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Ok Welcome back this is just a quick intraday video. I try and switch the videos up to do day trading, intraday trading, swing trading, end of day, all sorts of different videos. With that being said, I would like to follow up from last nights video. We went ahead and preferred to be long above the speed lines in the indices. We are watching the Russell to be the leader, Russell is always the one we focus on, Mainstream media doesn’t focus on the Russell as much, as that makes it important to me. We walked in the Door this morning and the Nasdaq, the Dow, and the S&P, were all above the zero line, but the Russell was below those key areas I told you about yesterday.

That was a warning sign for me and sure enough, we came into the US open and if people saw the market was up in overnight trading so they tried to jump in long and they got their head handed to them as the market ultimately pushed down. With my live trading room today, we had a BBT insider trading day. What they saw me do is focus on the short side trading. What I’m doing here, is into the afternoon, below 1550, I want to be short or flat, above 1555 on the Russell, I want to be looking for longs or flat. I don’t want to short above 1555 or long below the 1550 area. This middle area is where I don’t want to be because whipsaws will be happening.

This morning we were below 1550, I was focused on short side trading. I wanted to let you guys now why at the open when 3 of the 4 stock indices were above the speed lines I didn’t want to get suckered into that when the Russel was below and the other three were above. I often will refer back to the Russell and take a look to see what it is doing and make sure it’s jiving with the other markets. If not, then I watch for potential reversals. Even as we talk right now, you can see we are below the 1550 level on the Russell, and we are still under pressure on the Nasdaq, which is what I have been shorting today with my students. I wanted to give you the update on what I’m looking at and why and what levels that I am looking at there. Good trading this afternoon and we will see you later in the week with additional videos! Take care everyone have a great rest of your day! “To learn more about Rob Hoffman Trader, visit”

Rob is watching THESE markets to start the week. You should too

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at several different market issues. First things first, as we look at the daily charts. If we look at the last year-and-a-half with the resistance. We need to look at the 27,000 area on the Dow. It’s pushed back and hasn’t started rallying yet. 27,000 is really considered resistance from my perspective. We have not officially made this support yet and it’s important.

Also, the Russell is a leader, not a follower. It’s been very weak. It closed out the bottom quarter of the range. First things first, what I’m watching in the big picture, I’m watching the key resistance levels. The Nasdaq performed the best. It closed just a hair above the speedlines. Whereas the Dow closed under the Nasdaq. I want the S&P, the Russell, the Dow and the Nasdaq to be trading above those speedlines to get excited about longs. Note those areas 27,225 area, the 1556 area, the 2994 area on the S&P. Those are some key areas that we’re already above on the Nasdaq. The Nasdaq is coming into earnings and there’s some hot expectations for earnings. It better not disappoint like Netflix. On the bigger picture, we have not made that long-term resistance support yet. On the daily charts, we have those key resistance areas. If we start breaking down on the lows, that could bode very well for selling if we start coming into this process and accelerate to the downside. When the Russell was performing badly, that caused me to focus on short-side trades. As I was doing my Live Trading Room for my BBT Insiders that I do each month, I did live trades on the screen in front of them shorting the stock indices. That was the right call and it put money in my pocket this morning. Watch what’s happening with that Russell. If that doesn’t shore up pretty fast and break below it’s lows, then I’m going to look to benefit from that.

As far as Netflix, people are asking if it’s okay to short it now. We had buy side indications on Netflix. It went right up to target 1, stalled and rolled over to sell side signals. That was three whole days before. The fourth day it gaped down. Plenty of warning on Netflix. Netflix gaped down and opened up below target 2. Once we get down below target 2, that’s where we can accelerate. The next day it opens up, went up first and went back down. That’s called a gotcha bar. That led to continuation short-side trades. It dropped significantly about $18 or so. If you look at risk/reward. Round number support/resistance, basically what we have at this point is the 300 round number support below us and even just a small reversal back to the original target 2. The risk vs. reward doesn’t add up for fresh shorts for Netflix. You’re either in up here or you’re in after the initial gap down where we had the gotcha bar. At this point there’s not enough support. We’ll look at that and other opportunities in the days to come.

Right now, these intraday opportunities are a sweet spot. We’ll give you the swing trade updates as we go forward into the coming days.

Have a great night!

[Market update] watch THESE stocks on Monday

Welcome back everyone! Let’s hit a lot of topics here. First of all, from our last update, I had told you as I have many times the last several months about the key resistance. It’s still to the tick resistance. I told you $27,000 level on the Dow. Today we pulled back and were rejected at that level. The levels I gave you several months ago have proved themselves as super important. As we’re looking at this now. From a weekly basis, we want to get above $27,000 on the Dow Futures and take back off. That could lead to a Dow $30,000. If we can make that support, that could be really exciting for the market. If we break that down to a weekly chart, you’ll recall that the last video I shot for you, we were looking to break above those key resistance levels and that led to some really nice moves particularly on the S&P, the Dow and the Nasdaq. It had nice moves on the U.S. side. Also on the Dax it gave us some nice trading opportunities the last few days. We smacked into that resistance level and the rest is history. This is why I keep going back to this all-important level. If we’re not paying attention to the bigger picture, you’re missing why we’re getting rejected. So, how are we looking at this from an intraday basis. When we see the sells, we realize we’re at a key resistance so we’re looking for sell-side trades. But, when we see positive divergences form, we’re looking for my momentum and fast triggers fire off their sell signals. When we see a positive divergence, we want to back off those shorts and see throttling to the upside. Everything got into alignment and off to the races it went. Once you get the negative divergence, then the rest of the day was a dead market. That’s why we talk a lot about what we’re looking for to back us off the buy signals and sell signals because that could lead to great trading on an intraday basis.

On a swing trading basis, one thing everyone should be doing is go to at which time you can read the Wealth Strength Index. It’s identified so many great trading opportunities. Facebook we had really high numbers and it smacked into target number 2. We had really high numbers (300s) on IOMN and FISV. You can go to and go to the top of the page so I encourage you to go back to that page at With that being said and get access to some of those key things to identify some great trading opportunities.

With FISV, we still have some room to grow. We’re beyond the target #2 so that’s become a runaway. The reason I liked this early in the week is the reverse inventory retracement bars led to a push up here. I want to see Monday if we can pull back and push up above that 380 level. Facebook is at target #2 after firing off some great Trader Rescue signals. So the big thing about Facebook is between this 198 and 200 level, there’s a block of resistance. If we can break above that, we can retest  the previous high set last July, which was around the 220 level. Keep checking that WSI to see if that can give more opportunities as well. The daily charts are reacting. The information I’m showing you continues to be what you need to know. I tell this to you in advance and it continues to be working. I’m still bullish unless I get rejected at this level. We start to get below those accumulation bars and we start to look for the bearish type trades again because we still have negative divergences taking place. It’s noticeable very much on the Nasdaq as well. We’re at this big inflection point. I can’t emphasize that enough.

One more thing I can’t emphasize enough. Go ahead and come to the Wealth365 Summit. Take a look at the lineup that’s happening on Monday morning. You’ll have Ralph Acampora, Ed Yardeni, Tom Sosnoff, Donnie Roberts. It goes on and on. Ralph has given a lot of great insight as have Ed. It’s going to be a great lineup on Monday with Tom Sosnoff. We have an all star lineup. Get registered now by going to so you don’t miss a minute of that kick off day.

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Stocks And Markets You Need To Watch Monday

What Levels Rob Wants To Trade This Morning

Tomorrow Morning’s Trading Strategies

Welcome back! Thanks for being with me. Late last week at those two training classes I did for you. It was part one of the actual strategies from the actual special real-money trading competitions in Europe. I’ll be sharing part two of those techniques at the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. Stay tuned for more information on that. In the meantime, I have a special 3 day intensive class and I have some special training strategies I’m going to be doing tomorrow morning so I want to give you a heads up.

Right now we’re at that important magic 26,000/27,000 resistance area. You’ll recall I want to get above 27,000 on the Dow Futures and push up. What’s interesting is we have distribution from last Friday on most of the stock indices with the exception of the Russell and that’s because it’s been going down the last few days. Normally, the Russell is a pre-curser indicator so if it continues to break down going into tomorrow and the other markets could lead to some great shorts. So my strategies for tomorrow would be focusing on short-side trades. At the same time, if we can break above these distribution levels, I’ll be looking for long-side trades as we’re trying to test that 27,000 area on the Dow Futures. So, we could be looking at both long and shorts at those key levels I gave you. We’ll also be looking at Goldman Sachs as a guide. Goldman Sachs had distribution bars two days in a row and is still struggling to show that this channel can become support. Remember, we want to break above it, pull back and start to take off. It’s not really taking off yet. So, I’m looking at Goldman Sachs for guidance as well as comparing it to the Russell and those important levels like that 1535 area. The double distribution that was lodged on the Nasdaq and S&P. If we can overcome that, it can lead to some great buy signals. If we failed and get down below these key speedlines on the 7720 area on the Nasdaq or the 26600 on the Dow, 1535 on the Russell and the 2940 level on the S&P, that could lead to deeper selling. There’s room to grow on the down side. I want to let you know about the things that I’ll be looking at walking in the door tomorrow as part of my 3 day special event.

Stay tuned for more in the days to come. I’ll see you at the 3 day intensive or the upcoming videos. Have a great night!

The Three Things To Watch For In The Market Right Now

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at a few thing. We’re watching that 26,000-27,000 level so closely on the Dow futures. It’s a very important time and area on this market. There’s three key things I want you to watch. Number one is that level. I really want to get above 27,000, make that support and take back off. The next thing is Goldman Sachs. One thing that I’m watching very closely is how we’re reacting. Once we break this channel, it becomes resistance and has been for a couple months. We’re trying to push above. We closed below it and at the channel. We’re not as of yet making it a support level. The other part of this is the Trader Rescue Package midpoint. It led to a really nice selloff and led to that double resistance level. We want to see if that can get uplifted as well. Some of the markets we had here like the Russell. They came back and made distribution bars. So did the Russell and so did the Dax.

The final thing we want to watch is the situation with Iran. We had a market that generally speaking is climbing a wall of worry. At the same time, it’s at risk here given the Goldman Sachs situation with shooting down the U.S. drone. Clearly, that could lead to some really bad things really fast. Hopefully everyone will be measured in their responses but this can have a direct impact on your portfolio especially when we’re at critical resistance levels.

The three things to watch are: The Dow futures, Goldman Sachs at this channel at 195 and this situation with Iran. We’ll be watching all these closely in the next few days. The beauty with being a trader is in my class today, I taught some strategies and showed you how I won my trading competitions in Italy. I identified one of those trades that happened. We just fired off a sell signal and broke down below one of those strategies that I shared. It was exciting to teach a concept and see students I’ve never met before to identify the strategy. If you missed this class, do not miss Saturday’s class at 7 a.m. PT/9 a.m. CT/10a.m. ET. It will be the last time I’ll be sharing those strategies before the Wealth365 Summit where myself, Tom Sosnoff and other market figures will be teaching you strategies. So don’t miss part one then join me for part two at the biggest Wealth365 Summit in July.

Get yourself signed up by going to and i’m going to teach those special strategies one more time on Saturday morning. I’ll show you the exact charts that I showed you with those strategies. It happened on the screen and was really exciting to see students identifying it live. I’ll see you Saturday morning at the special event!

Strategy Session With Rob: Here’s What You Need To Know For Tomorrow

Welcome back! I was really going to use this as an opportunity now that I’m back here in the U.S. after winning those trading competitions and give you a market update but I figured let’s do one better. While I was away we broke through those key levels I told you about and that led to some really nice market moves to the upside. You’ll recall I told you that’s exactly what we want to see happen. We still have some key resistance levels above us so I wanted to tell you about how to play those. This ties in with what I’m going to teach tomorrow. I have a series of strategies and I’m going to show you how I put them together. At the upcoming Wealth365 Summit, I’m going to teach you a whole bunch more about how I did that as well. That Summit is going to feature a lot of celebrity experts like Tom Sosnoff and more. I’ll be there sharing in a special commercial-free trading session as well. I used multiple ones and put them together. It worked out well. I’m going to kick that off tomorrow morning. If you go to www. you can get registered right now for tomorrow’s event. It’s at 9 a.m. PT/11 a.m. CT/12 p.m. ET. I’m going to start showing you some of the different strategies that I use. You can join me tomorrow morning for the first of the different strategies that I did that will help you out.

I’ll follow up with more of those strategies to complete the series during the Wealth365 Summit. I don’t want you to miss a moment of it. We’ll see you tomorrow morning and give you a big update to show you how I won the trading competitions that was a pretty cool deal. There were several traders and I had a nice performance to tie along with that. We’ll see you tomorrow morning. Go to . I can’t wait to see you there.

Have a great night!

Why The Market Is Not Safe To Buy Yet

Welcome back! Let’s take a look at the things you need to know for the markets right now. First of all, it’s a great rally this week but the reality is we had some great rallies in past junctures. We had a dead cat bounce that led to lower lows. It’s hard to celebrate yet. What we’re going to look for is to get above $26,000 and make that support. That will give us a little sigh of relief but the real sigh of relief won’t come until we get above $27,000. Once we make $27,000 a support level, then the market has a real opportunity for a bull run but based on historical precedence, it has gone down and stayed down. We’re going to be watching some currents and whirlwinds very closely. I’m not going to remotely breathe easier until we get to $26,000, make it support and take back off. I’m not going to get aggressively long until we get to $27,000 and take back off. It will lead to significant longs to the upside.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching where the longs come from in situations like these. On Monday, I was fortunate to do a class for our BBT Insider members where I talked about this. What we’re looking for in a down trend, you’re looking to get caught off guard. You expect another down day. What you’re looking for next is to break back up above the speed lines. With that being said, have a retracement and break above speed lines. What will happen is you will get a whoosh to the falling resistance like the 20 period MA or the downtrending channel that happened back over here. You’ll recall, when we got back to that level, as it was hitting that downtrending moving average I said there is no reason to be excited. We haven’t pushed back above this level, pull back and start to take back off. It’s one big fat resistance level still. Then the market moved back over. All that’s happened is we’ve rallied back up, hit that resistance. You’re talking the 2830 on the S&P, the 1520 level on the Russell, the 25560 area on the Dow and the 7232 area on the Nasdaq and the 12070 area on the Dax. We want to see those areas from being resistance to support and get that Dow back above $26,000. Until we get above that level, we can’t breathe easy. If we get above $26,000, you’ll see how we magically get above these channels. You’ll see how all these different levels and timeframes coincide with each other. Otherwise you run the risk of having more that happens historically where it falls to lower lows. If you want to avoid that, then you have to have the things happen that I’m talking about.

From a trader’s basis, one thing I want to point out is this morning, the market did what it does best. It tends to go on in the correct direction with as few retail traders as possible. As retail traders, we tend to look at things one dimensionally. The real art is to look at things from multiple time frames and multiple avenues. We were at a lot of these resistance levels kicking off the day. I was doing a special event for our student family this morning and I said no longs from my perspective at the open. That paints a really pretty picture. You have a nice green bar and you think it’s going to be a great day like yesterday but then the market turns around and crushes you. Even if it was going to go back in the direction you want, then you get stopped out. Timing is everything. Watch out for those fake moves in the U.S. open.

Let’s look at two different markets. AAPL has been firing off several different longs and was very strong. We were above the zero line on the Trader Rescue Package and firing off longs. Then we hit that resistance that I warned you about several weeks ago and the market started making these distribution levels and it was taking accumulation levels and they became resistance. That’s why I told you, there’s not a single thing that says go long from AAPL. Go back and watch my videos and you’ll see what I said. Sure enough, AAPL trucked down the last few weeks and is still underwater at this moment. Much like where I showed you we had to get back above these key resistance levels, AAPL has got these key areas to get back above. I want to get back above that zero line on the Trader Rescue Package and get back above the channel, make that support so that market can be more free to have a chance to recover. Watch those levels that I showed you on the Nasdaq.

Another barometer to watch on the tech field is Goldman Sachs. So goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market. Goldman Sachs fired off a sell signal several weeks ago. It broke the channel and zero line on the Trader Rescue Package, then took a fall to our official target. At this day and time, it said this would be Target 2 and it went right down to Target 2 a few days ago, made an accumulation bar and bounced. In the big picture, this is a short-term reprieve. We still have the falling channel and we’re still below the zero line. We want to get back above both those things and see this market recover. Remember $26,000 on Dow futures along with Goldman Sachs getting to 198 and making it support. Those are what you want to see if you’re long right now otherwise you run the risk of deeper corrections based on historical precedence.

I wanted to get you up-to-date on those things. Thank you for those who wished me luck on those trading events in Europe. I’ll look forward to seeing some of you there at my talks. Have a great remainder of the week and keep an eye out for update videos. It’s going to be a phenomenal summer as it’s already proving to be. It’s going to be exciting!

Have a great night!