Incredible Trading With The Kill Zone Breakdown We Told You About! So Now What?

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at this incredible trading session. I also want to talk about what has led up to this. Let’s play some catch up on what has been going on in the past couple days.

We had negative divergences. That is where we were making higher highs in prices but not in the underlying indications. We also talked about Goldman Sachs being the lead. I talked specifically about the 240 and the 245 levels in this market. We were waiting because it kept trying to get through the 240. It ended up doing that in one day. I wanted to see if it would continue through the 245 level. It instead locked in a distribution bar. Instead of having a two bar break, it just went back to sell. It got under the 240 level and made that resistance. The rest was history.

This also created a head and shoulders too. It broke through the neck line there, pulled back to it, and then came back down. It ended up becoming resistance again. So goes Goldman Sachs so goes the market. Goldman Sachs was under a great deal of pressure. There was sell signal after sell signal.

We worked down below key support. The RUSSELL was actually going down. We also had negative divergences on the other markets. The RUSSELL ended up leading the way. It couldn’t get above the 200 day moving average and ended up dying a horrible death. The other markets tried to hold on at the 200 day moving averages. There was a quick bounce. I told you all to watch out and that if it didn’t break out above the channel it could roll back over. That is pretty much what happened.

I told you after the big down day that I am expecting a slight up day. That is exactly what we got yesterday. It actually ended up getting into the speed lines. That is usually the target price. It also locked in a distribution bar to boot. We held the key resistance levels. We also fired off fresh sell signals again. What was the plan then?

There were some long side trades right out of the open. I did 6 short side trades and one long side trades this morning. I had some really great buy signals this morning. That ended up topping off. I was looking for the indicators to fire off sell signals again. I ended up shorting like crazy. This move might not look like much. However, if you count the number of points involved, you are talking about well over 60 points of movement. That is around 300 ticks.

We fired off 6 short side trades. You can probably see why. There was massive selling there. The daily and hourly charts were down. We also had beautiful sell signals on the Institutional Trader Package. Everything worked out beautifully throughout this process.

I will still be looking for trades into this Friday afternoon. We would have an accumulation bar back-to-back with a distribution bar. When you see that you are looking for a breakout/breakdown. I will be looking to see if this rolls back over and becomes an afternoon selloff. If I have enough buy signals, I might take some of those. The sell side is the favored side with all the pressure from above. The sell side gave us 6 winning trades this morning live and in front of people. The sell side was a little easier because everything was coming down on us like a ton of bricks.

A lot of great stuff has really come together. A lot of the things I was telling you guys in the recent videos has really come together. That was a heck of a way to end Friday morning. I might do some more trading into the afternoon. However, I’m really looking forward to what might come. If the bar locks in as such we could have distribution back-to-back with accumulation. That would really box the market. It could tell the market whether to breakout/break down.

This is a beautiful time to be a trader. I used the same trading strategies as well. I combined this all with what I taught you all at the Wealth365 Summit. This is such a great time to be a trader. Let’s have some fun heading into next week!

It’s Great To Be A Trader: The Massive Kill Zone Rob Warned You About Broke Down

Welcome back everyone! What an exciting day today! In the Wealth365 event we were focused on the tools and indicators that you would need. We don’t even need to wait till the elections and earnings seasons. I said that between those times there would be huge moves. You can identify things that might happen in the market. I do it often in these nightly videos. I don’t say that to brag. I say that to teach you so that you can potentially have bigger successes in your trading.

I was getting 23 trades in the Live Trading Room. It was madness in the markets. I cranked out several trades this morning in the Live Trading Room as well. There are so many great opportunities in the mornings and afternoons. What a beautiful time to be a trader. I told you that before. Here is the proof!

Let’s talk about some of the things that got us here and where we are at. I told you for a couple months about Goldman Sachs. So goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the markets. I told you all about the 240 level. Once we pushed through that level with one bar, we need to get through the 245 level. You possibly used up all the energy to get to that resistance. We ended up locking in one of my distribution bars. Right back down the pipe it went! I talked to you about how bad that was for the market.

You basically ended up having a head and shoulders type pattern. We then talked about the neckline. I said that if we break through that, it could be very bad for the market. We ended up breaking through the neck line and it ended up being very bad for the market. We are at a very important level. That is not just with Goldman Sachs, but the market as a whole.

Goldman Sachs is now at its long term weekly support. That is also a round number support level of 210 as well. It has had quite a failure here. It really needs to start firming up around the 200 level and above the 220 level fast. You do not want to see this break below the weekly support and make this resistance. That could bode very poorly for the market.

I talked to you about the massive video in the last video I did for you guys. Sure enough we knew there was going to be a big explosion out of the kill zone. The kill zone is the rising massive support levels against the falling resistance levels. We saw that on multiple instruments here. We also had the big accumulation bars as well.

We initially looked to see if we could get some good long side trades. I didn’t take any of those because we didn’t get them. We were looking to see if it would bounce off the key support levels. The buys didn’t buy at that point. What should’ve gone right back up the ladder. That is if the market wanted to be bullish. It kept breaking down instead.

My ITP was saying sell, sell, sell, sell. We had this positive divergence. We were making a higher high in price, but a lower low in indicators. The market should have went up there. Rule number 1 is that if the buys don’t buy it is time to sell. We rolled back down below one of the important ITP indicators. It just went down the hatch hard and fast. There was massive selling here. This may or may not look like much depending on how much you know about the markets. That was around 60 points in around 10 minutes. That is around 240 ticks or 1200 U.S. Dollars. This is a 5 dollar per tick item.

It ended up doing it again going into the afternoon. We were making lower lows in price and higher lows in the indicators. That is a positive divergence. It rolled back down below that and you know the rest. It sold off into the rest of the session. This is very important stuff. There were so many sell signals on the ITP. If you were doing anything but being short, you weren’t being a professional trader. You actually weren’t being any type of trader. Everything lined up with the indicators.

I have explained this in the nightly videos. I said that we were in the massive kill zone with the key rising support and falling resistance. I explained where it needed to start pushing to the upside or we would sell off. You are now seeing the selloff.

You will usually get a small reversal after days like today. Nothing will really surprise me heading into tomorrow. I am going to be looking for negative divergences. I am going to watch my indicators to give me a sign. I would love to see the market continue fail over and over from the perspective of a trader. That has ramifications in other parts of the markets obviously. That is one of the reasons why I am a trader.

I am going to look to see if the buys don’t buy and we roll into more sells. We could have a retracement back up. Unless we have some great charts to the upside, I would rather see it pop back up and roll over. The market tends to walk the stairs up and ride the elevator down. That is what makes the market so great.

We forecasted this and warned you all about this. There were so many negative divergences on these key markets. I talked about Goldman Sachs failing the important levels above. That dragged the market down as well. All of that came to fruition. I would love nothing more than a ride to the downside. Anything where this market only goes up to the long term support levels and rolls, that just adds more fuel to the fire to the downside. A lot of people are placing bets on blue waves or red waves. Everything has been made very clear politically. The Democrats have stated exactly what they will do to President Trump and his policy. The Republicans have said what they will do if they hold office. It’s all out there gang. As these results start to come in, people will start to make their decisions as well. We are very close to that as well.

These are very exciting times to be a trader. Keep in mind that bounces won’t impress me that much unless I can get 2 or 5 minute charts cooking to the upside. I also want some positive divergences where the buys are actually buying. Those are not nearly as fun as riding the elevator down as people have seen.

I want to see if we hold the resistance levels in the big picture. If that happens we could be in for a lot more fun. I hope to see you in the upcoming videos!

There’s The Morning Pullback We Warned You About Last Night. A Coil And Breakout Is Coming.

Welcome back everyone! Let’s do an update video about last night’s video. You can check that video out by clicking here. We told you that we were looking for pull backs today. We had massive overbought sign in a brief down trend. We aren’t really in much of a downtrend overall. However, we are in a situation where the last several days have been down. I told you two days ago that I was looking for the plunge protection team to kick in here. That was because of all the accumulation on all the different charts. We sure enough bounced off the 200 day rising moving averages on three of the four U.S. Market’s charts.

I told you in last night’s video that we were too far overdone. We ended up reaching the target. Those targets were the channels. There was a lot of resistance at the channel on the NASDAQ. The channel on the DOW was also hit too. With two of those hitting the targets, that meant we were more likely to see a pull back this morning. I told you that in last night’s video. That ended up happening.

That really is just tightening the noose. Until the channels are broke above, there isn’t really any hope for a mega rebound. Keep watching the levels in these charts here. That is the 75 level on the NASDAQ, the 26200 area on the DOW, the 1670 level on the RUSSELL, and the 2875 are on the S&P. Until we are above those there isn’t much hope for a major rebound.

If you are looking for the big sell off, we want to get back down below the 200 period moving averages and accumulation bars. Those are inventory retracement bars. They were trying to defend the 200 day moving average. That is a barometer for funds. If we can get below those we could see major drops. Right now there is a massive fight between the bulls and bears. The bulls are trying to take the support levels and make the market hold up. The bears are using popups to sell back down.

This is a coiled spring of support and resistance to me. We are looking for break out/break downs from there before we get serious. We have earnings and elections seasons coming up. There is plenty to help us navigate those waters. In the meantime, I am taking day trades between the support and resistance areas. I fired off several trades in my Live Trading Room this morning doing just that.

Keep those levels I reaffirmed with you in mind. Everything that I have said in the last couple videos has come true. This is just validating what is going on right now. We need to be poised for breakouts. We also need to be prepared for shorter volatility trades as well.

I look forward to seeing everyone in tomorrow’s Live Trading Room and tomorrow night’s videos!

There Goes The Stock Market’s Plunge Protection Team Off Of Key Support

Let’s get a quick update out! I told you guys about the plunge protection team in last night’s video. I talked about these different things at the 3 and 7 minute marks. Sure enough, we completed that entire cycle in one day. That is why things were titled three more weeks of exciting market volatility.

We held that important 200 day moving averages. We also held the accumulation bars too. We had accumulation on the RUSSELL and DAX as well. That led to some great trading in the Live Trading Room this morning. This is where the rubber meets the road.

The channels are the real challenge points. We still have some room to grow in some of these. You will notice that the DOW is coming right upon the channel. The NASDAQ has hit the bottom end of the channel too. There could be a morning reversal back down. If you go into the open with a move up I will start to look for reversals. I would be more cautions to the long side.

I was a bull today in the Live Trading Room today. I said that I am not shorting this today. We were already at key resistance. I wanted to watch that the hope that the RUSSELL would get above the speed lines. That was really phenomenal stuff.

You all need to go back and watch last night’s video. If you had to miss it, don’t miss it again. Let’s remember that we are at a very critical area. Typically after a wide range push there ends up being a small pull back the next day. The exception to the rule would mean it would continue on. If it were to do that it would be a phenomenal buy signal. Once the sells don’t sell, it could be time to buy again. That is how I look to play it.

This was a nice continuation video from last night. This is the big deal right now. We really need to be watching this. I will be doing just that heading into tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you all then!

At Least Three Or More Weeks Of Exciting Market Volatility Ahead. Here’s Why.

It’s been a big couple weeks here. We had the Wealth365 Summit last week. The servers even crashed because of the large growth. You can see the people you want and like without walking out of a hotel room or anything. You can see the best people without having to go anywhere. People are very rapidly realizing that it’s the best way to do that. So many people have been thanking us for that. People don’t have to feel awkward leaving in the middle of a presentation. There are so many benefits. Thanks for making the Wealth365 Summit great!

I talked to you about a lot of different things leading up to the Wealth365 Summit. We broke down and had those negative divergences. We talked a lot about those negative divergences. We had a higher high in price and the key indicators were making lower high in prices. We call those negative divergences. That is a bad place to be. The RUSSELL was sneaking down under the radar. Financial news channels don’t cover the RUSSELL the way they should. They always cover the NASDAQ, DOW, and S&P. I told everyone to be watching the RUSSELL. Sure enough, the other markets finally broke down. We got down below the speed lines on the RUSSELL.

Now we have hit the all-important support levels on 3 out of 4 of the Stock Indices. The DAX and RUSSELL are at key support levels as well. The DAX and RUSSELL have accumulation bar support. That is where one or more institutions stopped the market from going down. They also drove it back up. That also plays with the 200 day moving average and accumulation. This is where the plunge protection team has to do its thing. They need to get these reversals. I told you all last week about a profit I made last week involving stuff I talked about earlier in the week. There was a beautiful snap back reversal. I said that the snap backs were going to be huge. I saw a profit opportunity in those areas. The same thing ended up happening this morning. The market was going down. We were making a lower low in price and a higher low in the indicators. We also were breaking back above the recent relative highs. We also got back above the speed lines. I mentioned this all in previous videos.

That is the Three Musketeers Trade. That has ultimately went up around 60 points since that happened. That is about 1200 dollars a contract move back up. It is still climbing as I am speaking to you right now. We are at the high of the day on the RUSSELL, DOW, and the S&P. If the plunge protection teams are going to kick in, this is where they would.

I have been talking a lot about Goldman Sachs. I told you about the 240 and 245 levels. Once we finally got above 240 it shot up to 245. I saw some very key resistance in that area. I said this is where the rubber meets the road. I knew that the 245 area was huge. I said that we had a head and shoulders sighting. I said that if we broke below that it would be bad for Goldman Sachs and the market. It ended up doing just that. Goldman Sachs now has accumulation bars as well. The overall market had these key levels. When Goldman Sachs broke below that level it was a kiss of death for the markets.

I showed you at the Wealth365 Summit how I was trading the markets using strategies I taught. We have a very critical levels to watch. The 200 day moving averages and accumulation bars have to hold. If they don’t, we could see much steeper deteriorations here. The plunge protection team needs to kick in now. There might be short term longs back up to the channel. That would be the real tell here. Until we get back above the channel we can’t have any happiness from a long term swing trading perspective. That is where you will get your best runs in the markets in general. Those would really be like one or two day swing trades if we can clear those areas. It is more of a day trading market right now to me. I even had a video that explained why this is a great market for active traders. That was the last video I talked about with you guys. The profit opportunities are massive right now. We have Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, and the elections coming up. There are so many things that are going to keep this exciting right now. What a great time to be a trader or an active swing trader. I look forward to working with everyone in the days to come!

The Perfect Time To Be An Active Trader

Welcome back everyone! We have a market that is basically net-net neutral right now before FOMC. The S&P is into the speed lines. The DOW is just below the speed lines. We also have a falling RUSSELL and rising NASDAQ. My strategy is going to be watching to see who wins and loses after the FOMC. Is the RUSSELL going to get back in line? I will then look for long side trades in the S&P. If I am trading smaller size for risk management, I would look into the NASDAQ. I am currently on the bigger size piece of this.

I otherwise want to see the RUSSELL sell off into the afternoon. I might look for shorting there then. We need to get through the FOMC. I want to see all of those things moving together. This is a split decision gang.

We are only roughly 10 or 12 days away from the incredible Wealth365 Summit. This is going to be focused on trading and investing because of earnings season. We also have the election a few weeks after. A lot of the speakers will be focusing on trading executions and strategies around earnings and elections season. This is going to be a big one! This will be a perfect timing for a perfect show. You will all want to be a part of this can’t miss event! I will explain some of the things I did to win my most recent trading competitions. Go to right away to sign up! I will see you there!

How To Get Prepared For Six Things That Could Throw The Market For A Loop

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several important things today. It is great to be back with everyone after being in Europe last week. I ended up winning my biggest ever trading competition ever there. I will be explaining how you all can benefit from that as well.

Let’s take a look at the markets as a whole. We are holding on for dear life at the S&P key speed lines. We held the midpoint of the channel on the RUSSELL. It had a rally but got caught in all the resistance above. There are about four resistance levels holding the RUSSELL down right now. We are holding on for dear life on the DOW right now too. The NASDAQ bounced off the speed lines as well.

Right now the markets are still in an uptrend at this point. I told people to watch about for shorts. I said that they will work at some point. You can get the sharp moves to the downside. That will trap retail traders in using the long red bars. The market ends up V-Spiking right back up. As long as we are holding the key support levels, it is a big fat no for me from an intraday perspective.

There are 6 things right now that could affect the markets in the short term. President Trump will be meeting with leaders in the United Nations. He will be trying to convince them to stop working with Iran. If that fails, it is probably going to make Trump mad. He might gearing up bigger trade war issues with some of the countries that don’t want to isolate Iran.

The trade wars as a whole are another thing. China has made it clear they don’t want to be held at knifepoint. President Trump obviously wants to keep the head on. Could those things spiral out of control?

The FOMC is tomorrow. They have pretty much indicated that they are willing to move two more times and see what happens. How will that affect the markets? It is kind of baked into the cake to some degree.

The Kavanaugh hearings are another thing that can play into things. A lot of turbulence could come if he were to not get appointed to the Supreme Court. A lot of people have been following all of this closely. That is on both sides of the fence. This could certainly learn to market repercussions. This directly ties into the last two.

The earnings and elections season is about to be here. Some of those things tie into each other as well. There will be a lot of volatility and opportunity. This could bring a lot of risk if you aren’t prepared for that.

The last trading competition was multidiscipline. It featured Stocks, Futures, and Equities. There were three different segments to the competition. It was bigger and more intense than the ones before. Those were still very intense though.

We have the Wealth365 Summit in less than two weeks. I am going to be sharing some of the strategies I used to win the competition. I will also be focusing on the earnings and elections cycle as well. I also know that some of the biggest names in the industry who are speaking at this event will be focused on trading and investing. A lot of them will be focusing on education centered on the earnings and election cycles. This is going to be different than some of the previous ones. There will be a laser focus on the different things you need to know. You just can’t help but be there because of all the things on the horizon. You need to know how to trade and manage your risk through the process. You can go to to sign up! It is free to sign up. Join me and so many other market professionals. This show is continuously growing so you will see plenty of new faces. I can’t wait to see you all there!

After Exciting Live Trading This Morning The Theme Is Balance

Welcome back everyone! I have been telling you that the markets are overall up. Even the RUSSELL, which is pulling back at this time, is still in an uptrend in the bigger picture. There are plenty of accumulation bars in the backdrop as well. You have certain institutions that bought down below. They were betting that the market was done for. There are others that are thinking this is a buy opportunity still. They are willing to absorb these pull backs for the expectation of further gains. You have a market with some rotation going on between the different firms.

Yesterday we had two and two. The NASDAQ and RUSSELL were both under pressure. The DOW and S&P were stronger. We actually did trades on both sides of the fence. That was for shorts and longs. Today it was more balanced in the direction of the longs. Even the RUSSELL was stronger earlier on in the morning. When we came in, we were firing off my institutional indicators. Obviously I fired off multiple long side trades. That was the best trading of the morning. The RUSSELL started to grow weak and also pulled back. I basically backed off at that time. That has led to a market that is trembling along. There haven’t been any real gains at this point.

I am going to be watching for more trading. Right now we are balanced. We really want to see some imbalances. We are watching the RUSSELL very closely. The preferred trade of choice would be to continue the long cycle here. The RUSSELL would have to come off the lows. It would ideally get through the 1717 area. That could lead to some more upside pressure on the markets as a whole. These markets certainly want to go long. We have seen accumulation bars after accumulation bars. Someone is looking at these pull backs.

You have an almost equal force of sellers and buyers. We are looking for imbalances right now. I want to see one side just give up. I want to see the sellers say they are done selling. I then want to see the buyers decide to buy more! That is why I have been more willing to aggressively go long. That has been the right thing to do. Everything has been saying buy here. I need to trust my work. That is exactly what I did. I am not oblivious to the fact that we are at lofty levels. I will want to see if the RUSSELL deteriorates. The preferred trade of choice will be the RUSSELL lightening up above the 1713 level. I hope it pushes about 1717 for an afternoon rally. That is the preferred day trade of choice. I am going to show you some things that I will want to be on the lookout for in the future videos.

The Theme has been balance. Speaking of balance, don’t forget that we just added several new speakers to the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. These are speakers who have never been on this show. You will not want to miss them and the experts who will be focusing on the earnings season. Go to right away to sign up. It is free to register! You will not want to miss that event! There will be some great pre and post show events as well. There will be people giving pure content during their presentation. There will be a lot of really great stuff this time around. I am looking forward to you all being there. Go to to sign up!

These Markets Are Offering Up Big Opportunities Right Around The Corner

Welcome back everyone! This is going to be a quick update video here. This is so exciting right now!

I have been telling you about all the accumulation and distribution bars on the DOW, and RUSSELL. You still have distribution bars above on multiple charts. You are also creating new distribution bars today in the DOW. This is a huge fight right now. People are still finding value to buy right now. There are others just saying they are out. This is going to break at some point. I am certainly looking forward to that.

I am looking at this from a play by play perspective. I am not putting any large swing trades on at this moment. I want to see which way we are going to break out at. We had a huge accumulation bar yesterday on the DOW. We had a huge distribution on the bar today. The NASDAQ and the RUSSELL were selling off this morning. The DOW was doing very well this morning. The S&P was just doing okay. I was very reluctant to the short side because of that. I couldn’t help doing it anyway because my indicators were screaming to short.

I then told everyone to watch out! I said this was making a positive divergence and turning around. Right after the open, it had a quick drop down. It ended up taking off like a rocket to the upside. It ended up killing all the people that jumped in short. The charts are still uptrends in the back drop. I said if the DOW starts to come around again, and the S&P holds, that I would focus on the long side. I basically focused on shorting earlier. I now start the room at 8:30 CDT because of all the opportunities coming in the morning these days. I made more money to the upside in the Live Trading Room in the morning. When they pop back up it can be exciting. The DOW was drifting down slowly. The others were heading down more sharply. The market started to come off the lows. Everything was starting to come meet these rising markets. I ended up focusing on long side trades then. It was a tale of two markets here. There was accumulation and distribution bars. I really want to watch all four. The intermarket analysis is huge right now. I want to see if they are all travelling together. Today two went one way and the other two went another way.

Keep that all in mind! I am going to be talking about that more in the next couple days. You can’t make a bet on the swing side just yet. We haven’t cleared these resistance levels. That could show us that we are back into the next run. I also don’t want to be short with all the accumulation bars down below me. There is also a rising trend. I want the market to show me a direction. In the meantime, this is a beautiful trading market. I look forward to seeing you all in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow night’s videos!