Can The Market Get More Exciting Than Now?

Welcome back! It’s another exciting day on Wallstreet. The long and the short of it is, we came down and tested some really important support levels on some of the major stock indices today and we found support at those levels. There’s some really incredible news that’s out there. We already had a market that was right for pull backs. I’ve been telling you in advance about the negative divergences but we still have rising support underneath us. I told you that the next couple of months was going to be phenomenal trading and it’s happening. Right now, for those of you who maybe are just joining us, we’ve been talking about this 15 month massive resistance level. Currently, we’re still pulling away from that. We’re making basically equal highs in price. We have negative divergences here. We have lower lows in price and indications. That puts us in a lot of pressure. Until we get above that 27000 level on futures, this market is in jeopardy. That’s going to lead to individual stock picking opportunities to the long-side as we showed people in that special VIP event that we did this morning. This was a 2 hour and 45 minute class and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Nike is one of those stocks that is firing off my indications really well. It’s breaking through Target 2 levels. It did that multiple times. We got to the sell-side and hit Target 2 to the tick. It pushed back up and hit Target 2 again right to the tick. Those targets were out there from day 1 and we basically got up there. Nike has their new iFit product that they’re looking at launching to be able to digitally fit you remotely so you know the size shoe you need. We did a report on it that you can read at We had a unique exclusive article that we’re looking at now. We’re looking to see if Nike can find support off of these weekly chart levels and start pushing back up with some fresh buy signals. This is an individual stock pickers market right now. We showed a whole bunch of stocks right now that were still listed as open position stocks. We did a whole trading course on volatility and shared some great tools and strategies that you can do on your own. In fact, while we were doing our presentation, the market went from the sell-side breakdown this morning and tested the resistance then broke above that tool. Off to the races it went. It was really a phenomenal day!

If you did not make it to this morning’s session, which if you aren’t a VIP member, you wouldn’t have. We’re going to do a smaller event tomorrow. Make sure you get there by going to There also might be a follow up event on Saturday. Either way, whether you want to come to tomorrow or Saturday’s event, you need to go to It’s going to be me and 10x international trading champion Davide Biocchi. We knocked it out of the park this morning with our day trading and swing trading class. You’ll not want to miss it. It’s at noon ET time on Friday. You have to get registered now to be a part of that.

I warned you about  the resistance levels that are holding and that’s making for wonderful opportunities on the day trading and swing trading side. We hope you’ll join us tomorrow! Have a great night!

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Welcome back! It was another down day on Wallstreet. The Dow pulled up a little bit out of its nosedive but generally overall it was a down day as we’re struggling to hold some key support levels. The big issue here is we have the negative divergences putting sell pressure on us along with the massive 15 month resistance level that I’ve identified for you here on the Dow combined with an opposing force on the rising support. This is leading to great day trading and swing trading opportunities. But what I’m finding is that some people are struggling to identify what’s what. We have a couple of different things. For everybody who is a Wealth365 VIP member, we have an exclusive event with 10x international day and swing trading champion Davide Biocchi. He is going to be doing a very special event for Wealth365 VIP members. I’ve also convinced him to do a public event and that’s going to take place on Friday at noon ET. He has a special multi-hour event doing an advanced trading for Wealth365 VIP members tomorrow but he’s offered to do a follow-up event on Friday for BBT members. That will be a little bit smaller and not as in-depth but it will give you more trading strategies as a day trader and a swing trader. Because there’s so much to share with you with the opportunities on an intraday basis as well as swing trading basis, we want to lay some of those out for you so you can see my perspectives and also Davide’s. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Go to right now to sign up for this special event. It will give you access to the special Friday event that you can see. It will give you some great tips and strategies and I’ll give some follow-up commentary as well to better prepare for trading these day and swing trading markets with these key levels. It’s an individual stock pickers market. Let us show you more about that this coming Friday at noon ET. Go to right now to sign up for Friday’s event. We’ll give you a lot more detail during that special event on what to be looking for.

We’ll see you Friday at that special event with Davide!

The Market’s Failing At Rob’s Levels. So Now What?

Welcome back! Let’s talk about a couple of key things. First of all, we are continuing to fail that key resistance level that I brought to your attention repeatedly. It’s important to understand it because it really affects our trading. We’re not going to be super aggressive on the long-side until we can get above this resistance, pull back, make it support and take off. Until then, it’s going to be a really intensive long-side trading opportunity. Until proven otherwise, this market is guilty as heck. We’re sitting at this key resistance and we don’t want to be in a situation where we’re sitting on dead money for several months or worse, a big loss for several months. The point is, this is a great active day trader and swing trader market as I’ve been highlighting. It could become more of an investment market again if we could push back above the resistance, make it support and take back off. That can prove to be very bullish for the longterm. Right now, the evidence is focused on what’s before us. We’ve talked about how this will lead to a lot of great trading opportunities and today was no exception. The way to trade this when you’re up here with the resistance and you have any sort of weakness and you start hearing trade war news, you have to watch out for reversals. In this case, this wasn’t a situation where we walked in Monday morning and we had all this chance to get the news out of its system, this is now going into selling into the U.S. open. Let’s take a look at that. This morning we were already past the U.S. open and firing off sell signals on the TRP indicators. We broke down below the zero line, which is the kiss of death. This market started rolling over and started giving sell opportunities. In a down-trend one of the things we’d like to see is covering areas. Think of it this way, when the buys don’t buy, maybe it’s time to sell. In a downtrend, we’re looking to break down below those types of buy signals. Take a look at your favorite buy signals that you use. I have some clear cut ones that I focus on. We reached the targets twice. We had target 2, bounced off and into falling resistance and rolled back over again. It then broke through target 2, rallied back off into that resistance, rolled back over and got down below that buy signal, which becomes a fresh buy signal. Which takes down to Target 2 again. You’ll notice we made a much lower low in price so what do we start looking for? We start looking for those short-term reversals to the upside. Those are ways you can take advantage on an intraday basis.

Now we take a look at the end of day basis. The strategy here is taking weak stocks and adding insult to injury. You can see my ITP indicators and this is the best of the best. We fired off numerous sell signals and these double red dots indicate that several of my strategies are coming together. We refer to it as “Rob in a box”. You can see this thing has been under significant pressure for roughly $80+. That being said, we walk in and you have all sorts of great things. We’re under this massive pressure, you have a stochastic spike sell signal and then you walk into a market under pressure and take a weak stock and look for further weakness. Those of you who are end of day players, this is one of the ways you can take advantage of short-term moves in the market that are already at a disadvantage. Same thing on the opposite side. If you start to move up to this resistance, then taking stronger stocks and looking for long-side trades there. In fact, we’ve written some articles on some of those even in the last few days.

Let’s take a look at Starbucks, you can see here that it was the opposite side. It fired off all sorts of indicators here. Remember what I said about double green dots. Basically, a whole bunch of my indicators and strategies are coming together. When you’re in a stronger market environment, then you can see some really nice push ups. Even today, Starbucks was so strong initially, but in the end it succumbed to the overall pressures to the downside. It came well-off its highs at the end. You can see the background and those days where you have strength in the market. Those are days where it can become short-term active swing trades or intraday trades.

We have some great events coming up later this week so stay tuned for additional strategy videos on those. This is how we’re looking at the markets based on the big levels that I told you about. We’re still continuing to fail that 15 month high and how we’re looking at it on an intraday basis and active swing trading basis.

Stay tuned for some big updates later in the week. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the videos to come!

From Fear To Greed In One Day. Don’t Listen To The News.

Welcome back! There’s so many things to talk about but I’ll try to be as brief as I can. I told you repeatedly that because of the 15 month resistance that we have, we’re going to be in for a rocky ride. We’ve been sitting at these levels for several weeks and until we get above that Dow 27000 level and make it a support level, this market is going to get knocked around. You have some rising support where I told you I wouldn’t be looking for shorts. Now you’re getting wedged in there, which will lead to a lot of volatility. Now we’re seeing these negative divergences. We’re making higher highs in price and lower highs in indications. A little bit of bad news comes out and down the hatch it can go. To wrap up that point, we’re going to continue to see this. This is going to be a phenomenal summer and a stock pickers market. If you’re a day trader or active swing trader, this is going to lead to some phenomenal opportunities. Here is one of the things you’re going to start watching out for now. Here’s what we’re seeing before the open. Traders brace for ‘sharp sell’ off and watch out because we’re due for a sell off at the open. But here’s what happens. We already had the sell-off so traders already had a chance to absorb this news throughout the weekend. That’s an important distinction and piece that you need to understand. The market dropped down and went sideways then leading into the U.S. open, the market gave exactly what people were afraid of – a huge sell-off. The market pushes down at the U.S. open and then shoots up from there. Guess what, this is what you saw at the open meaning you should be thinking about shorting. So if you were long and sold your positions, you gave up profits that you could have had. If you went short at the open, then you went short at exactly the wrong time as well. To add insult to injury, you went from it’s the end of the world as we know it to a stunning comeback on hope that the trade deal is not dead.

Keep this in mind. The mainstream media gives you this information well after-the-fact. If you’re an active trader and investor, you need to be thinking ahead of the curve. People knew about this all night and had the chance to sell. It fooled traders. All the bad news is out. This would have been a different story if this broke during the trading session. Then you could see more precipitous selling. It’s a big deal you need to understand.

With that being said, this offers up a lot of opportunities for stock traders and options traders because you get that gap down at the U.S. open. If you look at the Wealth Strength Index at, you’ll notice Charter barely went down at the open and then held very strongly. If you take a weak stock, they won’t necessarily do so well on the backend of something like that. If you can find strong stocks, that can be great for fresh re-entry opportunities. Make sure you’re paying attention to which ones are strong or weak giving the market.

So, the point with all of this being is watch out because what you’re reading in the news, can be hazardous to your financial health because you’re one of the last to know. Remember, we still have nice rising supports on key areas. This market still is at massive resistance up above as I showed you earlier in the video but we still have rising supports underneath us. We have these whipsaws back and forth. It’s going to give us phenomenal day trades and a stock pickers market. Stay tuned for these updates for these strategies.

Have a great night!

Key Stocks and Levels to Watch Right Now

Welcome back! As we’ve been keeping you apprised, not a whole lot has changed but the next few months will be pretty exciting because it’s going to be a stock picker’s market and a day trader’s market. Well, the day trader’s side of the equation, I don’t think we have to cover today. You can see the big wide range of green bars on the indices and the DAX for that matter. Despite those big green bars, we’re still in an absence of momentum even on the all-important Russell. There’s negative divergences and declined momentum and things of that nature. Pretty exciting because this market is getting ready for some big moves again. It’s going to be an exciting summer. So, stay tuned for a lot of information on that. For those of you who just joined us, it’s important to understand where we’re at. These moves can be misleading unless you’re taking them into context. You should look at the Nasdaq and Dow. To put that in perspective of just how long it’s really been, let’s look at the weekly chart. The Dow 27000 is going to be a very important level to say the least. Basically, what’s happening here is that we are at a 15+ month of resistance level. I see this in the January timeframe of 2018. In September/October when we had that massive failure and we had that IRB that kicked in there. Really, for the last several weeks, we’re not really going anywhere. With all that movement, I’ve been reporting individual stocks that are moving phenomenally and I’ve showed you several day trades. With so many green bars, I didn’t have to show you what was available because everyone can see it. With the big picture here, you can see the markets haven’t gone anywhere and I’ve showed you several equities that have got phenomenal moves and that’s going to continue in the day and weeks to come. Are we going to make this a true triple top and push down?

Let’s talk about XOM for a minute. Are we going to finally break above the 27000 on the Dow futures, make it support and push off to new highs, which would be an incredible story for this market to say the least. So, that’s the story on the indices that we’re watching then it’s an individual stock pickers market from there. For instance, Under Armor. It broke down below our TRP indicator and that led to a lot of misery since that time in January 2017 since we broke below. It took all that time to recover back up to those previous levels. In order to do that, we had to get back above that zero line. We closed back above that resistance. What we’re watching is can Under Armor be the big turnaround story? We wrote an article at Can we get through that area and make a massive breakout?

XOM that was one we wrote about as well. We have that longterm downtrend line here that you can see on a monthly basis. WE have massive resistance and we’re still on a distribution bar on last month continuing to fail that key resistance area. Very very important to note. You can see it on a weekly basis as well. So, as we look, long-term resistance and so far failing that same resistance. I pointed it out to you in a video the other day. So we are not breaking through there and making it support and taking off. We are still holding that resistance, which is why we’re seeing that negativity that you’re seeing as well. Stay up on these videos because you’re going to see stocks that are failing and ones that are finding new opportunities.

Exciting times to say the least in these markets both on an intraday basis as you can see and we’re wrapping up the day on Friday and of course on the individual stocks as well. We’ll be keeping you apprised on the equities and favorite options plays. Have a great weekend!

XOM And Stock Pickers Dream Market At These Key Levels

This video is being shot well-before the close today. Unfortunately, we have to go see a dear friend of ours who has ended up in hospice. We need to do that and so I need to do this video now. We don’t have a close on the day yet but what we do have is more of what I’ve been telling you about. The story of the next several day and weeks is that this is a stock pickers market. We have this phenomenal long-term resistance that I’ve been telling you about. I’ve been telling you how this level is going to be a big deal. You can see even now day after day we’re struggling in these areas up over here. That’s going to continue to be a story which will lead to some phenomenal stock pick trades and fantastic day trades. It’s the best of both worlds no matter if we’re active day or swing traders. So, more of the same right now in that area and we’ll keep you advised on that and it’s going to be a phenomenal ride. That’s why you’re seeing these rising support levels and we’re bouncing off these areas to accumulation bars at the time of this video. At the same time we have distribution bars as well. You have people who are betting that this market is at that triple top and due to unload. You have other people who are seeing these infrastructure spendings that were just announced. The president currently not being impeached and that is all good for the economy and robustness. There are forces on both sides that are taking plalce at this area. You can see that it’s taking us from these big, wide-range bar environments to super tight bars. So, really exciting times here. This is going to be an individual stock pickers market.

One thing to mention, on the Wealth365 site as well as what I’m doing at Become A Better Trader, there’s really great articles. Today, we got an article published on energy majors like Exxon Mobile. You can read the article and understand the challenges associated with the earnings, you can focus on the actual individual charts. You’ll notice we had a long-term multi-year rally in Exxon Mobile. What happened was it led to some really nice support levels. Once that support was broken, we look for it to break and re-test it and fail it. That becomes a phenomenal short. That’s what happened for the next year. It went down and spent the next year going back up but failing at that key resistance level. That key support level that was broken became a resistance level. You see how that works? What ended up happening was we went in that multi-year downstroke. If you’re looking to go long, the analysts recommendations put us at 86. Let’s see if we can pull back and make it support, but right now until that time, that’s been rolling over and dying a horrible death. I wanted to bring it to your attention and get the bullish and bearish news that’s up there and set these trades up for what you’re looking for next. If you can make them support and they can become good trades. Over here, if it pushes through here it can become a good long. Late last year, we decided we were looking for long-side trades only if you recall. We got massive 15 month+ resistance. It’s going to be phenomenal and looking forward to working with you on it.

Take care everyone!

Stock Pickers And Day Traders Dream Markets Ahead

Major Stock Market Alert From Champion Trader Rob Hoffman

Welcome back! Let’s talk about a couple of things. We’ve talked to you about the negative divergences that were taking place over here. We’re seeing higher highs on price on the Nasdaq and not necessarily on the indicators down below. This is a really, really critical time in the market. It’s important you understand that. When we look at it from a weekly perspective, you have effectively a triple top area. This is a massive area of distribution. It’s not theoretical or hypothetical. It’s proven. This is a time to button up your trades. This is a stock pickers market as is. If you take a look, this is about an eight month run from over here where the market went down and then had to push back up. That means you’re essentially sitting on dead money like on a stock indice during that time and potentially some of your favorite trading instruments. Over here, this was approximately a 7 month run it took for that big swoop down in December and I told you no more shorts at that point for all the reasons I mentioned in the videos at that time. What you want to see is to get above this 27000 level on the Dow futures and hold that level, show that it’s support and then this market can have an unbelievable rally attempt. Until that happens, we’re in a critical triple top level. You look at this from a long-term perspective, it’s a negative divergence as well. We’re making equal highs in price but not equal highs in underlying indicators. For a host of reasons, now’s the time to button up a lot of trades here. The next trading opportunity is just a commission away. You don’t have to give up a lot to wait for it to go all the way down and come all the way back up and pull back. This small area that’s a massive resistance level can make the difference between you sitting on a small loss or a big loss for extended periods of time. That’s a solid justification to be very careful up in this area. This is going to be a very specific stock picking market as we go forward so stay tuned for some key updates on that.

In the meantime, we’ll be focusing on some other things like pulling the rug out from the Russell and the market came down. That led to phenomenal short opportunities. We’re focusing on short and executing short-side trades in my Live Trading Room this morning. It’s great for those of you who were able to watch the special four-day Live Trading Event I’m doing. This market pushed down and when we got down here, we hit a lower low in price but a higher low in indicators after hitting that magic negative 50 area. That’s a done, outta here and stop the shorting. It stopped the shorting darn near the tick down in that area. It was really great stuff. We’re going to be focusing a lot on this because of where this market is at. There’s going to be some phenomenal day trades and swing trades and we’re going to be watching because of this really powerful area that I just defined for you. That’s going to lead to some big risks for the traders who are trading wrong and really great opportunities for traders who are trading smart. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Speaking of being smart, we got the feedback and heard you loud and clear. During lunchtime yesterday, I did a phenomenal class that was a consolidated version of the event I did during the Wealth365 Summit. I included examples that I did yesterday in the Live Trading Room. We’re going to be doing another webinar on Saturday for those of you who missed it or want to see it again with even more updated examples. It’s this Saturday at 9 a.m. CT/10 a.m. EST. We’re going to do this great class for day traders, swing traders, small and struggling accounts in a volatile market. We’re going to see some serious volatility based on what I showed you here a little bit ago. The timing couldn’t be better. Go to right now. I will see you Saturday morning at this very special follow-up event for you. I can’t wait to go on this journey again. It’s going to be an exciting one. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, in the Live Trading Room or the weekend videos.

[Nailed It] Perfect Day And Swing Trading Session

Welcome back! What an exciting day on Wall Street and that’s an understatement! As we look at a lot of things that we’ve been talking about and the articles we’ve been posting. The things we’ve been telling you have been coming true. Also, keep an eye on the WSI Indicator. Some really big things happen with those indicators giving you a leg up over a lot of other people. Especially combined with our articles that we write tied into the ITP and TRP indicators. That’s an unstoppable combination from my perspective. You look at the articles and indicators that have been firing off, we wrote about McDonald’s and you can see why. We had buy signals in the uptrend and multiple signals crossing over. We had buy signals breaking above a short-term sell in an uptrend. Of course a fresh buy in and of itself. Now McDonald’s has achieved Target 1 and analysts were expecting the market to ultimately go to.
I’ve been telling you about AAPL over and over again and we fired off the buy signals and crossover the zero line and had a fresh sell signal in an uptrend which of course is a buy signal once broken to the upside. Here we are now up there well into analysts earnings. It’s hitting Target 1 and is on its way to Target 2.
JP Morgan we wrote about after the earnings announcement. We didn’t want to get in and do anything right before the earnings and it locked in a reverse Inventory Retracement Bar crossing the zero line holing above the Target 1, which meant we’re likely on the way to Target 2. Sure enough, after the article, it went right to Target 2 where it’s been the last couple of days.
We had an article about Disney for you. We had the buy signal just like the buy signals in the backdrop. Of course it went ahead and beat its earnings and took off. That’s just a small taste of putting some of these things together with the TRP in conjunction with the WSI Indicator at and exclusive articles we have written for you. This brings us back to the market as a whole. The Russell was the thing to watch yesterday and this morning. With yesterday, we were focused on longside trading. With today we’re focused on longside trades. It drove to the upside which led us to buy signals on an intraday basis. The buys went to Target 2, pulled back to the uptrend. It bought and had some great buy signals in the meantime like the reverse IRB because everything was above the zero line. We wanted to play the strong player when the Russell is cooperating. We were taking live trades on the screen in front of you in the Live Trading Room and focusing on the Nasdaq. That’s how we played it and why. This is real world, real trading, real on the screen action in a real live account. It was also bringing together other sources you had at your disposal here.
With that being said, watch past videos. The way I’m playing this going into tomorrow and beyond, we’re going to be keeping those signals and looking for fresh continuations and what I want to see here is the Dow and S&P hold these speed lines. As long as we remain above these speed lines, I’ll remain bullish. At the same time the Russell has to get through this area. I was the most bullish on the Russell. The 1595 area is where I’m most bullish. What I want to do is get above this distribution that I set forth. There’s a lot of activity in this immediate backdrop. There are highs and different trading activity all through here. If we clear that area, that’s going to be a lot better for the market as a whole. Then we’ll continue to look for stronger plays in the market. These things are all coming together and we saw this clear as day with the WSI. We saw this clear as day with the indicators. Pick your poison: Disney, JP Morgan, AAPL, McDonald’s. That was on the swing trade basis. Then on an intraday basis, we’re using the exact same strategies. We’re taking the strength in the Russell and finding live trades like I did this morning.
I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in the days to come with these different tools you have at your disposal.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and Friday morning in the Live Trading Room or have the TRP.