Rob And Ryan Knocked It Out Of The Park Friday!

Welcome back everyone! What an exciting way to end the week. This video is going to be for the weekend. It is going to be my last video that I will be doing through next week and my last public event that I will be doing for probably at least a week or so minus the great charity event that I will be participating in tomorrow to help our friend and colleague, Toni Hanson, during that charity event. I just want to thank all of you that are going to join that event. I know that they already blew away their milestones and in many ways that is because of many of you here.

I’m so very excited and I just wanted to thank you guys. You have always stepped up for various charities that I get involved with. I just wanted to thank you for being a part of this one as well.

While everyone is important, I just wanted to put a special note out to Bill Graves who went ahead and, not only took this for himself, but he also wanted to make sure his friends were involved as well. He sent this email to several of his friends asking them to please contribute for this event and be a part of my presentation tomorrow. I always try to give you guys really great information. I will only have 30 minutes tomorrow but I am still going to give you the best information I can in that time whether it is for your futures, stocks, or options trading. I have a lot of diverse skill sets as many of you over the years have come to know.

I just wanted to put that out there for Bill who went to a bunch of his friends as well to help out with that very special event that we are doing on behalf of Toni tomorrow. Thank you very much, Bill!

As we go ahead and look at today it was the gift that kept on giving. Ryan and I fired off numerous trades, probably the largest number of trades that we fired off on any given day in months. We were just banging them out left and right, left and right. Of course, this was the market that kept on giving. Once the news broke this morning about the Ukraine and Russia the whole model was this.

The market ran up before that news and so, of course, it was primed. When the market goes up in advance of bad news that helps make it come down, plus it is Friday, so it was kind of a risk off trade type situation earlier when that news came on. There was air to take out of it from the early morning push that was up to here (on my charts at 2:52). Then it kept pushing down and pushing down (lots of momentum shift breakouts and lots of inventory retracement bar breakouts over and over again). There was lots of great trading over here (on my screen at 3:09). I was short and the room got to watch me trail that down for a nice profit. It went ahead and was the gift that kept on giving. What a great way to end before my lovely daughter is going to be born on Monday. I’m really excited about that as you guys can imagine.

Going into next week what I would like to see is this. The market is still open at this point (while I’m filming this video). I needed to do this video in advance as we are getting prepared for baby to come. What I would like to see is us close down below this area (on my charts at 3:43). The 113250 on the RUSSELL. The lower we can go the better and the reason being is multiple. Not just on a daily basis does this help but if it stays down here on the weekly chart it will kind of make an inventory retracement bar with a negative connotation called the distribution bar. As you can see here, if we stay at that 113250 area or lower that inventory retracement bar makes it much easier to continue on a path to the downside next week.

I would really like to see us close down here and put this market under pressure as a trader, of course. The lower that we can close below that area the better. That would be my preferred trade of choice. If we actually close above that area on the RUSSELL and we stay above this area on the S&P and we’re staying up here on the NASDAQ and the DOW. Do you see all of them are holding on for dear life at these key supports? If we stay there then I am going to be more guarded going into Monday morning. From my perspective, it is going to be very sporadic trading at best next week. The best trade I’ve got lined up next week is having my wonderful daughter come into the world. Pretty exciting time there.

Remember these thoughts:

It has been a great week. We do have some rising support underneath us and I really want to get this DOW below today’s lows. I want to get the RUSSELL below today’s lows as well as the S&P before getting aggressive for any further shorting.

In the end, the market was the gift that kept on giving over and over. Nice profits in the room as well. Nice trading taking place today and several of them to be seen and potentially nice setups as we go into next week if we keep pressure.

As we wrap up, I just want to thank all of you that went ahead and did all of this wonderful stuff to help us make this charity event for Toni a success. I will look forward to seeing many of you there tomorrow at this special event.

Have a wonderful weekend. I won’t be back with you for about a week. For Monday’s videos I have some Trade Like A Professional Series videos that I want you guys to be able to watch. Take care everyone and we’ll see you on the flip side.


Learn To Trade From Rob During This Weekend’s Charity Event

Well, hey gang, welcome back everyone! Just a little update, it looks like we are going to be out of pocket going into next week. Baby McKenzie is set to be born on Monday, unless some tests that we had yesterday don’t go so well, because there is some cause for concern, then baby will be coming this Friday. So, we’ll keep you in the loop on that as best as we can, but expect that Ryan and the Team will be taking great care of you, at some point between Friday and Monday of next week as we bring baby McKenzie into the world. So, great stuff there. It’s a very exciting time as you guys can imagine, and I’m kind of wondering, of course, what’s going to happen with these tests and stuff. Will it be Friday? Will it be Monday? All that kind of stuff, but we’ll keep you posted. As we go into the evening, let’s look at a handful of different Instruments that we want to focus on and some key points that will help you learn to trade more consitently.

First of all, as far as the Euro, nothing’s changed on the Euro since last night, which is kind of great. It’s kind of great to see all the analysis we’ve put into place, continue to hold. It just shows the viability and the efficacy of what we do and how important it is to our trading.

The same thing as with the Euro, everything I told you in last night’s video about Gold came true again today. You see, we held there, in those key resistance areas I drew for you, and if you don’t remember what all went into this, definitely watch last night’s video because it’s really important to show you how I drew all those key support and resistance levels and why this area we’re facing right now keeps getting rejected.
Same thing with Crude Oil. It’s just great. Over and over and over again, each and every one that we are looking at kind of did the same thing. The Crude Oil held the key support, held the key resistance, and we just stayed kind of trapped right in that area today, despite the weekly inventory reports. Everything I told you in last night’s video as far movement and the key areas to break and that, continues to hold true in tonight’s analysis. And, that’s what’s so important about all that consistency.

As we go into tomorrow, then, let’s focus on some of the key things from the Stock Index Futures perspective. As we can see, here, the story is going to be all about the Stock Index Futures, once again, tomorrow, as it was this morning. My focus, being on long-side trading this morning because we could just not break down below the speed-lines. The same ones that held us so well yesterday, continued to be a factor today. And, so, the focus is on long side trading into falling resistance. As we walk in the door, we have three out of four of these Stock Index Futures sitting here, still in what we refer to as the “kill-zones”. I can see the Dow made it right to the bottom end of the support today. We hit about three layers. This was actually our target on the day for, like, the Russell was the 1141 area. We got right up to that target and actually closed fairly close to that target, as well, from this morning’s Live Trading Room. So, it’s great to see all that come to fruition once again, as well. And, finally, the S&P poked its head just above the resistance, here, but closed with a pattern that usually ends up resulting in the next day being down. So, you’ve got kind of a Hoffman Fade, Stochastic Spike, Crooked Finger sell. We’ve got kind of an over-extension M-Pattern sell, we’ve got a lot of things going on, there. A whole bunch of different types of sell signals, so, statistically speaking, after a day like this, the next day is going to be down. Now, if for some reason that does not happen tomorrow, than you can bet I’m going to do exactly what I did this morning, which was focus on those long-side trades. So, if the sells don’t sell, maybe it’s time to buy. The best thing that could possibly happen, is this open up and start to tank and look for short-side trades. The second best thing that could happen is we open up, we pull back just slightly in the morning to get all the shorts trapped in, and then we start to rocket to the upside and watch that short-squeeze in action. I’ll accept either one of those opportunities going into tomorrow, with the understanding that, statistically speaking, normally after these Hoffman Fade type days, historically, what we see after these is a retracement back down to some degree. With all that being said, that is going to be the game plan going into tomorrow.

Learn To Trade From Rob This Weekend

Another thing I want to make sure you guys all got today, is the fundraiser I sent you. You guys know, I do a lot of charities; military, children, women, animal charities. A lot of different charities that we do throughout the world, and here we have a special one that’s coming for this weekend. This Saturday, I’m going to be a part of a group of 17 traders, each sharing some strategies and helping you learn to trade. It’s a completely non-sales event. The only thing that you’re asked to do is donate $25 to this cause. Toni Hanson, hopefully many of you know of her in the industry, as well, she has fallen ill and to help cover some of the medical bills that aren’t being covered, a charity event has been put together. So it’d be great if you guys are willing to make a $25 donation to this process. We’d love to have you as part of this event on Saturday, where myself and several other traders are going to be speaking, sharing some of our favorite set-ups, and again, nobody there should be doing anything but educating you. And certainly, of course, you know me. I have my commitment and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing. So, I’m going to be there sharing my key thoughts and strategies, answering my questions from you guys to help you out in any way I can, in return for helping Toni during her time of need. She’s a mother, trader, author, and all around great person, so it’d be great if you guys could help me help her during this time of need. The sign-up is in the dedicated email we sent you earlier today, and then there’s a little sign-up link in the special update section of your email tonight. I’d love to have you be part of that and learn to trade using my strategies. I’ll be speaking at 1:30om ET, so 12:30 CST, on Saturday, and even if we have our baby on Friday, or if we get ready to have our baby officially come on Monday for the surgery then, I will be doing this event, come heck or high waters, and I’d love to have you guys be a part of this as well. Have a wonderful night everybody. Thank you for staying with me to the end, and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning, in tomorrow night’s emails or videos here, and of course, otherwise, hopefully at this event on Saturday. Take care everyone have a great eveing!

Key Markets For Day Trading That Rob Is Watching

Okay gang, welcome back! First of all, this video is being done a few hours before the close today, I’m in a situation, today, that many of you know, we might be having our baby a little bit early, and, so, we are going to see the doctor shortly, and see what that’s going to look like. The baby is not quite cooperating with the way she should be inside mom, so, more on that to come. We’ll let you guys know and keep you in the loop, just to know what the scheduling and the programming is going to be as we go into later in the week. With that being said, I want to hit the key focal points from this morning’s day trading session that were so important.

Looking At Day Trading And Swing Trading For The Coming Days

Right now, we’re holding, here, on the NASDAQ at key support. We came down to this area earlier and I advised people that they need to watch out for taking fresh shorts down in there because we had the rising speed-line support underneath of us, there on all these instruments. At the same time, we’ve got resistance coming down on top of us, on three out of four of these instruments. Gang, we call that the “kill-zone”. I call it that for a reason. You’ll notice days like that tend to be really violent, whipsawing days, where people are shorting then getting caught up to the backdrop, then going long and getting caught up as it’s coming back down. And then on even a bigger picture, it can happen on a swing trading basis. If you’re a short term swing trader, you’re really going to get caught in those whipsaws, as well. So, from my perspective, what I’m looking to do, particularly in three out of four of these instruments, we’ve got the falling resistance and rising support. I want to see which way we break for my own personal day trading. Do we break down, through the speed-lines? Or do we break out through the falling resistance level? That’s very important to what’s happening next, and clearly the Market is in disarray with this because, like I said, early this morning we actually had these doji-stars, in fact here is a screen shot from earlier this morning, and they were TRULY doji-stars at that point. So, I really want to break through those areas. I did get some day trading off, there, to the short-side as we were pulling back this morning, but made sure that people were very aware of how and why I was trading and why I was trailing the way I did, to make sure that we weren’t getting caught up these key support levels coming up underneath of us.

A couple of other key things to note, in Gold I was spending a lot of time sharing with people what’s so important about Gold. All these touch-points going back the last several months; how this was a resistance area that then became a support area, that became a big, red breakdown area, that then became resistance, resistance again, resistance for quite a while, and then a push down, resistance, and now here we are with resistance. So, for the people who are getting too aggressive in this area for a long-side trade and then watching these snap-backs against them, that’s why, gang, and, that’s why I was telling you late last week to watch out for these areas. I certainly will be when i comes to my day trading strategy.

Another one to keep an eye on is the Japanese Yen. I’m very excited about the Japanese Yen. This is a weekly chart. For months now, we have been sitting, here, on my fast trigger, basically almost zeroed out. That’s a big deal, this very seldom happens, especially on such a long term time frame, like a weekly chart. So, the Japanese Yen is ultimately due for some very explosive movement, and that makes me a happy guy because, for those of you who have been with me over the years, you’ve seen me make some very, very nice five-digit gains trading the Japanese Yen. For instance, the week of the tsunami, I think that was a $21-$22,000 week, something like that, just in the Japanese Yen during the week of the tsunami alone. If this thing finally breaks down or breaks out after this multi-month consolidation, there’s going to be some fantastic opportunity, so that’s going to be a whole other fantastic time for me to be day trading that with you guys.

Those are going to be a couple of the key things that I’m watching. Those Stock Index Futures going into tomorrow, Gold at those key levels, watch out for Crude Oil as well. We are still struggling between the areas of resistance I identified for you, and the areas of support. Right now, you can see we’re just kind of whipping back and forth in there, as well. So nothing to quite do. So Gold and Crude Oil, I’m keeping a close eye on. The Yen keeping a very, very close eye on that, that’s going to be worth it. It could still take several weeks, potentially several months before it finally breaks out/breaks down, but every day, I’m making sure I watch the Yen, because when those moves finally come, like I said, they could be fantastic, as well. So, in the meantime the key focus for now will be the Stock Index Futures, getting the trades off there; small trades in the small consolidation days, large trades when we get the wild pushes like we had yesterday coming off the open, okay? You guys have a great night. I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you tomorrow in the Live Trading Room, tomorrow at the Monthly Q&A Session, don’t forget that is going to be tomorrow at 12:00pm CST / 1:00pm ET for all of you that are Student Family Members, and/or we’ll look forward to seeing each and every one of you in tomorrow night’s videos, here. Take care everyone, have a great night!

Trading Strategy – How Rob Is Trading Tomorrow

Okay gang, welcome back! Let’s take a look real briefly at a couple of the key Markets and what our trading strategy is for them.

Trading Strategy For The Euro, Gold, And Crude Oil

As far as the Euro is concerned right now, the Euro is in “no trader zone” from my perspective, unless you are absolutely short term scalping this thing, which is not really what I’m looking for from a trade. As long as I’m looking at this I’d like to break down below this inventory retracement bar, over here, or I’d like to get back above the down-trending resistance up above, which is currently around $1.3450 area. So, we’ve got a little bit of action there, and a little bit of range that we need to get through to take a trade there. Right now, no trade, no fresh trade in the Euro here.

As far as a Gold trading strategy is concerned, Gold continues to be in those “watch” ranges I have told you about. We’re not breaking through, so far, above the inventory retracement bar, here, to the upside or the downside. So, that status quo is still intact, here. That’s why I’ve warned everybody about this, because in the big picture, this is still a very, very tight consolidation range. Remember what I told you about this from the weekly chart, you really want to get above the weekly range, here, or below the weekly range, here. Anything in this area, right here, is just going to be more noise and just some pretty violent whipsaws and that can really cause traders some angst.

As far as what we did today in Crude Oil, we got just above the inventory retracement bar, right over here, set last Friday, but it got stopped here at price resistance from the day before. We just couldn’t breakthrough that area that we locked in a distribution inventory retracement bar. What our trading strategy is for this get back above those highs set earlier last week, around the 9870 area, approximately. If we get above that 9870, we have a decent chance of moving up, approximately 80 to 100 ticks, back up over here. Otherwise, I want to back off and wait to see if we can push down below the 9650 area for a move back to 9500.

As far as the Bonds are concerned, something I mentioned to you from the weekend video, we’ve locked in this inventory retracement bar. The target’s already been achieved. We hit that target last Friday, so, we’re already done. We hit the target, all the targets that I mentioned in the Bonds continue to be hit, once the signals are firing off. Now we’re looking for a fresh trade, here, a fresh signal, and right now, we have no fresh signal. We need to get back above here, pull back, and then start to take back off again for the next target up above, but as you can see that is not in place, yet.

Looking At The Stock Index Futures Today And Tomorrow

As we look to the Stock Index Futures, those were certainly the place to be, from my perspective, this morning. As we start off, let’s move this over, I see my indicators were firing off, here, quite a bit throughout the morning and that gave some really fantastic moves to the upside, here.

As we look to tomorrow, our trading strategy is this; we got the Dow, the Russell, and the S&P that all came approximately 50% off their highs, so they were all inventory retracement bars, back there. We need to see what is going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is really the key day. Because, with the inventory retracement bar, are we just going to roll right back over again. If so, this Market is still very much in jeopardy. If we can actually push through the highs of these bars, that would be much more likely to a little bit more sustaining for the bulls. So, the bulls are really going to try to push this thing higher. I warned everybody last week that this is that point of no return, this is the area that these Markets are holding on for dear life, because if they get much lower, look out below! There is nothing but air down below some of these, as we talked about. Lots of air down below, and you can see it even more clearly on the Russell, lots of air. And so, these were the last bastions of support, and if we didn’t hold those, this Market was in deep trouble. This is where the big fight was going to take place between the longs and the shorts. So far, the longs are winning in the short-term. Tomorrow’s going to prove to be a key day for me after this inventory retracement bar type days, these distribution bars. Does the Market start to push right back down again? If it does, I’ll aggressively start looking for short-side trades again. If we start to hold and break above the high of these inventory retracement bars, I’ll be looking for a lot more aggressive long-side trades. Okay?

With that being said, you guys have a great night. Lots of announcements to come later in the week, and I’ll look forward to seeing you guys, each and every one of you, in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning, or in tomorrow night’s videos here. Take care everyone!

We’re Watching These Markets For Potential Day Trading And Big Moves

Welcome back everyone! Ryan here, bringing you tonight’s video. It’s about 11:30 Pacific Time and I’m going to have to get up and boogie today, so bringing you the videos before the market close. So far, as the trading day is progressing, we are in a state of flux, we’re kind of in this period of indecision that I was talking about yesterday, where the market is in a precarious position and it’s quite indecisive, and we saw a lot of that this morning in the Live Trading Room in the action, in the trends, etc. With the trading session not being over yet, it still has a potential to heat up to the downside or the upside, but as of now, still looking at a pretty indecisive market. Similar to what we had yesterday, where we had accumulation below us, distribution above, today we have a similar situation, here. We’re bouncing back and forth between distribution above, and accumulation underneath, in the Russell, in the S&P, in the Dow we’ve seen it as well, and in the NASDAQ. Despite the indecision in the markets we were able to get some profitable day trading off in the Live Trading Room this morning, in our time together there. We’re taking advantage of some other techniques and strategies during this period of indecision while we’re waiting for, potentially, some type of larger breakout, or some type of larger move, after these markets potentially commit to either up or down-side action.

We have these levels that are still holding in place, that we were talking about yesterday, down here in the NASDAQ, at about 3850 at the bottom of the accumulation, here. We’re seeing numerous inventory retracement bars in here and key levels, here, in the Dow, which we don’t want to stay too far below, at this point, here, with the accumulation, with the inventory retracement bars, there, and also here in the Russell, and in the S&P. I’m looking, really, for this market to continue to the downside, would be my preference for future day trading. Of course, I’m staying nimble, in case we get back above those speed-lines in any of those markets and stay there with any conviction. We could see nice pops, there, if the shorts were to get caught and we’re to see the bargain-hunters step in. But, really, I’d like to see this move, a little bit of a breather, and break through some of those key support levels; this move, a little bit of a breather, and breakdown through some of those key support levels. Same thing, here, in the Russell, I’d like to see this same kind of action, and really any of these Stock Index Futures. So, being patient here to see what unfolds and which direction these markets commit, but in the meantime, taking advantage of some of the day trading strategies and methodologies that we use in the Live Trading Room.

A Closer Look At The Stock Index Futures For Day Trading Potential

As we zoom in on the Stock Index Futures, what I typically, or what I WILL be looking for, is similar to the approach I took this morning, which is looking for the weakest market, if the market is showing bearishness, and conversely, if the market is showing bullishness, then looking for the strongest market to get on board for some day trading. So, this morning, what that meant was the Dow and the Russell were showing the biggest weakness, so those were the markets that we focused on this morning. I don’t know where those markets will be tomorrow, or Monday morning, but that’s the approach I’ll be taking, is coming in to see which Stock Index Future offers the best strength, or the most weakness, or the longest ranged bars and the best volatility. The best stretches in either direction, which increases our likelihood of profitable day trading.

In some of the other markets here, taking a look here at the Dollar Index, you can see that the Dollar Index is really stuck, right here, in a zone as well, right at that round level of 81.50, with inventory retracement bar, right here in the back-drop, holding it down resistance-wise. So, again, the market isn’t closed yet but it looks like we might get a momentum-shift with trend, on this daily basis, right here. If we can get this bar to close above the speed-lines, then we’ll potentially have a long-side indication. And a long-side indication, if we can get back above this 81.77ish level, and trade north of that on this momentum shift bar, would mean bearish things for the Euro. And the Euro, at this point, has really spent a good portion of the day back-filling some of the accumulation that it posted yesterday. So, we have this inventory retracement bar, here, and it’s basically just probed down into that throughout the day, throughout the trading session so far. If we can get this bar, on the Euro, to close lower, or close below the speed-lines, here, then what we’re going to have is what we call an “equal and opposite”. We’re going to have a momentum shift breakout bar AND an inventory retracement bar here AND we’re going to have a momentum shift with trend. Generally, what that sets up is a sell signal to the downside, if we can have our fast trigger blinking red again and getting us to show bearish momentum, and our core trigger, here, still negative and our momentum still firing off negative. So, that could bode well for the bears, here, in the Euro Currency, so, I’ll be keeping my eye on that. We were actually watching it this morning as it pushed into that range of accumulation, to see if the bearish trend was strong enough and had enough energy and conviction to give us a tradeable trend to the downside, and it got really close there, but that was right about the time we got some heat, some action, in the Stock Index Futures, which we then started focusing on for some day trading.

Lots Of Resistance In Gold And Crude Oil

In Gold, pop over to Gold, here, despite Gold being up again today, it really doesn’t interest me really at this point from a day trading perspective, still. What I see here is this big, fat band of resistance overhead, and all of that is in the face, in essence, of a sideways trend. So, without this trend really having any conviction, here, the probability of finding successful resistance up into this range becomes relatively high. I’d like to see this market get some conviction to the upside here, to potentially come up and challenge these other levels. But, at an absolute minimum, get back above this 1325, 1330 level before it even becomes interesting to me at that point. What we have here, also, potentially coming into the close, is a hockey-stick, which is one of Rob’s patterns that we would look for, which would potentially give the market some pause. So, that there gives me additional concerns to the upside and keeps me from having any strong interest in this market, at this point.

In the Crude Oil market, very interesting, it just doesn’t want trade below this 97 level with any regularity. So, what we’re doing is potentially printing a momentum shift breakout bar, and we’re right at the resistance of the speed-lines. And you guys know, even if you’re only a subscriber to the Free Newsletter, the importance of those speed-lines, here. So, what I’ll be looking for in Crude Oil is if we can break back above those speed-lines, I’ll be looking to see if we can’t come up and challenge these price levels, or potentially the falling resistance levels, here, or if we can break-down below this 96.55 momentum shift breakout bar, see if we can’t open up some of that downside trading, here, from a bearish perspective. Also in a state of flux there, basically, in Crude Oil, because we’re battling some of this inventory retracement, here, inventory retracement bars, accumulation levels, right here, and we just haven’t gotten through them just yet. So, you can see the importance of those, as well, as they prove to be pretty formidable support on the downside. The nice thing that I do like about this, if it were to break to the downside is we have the speed-lines coming down on us pretty heavily, and with a little bit of pause and hesitation in here, that allows us to refuel and potentially have enough rocket fuel to get a nice downside extension. Of course, it looks like it’s due for an upside retracement, there, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that either way for any day trading potential.

The Bonds In Relation With The Stock Index Futures

In the Bond market, here, we are seeing something fairly similar to a lot of the other markets in that price action today was, basically, just back-filling, or testing, or moving through the inventory retracement that we made yesterday. And, this level, up here, is also proving to be somewhat formidable, at this 139.9 level, here, in the Bond market. We’re right up there testing tat resistance level. To this point and time we haven’t broken through it, haven’t moved through it. I’ll be looking to see if we can get a break through that, particularly if it coincides with the Stock Index Futures heating up to the downside. If I can get some downside conviction to those Stock Index Futures, then, that could give the Bonds here a little breath of life to the upside. As of now, it’s just becoming a challenge at that 139.9 level, and unless we can see some type of follow-through, there, we may have waning momentum and divergence, here, rule the day and just have push right back down into our rising support. So, if we can get the markets to heat up, and there still is time in today’s session, like I said, unfortunately, I have to boogie today, there is still time for that to happen, here, or potentially tomorrow.

Those are a couple of key markets I’m looking at, and how I’m looking at them there from a day trading perspective. Hopefully that gives you guys some insight and brings a little bit of value to your trading. I’ll look forward to seeing you guys either in the next round of videos there, or, if you’re Live Trading Room members and you were taking advantage to how we were analyzing and how we were trading, and making profitable trades in these indecisive markets , then I’ll see you guys first thing Monday morning, because I won’t be in the Trade Room tomorrow, so we’ll catch up Monday. We’ll be ready to hit it hard Monday for those that are in the Live Trading Room, otherwise, the videos next week. Alright, well thanks a lot you guys, have a great night and have some profitable trading this afternoon and tomorrow!

These Markets, Including The Stock Index Futures, Could Heat Up Quickly

Good evening everyone! Ryan here bringing you tonight’s free video. A warm welcome to any new students that may be joining us for the first time that may have participated in the live event with Rob and Infinity Futures this morning. Of course, welcome and good evening to those of you that have are already students and have been with us all along. I am going to look a number of different markets here because there are quite a few things going on. As you guys can imagine, one of my focuses here is going to be the stock index futures.

A Review Of The Stock Index Futures

The stock index futures have been put into a very precarious position, from my point of view. What we have here is in the S&P we have speed lines coming down on top of us as resistance. We have some key levels here just underneath of us that the market just doesn’t want to close below. In fact, today we put in an inventory retracement bar here where we saw accumulation in the market in the S&P, the DOW, the NASDAQ, and the RUSSELL.

A lot of indecision here. A couple of people potentially looking for some bargains but buying large we have a lot of downward pressure still. What this means is with the resistance coming down on top of us and these inventory retracements underneath us in virtually all of the markets here is that the market has to make a decision one way or the other. It is really kind of coiling up in its own little small sense as far as indecision goes. It is in need of a breakout in one direction or the other. Which direction? I don’t know specifically so I am going to stay nimble here. My preference, in this case, would be for it to break to the downside because we have these markets really holding onto very precarious positions.

In the NASDAQ at right about 3850 you can see these last levels of support here. If these levels were to be broken it would open up a lot of downside potential here. Same thing in the other markets if we can get the DOW below this round level here at 16300 and the inventory retracement it made there as well. There is additional room to go to the downside. If we don’t find this support or we don’t find that buyers are buying then it is very possible that the break could have another swift leg down. It could possibly be proportionate to what happened on the front side of this little consolidation. In any of these markets that would be possible.

Of course, you look at this market and one naturally wants to think “it’s a bit oversold here so we are due for a correction”. You know, I couldn’t necessarily argue with that. Getting back up into some of these key levels where there is price support and some additional falling resistance on top of us here would not really change the overall bearish view right away. In fact, it would just give us a little bit more of a breather and consolidation to which we might be able to continue to the downside. That is very possible. That is what I am going to be looking for. Again, if this turns into sellers don’t sell then we could see violent snaps to the upside. That is one of the things that leads me to believe that the market is in a very precarious position.

From the stock index futures point of view what I will be doing is, again, looking for the weakest market. In recent days and weeks the NASDAQ was the strongest and I’ve noticed it has also been the weakest here a number of times on an intraday basis. That 3850ish level is what we want to break through to see the potential to the downside. I’ll be monitoring how the markets are moving and how they are changing on a net percentage basis, how they are moving intraday volatility-wise (especially if it does open up to the downside) so I can see which one is the weakest and focus on that market.

Other Markets Poised For Action

I’ll run through a couple of other markets as well and offer up my opinion and what I am seeing.

Here in the Gold market I don’t have any interest in trading this until it does one of two things:

1. If it were to get back down below this 1280 level. If we were to see this come all the way back down to the 1280 level and break to the downside below the momentum shift breakout bar then I would be interested in short side trades.

2. On the topside I am not particularly interested until we can get through the band of resistance that comes in right about the 1350-1320 levels. You can see there has been a lot of activity right in this range where we’ve seen inventory retracement, accumulation, distribution, and a lot of price activity. Until it really clears the 1320 level then I am not interested in Gold to the upside. If it were to, in fact, break this level then I will absolutely keep an eye on it to see if there is further upside potential in the Gold market.

As it sits right now you can see that more or less we are turning into a mess here. This is just turning into a sideways market that doesn’t really have strong direction either way.

In Crude Oil, I would like to see this follow through. I would like to see a wash to the downside, just maybe one more capitulation type selling as we break this last level of support. This level of support that was put in with inventory retracement bars that was made back here with accumulation is really the last stronghold of support before we might see some type of wash out activity or at least some continued downside (with hopefully some conviction) in the Crude Oil market.

It is at this point where, if it does find support and can get back above the speed lines, that a healthy bounce would be perfectly normal. It is showing some signs of weakness though so I would like to see some downside activity there. I will be monitoring this market to see if it can pick up some steam to the downside.

In the Bond market Rob had been warning all of us about this 139.09 level. It more or less hit it to a tee before again creating another inventory retracement bar. It found some distribution and came right off of that level. The challenge here in the Bonds is to work back through that level and work back up through 139.09 and then potentially open the door to much higher maybe into the 140 level. For right now the Bond market moving higher is facing this big band of resistance and that is going to be the major challenge for this market. I will see if it does, in fact, get back up to this 139.09 and how it responds. I would like to see it break, test and go. That is proving to be somewhat formidable resistance at this point. We have an uptrend underneath us though so we will see what happens in the Bonds moving into the rest of this week. Until then, I am not particularly interested in the Bond market yet.

These are a couple of the markets that I will be looking at in the coming days and potentially weeks depending on how they shake out. I hope that helps you guys out and I will look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in the nightly videos tomorrow night! Have a great evening.

Which Futures Markets Are On The Watch List For Tomorrow?

Welcome back everyone. Ryan here bringing you tonight’s free nightly video. There are a number of markets that are going to be on my watch list for futures trading tomorrow. First and foremost are going to be the Stock Index Futures. Not too unlike I mentioned last night. I want to see these markets get down below some of these key levels. In the S&P you can see our rising support coming up underneath us right about that 1910 level. I’d love to see a breakdown back down below that level and open up some bearish trading. In the NASDAQ you can see we are still holding right at the bottom of the trend channel. We’ve got our 50 day MA coming right up underneath us. If we can move through some if this inventory retracement that we posted right here and start trading that from the downside on the break through the channel that could open up some fantastic shorting opportunities as well. I mention that because today we had exactly that type of sequence. I was looking for the DOW to get below this round number of 16400 and when it did that today, it moved very quickly and with conviction. So we can see that type of break on some of these other key levels potentially in the S&P or potentially in the NASDAQ then we could see a nice down draft.

Futures Trading In The Russell, Gold, And Others

Here in the Russell we’ve had a little bit of hesitation. It has been the market that was likely spread against the others where people were in recent days buying the up move in the NASDAQ but selling off in the Russell. If that spread continues to unwind as it appeared that it was today, we would see downside movement in the three Stock Index Futures, the S&P, the DOW and the NASDAQ and potentially a little up move in the Russell which is actually what we were experiencing today. If we could get all of those in sync and get those spreads to unwind and see the Russell turned down then it too can offer potentially some nice bearish  futures trades activity. We’re going to have our resistance coming in above us here on all of the markets as the speed lines. If we do see a consolidation or a pause then that is going to be our biggest challenge overhead exactly where that market ends up for tomorrow, I don’t know but watching those key level and my plan of attack will be to find the weakest market of the four so if those markets do break down and they get through some of those key levels searching out the one that has the most grease to the downside as I like to call it and that is what I will be looking to trade for tomorrow.

In a couple of the other markets, a couple of the usual suspects are still on my list for tomorrow because they still potentially have room to move. In the Gold market we’re still looking for Gold to get down below the 1280 level. It’s still holding here. We have this momentum shift breakout bar that printed 3 sessions ago, a couple of days back. That comes in right about that 1280 level, so I’d like to see if break down below there and see some downside action that could very easily take us down into that 1260 and beyond level. So, that is still going to be on my watch list. We have falling resistance down on top of us putting a lot of pressure on that market so if that holds, nice downside activity will be possible in the Gold market.

I will also be keeping an eye on Crude Oil tomorrow. Today I was looking for it to be down below 9800. It traded down there with some conviction for a little while once it broke that level and now what I am going to be looking for is similar to what I am looking for in those stock index futures. I’m going to be looking for it to break our last key level and see if we can’t get some downside movement out of that. The 9680 level is a level that I will be watching closely especially if it does break this level right about 9700, because that would be employing our 80/20 rule. So if we have the market move down to the 9680 level. I’d like to see it maybe consolidate, break, bounce a little bit there, maybe catch its breath, maybe re-fuel and then show us a move right to the downside there. Also you can see lots of air to the downside there in the Crude Oil market so that could open up some additional sell side opportunities.

That is what I will be looking for tomorrow, the weakest of the Stock Index Futures, Gold for potential breakdowns, crude for potential breakdowns because those are the paths of least resistance in those markets. All of those tend to be relatively volatile markets so seeing some downdraft type of activity could open up some nice trading opportunities for us.

Ryan Discusses Divergence In The Stock Index Futures

Welcome back everybody, Ryan here. Happy Monday to you guys. Good to be with you here. Rob’s got a really hectic schedule so I’ll be bringing you tonight’s newsletter. So, tonight I wanted to focus on a couple of things that we’ve been looking at here for quite some time. Namely, there is the divergence in the Stock Index Futures. We’ve been bringing to you this type of formation, we’ve got the S&P and the fast trigger is divergent, divergent, divergent. As the price is making higher highs, the indicators are making lower lows in both the fast trigger and the core trigger. We’re starting to show red here and lots of downside momentum in the Russell, nothing new there. There is also the divergence that we had seen in the DOW and the divergence that we had seen in the NADAQ as well. At this point we have had a nice pull back in all of these markets. So the question becomes, is this divergence done?

Divergence In The Stock Index Futures

From my perspective and with my analysis these pull backs are large enough for me to say “yes, this divergence has played out” Does that mean that this market is not going to go any lower? No, that is not what this means. This market could absolutely go lower, could have much bigger legs lower, that is a possibility. But, this pullback here is enough to show me that this divergence has potentially played out. For this market to go lower, I would want to see a couple of things and this is in the big picture as we are looking at daily charts, so this is big picture analysis. I would want to see the S&P get below this 1910 level. I would want to see the DOW get below this round level  of 16400 and trade from the south side of that and I would want to see the NASDAQ get below here at the bottom of our trend channel and this 50 day moving average. There are also some key levels that we’d be coming into on the Russell but if we can start breaking down below those, I would in essence have fresh sell signals and then I would consider this market increasingly bearish. As it sits right now, this divergence is potentially played out. We only saw a pause today at these key levels, these levels that are propping us up in at least 3 of the 4. After these long range days, we’re expecting a bit of a bounce, some sort of consolidation or a little breather.  We do have lots of resistance overhead in all of the markets here and that will be weighing on us very heavily. So, whether this is a consolidation before we see another leg lower or if this market has found some type of market bottom and to bounce is yet to be known and we’ll see as it plays out. I would want to see those fresh sell signals on the daily basis on these Stock Index futures to increase the bearishness.

I’ll be keeping any eye on that. There is enough space in either direction to be playing these intraday trends. So, if this market were in fact to continue to roll over, even before we hit some of those key levels, these ranges are wide enough or long enough that there is good profit potential in there, so a break isn’t requisite here in order to start taking short side trades.  Again, I am just keeping the big picture in mind here as we look at these daily charts. I’ll be focusing on that on an intraday basis in on the Stock Index futures.

Taking A Look At Gold

Another market that is potentially intriguing to me is the Gold Market.  We’ve gotten just below this 1300 level and we have this 1280 level where we’ve put in this momentum shift breakout signal. If we can continue to trade below this 1290 level, there is enough profit potential here to get down below that level. And if in fact we can break that level which would be employing our 80/20 rule, get below that 1280, you can see that we would have good air to the downside to potentially see a bigger move to the downside. Lot’ of resistance on top of us, so if we can get that market going again and get that break below 1280 then the Gold market will get very intriguing for me. It got very close to doing that today. We had some intraday trends develop on the 2 minute and 5 minute, I think a bit on the 15 minute as well. We had some bearish trends that developed but we couldn’t quite get the energy going to the downside, but if it can pick up, I will be looking to get on board that.

One finally point here, this Wednesday, August 6th at 9:00 AM CT, Rob is going to be doing a Live Trading Event. It will be open to anyone that wants to sign up. You should be getting a link in your email this evening. If not, go to : and be sure to fill out the information so we can send the webinar link off to you. That is going to be a Live Trading Event, August 6th, 9:00 AM CT and Rob will be trading real money in his live account should the opportunity present itself and there is absolutely no substitute for that type of education, So be sure to take advantage of that and we look forward to seeing you there. Thanks a lot, and have a great night!

What’s Next After This Great Trading Week In The Stock Index Futures?

Well, hey everyone I hope you guys are having a great start to your weekend here.  Boy, deserved rest this weekend huh?  What a great week this was with the trading.  Rest up because we have a lot more of it coming ahead and we’re really looking forward to the trading to be had after this year.  Great stuff.  For all of you that of course joined in the last week or so and took us up on that offer a week and a half ago, obviously what a great introduction to trading with me, huh?  For everyone else let’s go ahead and review what we’re looking for into next week.

I’m going to cut to the chase tonight.  Instead of looking at several different instruments we’re just going to focus on the Stock Index Futures because they are obviously very important to me on an intraday basis and for those of you whether you’re a Swing Trader or Day Trader you’re going to want to know this stuff yourselves.  What I’m looking at going into next week here…

Obviously there is a lot of political turmoil all over the place whether it’s Iraq with ISIS or Gaza and Israel, whether it’s the whole Hamas Israel thing, or Japan/China, Russia/Ukraine, pick your poison, South Korea/North Korea.  There’s something ready to blow up pretty much everywhere.  We consider the Ebola virus situation, if that jumps ship and starts going to other countries lots of bad things can happen in lots of different places.  The Argentinian debt crisis.  Pick your poison there’s lots of things that can go wrong in different places.

Looking At The Stock Index Futures

As we’re looking into next week what I’m looking at is this, we’ve got right now an inventory retracement bar on the NASDAQ, the Russell and the S&P.  The DOW didn’t quite make one there today but that’s irrelevant because three did.  As we’re looking at this we also have key support on the NASDAQ, key support on the S&P and we already started breaking down below on the Dow and Russell.  I’ve been sharing with you these key levels of support in the Stock Index Futures and we keep breaking them.  Then of course that leaves to me doing more shorts and you guys can see the awesome activities that come out of that.  The $VIX spikes, UVXY spikes, the trading spikes, lots of great stuff just kind of happens in such a great trading environment.  We’re going to have a lot more of this as we go into the rest of the year.

As I said this market did go ahead and find some inventory holding us up at some key levels on the S&P and the NASDAQ as you can see today.  But we certainly have lots more room.  Let’s just take a look at this from the weekly chart again on the Russell.  I shared this with you way back before because I pointed out to you, if you recall it’s all in the videos you can go back and take a look at it for those of you that are newer to the videos, but I mentioned for the first time in well over a year and a half now, approximately a year and a half, we’ve gone ahead and actually had a negative divergence here on my indicators.  That was kind of a big deal.  You see we were making higher highs in the indications before but then we finally stalled out here and made the lower low so we were due for a big correction.  We got that correction.  Then we bounced off the key support, we knew that was a real big possibility here with the accumulation bars that were coming in near the support.  We bounced back up, hit that same resistance level we held before and now here we are again testing the same support area.

If we can break this support area this time we can see much lower prices and much more of a down draft making what we’ve seen so far not look as important as we hoped we could see.  Like I said, there is certainly lots of things all over the world blowing up that could go ahead and cause any number of issues here.  We’ve got American terrorists going over to Syria and blowing things up, well he came back to the United States before he left trying to recruit people, what happens if there’s more people like that in the United States?  There’s all sorts of things that could happen there.  Of course I’m planning for that and adjusting to it and trading around that risk.

Going into next week here in the Stock Index Futures, this is the weekly chart.  Like I said, lots of room to the down side if we start breaking down below.  First things first, going to be focusing on if we can break down below these inventory retracement bars?  That’s the key thing.  If we can start breaking down below those… because today volume stepped in there in the institutionals inventory here.  They’re either covering shorts or taking fresh longs off these lows and so what I want to see now is us break down below those which also happens to give me a great place to break down below some key supports right?  We break down these key supports that could lead to some much better trading.  That’s the ideal trade of choice.

If the market opens up going into early next week and starts to retrace a little bit, if we get some good intraday, two minute, five minute, fifteen minute, hourly type of trading signals I might look into some short term longs.  But as you can imagine my heart and soul is going to be into getting the big breaks to the down side.  That’s typically from my perspective where the bigger money is made.  The elevator tends to walk the stairs up and ride the elevator down.  So breaking these inventory retracement bars would be most important.

That’s what I’m looking forward to in the Stock Index Futures going into next week.  Again, let’s celebrate all the successes we had!  The Live Trading Room, the Private Mentorship I did, all the things that happened this week.  Let’s plan ahead real hard together.  We’ll see you Monday morning in the Live Trading Room or we’ll see you Monday evening in the videos here.  Take care everyone, have a great weekend!