Key Markets For Day Trading That Rob Is Watching

Okay gang, welcome back! First of all, this video is being done a few hours before the close today, I’m in a situation, today, that many of you know, we might be having our baby a little bit early, and, so, we are going to see the doctor shortly, and see what that’s going to look like. The baby is not quite cooperating with the way she should be inside mom, so, more on that to come. We’ll let you guys know and keep you in the loop, just to know what the scheduling and the programming is going to be as we go into later in the week. With that being said, I want to hit the key focal points from this morning’s day trading session that were so important.

Looking At Day Trading And Swing Trading For The Coming Days

Right now, we’re holding, here, on the NASDAQ at key support. We came down to this area earlier and I advised people that they need to watch out for taking fresh shorts down in there because we had the rising speed-line support underneath of us, there on all these instruments. At the same time, we’ve got resistance coming down on top of us, on three out of four of these instruments. Gang, we call that the “kill-zone”. I call it that for a reason. You’ll notice days like that tend to be really violent, whipsawing days, where people are shorting then getting caught up to the backdrop, then going long and getting caught up as it’s coming back down. And then on even a bigger picture, it can happen on a swing trading basis. If you’re a short term swing trader, you’re really going to get caught in those whipsaws, as well. So, from my perspective, what I’m looking to do, particularly in three out of four of these instruments, we’ve got the falling resistance and rising support. I want to see which way we break for my own personal day trading. Do we break down, through the speed-lines? Or do we break out through the falling resistance level? That’s very important to what’s happening next, and clearly the Market is in disarray with this because, like I said, early this morning we actually had these doji-stars, in fact here is a screen shot from earlier this morning, and they were TRULY doji-stars at that point. So, I really want to break through those areas. I did get some day trading off, there, to the short-side as we were pulling back this morning, but made sure that people were very aware of how and why I was trading and why I was trailing the way I did, to make sure that we weren’t getting caught up these key support levels coming up underneath of us.

A couple of other key things to note, in Gold I was spending a lot of time sharing with people what’s so important about Gold. All these touch-points going back the last several months; how this was a resistance area that then became a support area, that became a big, red breakdown area, that then became resistance, resistance again, resistance for quite a while, and then a push down, resistance, and now here we are with resistance. So, for the people who are getting too aggressive in this area for a long-side trade and then watching these snap-backs against them, that’s why, gang, and, that’s why I was telling you late last week to watch out for these areas. I certainly will be when i comes to my day trading strategy.

Another one to keep an eye on is the Japanese Yen. I’m very excited about the Japanese Yen. This is a weekly chart. For months now, we have been sitting, here, on my fast trigger, basically almost zeroed out. That’s a big deal, this very seldom happens, especially on such a long term time frame, like a weekly chart. So, the Japanese Yen is ultimately due for some very explosive movement, and that makes me a happy guy because, for those of you who have been with me over the years, you’ve seen me make some very, very nice five-digit gains trading the Japanese Yen. For instance, the week of the tsunami, I think that was a $21-$22,000 week, something like that, just in the Japanese Yen during the week of the tsunami alone. If this thing finally breaks down or breaks out after this multi-month consolidation, there’s going to be some fantastic opportunity, so that’s going to be a whole other fantastic time for me to be day trading that with you guys.

Those are going to be a couple of the key things that I’m watching. Those Stock Index Futures going into tomorrow, Gold at those key levels, watch out for Crude Oil as well. We are still struggling between the areas of resistance I identified for you, and the areas of support. Right now, you can see we’re just kind of whipping back and forth in there, as well. So nothing to quite do. So Gold and Crude Oil, I’m keeping a close eye on. The Yen keeping a very, very close eye on that, that’s going to be worth it. It could still take several weeks, potentially several months before it finally breaks out/breaks down, but every day, I’m making sure I watch the Yen, because when those moves finally come, like I said, they could be fantastic, as well. So, in the meantime the key focus for now will be the Stock Index Futures, getting the trades off there; small trades in the small consolidation days, large trades when we get the wild pushes like we had yesterday coming off the open, okay? You guys have a great night. I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you tomorrow in the Live Trading Room, tomorrow at the Monthly Q&A Session, don’t forget that is going to be tomorrow at 12:00pm CST / 1:00pm ET for all of you that are Student Family Members, and/or we’ll look forward to seeing each and every one of you in tomorrow night’s videos, here. Take care everyone, have a great night!

We’re Watching These Markets For Potential Day Trading And Big Moves

Welcome back everyone! Ryan here, bringing you tonight’s video. It’s about 11:30 Pacific Time and I’m going to have to get up and boogie today, so bringing you the videos before the market close. So far, as the trading day is progressing, we are in a state of flux, we’re kind of in this period of indecision that I was talking about yesterday, where the market is in a precarious position and it’s quite indecisive, and we saw a lot of that this morning in the Live Trading Room in the action, in the trends, etc. With the trading session not being over yet, it still has a potential to heat up to the downside or the upside, but as of now, still looking at a pretty indecisive market. Similar to what we had yesterday, where we had accumulation below us, distribution above, today we have a similar situation, here. We’re bouncing back and forth between distribution above, and accumulation underneath, in the Russell, in the S&P, in the Dow we’ve seen it as well, and in the NASDAQ. Despite the indecision in the markets we were able to get some profitable day trading off in the Live Trading Room this morning, in our time together there. We’re taking advantage of some other techniques and strategies during this period of indecision while we’re waiting for, potentially, some type of larger breakout, or some type of larger move, after these markets potentially commit to either up or down-side action.

We have these levels that are still holding in place, that we were talking about yesterday, down here in the NASDAQ, at about 3850 at the bottom of the accumulation, here. We’re seeing numerous inventory retracement bars in here and key levels, here, in the Dow, which we don’t want to stay too far below, at this point, here, with the accumulation, with the inventory retracement bars, there, and also here in the Russell, and in the S&P. I’m looking, really, for this market to continue to the downside, would be my preference for future day trading. Of course, I’m staying nimble, in case we get back above those speed-lines in any of those markets and stay there with any conviction. We could see nice pops, there, if the shorts were to get caught and we’re to see the bargain-hunters step in. But, really, I’d like to see this move, a little bit of a breather, and break through some of those key support levels; this move, a little bit of a breather, and breakdown through some of those key support levels. Same thing, here, in the Russell, I’d like to see this same kind of action, and really any of these Stock Index Futures. So, being patient here to see what unfolds and which direction these markets commit, but in the meantime, taking advantage of some of the day trading strategies and methodologies that we use in the Live Trading Room.

A Closer Look At The Stock Index Futures For Day Trading Potential

As we zoom in on the Stock Index Futures, what I typically, or what I WILL be looking for, is similar to the approach I took this morning, which is looking for the weakest market, if the market is showing bearishness, and conversely, if the market is showing bullishness, then looking for the strongest market to get on board for some day trading. So, this morning, what that meant was the Dow and the Russell were showing the biggest weakness, so those were the markets that we focused on this morning. I don’t know where those markets will be tomorrow, or Monday morning, but that’s the approach I’ll be taking, is coming in to see which Stock Index Future offers the best strength, or the most weakness, or the longest ranged bars and the best volatility. The best stretches in either direction, which increases our likelihood of profitable day trading.

In some of the other markets here, taking a look here at the Dollar Index, you can see that the Dollar Index is really stuck, right here, in a zone as well, right at that round level of 81.50, with inventory retracement bar, right here in the back-drop, holding it down resistance-wise. So, again, the market isn’t closed yet but it looks like we might get a momentum-shift with trend, on this daily basis, right here. If we can get this bar to close above the speed-lines, then we’ll potentially have a long-side indication. And a long-side indication, if we can get back above this 81.77ish level, and trade north of that on this momentum shift bar, would mean bearish things for the Euro. And the Euro, at this point, has really spent a good portion of the day back-filling some of the accumulation that it posted yesterday. So, we have this inventory retracement bar, here, and it’s basically just probed down into that throughout the day, throughout the trading session so far. If we can get this bar, on the Euro, to close lower, or close below the speed-lines, here, then what we’re going to have is what we call an “equal and opposite”. We’re going to have a momentum shift breakout bar AND an inventory retracement bar here AND we’re going to have a momentum shift with trend. Generally, what that sets up is a sell signal to the downside, if we can have our fast trigger blinking red again and getting us to show bearish momentum, and our core trigger, here, still negative and our momentum still firing off negative. So, that could bode well for the bears, here, in the Euro Currency, so, I’ll be keeping my eye on that. We were actually watching it this morning as it pushed into that range of accumulation, to see if the bearish trend was strong enough and had enough energy and conviction to give us a tradeable trend to the downside, and it got really close there, but that was right about the time we got some heat, some action, in the Stock Index Futures, which we then started focusing on for some day trading.

Lots Of Resistance In Gold And Crude Oil

In Gold, pop over to Gold, here, despite Gold being up again today, it really doesn’t interest me really at this point from a day trading perspective, still. What I see here is this big, fat band of resistance overhead, and all of that is in the face, in essence, of a sideways trend. So, without this trend really having any conviction, here, the probability of finding successful resistance up into this range becomes relatively high. I’d like to see this market get some conviction to the upside here, to potentially come up and challenge these other levels. But, at an absolute minimum, get back above this 1325, 1330 level before it even becomes interesting to me at that point. What we have here, also, potentially coming into the close, is a hockey-stick, which is one of Rob’s patterns that we would look for, which would potentially give the market some pause. So, that there gives me additional concerns to the upside and keeps me from having any strong interest in this market, at this point.

In the Crude Oil market, very interesting, it just doesn’t want trade below this 97 level with any regularity. So, what we’re doing is potentially printing a momentum shift breakout bar, and we’re right at the resistance of the speed-lines. And you guys know, even if you’re only a subscriber to the Free Newsletter, the importance of those speed-lines, here. So, what I’ll be looking for in Crude Oil is if we can break back above those speed-lines, I’ll be looking to see if we can’t come up and challenge these price levels, or potentially the falling resistance levels, here, or if we can break-down below this 96.55 momentum shift breakout bar, see if we can’t open up some of that downside trading, here, from a bearish perspective. Also in a state of flux there, basically, in Crude Oil, because we’re battling some of this inventory retracement, here, inventory retracement bars, accumulation levels, right here, and we just haven’t gotten through them just yet. So, you can see the importance of those, as well, as they prove to be pretty formidable support on the downside. The nice thing that I do like about this, if it were to break to the downside is we have the speed-lines coming down on us pretty heavily, and with a little bit of pause and hesitation in here, that allows us to refuel and potentially have enough rocket fuel to get a nice downside extension. Of course, it looks like it’s due for an upside retracement, there, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that either way for any day trading potential.

The Bonds In Relation With The Stock Index Futures

In the Bond market, here, we are seeing something fairly similar to a lot of the other markets in that price action today was, basically, just back-filling, or testing, or moving through the inventory retracement that we made yesterday. And, this level, up here, is also proving to be somewhat formidable, at this 139.9 level, here, in the Bond market. We’re right up there testing tat resistance level. To this point and time we haven’t broken through it, haven’t moved through it. I’ll be looking to see if we can get a break through that, particularly if it coincides with the Stock Index Futures heating up to the downside. If I can get some downside conviction to those Stock Index Futures, then, that could give the Bonds here a little breath of life to the upside. As of now, it’s just becoming a challenge at that 139.9 level, and unless we can see some type of follow-through, there, we may have waning momentum and divergence, here, rule the day and just have push right back down into our rising support. So, if we can get the markets to heat up, and there still is time in today’s session, like I said, unfortunately, I have to boogie today, there is still time for that to happen, here, or potentially tomorrow.

Those are a couple of key markets I’m looking at, and how I’m looking at them there from a day trading perspective. Hopefully that gives you guys some insight and brings a little bit of value to your trading. I’ll look forward to seeing you guys either in the next round of videos there, or, if you’re Live Trading Room members and you were taking advantage to how we were analyzing and how we were trading, and making profitable trades in these indecisive markets , then I’ll see you guys first thing Monday morning, because I won’t be in the Trade Room tomorrow, so we’ll catch up Monday. We’ll be ready to hit it hard Monday for those that are in the Live Trading Room, otherwise, the videos next week. Alright, well thanks a lot you guys, have a great night and have some profitable trading this afternoon and tomorrow!

Awesome Day Trading From Markets That Keep On Giving

Welcome back to this fantastic Thursday! Boy, this market is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it? As we take a look at everything we’ve been saying we’ll try to give you the Reader’s Digest version at this point. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the videos each and every day with what’s been happening here as far our day trading and swing trading efforts.

The Progress of the $VIX

I’ve been talking about the $VIX, I’ve been talking about this move for months now. Looking for a move out of this. We’ve talked about the positive divergence on my work as we’re sitting there looking for a move back to the upside. The $VIX is giving us that, of course I told you every tick that the $VIX goes up so does my trading. Today we went into the Live Trading Room with the gang, fired off several live real-time trades with the group here. Just the gift that kept on giving, a fantastic session once again. A great way to close out our last day with the mentoring students that were here with me for the last five days since last Sunday. Just every single day, trading, trading, trading, trading, letting them rip. Great stuff here.

Let’s take a look at a couple of things we want to continue to focus on.

The Euro

Euro, again we did not go and break through that key support level I warned you about yesterday. Nothing to do there, that certainly wasn’t even a thought at this point when we walked into the door this morning.


Gold pushed down through that key support I was sharing with you over there.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil, I told you we were going to be looking to see if we could get down below that 98 80 area. First I want to get through the 99 level and then 98 80 was going to be through my 80/20 rule and boy when it let loose through there, well you guys can take a look at the intraday chart, it dropped another 115 ticks from there. Fantastic stuff!

Stock Index Futures Talk

Of course, the real joy and flavor of the day as well was the Stock Index Futures. You know I was shorting these, shorting these, shorting these because we went ahead and broke down through those key areas I was telling you about. I warned you guys about the key support areas that once broken could lead to those bigger moves to the downside. I’ve been telling you guys here about the negative divergences for some time. We’ve been talking about them on the Russell for quite a while as you recall and now speaking of the Russell…

The Russell

As we take a look at this and go into a weekly chart mode you see we are now sitting back at that sweet spot on the Russell that we were watching back months ago here. This rising channel and we have some accumulation bars. If we can push down here we could see much lower lows, my indicators I told you what we had was a situation here where for the first time in a couple of years we had gone ahead in the Russell and fired off a weekly sell signal back over here. In fact, you can see it for well over a year and a half. We’ve been long and then down below here it was actually firing off negative divergences. Now we’re looking more at the short side trading, right? The long side focus up through here, the higher indicators, the higher prices. But then the lower indicators, even though the prices were coming back up indicated so that’s what we had here. The prices were coming up but the indicators weren’t and we got right back up there, died on the vine and came right back down again. We started stepping down below these levels that could lead to some very aggressive selling. Which as you can imagine I will gleefully enjoy as a day trader.

Great stuff here. We’re going to continue to watch these areas like this on the weekly chart. Pay attention to those weekly charts, continue to watch. From my perspective, as you can imagine, what I’ll be doing is looking for any sort of short side opportunities to the down side that I can get my hands on. Expecting these retracements back up. Usually after routes like this you get a low retracement back up but if that doesn’t come I’ll start being more aggressive on the short side. If we do pop up I’ll wait for that to start to rotate back over and start shorting.

Like I said, all week this week the market has been the gift that keeps on giving here. Made for a great week with my mentoring students and the Live Trading Room. I went in there personally and fired off a bunch of trades with them this morning. Quite excited about what I told you guys, everything I told you is coming true. I mentioned that the back half of this year is going to be an exciting one and as you can see that’s already starting to unfold. Glad for all of you that a part of my Live Trading Room, for those of you that can’t be perhaps you should be looking at the Day Trading and Swing Trading Videos, catch up on some of the key things you should learn if you’re trying to be a trader from a distance. Otherwise keep watching these videos here and we’ll try to help you from afar as best as we can.

You guys all have a great night, let’s go ahead and keep driving forward here in the back half of this year. Keep making it a better and better one. Have a great evening gang we’ll see you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or we’ll see you here in tomorrow night’s videos. Take care everyone!

Rob Discusses Movements in His Day Trading Markets

For My Swing Traders

Okay gang, welcome back. I want to share some important information in my opinion about AAPL. What we’re actually going to do though because there’s so much else to talk about in regards to day trading we’ll see if we can get that out for you in tomorrow night’s videos. For all of you that are swing traders I did put that in my nightly swing trading video tonight to make sure you had access to a more comprehensive piece of information on AAPL anyways.

The Euro

As we take a look at couple of key instruments, Euro. Euro came down through the 1.33 80 that I was looking for this morning but it did it during the news release so I did not take that trade breaking through those key support levels or resistance levels through the news release, they often retrace back too much. This was a case in point.

What I’m going to want to do now is see if I can get below this inventory retracement bar here, IRB. Then I’ll be looking for fresh shorts in the Euro.

As we look at Gold, it is stuck in the gobbily gook range there still so nothing new on Gold as of today.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil however, is looking real good. Crude Oil is just a hop, skip and a jump away from some key breakdown areas here and I’ll be looking for some shorts. Especially if we get down below that 98 80 area because that could lead to a nice move all the way back potentially to the 95. Whenever we get down in that area below that 100 start looking for that 95 target again as many of you have heard me talk about for years. How that plays ping pong back and forth in there.

The Yen

As it relates to the Yen, the Yen here was interesting. I wanted to point this out today because this is the widest move we’ve seen that’s actually stuck as you can see for months. Sure we get some wide range bars off the news and stuff like that but they never stick, they ultimately become inventory retracement bars. This bar actually got down and stayed down today. I will be monitoring that, it’s pretty much the widest range bar since all the way back here in April. I’m going to see if we can get some sort of forward momentum, that’s going to create opportunities here in the Yen going forward.

The British Pound

The British Pound is holding on for dear life, it’s a key long term rising support. Want to see if we can break down below that 169 area and see if that can make a move back towards the 167 area approximately. Going to be watching that key support there as well.


Then of course, how could we go on without mentioning the Bond. I’ve been telling you guys over and over again about this issue that we had this reversal in the backdrop here and that’s why even though people were asking me about jumping in this thing taking a long side trade, I kept saying over and over and over again gang ‘not until such time as we get back above this key resistance in the backdrop.’ As you can see we held that pretty flawlessly and the thing just came off like a stone, it’s so important that you learn from all this information that I share with you.

It’s great like in the Live Trading Room this morning, you get to see me trade live. I did multiple trades in the room there this morning but it’s important what we share in these videos as well. I try to give a lot of great information in the Free Videos and even more so obviously in the Day Trading and Swing Trading Videos. Make sure you’re staying on top of what we’re talking about here because there’s a lot of great stuff to learn from these all important areas.

Stock Index Futures Talk

As we go ahead and wrap up tonight, as you can imagine all about Stock Index Futures. I’ve been warning you about the distribution bars that we’re seeing on some of these daily charts. Such as yesterday here we had a distribution bar on the NASDAQ, the distribution on the DOW, we went ahead and also had one on the Russell and then of course the S&P. Sure enough after the distribution today we saw the markets definitely under pressure for parts of the day leading to some great trading opportunities this morning.

As we go into tomorrow now I’m going to be watching these key supports again, you can see we’re holding on for dear life. If the NASDAQ can get a little bit lower it has some decent room to grow. The DOW if we can get down below today’s low we have some nice room to grow there and much more, we can go from there. Same thing of course with the Russell, been watching these areas the last couple of days that were so important to us. All of these here have lots of opportunity for much deeper corrections if we can break down below a couple of these key supports so we’re kind of on a watch here. Getting to those areas you can see we’re stuck in some gobbily gook and kill zones here and here. Starting to get into them on the S&P as well, not quite as much on the NASDAQ. That’s the odd ball out, but these other three are already getting in there. I’m looking for breakouts and breakdowns from these congestion bands that could lead to some significantly wide range moves.

A lot of great stuff here, whether it’s the markets themselves or the stock index futures themselves or it’s the bonds and all these other great instruments that are starting to move and have all new opportunities. Great stuff, you don’t want to miss a lick of it. Join me in the Live Trading Room each and every morning or make sure you watch in the premium day trading and swing trading videos here in addition to this update here each evening. Great stuff, have a great night gang, we’ll see you in the morning or we’ll see you tomorrow night. Take care everyone.

Rob’s Key Day Trading Markets And Levels Pre-FOMC

The BIG Four – NASDAQ, Dow, Russell, and S&P.

Ok gang, welcome back! I am going to go and give you a quick video tonight, I’ve got a mentoring group here with me all week, and of course, lots going on. Let’s go and just right into it. First things first, I want to talk about the NASDAQ, Dow, Russell, and S&P. The bottom line is this, gang; we’re right down near some key levels that I’d like to see. Over the last couple of days, I was looking to breakdown below the low of this 1135 area for a push down into the previous lows, over here. We got right down there yesterday, and then we held them. Well, that made a new accumulation bar, right down here, what we call our “Inventory Retracement Bar”. We made a new one of those, yesterday. We could not pierce through that. Today, we got right in the heart of it, and found support and the Market pushed up. At the same time while that’s going on, you can see we have an accumulation bar, here, an accumulation bar, here, and an accumulation bar, here. So, what I’m really looking for, amongst all of these, is, as you can imagine, I want to get down below those Inventory Retracement Bars. I want to see if that inventory is no longer there propping up the Market, as it has been the last couple of days. I want see us break down below it. As you can see, we’ve got lots of room to grow. Some of them really put us in a sweet-spot. For instance, the Dow has got lots of room to the downside. The Russell, as you can imagine, getting down below there, at these two previous points, lots of room to the downside. We’re very close on the S&P. It’ll be kind-of a choppy ride, but we still have plenty of room to the downside. If it breaks down below the 1945 area, then we REALLY get lots of room to grow. So, I’d like to start pushing down there, that’s what I’d like to see. Why? Just because as we saw this morning; the Market rides the elevator down, it’s kind of the stairs on the way up, the elevator on the way down. So, we certainly appreciate day trading just like that, okay?

The Euro and Pre-FOMC

As we take a look going into tomorrow, what’s going to be a primary day trading focal point, is those Inventory Retracement Bars, if we can deplete that inventory. A couple other quick things tonight for you, the Euro, we are looking to see if we can get down below the $1.34 level, and more accurately the 13380. Now don’t forget, gang, we’ve got the FOMC coming out tomorrow, so we’re really sitting there trying to get more information from them, because that could send us into a wild ride which could be a lot of fun, here, for our mentoring group. In the meantime, these things come and go, ebb and flow, pre-FOMC. Some days, it’s some great news before FOMC, you also get some real duds. So, we’ve got to be patient and see if the Market gives us some more day trading like it did this morning, or, we’ll wait patiently until post-FOMC when the Market might light-up. But, in the meantime, I do want to keep my eye on this Euro, if we break down below that $1.3380 level, so my 80/20 rule, then I’ll be excited about that.

Since we are talking FOMC, I just want to remind you, we are still in the “gobbly-gook” area, I call it, this confluence between support and resistance. Back and forth, all these different areas, above us, below us, just a mess. And we’re still playing pin-pong in that very ugly area, so nothing new to report there yet. We’ve got to breakdown, we’ve got to breakout to get really excited about anything, here on Gold. Otherwise, be careful, it’s just going to chop up the average retail trader.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil, here, like I said, the next thing that I’d like to do is get down below this 99 level. And, if we can break-down below that 99 level, we’ll have a much higher probability of making back to the 95. So, we’re keeping an eye on Crude Oil. I did a little bit of day trading on it the other day, which went ahead and shot up, which was nice on the pull-backs, there. But, other than that, really focusing heavily on those Stock Index Futures.


Finally, let’s take a look at the Bonds. Don’t forget, we’re still in that area that I’ve shown you, in fact let me just draw that across so you can really appreciate this. I just want you guys to all see that resistance in the back-drop I’ve been telling you about, since way back over here. Because a couple of people were getting excited about long-side trades, and I’m like, “You know, there’s still some activity in the back-drop, here, with these inventory retracement bars, so there’s still inventory there.” I really want to see if we can push through that, and you don’t necessarily want to do that right in the middle of a news announcement, because it could just spike up through it and then come right back through it. So, make sure outside of news announcements, we’re breaking through that resistance, if you’re still a Bond bull.

You guys have a great night, we’ll give you guys more here later on in the week, here, I just have to get going back to the mentoring group. So thank you guys for a great day, thanks for a great trading session, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos, here. Have a great night everyone.

Don’t Miss Rob’s Day Trading & Futures Trading Event

Hey gang, welcome back to an exciting day! Boy, I sure hope that you weren’t among the few that missed this morning’s great Day Trading event with the MoneyShow and ETrading Expo, we had a great time. If you did, don’t do it again gang because I did part one this morning with a great set up and strategy and then I went back into my Live Trading Room, used that strategy and made money with it right in front of my student family.

Tomorrow I’m going to do another day trading strategy and here’s what you need to do; I sent you guys a dedicated email last night giving you guys the opportunity to register for that, it’s going to also be included in tonight’s email link so look right down below on the ‘Special Update’ right underneath your name where it says “Hi…”. You’ll see under there, that there’ll be two links. The first link will be to join the Expo, you don’t want to miss this. You’ve got great speakers, John Bollinger, John Person, Ralph Acampora, myself, Martin Pring and Ken Calhoun. You’ve got a great cast of characters there and what a great opportunity to learn from celebrity traders and well known people in the business that have been around for a long time.

As we go from there what you need to do is use that little link that I sent you, register. Then it’s going to ask you to log in so just put your name in the E-mail address and the password that you’ve selected in. Once you log in it’s going to take you to the exhibitor booths. What you want to do is go over here, find the one along the way over here that says Infinity Futures Trading event and that will get you the opportunity then to get into their booth. Once you get into their booth you’ll be able to get the archive of my video for part one and also be able to come to part 2 tomorrow here. I’m also giving away $3,000 training set of my best set ups and strategies over here so make sure you click the prize drawing there as well.

Lots of great stuff to go ahead and help you there but it all starts going to that link that I sent you, getting on board here, being part of this. As I said, if you missed today you missed a great event. A lot of great people so here is tomorrow’s portion of that and you’ll see that I’m speaking. We’ve got Ralph earlier in the day then I’m pulling up right back behind him so we’ve gotten another really start studded line up here tomorrow. Also, down below in tonight’s video email there is also a link to join me Live for a live trading webinar this Thursday morning and it’s going to be at 9 am Central 10 am Eastern, don’t forget to go ahead and be there for that as well. Seeing these two strategies I’ve been teaching today and then tomorrow and then watch me trade Thursday morning. You’re not going to want to miss that.

A couple great opportunities to be a part of something big and special here. You guys have a great night. I look forward to seeing you in my talk tomorrow afternoon and then at the Live Trading event Thursday morning. Have a great everyone!

Options Trades, Swing Trades, and Day Trades | The $VIX Effects

Well, hey everyone, welcome back here. Hope everyone is getting ready for an exciting summer weekend! As we talk today, the markets not quite closed yet, I have to leave a little bit early as I’m getting ready to head down to St. Louise for a speaking engagement this weekend. Hope to see a lot of you there, it’s going to be a lot of fun. I was trying to reflect on what I want to share with you tonight. I think we’re going to hit two key concepts because they tie to last week’s videos in part and concepts we’ve shared with you many times and once again we put into action this morning.

As we start out, for all of you that are longer term swing traders, investors that are watching this market kind of looking for guidance on what’s next, even in short term turning points or longer ones. One of the things we want to watch is the $VIX. We mentioned last weekend the title was something to the effect of “It’s all about the $VIX, whether you’re a swing trader, day trader, or investor” and sure enough, last week we ended the $VIX with it right here at a seven year low. Pretty much most of the week here we spent going up, up, up the ladder from that point. Of course, what that did to the Stock Index Futures was some of them particular really put the hurt on most of this week. It’s really great for you to go ahead and see how the $VIX went ahead then and influenced the market for the entire week’s trading basically and what you can learn from that.

Make sure you’re paying attention to these videos when we talk about the $VIX and how we’re expecting it to effect short term trading because that’s going to affect your options trades, swing trades and of course your regular old and fun day trades. Ryan and I were cranking them out left and right here again this morning focusing on short side trades and that was the right decision to make this morning. Then we backed off as we had a little bit of a retracement back up. Let’s talk about that, because we identified where that retracement was coming up. Now how did we do that? Let’s focus on that, it’s a great learning opportunity for everyone here as well.

What was happening here in the overall market was the NASDAQ has been strong throughout this process today. Where as you can see the other ones are under pressure and under their speed lines today whereas the NASDAQ has been at and/or above the speed lines throughout the morning. What happened was we were looking at possibly getting another short side trade here in the Russell again after the great trading we had already done and the issue here was that I was starting to see positive divergences going ahead and forming here across multiple time spans. So I pointed a couple of those out and said, “Listen, here’s the issue, we have to watch that more positive market” because there’s the 3 to the 1 strategy that I share with you all the time. So what happened was the 1 a lot of times brings the other 3 with it. It’s counter-intuitive to what most people think about. Most people, the average retail trader says to me, “Rob, three of those indices are down surely the NASDAQ is going to come with it” but in actuality as I told you many times over the years here, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Generally and statistically speaking the three come back to the one. So I said look, I know this would be great to give it another short, we all want to make even more money and close out our week even stronger, you know that fear and greed thing starts to kick in. Fear missing a move then greed of wanting to go ahead and get another great one off. The thing was that what I said was listen, because of the positive divergence and that NASDAQ we need to mark the NASDAQ where it’s at right now and if it starts to go down then we can look for another short opportunity. If it holds or starts to go up this market could actually have quite a reversal to the upside. Sure enough, no sooner did I say that within the next 4-5 minutes in the NASDAQ not only held but started to pull back up. The moment that did that the Russell just went BOOM to the upside here to the tune of 40 plus ticks, four hundred dollars contract and of course more than twice the normal maximum stop out loss for the average retail trader.

It was a great way for people to see the 3 to the 1 strategy being used live in real time there once again. As well as some of our core strategies used in our work with positive divergences and everything else. Those were just two things I wanted to share with you guys. The $VIX because that was the theme all week since last weekend’s video and then you always hear me talk about the 3 to the 1 strategy and I wanted to give you a live example of how we stopped shorting this morning right before the nice reversal.

Great stuff, we’ll have a lot going on for you guys next week, stay tuned for a bunch of big updates. We have a lot going on next week that you guys are going to be invited to and so you’re not going to miss a lick of it whether you’re a swing trader or investor. You guys have a great weekend and we’ll forward to seeing you Monday with all sorts of great information for you. Take care everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Day Trading Strategies & The $VIX

Hey everyone, welcome back. Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend!

$VIX Performance

Listen, you know we told you the title of this weekend’s day trading video was ‘Watch the $VIX’. Sure enough we got down to those seven year low closes and then BAM, nice little pop today. Well, when the $VIX goes up so does my trading so Ryan and I were firing off a lot of trading this morning in the Trading Room which was great for people to watch. Doesn’t hurt to make money too right? With that being said, that was great stuff this morning, now let’s take a look, this was a nice start, a nice little gap in the $VIX. I’d like to see some follow through as you can imagine, I’d like to see continuation. We have a lot more room with $VIX at these low levels. What I don’t want to see is it stall right back out and drift back down here per say, I mean that’s not the end of the world but as you can imagine the more the $VIX goes up the more my trading goes up. Watching Ryan and I blast out trade after trade is always a lot more fun when we have the $VIX spiking.


Great stuff there. As we look at the Euro this morning, we avoided the Euro because we got down to my magic 1.35 80 level again just like we did over here and we held that. We have to get through my 80/20 rule, in this case 1.35 80 before we go ahead and get too awful excited about a trade there.
As far as Gold and day trading, guess what? We’re still looking at that 13 20 level that I shared with you before, as well 13 20 we’re right there we’re just a few ticks off that now. We tried to push through, we did not get two consecutive solid bars up, we pulled back and now we’re just stuck there. So we didn’t get a push up, pull back and then start to take back off again that’s something I’m looking for to get real excited about the long side trades there.

Crude Oil right now was not the favorite. It was kind of holding daily support here today and that was nowhere near as exciting as those super awesome Stock Index Futures.

Stock Index Futures Talk

As we look at the Stock Index Futures, it was all about the 3 to the 1 when you walked in this morning. What ended up happening was the Russell here… Let’s go ahead and see if we can pull that up for you, here you can see the Russell went ahead and was nicely to the down side and the others were holding up. This was later in the morning, earlier on when we started out here is how it actually looked. I was showing people ‘hey, look! The NASDAQ is actually very bullish. We’re kind of to the middle point of the speed lines today but the actual Russell is flat out negative.’ So you had three that we’re kind of holding and then you had the one. What happened was, we saw the three come back to the one. Gang, this is a strategy I’ve shared with you many times in the past and we got to watch that in full force as this market came down today giving us incredible trading opportunities and a real nice day in the Room as well.

As we close up the day we see the NASDAQ is holding on for dear life at the speed lines. The DOW came off its lows, it closed up here well off the lows. The S&P closed above the speed lines. Only the NASDAQ took the deepest cut on the chin. What we want to see is, are the other three markets going to follow the lead of the Russell today and start to push down below the speed lines here and lead to a nice retracement to the down side. That’s what we’re going to be watching. You’ve got the negative divergences here. You can see with the NASDAQ negative divergence. Over here same thing, the negative divergence, you can see it over and over again these negative divergences. Over and over again. So we have the negative divergences, we’ve got the real low $VIX and let’s see if we can continue to drive to the down side, that’s certainly going to be my favored trade as you can go ahead and imagine.

That’s what we’re going to be watching going into tomorrow’s day trading session. Let’s see if we can get that down below the speed lines for further selling. Otherwise, watch a couple of these other markets. Gold, let’s see if we can get that spike off of this key 13 20 support. Let’s see if we can get the Euro down below that 1.35 80 and let’s see if we can get further selling in some of these Stock Index Futures.

Great stuff, nice way to come back from the holiday. Profitable and fun! Lots of trades there and let’s go ahead and see if we can do it all over again going into the next of the week. You guys have a great night and we’ll look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos. Thanks so much, take care.

Watch the $VIX all you Day Traders!

Watch the $VIX

Okay, gang, welcome back! Let’s focus on a few key things here going into the weekend. And before we go into our holiday weekend, I just want to wish everyone a fun and safe holiday weekend. I know things get kind of crazy, especially in the United States on Fourth of July weekend, and hopefully everybody just has a lot of fun and safe time. As we look at a couple of these key Instruments here, we want to focus of course on the $VIX. The $VIX has had a very nice close, the lowest close in over seven years. Last time we were this low was the beginning of 2007. Remember when we got down, here, just recently, how that led to a nice little spike and that led to some great trading the Live Trading Room. This is clearly going to lead to a lot more great day trading in the Live Trading Room, as well. So I’m pretty excited about that. But I do want to put out a caution there for people that are taking short term swing trades. Whether it’s an underlying Equities or whether it’s an Options, I want everybody to be thinking about the risks right now, as it relates to the coming days, because obviously when you take an underlying Equity trade you have got to be right, right, right now, versus the Options can give you a little bit more flexibility, but, considering some of your Options trades, perhaps defining your risks there, as well. That would be something you may want to think about, just in case we do have a down-draft in the Market. That could be reasonably significant. So with that being said, keep that in mind. If you have questions about that you guys can submit questions to me and I’d be happy to try to share some more on that as you guys submit those questions.

The Euro

As we look at the Euro, the Euro right now, as you can imagine, what I want to do is initially get back down below the $1.3580 level.. Now the $1.3580 and the $1.3480 are two levels you have heard me talk about time and time again. We bounced right off that $1.35 area, rallied right back up to my $1.37 resistance, and here we are, the low today was right back to $1.36. You see in the currencies how important these 80/20 rules of mine and these round number support and resistance levels really play into factor, and hopefully over the years you guys have continued to learn that from me, even if it is through a distance through these free videos here. So, as we take a look, I want to get it down below the $1.3580 and then I’ll certainly be looking for shorts there.


If we take a look at Gold, Gold went ahead and had a %50+ retracement off the low today, so we closed right back there at my 1320 level, the same level I’ve been talking to you about, now, two weeks. We continue to be kissing that level, so as you can imagine, the primary day trading strategy I’d like to see here is risk on type thing, the Market sells off, Gold breaks through these levels, and I’ve got that much more of a plethora of trades that will be ideal. But, breaking through that distribution bar, up there, will certainly make me happy. If we start to push down, here, though, I am going to be a little bit more concerned because we have got a lot of rising support underneath us, so the favored trade is definitely going to be a break out, here, of the recent high of a few days ago.

Stock Index Futures Talk

As we take a look at the Stock Index Futures, it’s important to note going into next week, that initially this pattern, here, what we call the Hoffman Fade, where we got a thrust, pullback, thrust situation, typically what happens is that tends to resolve itself, except in the most extreme of Market blow-offs, and then of course it just comes down that much harder afterwards. But typically, this kind of pattern, it’s an over-exaggerated, over-stretched M-pattern sell, and so usually, we are expecting a pullback, and so my strategy is going to, and looking at where we’re at, here too, we can see down below, we’ve got some pretty over-extended, particularly 3 out of 4 of the Instruments, but even here, we got what we call fishhook sell. So walking in the door Monday morning, I’d like to see if we can start selling off. I will entertain shorts fairly aggressively, even though we’re above the speedlines, but I’ll back off as we get down to the speedlines, then if we breakdown below the speedlines, it’ll really be firing off shorts. Once again, we certainly have a lot of room to go to the down-side here. So, looking forward to eventually seeing that. But again, it’s really important to keep your mind open, gang. I mean, just like the other day, where we were in what we call a blue-15 type situation, which is just massive buy signals everywhere, I used that to go some really great long-side trading. So you have got to keep your mind open and go with what we see, but we do at least have a plan if the tide shifts here with the $VIX.

So your Euro, Gold, Stock Index Futures, all on tap going into early next week. And again, keep in mind what is happening here with the $VIX if you are taking any fresh, underlying Equities trades or Options trades. You guys have a great weekend here, and again, have a safe one. I look forward to seeing you guys in the Live Trading Room or Monday evening in the videos. Take care, we’ll talk to you soon gang!