Rob Hoffman’s Key Resistance Held And The Market Failed At Them, For Now

Welcome back everyone! This is a great follow up video to Tuesday’s video. The market did fail at those levels that I warned you about. It’s important to know the levels in advance. That is exactly why I warned you about them. Wednesday we stalled out and there wasn’t a need for an update video. Today we actually failed those levels. These levels have proven what I told you in advance.

I am talking about the 2744 on the S&P, the 1525 area on the RUSSELL, the 25400 level on the DOW, and the 7057 area on the NASDAQ. Make sure you know these different levels. The market stalled out at these level yesterday, and we started to roll back away. That leads us to a couple points on a swing trading basis.

I said to watch Goldman Sachs. The last known indication was that we had sell signals. We mentioned about how we would need to watch these levels anyway. I wanted to get above those levels before we did any trades. We locked in sells instead. It has just pulled back several dollars. It is really important to see how all these things come together.

Once we failed those levels, we were very high in the resistance area. We ended up rolling over and firing off sell signals. We had a very nice trend around the 9:30/10:30 time frame. There were many different types of sell signals. The Inventory Retracement bars showed up. If you were at the Wealth365 Summit you would know about those. When we get down below a buy signal in a down trend, that becomes a fresh sell. It broke down below the target 2. When that happens it could lead to runaways.

Now, let’s bring it back to the end market. You really want thee markets to get above those levels. They have proven to be massive resistance. We will talk more about this in the videos to come! Take care everyone!

Rob Hoffman’s Key Market Levels That We’re About To Hit

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at several things you need to know going into the next few days.

We are approaching some key long-term resistance levels on major markets. The NASDAQ is about to hit long term resistance. The RUSSELL just smacked into the long-term resistance. The S&P almost hit that resistance as well. The DOW has gotten through those areas. That is encouraging, but not as encouraging as the other three going along with it.

We are now approaching the next major resistance levels. This is where a failure could take place. If we can break through it, it could lead to some incredible rallies.

Netflix rallied today again. It was even higher at one point today. I still want to break above the previous recent highs on Goldman Sachs before I get too excited. That could be a multi-signal buy. I would also try to find the long side on other stocks too. The Trader Rescue Package was firing off long side trades on all three of those. We hit target one and then target two. That could lead to even bigger moves here.

You can go to and look at the WSI tool. This is a list of rankings for different stocks. It will show you stocks that are powering ahead based on different tools and strategies. I even helped contribute to that. There are a lot of buried stocks. CTAS was one of those. You can see that was pushing up and trending up. It sure continues to rally. Make sure you check out to see that tool!

How do we handle this all from an intraday perspective? I am looking for trends and buy signals. When you break above the sell signals, it can create fresh buy signals. You can get above those highs and it can relate to fresh buy signals. It all starts with the down approach. The daily chart looked like a good long. If you were at the Wealth365 Summit, I shared with you the inventory retracement bar breakout strategy. You can see numerous of those there. There were lots of great opportunities as well.

There are a couple helpful tips tonight using some free tools and combining them with tools like my Trader Rescue Package. If we can really clear those areas, that can lead to some big skies ahead. There are some very big ranges ahead on all of the charts. Look how far the RUSSELL has for opportunities.

You guys have a great night!

Rob Hoffman’s Latest Day And Swing Trading Strategy Update Since The Big Wealth365 Summit

Welcome back! I hope you are fully recovered from the Wealth365 Summit. I tried to give you a week to decompress from all the information you were given. Now, let’s get back to business and follow up on what was said leading up to the summit and what’s happened since the summit and key stocks that we’re looking at going forward.

First of all, the big thing we were looking for leading up the summit (make sure you check those past videos by going to, the big thing we were watching for is to break through these channels and we finally did it. We pushed above the channels, pulled back and took back off. I told you we only want to focus on longside both on an intraday and swing trading basis. Boy was that the right thing to do. As we take a look, the longside has been the right side even with these longterm resistance levels that the market’s been facing. We still have some above us on the S&P and the Russell. The Dax and the European side has been struggling over here. We’ll see if the Dax can get above that resistance but the US Markets pushed through those levels, pulled back and took back off.

It means on an intraday basis, it means we’re looking for longside trades. You’ll notice with the TRP, everything was firing off on all cylinders. We’re hitting target 1 and target 2. This one hit target 1 and got 50% to target 2. Everything was solid across the board. Those who were at the Wealth365 Summit I showed some strategies that you could use. I showed you where you could look for re-entry opportunities breaking above those for fresh additional trades.

On a swing trade basis, longside trades are what we’re looking for. Goldman Sachs you’ll recall was in this downtrend all the way across the board. We had sell signals and then we got very over sold. It bounced off and pushed us off. It hit target 1 and target 2. If we’re above target 2, it could bode well for continuations. It’s a great swing trade idea that we’ve been focusing on in the coming days. We have two buy signals that are taking place. If we get above this area I drew for you. It’s a sell signal that will be broken above and this very clear repeated recent high here and so if you look at that area, you’re looking at right around the 20330 area. If we could break above the 20330 area, that could lead to some professional buying to the upside, especially if the overall market continues to push up. Goldman Sachs is definitely one to watch if we can get back above the 20330 level. We’ll be watching that very closely. When we start seeing this bullishness, so goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market. What I really want to see is for us to break above that level so when sells in an uptrend are broken above, those can be fresh buy signals. What I want to focus on is to find a fresh buy opportunity to go long above that level and that was also an IRB that I taught you in the Wealth365 Summit. That led to one heck of a rally for the next hour. So, on an intraday basis and end of day basis these strategies can be used.

NFLX went ahead and fired off on target 1 and target 2 and pulled back so that boded very well. Now, same thing here. What did I tell you? A sell signal in an uptrend is actually a fresh opportunity to buy. We broke above there and a handful of days later, we’re much higher with fresh buy signals. NFLX did all the right things at the right times. Goldman Sachs has the potential to do the right kind of thing and that can lead to further upside there.

Another way to find things like NFLX, if you go to, we have the Wealth Strength Index rankings. When we start seeing things going from the 150 area and climbing to the 230/240 area, those can lead us to some good opportunities to find trades like this that can really take off to the upside. Use all those free tools to your advantage. Go to and see the free daily videos. Go to and get the Wealth Strength Index and that will give you access to roughly 100 different stocks. If you’re a VIP member, you’ll get way more. Also stay tuned to the nightly videos.

Rob Hoffman’s Final Day And Swing Trading Strategy Update Before The Big Wealth365 Summit

Welcome back everyone! This will be the last video before the Wealth365 Summit. That will be all next week. I will be giving updates throughout the week at different events that I will be speaking at then. There will be around 70 speakers giving you updates on their favorite stocks, options, futures, and forex strategies. We will be heavily focusing on that. I have a list in my nightly email of a bunch of fun ones that you really should see. You really should see as many of these presentations that you can though.

We are going to be talking about the swing and day trading perspectives. Everything I have been saying has been coming full circle once again here. I have been saying for a couple weeks that we do not want to be focusing on the shorts as we are pushing up this time. I gave you a lot of those reasons why. If you haven’t been keeping up on that, make sure you go back and watch them.

Taking the short-term retracement trades was not the right avenue. Focusing on the long side trades was actually right. That was the high-level look at the markets.

You noticed that I mentioned that Goldman Sachs had pushed through the channel. Think about how hard Goldman Sachs went down before. It dropped over 50 dollars to the downside. It then fired off the Trader Rescue Package buy signals around the 165 level. We are now back above the 200-dollar level. That is about a 35 to 37 dollar gain there. I have also said that it was very positive that the accumulation bar locked in. It looks like it was making another one there today.

I always say so goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the markets. Goldman Sachs is propelling again now. The markets are pulling ahead right with it.

This is where it gets really important. I shared the WSI tool in last night’s video. You all have access to it for free. It involves some of my programming in it. We had a sell signal on Netflix. It ended up going down. It then had a buy signal and it pushed up nicely. It broke through target 1 and pushed through target 2.

I mentioned in last night’s video that Netflix all of a sudden went from a 300 to a 178. Think of the 150 number as the middle line. If we are pushing towards the 180 or 200 level and above, those could be buys. If we push down through the 100 level and lower, I will be looking to the short side. Netflix was rising and climbing. That made some very good buy signals on Netflix. That resulted in a wonderful move to the upside. I warned you all in last night’s video that this is where you would want to possibly back off. When it goes from 300 to around the 178 area, it ended up opening up. It gave a close chance to get out around yesterday’s price. It then ended up died a horrible death.

You can go to to check out the free WSI tool. This bullish meter has been going up there for quite a while. We also saw the individual stocks that I have been pointing out to you in the nightly videos as well. It gives you about 100 stocks to look at for free. That is plenty for a brand-new person. If you want to get more serious about it, you can become a VIP Member. That will get you access to several different markets too. There are lots of things to check out on this website. There are so many exclusive financial articles that you can’t find anywhere else. Make sure you keep an eye out for those.

I said yesterday that I was going to back off because of the drop on the WSI. There of course was another chance to get out on the Trader Rescue Package. You can check it out at

I told you that I wasn’t to focus on shorting pull backs or retracements. I am going to look for long side trades in the uptrend. It’s important to watch when you break through target two. Those usually lead to opportunities that lead to continuations and runaway markets. That happened a couple times recently in the markets. We really broke out to the upside during the U.S. session. Short side wasn’t the right side from my perspective.

The Wealth365 Summit is right around the corner! I’ll be doing multiple talks at the next summit. You can find talks from Investor Business Daily and Forbes. There are so many great people who will be talking. Make sure you check out the whole schedule. You can sign up by going to!

Rob Hoffman’s Day And Swing Trading Market Strategy Update For 1/17/19

Welcome back everyone! Normally we focus on day and swing trading in the videos. Today we are going to focus more on the swing trading side for stocks and options.

I want to share this free tool that I have talked about many times before. I want to make sure you all see it again. Go to to check out the WSI and other tools. There are also exclusive articles and videos that you can’t find anywhere else. I am going to focus on the WSI tool for this video. My code went into building this tool.

You can click anywhere on this to see over a 100 different stocks that have different ratings. I like to focus on the 150 level. I draw an imaginary line while thinking 150. When we start to shoot to the upside, I start to look for long side trades. When we are at 150 and going down, I look to the short side. I have shown this off and on in previous videos.

Netflix and Amazon were climbing and climbing. We launched some great buy signals on the Trader Rescue Package. That is both for day and swing trader alike. We had a wonderful run to the upside on Amazon. We fired off a buy signal coming off a sell signal. It was even the same on Goldman Sachs. The numbers were taking off on the Wealth Strength Index I just showed you. That could mean that there is longevity there.

I told you all that so goes Goldman Sachs so goes the markets. Goldman is pushing above the all-important channel. That led to a really nice run to the upside between the last two days. That came up and helped us a lot because we are trying to get above the channels on all four Stock Indices. I want to hold them as support too. That is the key thing that I’m watching for bigger picture scenarios before I get super aggressive on stocks and options plays to the upside.

I like to come back and check each day. I also check throughout the day to read some of the market articles too. You can see that Netflix pulled back significantly on the WSI. We have been consolidating. We are still above the 150 level though. We have a distribution bar up there. I would like to see us break above that area and allow those numbers to climb again. That could potentially create some long side opportunities.

Netflix just announced that they are going to be raising the rates. I am personally seeing a lot of good shows on Netflix these days. That is one great way to use the WSI tool on

We also have the Wealth365 Summit coming up soon. I will be speaking a couple different times. On Friday morning, I will be doing a special multi hour event. On Monday I will also be speaking with Metastock. It all starts off with the Godfather of technical analysis Ralph Acampora. Ziad Jasani was voted one of the most excited presentations from our past show. He will be diving in and doing that again. Investor Business Daily will be showing their Leaderboard list of leading growth stocks.

Whether you are a day or swing trader, there will be a lot for you to see. You do not want to miss this show. You can go to and get registered right now!

Rob Hoffman’s Day And Swing Trading Market Strategy Update For 1/15/19

Welcome back everyone! Let’s take a look at the markets from a day and swing trading perspective. I want to explain all the things we should be focusing on when looking for the big breaks in the market.

We are at the all-important channel that I have been telling you about. The S&P is at the top end of the resistance. We are still hanging tough on the RUSSELL. We are still struggling on the DOW. However, we are holding in there after the accumulation bars came yesterday. We are just now pushing through the top end of the channel on the NASDAQ. I am looking for all four of these to get above the channel, hold, and then take back off. If you go to, you will notice these tools that I have mentioned repeatedly. I really want to continue to reiterate this to all of our new students. If we are in the 150 area and we are starting to take off through the 180 or 200 area, I will really be looking for long side opportunities.

I pointed out that Netflix did just that. I have been featuring Netflix in many videos. Netflix fired off a buy signal but had a sell in the backdrop. That led down to target one and got rejected. It was good that it didn’t get to target two. That means it showed strength there. It fired off buy signals. It ended up hitting targets one and two. I told you that yesterday was an important day because of the accumulation bar. The overall market was strong in the overnight session. That allowed the market to gap up and continue. There are even more opportunities as the market goes up.

Watch these numbers down below. If you are a Wealth365 VIP member, there are several different indices that are offered. A lot of those have been climbing. Netflix is right at the top now. I have pointed that out as it was climbing through the ranks. Make sure you keep that in mind. Some of my programming logic went into the WSI.

The article just changed as I have been talking with you. This is now talking about Netflix leading the tech rally. I have been talking about this for days. This was great timing here. Netflix is a key factor as we are watching and waiting for the markets to take off.

If you are going to take a short-term swing trade, I personally would look at what is rising or falling from the 150 numbers. That can really lead you to some better options down or up.

Goldman Sachs has been going along with the party. I don’t want to see it get stuck in the channel and fail. That could drag the overall market down. You have seen that we have been swimming in this area. We have also been consolidating in these all-important areas.

It will be the same thing for Amazon. Amazon has been trying to push through the channel. That is bullishness for you. We are overall sideways to slightly down right now. You want to stick with the strongest stocks now. Amazon is still barely above the 150 level. That is why I was pointing Netflix out to you guys. You can see Netflix was busting out and pushing up. I am not looking for baskets of long side stocks.

I am looking for key buy signals from a day trading perspective. These were huge moves in very short amounts of time. I have been following my methodologies. I am going to be following select stocks off of the WSI tool.

Hopefully a lot of you saw the big interview that was done today about Wealth365. This article will be syndicated throughout the country later this week. This has already started I believe! Don’t forget to join the summit. I am going to be listing out some of my favorite speakers this week. There are just so many top speakers at this show. Go to right away to sign up. There will be 30 plus new speakers. A lot of these were people you asked us to have on the show. You guys have a great night!

Rob Hoffman’s Day And Swing Trading Market Strategy Update For 1/14/19

Welcome back! An exciting time in the market. I’ve been coaching you on an ongoing basis of these all important levels that we’re watching in the market and they proved themselves today on multiple fronts. We’ll look at different stocks and the market as a whole.

The reason why this is so important is that I have a boatload of stocks on the downside and the upside but we’re waiting to see which way we’re going to break out of this massive consolidation area that I’ve been warning you about. For months, I’ve been telling you that this channel was the level to beat. We’d have to break through the channel, push down to it and take back off. The reason why I’m sharing a lot of this is we have new people coming on every day and we want to make sure our newest students are welcome and get updates on this. For months, I’ve been telling you that we have to get up above the channel, pull back and take back off. Only the Russell is close to that right now. We’re well below the top end of the channel on the Nasdaq, the Dow and the S&P we’re closing to the mid-points of the channel. That is wildly important. NFLX had a sell and got down to target number 1 then we had a buy and got up to target number 1 and even target number 2. The question is can we take back off from this area? It’s going to be a lot harder for NFLX to continue that journey if the Nasdaq doesn’t start the runaway process and breakaway from target number 2, we know that could be a phenomenal run. Now the next point in the journey is so important. Do we roll back over through these levels or do we break back above and make them support? As you recall, we haven’t been able to do that. We had these channels that were super support and then they became super resistance over and over again. Here we are at this important level. We’re seeing this of course on the major indices as well as the financials. Goldman Sachs locked in a sell, hit target number 1, hit target 2 and locked in a buy. We hit target number, 1, stalled out into that all-important channel process. Will we finally break through on the S&P, the Dow, the Russell and allow some of these to start hitting the bigger targets and potentially have bigger rallies. This is a very important time in the process.

Also, in 7 days, we have the Wealth365 Summit. Check this out too. Even Forbes is going to do something different this time. Theyr’e going to do real time analysis like stocks and options during their event. It’s all covered. Whether it’s stocks, futures, options, futures, forex, long-term investing, real estate. Make sure you get registered now. Go to and you’ll get to my page to get signed up for this special event. There are little giveaways that they’re doing from Forbes, IBD, myself, etc. There’s lots of great stuff you can have access to. It’s going to be a phenomenal week. We have 25-30 new speakers. I’m really excited. I have special classes for you as well. Go to to sign up. Can’t wait to see you there.

Here Are Rob Hoffman’s Videos From Today And The Week That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Welcome back! I’ve got a lot to share with you. If you missed any of the videos from earlier this week, we’ve included the links in this email as well so you can catch up. I shared a lot of great information both end of day and intraday basis so whether you’re a day trader or swing trader, you’re going to want to see that.

Starting off with swing trading, we’re still in those all important areas. WE’re still struggling. The Russell is the strongest of the bunch but the rest of them are still struggling in and below the bottom ends of the channels. The Russell is trying to make some support on this but until the other ones come along for the ride, this is only moderately interesting with what’s happening with the Russell. We’ll be watching the other three indices as we go into next week.

Let’s look at the daily charts. With Goldman Sachs, I want you to understand that we’re having the same issue with the same channel. Remember when I said “So goes Goldman Sachs, so goes the market” and I’ve proven that the last several months. Thursday we had a distribution bar, today we had an accumulation bar and earlier in the week we had a few accumulation bars. We have a mini kill zone bopping back and forth. Goldman Sachs has to get back above this 183 area, pull back to show that 183 area is now support and start to take back off. That would be very powerful to see to get those overall markets above those channels.

I’m pretty keen on Netlfix these days for a host of reasons. We have a positive divergence taking place. I had a recent buy signal with my Trader Rescue tools. We got back above that channel. I gave you a free tool that you can use on In addition to the exclusive articles that you can read and can’t find anywhere else, there’s also this really powerful tool that I helped program called the Wealth Strength Index. You’ll recall that we’re looking at stocks that are around the 150 level like AAPL is right now and look to see if they start climbing out of that area. If they’re at the 150 level to see if they push down to the 100 area. Netflix started to climb and combined with the positive divergence and being above the channel, led to this phenomenal run. I’ve been pretty fond of it’s actual programming myself if you’ve been watching these videos.

We’re still in this channel for several days now. You can look at these key indices here. We’re talking five days we’ve been in this channel on some of these instruments. This market is really coiling up waiting for a big break up/ break down. What I encourage you to do tonight is go back and read a bunch of these exclusive articles. If you haven’t already taken advantage of the Wealth365 Summit, that comes up a week from Monday. I’ll be on there along with a lot of great individuals like Ralph Acampora and so many other great others that you won’t want to miss. Also, make sure you go to so that you can get yourself signed up for this summit. You’re not going to want to miss it. There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Some people are giving away access to things like Investors Business Daily. It’s our biggest and best ever. Go to

I’ll look forward to seeing you at that very special event and make sure you watch those other special videos I shot for you earlier in the week. I gave a lot of great swing trading and day trading information. I’ll see you in the upcoming videos and the Wealth365 Summit. Have a great weekend!

Rob Hoffman’s Day And Swing Trading Market Strategy Update For 1/10/19

Welcome back everyone! Let’s hit a lot of different topics today on the day and swing trading sides.


Let’s start with swing trading. These key levels that I have been telling you about have continued to be the issues of the day and week. Frankly, they have been issues for the past couple months because we haven’t got above the key channels or got above them. We are still looking to see if we can do that. We are still stuck in here on the NASDAQ, DOW, RUSSELL, and S&P. I want all four of these indices to push through the channel and pull back. It has failed to do that for the past couple months. It keeps getting close and peeking its head through. This is an important time for these indices. That will dictate where we go for some of the swing trade perspective.

Crude Oil is dealing with the down trending channel. It has been a couple months since we have tested the channel. It is doing well so far. I want to see if it can hit the 53 area or better, pull back, hold it, and then take back off. The positive divergence on this is working very well. You can see the higher high in indicators. We went right to target two on the sells. It fired off on the buy side again here. It pushed all the way back up to the channel. This is a critical time for Crude Oil.

It is a critical time on Netflix as well. This was buy side for a very long time. It has avoided the sell sides. I have avoided the sell side because of that. We are getting back and oversold in the short term pushing back up to the weekly channel. We got up above the channel and held that before. I am kind of looking for something like that again. I want it to get back on the path of the long side. Right now this is very important. Netflix is very interesting to me. Some of the Netflix software has dramatically improved. I am going to be watching this so carefully as well for buy side opportunities if we can pierce through the weekly channel.

I want to remind you of something that I have been telling you recently. We had this situation with the market. I discussed the plunge protection team a lot in the past videos. You can see around the 27th of the month they were talking up the market. That is referred to as jaw boning the market. Since then, the market has been on a very nice trajectory to the upside. We are now in the major test area for this. Because of that, I will not be willing to take shorts into the falling resistance. I would usually do that in a bearish market.

Today the NASDAQ was pushing down. I would be looking to short that again to the downside. Until we either fail the daily channel and push back down, or dramatically breaking to the upside, I am going to focus on the long side trade. These next couple days will be very critical here. Will we hold or break through? We have had wide and tight range bars. We could either get another big bar blow off here. Otherwise we could roll off before the blow off happens. We will have a lot to update you on in the upcoming videos.

It won’t be much longer till my special training class at the upcoming Wealth365 Summit. There are roughly 70 plus speakers. There will be a person from Forbes and Investor Business Daily. Go to right away to sign up! This the largest all-online financial summit in the world. You will not want to miss that! I will see you all there guys.