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Okay, welcome back, gang! Let’s go ahead and follow up on our conversations from the previous videos and talk about ways to enter these from my perspective. So, the thing that I want to go ahead and start off with is reminder that in my last video I covered, so I don’t want to cover it too much tonight but I’m really looking to break out above this area on the SPY to the upside here. Roughly the 315 area or down below roughly in the 293 area here on the S&P. So basically, last week’s lows and last week’s highs is the first thing I’m looking for, okay? Now, as we tie to that, so, one of the first things I want you to do is put an alert on those areas. Put an alert on those areas.

This week we had a complete inside bar of those areas from last week. So, you have a market that’s coiling up. Now, if you recall, I’ve been telling you over and over again about Adobe, well, we went up to target number one if you remember the training from last week once you get up to that positive 50 area there, basically, we want to back off of the longs, right? So, we talked about that extensively. The thing is, as I’m looking for another opportunity I really want to break above that level. So, the key is to basically set a level on the SPY, set a level on Adobe to be looking for any further continuations and so by setting those alerts in advance and you can do that with platforms like, WealthCharts for instance, you can set the alert and get notified of when things are taking place so those are really good things for you to do to help you identify and then the inverse is true as well. If you’re looking to break down below the bottom end here and then if you have a favorite short side trade in mind, it would be the same exact opportunity. Or perhaps let’s say, you were still in a long, let’s say on Adobe you didn’t take your profits from the opportunity I showed you way down there at 405 but then the SPY is starting to break down here maybe you might want to consider closing out positions and again I’m not a registered financial representative and I can’t tell you what to do with your program. Consult your registered financial representative but I am telling you different opportunities for you to consider, to discuss with professionals in your life and see what makes sense for you but try to put some practicality around how to use some of these key different levels. Just like back over here when the market was breaking above these levels and the stock market was also gapping at that point at that time to kick that off, great, and there was still room to grow up here.

So, look for key support resistance breakout levels on the S&P going into next week and then tie that with the key support resistance levels you’re looking for here so that if the two tick in hot time you have the rising tide lifting all ships then you get a higher percentage probability trade to go along with it, okay but, when your market is struggling and you’re also sitting up here at R2 or the first target if the market’s struggling it’s gonna be hard to get through target one, let alone target two and, so you see distribution bar, after distribution bar, after distribution bar, basically three weeks of distribution on Synopsis. For Synopsis now, you can bet got to get through this distribution band up here and then breakthrough markets and, of course, the NASDAQ is another one to go ahead and use with this as well. Identify the key breakout breakdown areas as well. So, we’ll talk more about those types of things in upcoming videos but I want to start kind of laying out to you how you can start tying in the general major market breakout, breakdown levels and that I share with you and what i’m looking for in the pattern analysis and everything and start tying it down to the individual trading opportunities and then, of course, obviously for all my wonderful intraday traders, we’ll be breaking down how to look at the daily charts versus the intraday to find some of the best opportunities and upcoming videos as well. So, you guys have a wonderful weekend here! Start thinking about how you can set these alerts to track some of your favorite trading opportunities. You can put your favorite options trade on, day trade, swing trade and we’ll be sharing more in the upcoming videos! Take care! Enjoy your weekend! We’ll see you soon. Bye-bye, everybody!

Buckle up for the next big stock market move. Here’s what Rob is watching now!

Ok gang, welcome back! Well, before I go ahead and answer the question on some of the stocks we’ve been looking at as far as next opportunities, some of you look like you saw what we were looking at and enjoyed them and other people missed the first move, didn’t believe it and what not now we’re looking to see where other opportunities may present themselves. So, we’ll go ahead and give you some updates here accordingly in a moment, but let’s first take a look at the bigger picture here. So, first things first, it’s important to note that this entire week has been effectively an inside bar. Very tight ranges for those you that are intraday traders, you already know that and so, as we take a look we’re coiling up here and you can see in fact we’re right there in the speed lines on the weekly chart. We are also below the speed lines on the daily chart and yet we have lots of rise in support coming up right underneath of us here. So, this is called a kill zone. So we have a kill zone on the daily chart and we have an inside week on the weekly chart. So this is a market coiling up and, of course, there will be plenty of news soon enough to go ahead and go around. So, a couple of things that I’m watching – so, do we go ahead and break down below last week’s low? Is one thing I’m kind of watching here or do we start to break above last week in this week’s highs? That’s the very first thing I’m looking at to help me determine short-term direction. So, I’m gonna watch them very closely. From an ITP perspective, we’re kind of pushing down towards that zero line so I’m a little bit concerned about that. I’d like to see us start to pull away from that so basically be more like over here. In fact, let’s just pull this back a little bit further here. So, you see we’re pulling away from that zero line here that’s where you get some really great continuation opportunities. Gravitating back towards the zero line on the TRP, (Trader Rescue Package) that’s not where we really want to be and that’s reflected by here in ultimately I said being caught in the kill zone. So, we’re caught in the kill zone out here on a daily chart. We are effectively in kind of quasi kill zone because we’re in the speed lines here with the support underneath but really what we are is an inside bar on that weekly chart so it’s real important that you know to see on that and that’s why I’m looking at those key levels I was telling you about for further breakout, breakdown otherwise, it’s just “50/50” trading and better left to intraday short-term trades and even there, with the tight ranges that there’s been, on an intraday basis that even can pose its own challenges for those trying to take swing intraday trades, if you will, versus short-term day trades.

So, armed with that information, there a couple things people have been asking about next opportunities in SMPS, well you can see here we got to target two, we died horrible death I went to target two on the opposite side then we went to target two on the other side and now we’ve been stuck there, okay? And just remember, in order to be looking for fresh long side trades now we’re gonna want to get above that target two and hold it and start to take back off until such time as that, this is just making a bunch of daily distribution bars here and so more and more distribution piling up and so that’s just a big fat area of resistance until such times we can get through and see its support start to take back off. So, watch those areas very closely here in relation to target two on TRP. And then as far as Adobe is concerned that’s the other one as I mentioned in the video the other day we got up there to target one and so that’s a natural place where you start to take some of your position off, pull your entire position, being different people are different in their goals, but we’ve had a very nice run on this and I said this entry back over here that I identified for you was just a re-entry from the initial entry back down below. So, this is really a market that’s short term tired here and so what we’re looking at at this point is we really want to get up above this 447.33 area and for 448 because that’ll also that’ll give us above the IRB and then that would get us above the target number one then we could look to see if we will start to make a move up towards target 2 but right now that short term opportunity is over at the moment until we can show fresh reentry signals up over here. Officially it’s still on the buy from back over here but target 1 was achieved and so what I’d like to do as I was mentioning let’s see what that weekly chart of the SPY will do let’s see what that daily chart of the SPY will do and then perhaps the rising tides could start to lift all ships if it breaks out to the upside.

So, I wanted to give you the update on that and show you what’s really happening here and how we’re basically coiling up here in the kill zone on the daily chart and the weekly chart be an extremely tight to the fact that it’s an inside day or inside week (excuse me) over last week and that is this a market coiling up getting ready for big moves and, so, looking forward to the next ride and we will go ahead and keep you apprised to some of the opportunities as we go forward in the coming days. You guys have a wonderful night! I look forward to seeing you in the live trading room tomorrow morning and in the upcoming videos. Take care, everyone, bye-bye!

Did you see what happened with ADBE? You have to know these strategies!

Okay, welcome back, everybody! I hope you guys had a phenomenal Father’s Day weekend and a great summer weekend here. So, really great stuff. If you recall before I did the special events last week on Tuesday and Saturday I went ahead and I shared with you Adobe and the reason why I shared Adobe with you was because we went ahead and had a breakout above the high here. Also setting up then after the words we had a reverse inventory retracement bar which you break above the high of that for a fresh reentry. But with what we call the Trader Rescue Pack that went ahead and had fired off a signal right back over here. A red dot in an uptrend – you break above that red dot that’s a fresh buy signal. Then, right away right thereafter we went ahead and also had what we call reverse inventory retracement bar. Right after that, we had a classic inventory retracement bar. Then we went ahead and had another classic inventory retracement bar, another classic inventory retracement bar, and then we have reverse inventory retracement bar. Each one of these points and I talked to you about the video in advance and then you can see what happened we broke out above that high, we broke out above that high, we broke out above that high, above that high, above that high, above this high, each one of those was fresh reentry opportunities in this and all week long in the video I did last Monday night the video I went in the class on Tuesday, the video I did Thursday night, the weekend class that I did for you – every time I kept you abreast every step of the way how this was continuing to go ahead and fire off fresh signals and now here we are today after kicking off the original signal at 405 we just hit 446 today. So, $41 move here in a little over a week and roughly a 10% move in this stock all using this strategy that I shared with you in advance and then went ahead and took off very nicely from that time and so whether you have the Trader Rescue Pack which gives you the earlier warnings also gives you targets there for instance and things like that or whether you were just going ahead and trying to use some basic tools on your own and then combine it with like the reverse inventory retracement bar, classic inventory retracement bar, classic / reverse all these different tools there or if you’re just watching these nightly videos and saw this you wouldn’t have had numerous opportunities to benefit from that information.

So, I hope that really hit home because we put to multi-hour classes together for you last Tuesday and last Saturday. I said it in advance and then you were able to watch it happen and that’s the power of learning from somebody who actually trades in the market, who actually is involved with the market – isn’t just an internet marketer and actually knows a little something about trading and what I’m talking about and so it’s really important. I hope that day you guys took lots of copious notes, several of you said you did take copious notes during those different classes last week so then it should allow you the opportunity to apply it to your favorite instruments, take a look though Adobe’s a classic case of what I said in advance and then you saw it play out there afterward with the classic IRBs, reverse inventory retracement breakouts, Trade Rescue Package there sung this from the beginning that was the very first signal that fired off and then took off here and now we’re up near target one so a really great point now a lot of people have the opportunity to potentially take profits in that area, reduce their size and be in a much happier place. So, I want to make sure that’s connected with you.

Hopefully, we’ll do more classes like that into the future and stay up to date! Keep an eye out for when we announce special classes like that. That class I did for you last week applied to all traders and I’ve done that probably twice in the last six months so really important to stay up on these, stay up on the strategies and, of course, the Trader Rescue Package is just such an important piece of all that what we showed you. So, you guys have a wonderful evening here! We’ll get you up to date with other market updates shortly but it’s important to follow through the whole cycle what I said before, follow it through during, and then on the back end of it here. So, you guys can see the whole process in action, all right? Have a wonderful night! We’ll see you in upcoming videos. Take care, everyone! Bye-bye! English

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Rob said it, taught it, and then it happened… Again

Well, welcome back, everybody! The markets getting ready to close up here in the next 20 minutes and locking in another reverse inventory retracement bar so looking to see if we can get those markets up here above that 315 level and this is really important hopefully every one of you came to my class here Tuesday evening that I did for you guys. Spent about 2 hours and 15 minutes going through different strategies like IRBs, reverse IRBs, stochastic, a whole bunch of other things that you guys can use no matter who you are. Went ahead and show you some great advanced tools as well and if you guys recall what you learned in that class was about the TRP indicator and in the uptrend breaking above the high of that as a fresh entry and that happened here about the $4.05 cent level and now we got up here right around the 4.20 level so nearly a 15 dollar rally since then. You also learned about reverse inventory retracement bars and inventory retracement bars as examples and you had two great entry and reentry opportunities with those as well. All with these wonderful analysis and don’t take my word for it, the last video I did for you here was right before that class that I did for you showing you how we’re looking for long side opportunities above that and guess what happened already since that time. We went ahead and took off and what’s beautiful about that is we went ahead and at the time we had (let me see if I can still pull that up for you) when I was pointing out was we had Adobe firing off there as well with the WealthCharts – WealthFinder. You see it? There is a new trade so I was showing you why that was potentially a great opportunity as well in addition to those wonderful strategies I taught you guys for absolutely free on Tuesday evening. Well, guess what? Here we are now that was Monday here we are now Adobe now it’s been going for four bars broke out above a reverse IRB classic IRB broke out above the TRP program which was the first one that it broke out above and now it’s up nearly $15 as I’m messaging you.

So, here’s your second and final chance now for some time here. We’ve only done this twice in the last six months I’m doing this class one more time on Saturday to celebrate Father’s Day. So, for all of you lovely traders and the lovely lady traders amongst us please feel free to join us you’ll you know hopefully you’ll learn some things that will maybe benefit not only yourself but that lovely husband of yours if you have one and for all you Fathers, let’s make it a great Father’s Day. I’m gonna go ahead and share more strategies with you, answer more of your questions, it’ll probably go a little bit more than two hours 15 minutes because on Saturdays I’m always more chatty trying to answer more of your questions and I did that, of course, you know even here the other night as we were going along answering your questions about the different strategies and setups and everything. So, come join us one more time here Saturday morning at 9 o’clock Central, 10 o’clock Eastern, and this is gonna be for everybody. So, this isn’t just the 23% with like my ITP program, the institutional trader program, but this is for the retail trading public as well as new and small account guys, struggling accounts, so this is a very special class that we’ve only done it twice in the last six months or so but it’s a really great class that everybody should be a part of and I can’t think of a better Father’s Day gift to yourself or, as I said, for the lovely ladies amongst us going ahead and making things better for yourself which will hopefully make it better for your husband to you so it’s kind of an implied voluntarily Father’s Day gift as well. So, great stuff! I can’t wait to have all of you with us this weekend for this special Father’s Day edition on Saturday morning. I had to bring in the kids and have a little fun with it there as well and teach you guys the things that you need to know because you saw what I said in advance the other day ended up going ahead and happening right here. What I taught you the other day in that video. Go back and watch it for yourself! You’ll see it there in WealthFinder on WealthCharts and then it went ahead and broke out about the strategies I taught you the other night and off we went to the races here.

So, there’s no better proof than that now here it is is going up even as I’m talking to you near the highs of the day. So, great stuff! So, gang, go to right now and I will see you Saturday morning for this must-see, can’t miss event. Take care, everyone! Have a great night, happy trading tomorrow – let’s go ahead and close out the week strong! Bye-bye, everybody. English

Rob’s post-Fed thoughts and tomorrow’s class

Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, as we go ahead and we take a look, obviously, the market was buoyed today by the news that the Fed is gonna go ahead and buy individual corporate bonds and such. So, the thing we’re looking at right now – we’re holding that key support and as long as we do, remember, that’s why I said, “until we get down below that support we’re not gonna be looking for moves down.” So, at this point let’s see if we can actually get back up here above these short-term areas around the 310 – 312 area given that the market is going to continue to support stock market. With that being said, as we’re going and looking, so our short side opportunities have not materialized either. We have not gone ahead and broken down below the channel much like the S&P so no move down so no trade there yet. And then same thing over here, we did not break up above the highs of these areas to look for continuation longs.

So, everything is status quo on those things, but there certainly were several trading opportunities that you need to know about and we’re gonna talk about those in tomorrow night’s special class. So, make sure you join me for tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Eastern, 6 o’clock Central. This is such an important time as you could tell in this market, these are the things you have to know and the reality is, I’m going to make sure that you know we talked about these things I’ll answer your questions, show you these key strategies, and this particular class is one that applies to everybody and really not just the 23 percent. So, this would be a special class that we haven’t done now for months and so it’s a great time for you to go ahead and see this and be prepared as we go into the coming months here at such a critical time.

So, with that being said, go to and I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at that class. Remember, it’s not recorded so make sure you attend live at 7 o’clock Eastern, 6 o’clock Central. I look forward to seeing you at that special event! Take care and we’ll see you guys tomorrow night! Bye-bye! English

Rob’s Weekend Long/Short Trading Ideas After Last Weeks Volatility

Okay, welcome back, everybody! I hope you’re having a phenomenal weekend! As we go ahead and we look let’s kind of recap what we had told you in some of the previous videos and what happened from there and then take a look at a couple of long and short opportunities and some other opportunities to grow in the next couple of days. So, first things first, you recall in a video I did the other day where we were sitting up here right at the target one here and so this is target one on the TRP, the trade rescue package of indicators, and basically what this does is uses really important math to help identify key support and resistance levels based on historical precedents. So, we had shown you that day that we were right up at that level its perfectly normal to go ahead and pause at that point and at the same time like Skyworks here which was high flier but flying really nice, been really going off the shelf with the ITP indicators, my institutional trader pack, and so everything was going along really nicely but, then, of course, that’s why it’s nice to look at the Trader Rescue Pack there and see if we have the target two being hit and so what was happening was basically simultaneously to target two being hit here on the things like high flyers like SkyWorks and that, then we were also having the SPY being hit there as well. So, that’s what we were trying to point out here and warn you about. It’s perfectly normal at this point that we could see a pullback which we did. Then we had a really nice pull back from that point and now we’ve kind of come down to some key support levels, so I’m gonna be watching this 295 296 area on the SPY for instance and really in the big picture here at a minimum the 313 – 315 area on the SPY and if we’re down below there I’m gonna be favoring shorts if we’re up above there I’m gonna be favoring long so that’s why I want to look at some long and short stocks with you here as well.
By the way, of course, if you’re an intraday Futures trader the same concept, right? So, we’re caught in what we call a “kill zone falling resistance” rising in support so it expects whipsaws back-and-forth area until it breakout through those key levels out or down So, even if you’re an intraday trader same thing basically applies to you. So, let’s go ahead and take a look next here at EXPE. Okay, so EXPE the same kind of situation here went right up to target two and then died a horrible death. It came into the rising channel here, now I’m gonna be watching this area very closely and there are two points I’m watching one for a day trade, one for a swing trade. Watching this roughly 75 area the bottom end of the channel for a possible move down into the 6378 area but also if we get below that 6378 that could lead to a longer-term move to 50 and potentially even below. Keep in mind Skyworks here it’s got a long-term trend line support coming up underneath there. Again, a short term day trade opportunity on down to here and then if we break through this area right here this could actually lead to a much nicer move to the downside so and with the travel industry if the CDC gets their way and they reimplement travel restrictions they go and cause lockdowns again which they’ve pretty much already threatened then, of course, that could really kick the travel industry even worse in the teeth and they already have been. So, with that being said let’s go ahead and look at a long side trade here so what I’m looking at with Adobe, Adobe you’ll notice with the TRP we broke through target two, pull back to target two, that’s a magenta line again and then took off and, of course, that’s where I look for runaways and it certainly has run away very nicely. Well, now we break that into the daily chart and you can see it’s been following along with the channel very nicely adhering to that, lots of great resumption, reentry opportunities, reverse inventory retracement bars, inventory retracement bars, all the different usual suspects I teach you guys and what happened was it tried to roll back down here on this bar and you see it had no follow-through and then immediately turned back up and, of course, red dots in an uptrend end up typically being bison. It was kinda like right over here right, red dots in an uptrend end up being fresh buy-side opportunities. So, what I’m looking for is to see if we can get above that 410 area next week and hold that and then perhaps we can have a much nicer move ahead. So, that’s one particular long side trade that I’m looking at here and let’s go ahead and take a look at one more thing. So, as another pro strategy reminder here, one thing to do is we want to look for consistency and higher probability. So, when you get faced with a lot of great opportunities here like with WealthFinder you get all sorts of different potential opportunities one thing to look at is try to find the ones that seem to line up best with the math and so like for all of you that have the TRP indicators, look for the ones where you’re seeing those consistent reversal points. The TRP is based on really proven math, incredible math and science behind that and, so it leading to really some incredible opportunities and so when you find stocks like the SNPS and that that show up on the radar and stuff, in fact, I pointed this out to you before – SNPS, if you recall, and because we had this really nice run going here on the monthly and the weekly charts, right? But then, of course, it smacked into target two, so, okay, “Time to bail, right?” because from my perspective if you’re looking for those ones that goes up to target two, rolls over, dies a horrible death, goes down to the support level two, rolls up, pushes on up and then comes up here to target two, guess what, we see proof that that’s the math working like we want it to. Hits that kind of pushes back, right? So, that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what statistically is gonna happen and when you identify stocks that are really working with that math so well those are some great ones and then, of course, what you’re looking for from there, as I mentioned like with Adobe, if you could push through target two, pull back and make it support that’s where runaways come because most of the time you won’t push through those levels. So, keep that in mind! Another little pro-tip for you. And for a lot more pro tips and a lot more strategies.
I’ve got a special class that’s pretty much applicable to everybody. So, this will not be the ITP class that’s really only for about 23% of all of the trading community, this is a class that’s applicable to everybody. So, that’s gonna be a very special class – it’s kind of my straightforward strategy for day and swing trading and small account but really it’s for everybody new and small lot. Traders struggling, traders, and everybody in between them and those looking for more pro tips. So, join me at this upcoming class Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, 6 o’clock Central, 4 o’clock Pacific. As usual, the classes will not be recorded it’s a live event meant to have you guys there live, interact with you, answer your questions have you grow with us and we’re certainly looking forward to that because right now is an incredible, incredible time to go ahead and be a trader as so many of you know. So, with that being said I look forward to seeing you at this upcoming event here in just two days. Again, go to and don’t remember the breakout, breakdown areas I was mentioning for day traders, for swing traders, some long and short ideas and some things to watch there. You guys have a great rest of your weekend! I can’t wait to see you at this event Tuesday night at Take care everyone! Bye-bye! English