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Okay, welcome back, everybody! As we go ahead and we take a look here – this really follows on from the previous videos that I’ve shot for you recently. There’s been a theme since the videos that I did even before the summit. You’ll recall that I went ahead and was telling you then and then we see what’s happened now the last two weeks from that. We have massive falling resistance on top of us. Significant rising support underneath of us. This term that I give for it is the kill zone and the reason being is I picture it as defensive forces on both sides all lined up here and kind of all lined up over here and every time it goes down here I’m looking for it to pop. Every time it goes up here looking forward to get knocked back the opposite way and we’re waiting for that to be settled. In the meantime, that offers up opportunities on both sides of the fence here and so like for instance here on the daily chart you’ll notice the daily chart smacked right into falling resistance and then held right at today’s support as well. So, both daily and weekly support and multiple weekly and daily resistance levels hitting simultaneously.

Gang, we talked about this in advance over ten days ago, it was more than ten days ago actually because it was before the last Wealth365 Summit and then I kept giving you and the updates here earlier in the week on this so you can see the major impact on this which is really exciting. So, the way I focused on this on an intraday basis is – the markets closed now. It’s now nearly 3:30 Central time 4:30 Eastern Time on Friday afternoon but basically what I just did was focused on this from a longside perspective because a lot of the damage was done in the morning on the short side where I wasn’t able to be as readily accessible but that’s the beauty of being a trader, you could pick up kind of where you left off at any point in the day and go from there and what was happening was we were coming down to key supports and at that point, we started going and firing off some of the trades that I’ve taught you guys here with the throttling. Wave ones and waves two, so, you can see we kind of had that first wave kicking in here then we had a second wave until it’s smacked into falling resistance. Then it fired off again here with a full-blown wave one throttling which then led to another wave two giving some great long side opportunities here into the session. I had one small short in there to be quite honest as well but it’s really small and I can’t remember where I did it now but that’s okay! The primaries were focusing on the long side there. So, the bottom line is because of the daily wrong one because of the daily supports and the weekly supports with those defensive forces lined up in that area looking for by opportunities made more sense because a lot of the damage had already been done on the sell-side in today in particular here. Then throughout the week as well.
As you know, I was not a raging fan for buy-side breakouts at this point or sell-side breakdowns. I said we have to get through these levels before we can go. So, in the levels, I gave you previously if you recall on the SPY who was 270 to the downside and 300 to the upside are the two major levels we’re looking at. Everything in between there is basically just noise, okay? This leads to more short term trading opportunities very short term options or very short term intraday trades for that matter if you want to go home sleeping like a baby at night like I like to. So, with that being said, specific options and very specific cases make sense but if you have the methodology where you like to follow the market have the rising tide or falling tide lifts all ships or sink them all then you’re not in that point. You’re gonna get very specific trading opportunities right now but the good news is we’ll be able to talk about all this and look at all this together next Tuesday. We have a live event there. We told you during the week of the summit that we were going to go ahead and do this very special live event and we’re gonna do that on this coming Tuesday here for you so it’s officially at 8:45 Eastern is when it’s officially supposed to start there we start a little bit later, we’ll see but we’re talking about inviting you through the whole process for all of you that have WealthCharts then you can come into our main room with us instead of just watching it through WealthCharts that day, although that’s normally a great way to catch us each morning there for the first 45 minutes and then go through that morning and do some training, some trading and really try to answer all of your questions for you. So, that’s gonna be next Tuesday morning. This is the event that we promised you through the Wealth365 event. We want to deliver on that and so next Tuesday morning, May 5th. So, register at Ziad’s gonna be there, I’m gonna be there, Laurie’s gonna go ahead and be there.

So, you’re gonna have stocks, futures, ETFs, options, the whole nine yards that we’re gonna be all look at, focus on to educate, look to trade, etc. So, it’s gonna be a great event there and this is just as a reminder that fulfillment of the promise that we made to you during the show. So, with that being said these are the key things that we’re still continuing to watch. Factor this into your trading as I have here. That’s what I’m doing here and really looking for the big 270 and 300 levels as the major levels to get far more aggressive on things. In the meantime, just enjoying the short term opportunities that the market presents each day as we can. So, with that being, said you guys have a great rest of your weekend and Ziad and I will look forward to seeing you at this very, very special event, alright? Have a wonderful night, gang! We’ll see you Tuesday morning. Take care, everyone! bye bye

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Rob and Ziad review trades from today and tomorrow’s focus

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Okay, welcome back, everybody! Well, with just a few moments to go here on the cash session in roughly eight or ten minutes or so. We’re basically now firing off long side trades and the market is spiking up. So, at this point just backing off and because you can see all the signals are firing off longs and this is really a short side opportunity still. The daily chart with what I’ve been telling you the thing was that if we got back up above the speed lines I’d be focusing heavily on long side trades. If we were down below the speed lines, I’d be focusing heavily on short side trades. So, this little counter-trend rally here with only a few minutes left on the day it’s great that the WealthFinder on WealthCharts was finding new longside opportunities but the reality was, at the end of the day on a Friday go ahead and take any sort of long side trades. If it would have happened earlier in the day I would have considered it but the better training opportunities from my perspective are down below the speed lines focusing on the short side trades and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been focusing on short side trades today not a banner day. Grossed over a thousand twenty-five bucks not a banner day by any stretch of the imagination but nonetheless every thousand dollars opportunity helps in this kind of environment with the coronavirus land, right? So, what we’re doing right now is going into Monday we’re gonna have a very key focus here on what’s happening with the speed lines. Where are we with the speed lines? If we’re down, especially if we start breaking down below the lows of Friday and Thursday here that could really open up some wonderful opportunities short but I’m also conscientious of right now. We’ve got a potential “W” pattern buying.

So, technically on Monday with the “W” pattern buy we should be looking for this to break back up above the speed lines to be looking for long side trades especially if we cross above Friday’s high. But if the buys don’t buy then that can lead to some phenomenal selling going into Monday and then, of course, I’ll be gleefully taking all of the standard types of trades I teach you in my trading there. So, with that being said, the strategy here at this point going into Monday focusing primarily short especially again below Thursday and Friday’s lows. A strategy focusing on longs above Friday’s highs is basically what we’re gonna be looking at. Now, there’s so much more to go into that and so what I want to make sure that I do, my team was very wise to remind me it’s been seven months. Seven months since I went ahead and shared with you several of my strategies that apply to all traders recently I went in and I talk to you guys about my ITP and here’s my institutional trader in tools and indicators but it’s been seven months since I shared with the entire group the ones that apply to everybody not just my serious traders most advanced traders but for the casual traders. The budding traders, those looking to become traders, etc. For all of those traders, it’s been seven months.

So, what we’re gonna do is this coming Tuesday we’re gonna go ahead and do a special class. If you go to I’m gonna do a special class I haven’t done now in seven months for all the rest of you. So, this is gonna be a massive event. This is for our traders who trade small accounts, the newer, struggling, trying to find their footing, all those different things here and so this is gonna be a really phenomenal class to go ahead and get you guys involved with. I cannot emphasize that enough. So, really great stuff! I’ll see you Tuesday night! Several of you I’ll see Monday morning, of course, in the live trading room and everybody else I’ll see on Tuesday night at this very special event and it’s very timely given the fact that we’re all, you know, at home and you know with the Coronavirus and everything else it’s great time to go ahead and learn the markets and focus on them and this is a great opportunity. So, we’ll see you Tuesday night! See you Monday morning in the live trading room for all of you that are part of that and have a wonderful and safe and healthy weekend. Take care, everyone! bye-bye

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