 probably the best record trade yours on record ever is gonna be here in 2020 with trade wars, Brexit, election year, it’s gonna be a big year. Really an exciting time to be a trader. So, thanks a lot gang! Looking forward to enjoying the ride ahead. Take care, we’ll see you later. Bye-bye!  

Long side day and swing trades still rule the day

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Hope you guys are having a great weekend well what an exciting time across the board. Let’s go ahead and talk about the markets first, so, in general, as I told you in previous videos here we’re gonna remain bullish here as long as we remain there above key levels at the time it was the twenty seven thousand three hundred and fifty level since that time obviously we have continued to push forward very nicely as it relates to the Dow and the S&P.; So, the only real albatross here at this point is the Russell – watching this very carefully. We do have a lot of distribution above us on the Russell but it doesn’t matter as I told you in general long side only above the Dow 27000 level above the S&P; 3000 above SPY 300 all these different levels that we’d been giving you on the Nasdaq, Russell all these different areas. And that’s what’s paid is to look for the long side trades here.

So, unless you’re caught in some sort of earnings release that’s a whole different story but if you’re in generally trading general stocks here long side is the best side for you know general stocks and trading. So, to that point watch the Russell here you still want really want to see the Russell get above the multiple layers you see three different major distribution spots here, so two weeks worth of distribution you want to see get above but in general if you’re trading its long side or bus still at this time, obviously, be on the lookout for China news in this process. Now, from there we’re watching Apple – I talked to you about Apple in the last video here. The WSI indicators have been going nuts on Apple for quite some time. I told you use the WSI while you have access to it at news.wealth365.com it’s gonna be licensed away from there soon and going into a much bigger platform because of its popularity. So, take advantage of why you can there. So, the pretty exciting stuff to say the least and of with it being buried at that 300 level you’re looking for those long side trades and boy has that you know been happening and taking off and of course it broke through our Trade Rescue Package (TRP) Trader Rescue Package (TRP) here pullback to it take off with a fresh reverse inventory retracement retracement bar we told you so off to the races it has been.

The ITP which is the best of all my work my “Robinabox” indicators has been screaming Eagle for a week, after week, after week, month after month, after month, and you know, day after day, after day, so, that’s still the right side there from my perspective and then the S&P; on an intraday basis here same thing focusing here — The S&P; on an intraday basis it long side, long side, long side, we fired off ITP by signals this morning we launched what we call throttling here and then the ITP buy signals kicked in right here this morning and then the rest was history the rest of the day. So, long side, long side, long side, is still the right side from my perspective not too chin I can pull backs on individual stocks it in the markets but as long as we stay above some of those key levels looking for resurgence is and fresh buy signals that continues to remain the right call until proven guilty so with that being said, I’m gonna be focusing on the ITP indicators and focusing on those different tools that we’ve been mentioning here because that’s been the right play as we’ve talked about in advance and then we’re seeing the follow up to that. So, happy trading! Don’t forget – a really excitement next week our live trading room goes back to a full time live trading room covering stocks, options, futures, ETF’s it’s gonna be quite the live trading room here, so, really excited to go ahead and have you guys with us there as well and stay tuned for more videos here as we look to stay on the right side of the trade and help you guys be the best at what you do! Take care everyone have a great rest of your weekend. Bye-bye

Rob’s intraday thoughts on these markets

Alright, welcome back, gang! Well, the market is still opening and will be now for about three more hours but I wanted to get a video out here, okay? I haven’t been able to do one as I’ve been on the road here a great deal and you guys will all see why very soon. But I want to go and share something with you in the meantime. I’ve talked to you many, many times and brought up Apple many, many times and the WSI indications here and that they are still available publicly a little bit longer and at news.wealth365.com and so what we have here is Apple is at 300 and has been at 300 here so when you take that combined with my institutional indicators, so, let’s just take a look at that for a moment. My institutional indicators, the ITP indicators have just been rip-roaring here for a few months now and so you’ve heard me if you go back and watch through my videos I’ve talked about Apple repeatedly and then you take that with some of our strategies like the reverse IRB strategy, stochastic spike strategy, W pattern buys, you take all these different types of strategies I teach you guys – Apple has been on a tear. Now, then you combine that with the trader rescue package of indicators and as you guys know the target two that’s this magenta line here is usually where we expect it to stall out. However, if it pulls off, pushes up, pulls back to it starts to take back off like it did with this reverse inventory retracement bar now you can be off to the races again and that’s exactly what’s going ahead and happening here. So, as you know I’ve been bullish on Apple. I’d mention it in previous videos, mentioned it my options alert program as well and, so, I just want to remind people that that is still in play. Now, what will offer up even more opportunities is if we for the market as a whole, and something I’m watching very carefully here is with the stock indices.

So, yesterday we had another distribution bar – you recall in the S&P; and in the Russell we went ahead and had distribution bars coming in from last week that’s something I mentioned in my options program here in my Monday morning report and so that is still holding us back to this time and even here then the Nasdaq where today we’re getting that good run with the Apple we had this distribution from last Thursday here as well that is still going ahead and keeping us contained for the moment. So, part of what I want to see happen here now is, I really want to get through those distribution levels, okay? So, those are very notable and very real areas of distribution. Think about all the other areas I’ve shown you along the way that were so important to go ahead and break through. Remember Dow 27,000, what did we do? We went ahead and we pushed through Dow 27,000, pulled back to it and took off. Then I told you about Dow 27,000 what did we do? We pushed a 27,400 – I said we breakthrough 27,400 push back, take back off. Well, here we are again. So, now this is the next layer to beat so we’re just gonna keep reminding you of these different levels and remember as long as we stay like above 27,350 I told you that I’m going to remain bullish and really be focusing on those long side trades and you know my conviction is even stronger on that now than it was before because now we’ve got in addition to the accumulation support here we now got long-term support kind of coming up underneath of it. So, a lot of things watching – very bullish in as, you know, I’ve been telling you for last year plus what is 27,000 – 27,000 and then these key levels and we keep breaking them and pushing on to new highs and here we are at 27,700 and a couple of the people that were on the big wealth365 summit actually called these numbers and they’re going to be featured on the upcoming wealth365 summit in January, so, make sure you go to wealth365.com/bbt to get yourself signed up for the next summit here because you’re not going to want to miss what they have to say now and some of them have some pretty interesting outlooks there.

So, go to wealth365.com/bbt as we hear their next big forecast for this market you’re going to be surprised. So, a lot of great stuff happening here. Keep in mind these key levels – super important. Keep in mind I said about Apple and have said about Apple and make sure you join me and several other experts – it would be like 90 other experts coming up on the upcoming wealth365 summit there so I’ll look forward to seeing you guys there. Go to wealth365.com/bbt and enjoy this ride with this great market. So much more to come! We’ll keep you up-to-date in upcoming videos. Take care everyone, have a great evening. Bye-bye  

Rob’s Latest Thoughts At These Key Levels

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, what exciting time in this market but there’s still these key areas that we have to go ahead and watch. So, every level that I’ve been sharing with you has been important in some way or the other. For instance, Dow 27,000 of course what a monstrous level that had been for the longest time we’ve been looking at that since basically last year and then we talked about the increased of velocity and frequency of the moves back up here which is why I was focusing on long side trades only as you know up in these areas did not want to get short with these accumulation bars in the backdrop. I want to wait till we got below those before looking for shorts. That was the right call! So, as we go ahead and we take a look now, as I said, as long as we stay above Dow 27000 I’m looking really for long side trade it’s only it’s not that there won’t be a select shorts in there but I don’t want to go against this overall trend. The real issue here is now this Dow 27,400 level as I had mentioned in the last several videos the 27,300 to 27,400 is this massive resistance and as I’m making this video for you here at the end of the day you can see we pulled back more than fifty percent off the high. We actually have one of my institutional retracement bars of the distribution kind and here we are right back there by that 27,400 so 27,400 has not been made a support level yet. So, just like it was so important to see 27,000 even become support – push up, pull back, sort of take back off – that leads to opportunities same thing and then the S&P; I recalled I wanted the S&P; 3000 and that happened way back over here where we did push up, pull back to and then took back off and then since this time it’s been off to the races to the upside. So, now where we’re at with this is we want to look at 1,600 on the Russell.

The 1,600 is a super-important level to go ahead make support and the 27,400 level on the Dow. Those are the levels that I really want to get through everything else is looking pretty good right now and I would love to see a test of the 80-50 80-100 area on the Nasdaq to see that hold and then start to take back off but right now the real things I’m looking at is Dow 27,400 make that support because after that it’s blue skies as far as the opportunities and the markets still climbing a wall worried here you probably as most people saw the news announcement from Morgan Stanley talking about how they expected the hey “Don’t celebrate the move , don’t get really excited about this because returns are expected to go ahead and be much lower in the future here for basically the next decade.” Well, great time to go ahead and be an active trader because if that’s really the case and based on this portfolio theoretically that they’ve laid out if the markets only going to look like this well then by actively trading around it in more active areas keep that money working a lot longer, a lot harder, and outperform the “Said it and forget it” routines. So, a great time to be an active trader nonetheless. But there’s still a lot of wall of worry, right? There’s China, there’s impeachment, all of these things in the market just continues to climb and that’s a sign that I just want to continue to be long. I am very mindful the fact that we have these distribution bars though today and so I just want to keep everybody on track. 1600 on the Russell and 27,400 on the Dow. I’m still only focusing primarily on long side trades but these are the levels to really beat before getting gangbusters from here, okay? So, that you know and then also one other viewer question that came in was like you know what are my thoughts on Apple here? So, Apple has been great it’s broken through distribution bars , it’s had reverse inventory retracement bars, all sorts of great moves to the upside. My ITP indicators, my “Rob in a box” basically for months. Apple has been straight up, okay? But with that being said, last week we locked in the big green bars on both daily and weekly charts and at that point I’m looking for a pause to refresh.

The indicators are still locked in there very strongly to the upside but you’ll notice that right now this week is the doji star and the last two days are effectively doji stars as periods of indecision, so, I’m looking for this market start to take back off back into the direction the uptrend not gap up there so I don’t want just to shoot up here and then try to take off but I’d like to see us kind of pull back a little bit and then starts to take back off through these previous levels. Then I’ll entertain the trades because see we’re pretty highly cooked here. We’re almost parabolic on the weekly chart here as well so a pause to refresh would not hurt that’s why I’m not looking to identify any fresh buy signals on this after earlier in the year noting the WSI indicators being up there and the “Rob in a box” tools being just buried, so, right now time for a pause to refresh but that’s why not a fresh buy here and the fact that people are asking about it here instead of when I was more excited about it down below with the indicators firing enough makes me even more concerned. It’s like, “Okay if you don’t believe it here, you don’t believe it here, but now you believe it”, that is of course usually indicative of you know pressure as well start to come in and the last of the people are coming off the fence. So, that’s why I’d like to see you know pullback, alright? So, keep these key things in mind, gang, because these levels are super important just like when you saw when we’ve broke the levels I told you about on the S&P; before. Look what happened here we broke to 27,000 look what happened, well now we’re at that next major bastion on the Russell and the Dow and then from there there’s a lot of blue skies of opportunity and why I’m only focusing on the long side as I mentioned. So, key thoughts I want to make sure you guys were updated on to hopefully keep you on the right side of the trade here because a lot of exciting times ahead and looking forward to having you with me. Have a great evening we’ll see you in upcoming videos. Bye-bye!

Focus on long-only market trades, but be selective. Watch this video

Ok, gang, welcome back! Well, what an exciting week on Wall Street here. A lot of things we talked about is we firmed up on the S&P; we went in and held above that 3000 level that led us off to the races and so everything up to an inclusive of the Dow is either broken through its levels or it’s now at its key level. So, the only real holdout here you’re doing pretty well even on the Nasdaq here at this point and as far as the Russell, the Russell is somewhat of a hold out here admittedly. The 1,600 level is gonna be pretty important for the Russell. So, it’s pretty much at its resistance – it’s a shy of resistance but it’s right there – but the Dow. The Dow here as well, you recall, I mentioned the 27,300 – 27,400 27,400 level I’ve mentioned that now repeatedly since we went ahead and pulled away from those levels, so, for the last month and a half plus we’ve talked about that so here we are right back up there, kind of came just shy of that 27,300 here with about 20 minutes to go Friday afternoon on the market. By the time you see this video Sunday morning you know all this will come to pass but I don’t think we’re gonna have much of a surge here in the last 24 minutes it breaks through those levels, so, the reality is that this is still a key area. But, nonetheless, as I said as long as we stay above 27,000 on the Dow, 3000 on the S&P; that I have no choice but to go ahead and focus primarily on long side trades. Now, that being said, that doesn’t mean you can go ahead and be rampantly and aggressively and overly aggressively just buying anything with a pulse. There are a lot of great hidden gems out there and we’re gonna be showing those to you but, one thing I would like, for instance, let’s take a look here at Costco.

So, Costco and Dollar Tree were two that I had shown you all year long with the WSI indicators and you know WSI is about to go away for the general public out there – off that great wealth365 news site and because it’s become too popular in that and so it’s gonna go away from there be put into a special platform. But, the WSI has been out there and I talked to you about Dollar Tree and Costco throughout the year going ahead and having these really great runs with the WSI and sure enough that had great follow-through. Well, so what happened here was then Costco went ahead and push a pullback. So, it pushed up slightly here and then people were like “Okay, well can I go ahead and get back in?” and from my perspective, I was like “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Part of the reason being is because what was starting to happen was we were losing our market edge on this with my really all-important ITP indicators and that’s bad. You’ll notice that we went to blue here we were no longer the green with the double dots. What I want is green and double dots, okay? And then I want to see double blue down below here and I want to see blue down below here. So, when you see that you got yourself a great opportunity, but when we go to blue here like this and then kind of a gray down over here then as far as I’m concerned any sort of push up at that point it’s just a false breakout. Sure enough, that’s what’s happening. So, those are the kind of things we got to watch out for, so, right now there’s a lot of resistance up here at this 300 level on the Costco, okay? So, keep your eye open on that we’ll be watching it ourselves and see if we do eventually break back up above there and then get everything we’re looking for with the ITP indicators firing back off but those are my lifeblood that’s Rob in a box, you know? That’s me in the automatic format if you will. So, with that being said let’s take a look at Dollar Tree, for instance, so, Dollar three tree very similar situation so rampant just by anything with a pulse is not necessarily the great choice. Now, earlier this year we talked about Dollar Tree. I pointed out to you repeatedly here because we had this wonderful run and the WSI indicators were going off like nuts, the ITP indicators were going off like nuts, gave a lot of really great opportunities with Dollar Tree here and so multiple times this year we had really great optional type moves in some of these different instruments and what ends up happening though was now like for instance this last time you’ll notice that we were making a higher high in price, okay? But then, we were hitting target one on my Trade Rescue Package indicators and we were making a higher high in price without making a higher high in indications that’s a bad thing let’s go ahead and take a look at that here with the ITP indicators. Look at that – not a higher highs in price, not a higher highs there so I’m seeing a big fat negative divergence as well as a hidden a key target here and along with an IRB inventory retracement bar of the distribution persuasion, alright? So, both on weekly charts and on daily charts we were a no-go, okay? So, the thing is, while the market has done a really great job of going up here the last several days, you’ll notice that some of these firms did not so the point that I’m trying to make with this is you still want to go ahead and use our important analysis. You still want to go ahead and focus on the core values. In other words, rising tide lifts a lot of the ships but it’s not going to lift all the ships, so, you still want to go ahead and put a little thought into your energy and your picks which is what we’re gonna be sharing with you here some of those picks that are hot and some of those that are not and the reasons why they are not as well, okay?

So conditions are ripe and have been favorable now since we broke those levels that’s why I’ve been doing more videos as you will note here and the but what’s happening is that it’s just it’s a stock pickers market of a different kind so it’s more forgiving than it was back a few months ago if you are wrong you could be really wrong but you still want to use the basics of what I’ve taught you here over the years in these videos. So, if you guys have questions keep them coming and we’ll try to address those in some of these videos here and just share some of what’s hot and what’s not as you go into this and, of course, we had this nice big spike up here to close the week strong here and about 15 minutes – 18 18 minutes or so and so then as we go into next week the real key for me and the bigger picture when I’m starting to think about Dow 30,000 is, do we break above this 27,300 – 27,400 27,300 – 27,400 and do we keep the Russell getting back above 1600, but in the meantime as I said, below or above three thousand on the S&P; and then 27,000 on the Dow it’s long side or bust and really in the big picture that’s the right choice. It’s not that there are not individual trades as in shorts but from which direction do you want to fight the trend to be a counter trend trader? Or would you rather trade with the trend. Trading with the trend is the easier but you still want to be somewhat selective you don’t have to be as selective as you would have been a few months ago but you still want to be selective so keep the values and keep the things that we’ve taught you over the years in mind here and we’ll share more with you in these upcoming videos as you can see I’m doing more of those because the markets breaking through those key levels and has broken through in many cases the key levels I was telling you about. So, we’re much more active on these areas. So, looking forward to you going ahead and see the upcoming videos here. Keep the questions coming and thanks for being the world’s greatest students have a great night everybody in great rest of your weekend – Bye-bye!

Long Side Only Trades Above These Market Levels Now!

Okay, welcome back, gang! Well, let’s go ahead and do a quick update for you. So, first of all, last week we went ahead and had the S&P; at 3000. This was an important level I was watching for the break. I was even aggressive on the break I was looking for an initial target of 302.50 we actually now have hit actually all the way up to 305 with the 530 50 area with the S&P;, so, we’re looking really good there. it pushed up through 3000 pulled back, took back off, broke above one of my IRBs here and then the rest was history. So that’s exactly what we wanted to see. Now we also then had some bullishness kicking in with the Russell, the Nasdaq, the Nasdaq also went ahead and had pushed up, pulled back, took back off and broke above an IRB and then that led to nice thing.

So, the insane thing with 27,000 you can see over here we pushed up through 27,000 pulled back to it took back off. Now, the one thing I want to note on the Dow we still have – remember I told you it’s really 27,300 – 27,400and so I just want to kind of point that out. Right now we’re still in a band where there is distribution, there is resistance here in the 27300 area and then, of course, clearly a the twenty seven thousand four hundred. So, we still got a little bit of work to do but the S&P; was hitting the new highs and so where we’re at with this whole thing as long as the S&P; is above 3,000 the SPY is above 300, the Dow is above 27,000 it’s long side or bus for me it just has to be on that basis it’s not that we’re not going to have pull backs here we’re gonna probably have some ebs and some flows and everything else but as long as we’re above those major bullish levels that’s where we’re more likely to have the opportunities for additional explosions to the upside and as long as we above those thresholds I’m focusing on long. So, I just want to give you that update.

We’ll talk about some of the individual plays in videos to come. I need to take care of my option students first but I wanted to go ahead and make sure you guys did get an update of where we’re at and a follow on to all those things I’ve been telling you for so long about those key levels and then how we finally push through some of those pull back and made them support and that’s why we’re seeing the excitement that you’ve been seeing in the market. So, now, it’s all coming together for you as we were sharing it before, okay? You guys have a great night looking forward to seeing you some updated videos here with some individual stock ideas and market updates as well. Take care we’ll see you soon, gang. Bye bye!  

The Market Is On The Razor’s Edge Of Extreme Bullishness

Okay, welcome back everybody! Let’s go ahead and talk with you all there is so much. Let’s see if we can compact all this into this presentation. So, as you know, we’ve been talking about DOW 27,000 and at S&P; 3000 The spy 300 and then looking for the Ruseel this firm up here and for the Nasdaq to push through some of those recent key resistance levels particularly like the speed lines in that. So, let’s go ahead and take this by the numbers. So the S head and is right back up and charge right back up to previous highs now, so, we’re kind of navigating those final resistance levels that we have to watch out for these distribution bars in the backdrop that 3025 area. So, it’s great that we did push up through three thousand pullback to it and then that we sort of take back off that’s what led to the nice rally in today so now here we are pushing through that to that final resistance and after that, it could be off to the races, gang. So, we’re gonna be watching the S&P; here at that 3025 area very closely. The Russell is not quite as impressive at this time. The Russell went ahead you can see there’s nowhere near its previous highs comparatively speaking and so I want to see the Russell going into next week really step up its game as far as the Dow this one here hard to believe the Dow 27,000 is still resistance with the S&P; and the Nasdaq look at the way it is by gosh gang, the Dow has been under pressure with someone’s individual stocks and the components they don’t have in a tough time but you know what, components are components and the Dow is the Dow got to get that down above twenty-seven thousand holding and taking off then that basically sets the gasoline on fire here for big opportunities to the upside. So, going into next week watching Dow twenty-seven thousand very closely with the S&P; already primed at the pump for their gains. Nasdaq here, eight thousand level. Super important level. If you take a look let me pull this over and draw the resistance back already see that’s why it’s so darn important right there. All that resistance right in that area proven resistance so just like the SP at 3025. This is a key area for the Nasdaq and then we can be off to the races here as well.

So, really exciting these different markets to say the least and then we take a look at the individual stocks now I’ve told you repeatedly time and time and time again always take a look at the Wealth365 news site they’re recently there’s been some changes if you go too wealth365.com that full-time now goes to the summit site so you gotta go to news.wealth365.com to go ahead and take a look at the news because all that’s being massively transitioned they’ve got the biggest summit ever coming up with 90 speakers. 90 speakers in six days, gang, it’s gonna be insane the amount of incredible talent that’s gonna go ahead and be there and you guys are all going to be given access to this really cool platform. So, there’s some huge stuff going on but right now while you still can take advantage of the WSI indicator because if you notice here  Apple was sitting here registering those 300 numbers. I told you you want to watch out for those types of trades because when you see those things start to fire off go through the 270’s up to 280s that’s the trades you’re looking for and then when they get into 300 you’re really looking for them to kind of throttle ahead. Well, that’s what ended up happening here with Apple and you can see it fired off what we call my institutional indicators, my ITP indicators they’re the Rob in a box indicators as they’re known because it’s basically culmination of my life’s work and so what ended up happening here was those fired off and these markets – every single set of indicators I had here just kind of took off and the rest is history both on a daily and a weekly basis for Apple in fact it just went ahead and then hit target two with today’s run it hit target two both on a daily and a weekly basis. Couldn’t have done it though without all these great indicators of mine firing off so really great stuff there and don’t forget you know tight very nicely with what we were being told in advance with the WSI.

That’s something I’ve always told you to go and keep an eye on so a lot of things unpack there. There’s a lot of great things coming with the Wealth365 summit you can register for that – the new site there you can still take advantage of the WSI while you guys are able to before it goes into that new platform and then, of course, we have these phenomenal markets here that we’ve got a couple of key levels that we’re going to be navigating into early next week and that we’re gonna be looking for great opportunities ahead because there are some significant move opportunities here if we can get the Russell and Dow on board especially that Dow you can see Dow 30,000 here if we actually finally make those level support, okay? So, we’re really having a great week here and looking forward to working with you guys here into next week, so, stay tuned for upcoming videos as we enjoy all the excitement here. Have a great rest of your weekend and stay tuned for individual opportunities and check that WSI in the meantime for opportunities as well. We’ll see you guys shortly take care, everyone! bye bye  

Market failed at 27,000 again, what now?

Okay, welcome back everybody! Well, couple of things here, first of all, everything’s okay here. I had a lot of business travel this week and then had some weird hiccups with a canceled flight where we had to drive across the country all night long basically because our flight got canceled into the evening and there was nothing that was gonna stop me from getting to my little girl’s soccer tournament. So, a lot of little crazy travel escapades this week. So, with that being said everything is great here. Dow 27,000 though, not so great. If you’re bullish what we’re looking at is, of course, the same area I’ve been telling you all this time we keep testing that area. We have not broken through 27,000 pull back to it and taken off. It’s had a couple of attempts had another attempt here this week where we went and tried to push up Briggs it was on the docket for this past weekend for this weekend here and nothing’s come of it. As of right now, we’re sitting here Sunday morning we’ve got distribution bars above us now once again reaffirming Dow 27,000 as resistance. S&P; 3,000 as resistance. As the SPY 300 level as resistance so that we haven’t broken through any of those areas so it trades up in these areas continue to remain aggressively long. They’re not going to be more conservative trades until such time as we push through those levels, push back up, pull back, and then start to take back off, but we do continue to go ahead and test these levels over and over and over again. So, more aggressive longs are going ahead and trading up here. Me? I’m always willing to go ahead and put tests feelers out up in these areas as well.

So, what I’m looking at right now is, can we push back up here above pull back and take back off? Right now though, it is resistance and so both long side and short side trades are still very much in play once 27,000 is support only 3000 is support only on the S&P; then I’m gonna really only gonna focus on long side but, in the meantime it’s gonna open up trades on both sides of the fence just watch out when your earnings are being released right now. So, as we go ahead and look to what’s happening on a weekly basis we actually locked in a distribution bar on the weekly basis. So, what you really want to do is we want to get above the high of this bar. If you’re bullish, like I am I love to see the market go ahead and get above that level and because that could lead to Dow 30,000 if we can actually push through the high of last week and then retest the 27,300 – 400 area I’ve been telling you about here this band then that could be very, very good for the bulls which is why I’m looking at these bigger plays and will it still be bullish but right now you can see those areas are not support just yet. They are still resistance. So, if you’re looking for a conservative play, the best thing to do is sit on the sidelines right here to see what happens. The Russell went ahead locked in an accumulation bar on Friday. The S&P; locked in an accumulation bar on Friday but make no mistake Thursday was distribution. So, you have some back to back areas there. You really want to watch the closest out of this bunch. The cast of characters is the Russell with that accumulation bar there and trying to gain some strength I really want to see the Russell pierce back through the high here. That could take us right back up through 3,000 on the S&P, and 300 on the SPY and make another test for this whole area. So, like I said we’ve got breaks, got rejected here this weekend so we don’t know how the S&P; Futures is going to open up overnight and whatnot. Frankly, I don’t really care. I’m still looking at the bigger picture with this whole thing and this is one thing I want to leave you with before I actually look at a couple of the markets with you is we’re making higher lows here and we’re retesting – look at the distance from here to here how long it took to test and get rejected. Then, look at the distance from here test and then get rejected but then over here even sooner test then get rejected but then right back up. So, you’ll see the cycle here is getting faster and faster where it’s going back up is and we’re making the higher lows. So, like I said, that’s why overall I want to say bullish until such time, so right now those trades on both sides of the fence above 27,000 I’m bullish only and then until we kind of break down here I’m not gonna worry too much about being bearish only. So, that’s kind of a general gameplan there. I’ve been asked though a lot about Gold every time it seems like the market goes down 100 points, you’re like “Gold! Gold!”, okay, so, here’s my position on Gold and just so you guys understand, my ITP Indicators here my institutional Indicators had fired off there all through the summer with a lot of green bars, these double green dots, That’s what I’m really looking for is the double green dots. That means numerous of my strategies are coming together so statistically to have an extraordinarily high probability of success. I also like to see things like, what we call, throttling here, the dual momentum, so, a whole series. You’re talking countless tools and strategies of mine it’s like what we could refer to as “Rob in a box” firing off together. Okay? Great. That’s what I want to be involved in something like Gold, okay? But right now you’ll notice that basically, we’re blue. So, we’re just neutral here. We’ve got no double green dots, no double red dots for a sell, we’re just neutral as could be. That’s sitting on dead money and so I’d rather be out of the trade right now than be in the trade. So, I’ll be looking for a new breakout or a break down to like the double red version of this so, the opposite of this effectively sell-side before doing anything with Gold. So, right now you know if Gold was purchased way down here and you’re a betting person you want to go ahead and see if you might resurge, fine! But, otherwise for any other case if you brought it up in anywhere in here just you’re sitting on dead money or if you bought it up here you’re sitting on a loss. I would rather keep my money at that point dry and to the sidelines looking for the next opportunity from my perspective. So, you’re not in already a well-positioned trade in Gold. I’d wait for a new breakout breakdown let’s go ahead and get a whole new series of indicators firing off giving me that super huge statistical probability of success there, okay?

So, we’ll leave it at that for this weekend I hit you guys with enough and we’ll be doing multiple videos here throughout the week to keep you up to speed as we go and look at different markets. Certain stocks, Goldman Sachs is kind of basing right now. Walmart’s still up at that 120 level I told you about before. Home Depot did push about the key levels I told you so that’s off into the 137 almost 138 area right now, but we’ll give you some updates on some of those things in some of the videos to come here. The key thing is where the market is as a whole right now so watch that Russell. Watch S&P; 3,000, Dow 27,000, the NASDAQ, can it get above the accumulation bars set from Friday and Thursday’s high? Watch those different levels, gang, very closely. Which will really drive your trading and short term investing strategies for the weeks to come and again this week we’ll get several videos out for you, alright? So, have a wonderful night and it will look forward to seeing you here in the exciting trading week and see you tomorrow morning! Take care, everyone. Bye-bye!