Which Futures Markets Are On The Watch List For Tomorrow?

Welcome back everyone. Ryan here bringing you tonight’s free nightly video. There are a number of markets that are going to be on my watch list for futures trading tomorrow. First and foremost are going to be the Stock Index Futures. Not too unlike I mentioned last night. I want to see these markets get down below some of these key levels. In the S&P you can see our rising support coming up underneath us right about that 1910 level. I’d love to see a breakdown back down below that level and open up some bearish trading. In the NASDAQ you can see we are still holding right at the bottom of the trend channel. We’ve got our 50 day MA coming right up underneath us. If we can move through some if this inventory retracement that we posted right here and start trading that from the downside on the break through the channel that could open up some fantastic shorting opportunities as well. I mention that because today we had exactly that type of sequence. I was looking for the DOW to get below this round number of 16400 and when it did that today, it moved very quickly and with conviction. So we can see that type of break on some of these other key levels potentially in the S&P or potentially in the NASDAQ then we could see a nice down draft.

Futures Trading In The Russell, Gold, And Others

Here in the Russell we’ve had a little bit of hesitation. It has been the market that was likely spread against the others where people were in recent days buying the up move in the NASDAQ but selling off in the Russell. If that spread continues to unwind as it appeared that it was today, we would see downside movement in the three Stock Index Futures, the S&P, the DOW and the NASDAQ and potentially a little up move in the Russell which is actually what we were experiencing today. If we could get all of those in sync and get those spreads to unwind and see the Russell turned down then it too can offer potentially some nice bearish  futures trades activity. We’re going to have our resistance coming in above us here on all of the markets as the speed lines. If we do see a consolidation or a pause then that is going to be our biggest challenge overhead exactly where that market ends up for tomorrow, I don’t know but watching those key level and my plan of attack will be to find the weakest market of the four so if those markets do break down and they get through some of those key levels searching out the one that has the most grease to the downside as I like to call it and that is what I will be looking to trade for tomorrow.

In a couple of the other markets, a couple of the usual suspects are still on my list for tomorrow because they still potentially have room to move. In the Gold market we’re still looking for Gold to get down below the 1280 level. It’s still holding here. We have this momentum shift breakout bar that printed 3 sessions ago, a couple of days back. That comes in right about that 1280 level, so I’d like to see if break down below there and see some downside action that could very easily take us down into that 1260 and beyond level. So, that is still going to be on my watch list. We have falling resistance down on top of us putting a lot of pressure on that market so if that holds, nice downside activity will be possible in the Gold market.

I will also be keeping an eye on Crude Oil tomorrow. Today I was looking for it to be down below 9800. It traded down there with some conviction for a little while once it broke that level and now what I am going to be looking for is similar to what I am looking for in those stock index futures. I’m going to be looking for it to break our last key level and see if we can’t get some downside movement out of that. The 9680 level is a level that I will be watching closely especially if it does break this level right about 9700, because that would be employing our 80/20 rule. So if we have the market move down to the 9680 level. I’d like to see it maybe consolidate, break, bounce a little bit there, maybe catch its breath, maybe re-fuel and then show us a move right to the downside there. Also you can see lots of air to the downside there in the Crude Oil market so that could open up some additional sell side opportunities.

That is what I will be looking for tomorrow, the weakest of the Stock Index Futures, Gold for potential breakdowns, crude for potential breakdowns because those are the paths of least resistance in those markets. All of those tend to be relatively volatile markets so seeing some downdraft type of activity could open up some nice trading opportunities for us.

Watch Rob Hoffman in Action – Futures Trading

Hey everyone, welcome back. First of all, thank you so very much for all of you that sent in warm wishes and condolences for Sarah and I, over the weekend. Obviously, it was a tough weekend. Most of you should have gotten a letter from us, letting you know what was going to happen. We weren’t going to do videos this last weekend, due to the fact that we got some bad news Friday morning, that Sarah’s Grandma was taken to the hospital because she was unresponsive, and unfortunately, she had a massive stroke, and there was just nothing they could do for her, and she passed away on Saturday. Fortunately, a lot of our family was at her side, but, you know, tough weekend. I appreciate all of you that wrote in all the nice letters and that you did, and thanks for your understanding.

As we try to get ourselves back on track here, last Thursday we had this event with you and Infinity Futures, and what happened was we did some live trading during the event, and the continuation what I was looking for continued to happen, even as Patrick was taking over, at the tail-end of that presentation, and that led to a nice profit from that perspective. Everything we said during both the trading itself, and then afterwards in the follow-through really worked out nice. That made for a nice Thursday.

What we’re doing is, in fact, one of the set ups I took involved with that, was taught during the two-day class last week. You recall, we did that big event with the Money Show, eTradingExpo, where I was featured with a lot of other great traders and investors, and people in the business such as Ralph Acompora, John Person, John Bollinger, Martin Pring, etc., a lot of great people. And, actually, you guys voted my presentations the “most-watched” by showing up for those, as #3 and #4 only behind John and Ralph themselves. So not too shabby. Really great stuff there. The top 3 and 4 presentations out of the top 40+ of the events there. So, really great stuff.

So, as we’re going into tomorrow, what we are going to do is this. We’re going to have, kind of, a part II to the Infinity Event the other day. You’re all invited to join me tomorrow morning in the Live Trading Room. I’ll start at 9:30am Eastern / 8:30am Central, and the link should be in your email down below, otherwise, if it’s not for some reason, just go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/room and you can get yourself all signed up for part II tomorrow morning. Some people had to leave early in the morning on Thursday, so that they didn’t get to see the trading during the Infinity event, so maybe here’s your chance to come back and spend some time with us, as these Markets are moving around in great fashion. You guys have a great night. We’ll talk about the Futures trading, Options trading, and review the markets to see what we’re looking for and what we’re expecting. No need to do that in tonight’s, since you guys will be able to be with us in the morning. So we’ll look forward to seeing you then, and again thanks for all your care back to the Hoffman family, here during our sad time. We’ll see you tomorrow morning, or we’ll see in tomorrow night’s videos. And thanks for everything on your end, gang. You guys are a great Student Family. Take care everyone.

Don’t Miss Rob’s Live Performance and Infinity Futures Trading

Okay gang, welcome back! Listen, if you missed it this morning, you missed it. I spent the last two days doing great training for everybody during those events that I did, and this morning we had a live trading event where people got to watch me do some trading. Basically I identified right when the market was starting to roll down here this morning. They watched me go ahead and get in right as this was going ahead and beginning and then the market sure enough continued on down from there. Really great stuff that just happened a few minutes ago, we just got done closing the room.

I was able to make money this morning using these strategies that I shared with you, talking about why I took the entries, where there are additional optimal entries for small lot traders and we saw my accumulation bar trade, that happened just a little bit ago as well. Great stuff, all adding up here. I was zero balance when I walked in the door this morning obviously and just closed up here a few minutes ago from the Infinity Futures Trading event and then a few minutes after doing a lot better here, about $580 gross now. Using these strategies that I shared with you during this event and actually took some of those trades of course right there live during the event as well to start this off.

Then there was accumulation break down here as well. A lot of great stuff gang for you guys to learn from. If you missed it wow, what a tragedy to miss that here. Such an important time in the markets to not be missing these things. What you can do though if you weren’t able to make it… go to www.becomeabettertrader.com/room, the link will be in your special update section as well. Join us here, don’t miss your second opportunity if you missed watching me make money this morning and how I determined where these set ups were, why we waited patiently to get in to the point where I finally did take trading and then how I put it all together with the other stock index futures and what I was looking for to happen afterwards. If you missed all that what a terrible opportunity missed.

Let’s see if we can help you Become a Better Trader next Tuesday morning here. Go to Becomeabettertrader.com/room right now, get your spot reserved for next Tuesday morning and don’t miss another great opportunity. We look forward to seeing you then gang, take care!

Don’t Miss Rob’s Day Trading & Futures Trading Event

Hey gang, welcome back to an exciting day! Boy, I sure hope that you weren’t among the few that missed this morning’s great Day Trading event with the MoneyShow and ETrading Expo, we had a great time. If you did, don’t do it again gang because I did part one this morning with a great set up and strategy and then I went back into my Live Trading Room, used that strategy and made money with it right in front of my student family.

Tomorrow I’m going to do another day trading strategy and here’s what you need to do; I sent you guys a dedicated email last night giving you guys the opportunity to register for that, it’s going to also be included in tonight’s email link so look right down below on the ‘Special Update’ right underneath your name where it says “Hi…”. You’ll see under there, that there’ll be two links. The first link will be to join the Expo, you don’t want to miss this. You’ve got great speakers, John Bollinger, John Person, Ralph Acampora, myself, Martin Pring and Ken Calhoun. You’ve got a great cast of characters there and what a great opportunity to learn from celebrity traders and well known people in the business that have been around for a long time.

As we go from there what you need to do is use that little link that I sent you, register. Then it’s going to ask you to log in so just put your name in the E-mail address and the password that you’ve selected in. Once you log in it’s going to take you to the exhibitor booths. What you want to do is go over here, find the one along the way over here that says Infinity Futures Trading event and that will get you the opportunity then to get into their booth. Once you get into their booth you’ll be able to get the archive of my video for part one and also be able to come to part 2 tomorrow here. I’m also giving away $3,000 training set of my best set ups and strategies over here so make sure you click the prize drawing there as well.

Lots of great stuff to go ahead and help you there but it all starts going to that link that I sent you, getting on board here, being part of this. As I said, if you missed today you missed a great event. A lot of great people so here is tomorrow’s portion of that and you’ll see that I’m speaking. We’ve got Ralph earlier in the day then I’m pulling up right back behind him so we’ve gotten another really start studded line up here tomorrow. Also, down below in tonight’s video email there is also a link to join me Live for a live trading webinar this Thursday morning and it’s going to be at 9 am Central 10 am Eastern, don’t forget to go ahead and be there for that as well. Seeing these two strategies I’ve been teaching today and then tomorrow and then watch me trade Thursday morning. You’re not going to want to miss that.

A couple great opportunities to be a part of something big and special here. You guys have a great night. I look forward to seeing you in my talk tomorrow afternoon and then at the Live Trading event Thursday morning. Have a great everyone!

Futures Trading Monday Morning – Three Markets You Do Not Want to Ignore

Welcome back everyone. Ryan here, happy to be with you guys. I’m filling in for Rob again, hopefully he’ll be touching down in the Charlotte, North Carolina Area here in the next few hours. He’s got a presentation tomorrow, Saturday June 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina, so if any of you are in that Greater Charlotte Area, be sure to check out that presentation. There’s a few Markets here that I want to focus on for futures trading come Monday morning and some really interesting developments in the Stock Index Futures.

Futures Trading In The Stock Index Futures

We had the S&P breakout of its previous high, here, and just kind of holding above it. We have the Russell breakout just above its previous high and holding it. The Dow came up today and, within 3 ticks, touched its high and fell off. We were watching that this morning in the Live Trading Room. And same here in the Nasdaq, butting up right against this resistance right about the 3800 level.

So, in all these Markets we have this bullish indications. We’re above the speed lines, we have the rising trends coming up underneath us. So if we can get these Markets to, in fact, give us a legitimate breakout here to the upside, then I want to be focusing on one of these Markets in particular. I want to be taking a look at the Russell  for futures trading Monday morning. If in fact this Market does stay propped up and breakout, the Russell has a good 200 ticks or so just to get back to its previous high, here. So I’d like to see some real nice upside movement in the Russell, should the Russell be dragged up to these previous highs and the other Markets keep this thing propped up and continue this bullish trend. However, there is this weight on us. In the S&P, as we mentioned before, we have the potential. It hasn’t happened yet, but we have the potential to set up some negative divergence here in these Markets in the S&P, and the Dow, and technically really on the Russell, as well. We have this end pattern type sell coming that locked in today on the Russell. So if that, and a number of these other things that are weighing on us can get us up propelled to the downside, I am, again, going to be focusing on the Russell here, because it’ll have some good futures trading opportunities. So, very interesting time in the Stock Index Futures. This is going to be very fascinating to see how this resolves itself. Regardless how it resolves itself, to the upside or to the downside, this could make for some great trading opportunities and I’ll be focusing on the Russell to take advantage of those.

Futures Trading In Gold

Let’s take a look at some of the other Markets here. One of the Markets I’ll be focusing on here is the Gold Market. Gold took a breather today, which was a much needed breather after yesterday’s action. But if we can get gold to continue to the upside, then I’ll be looking for some next upside targets, right about this 1330 level. So right about in here, and then hopefully breakouts beyond that, and beyond. If we can get any of that Market energy in Gold Market continuing to the upside, like it did yesterday. So, I am going to keep a close eye on that. It wouldn’t be disappointing to see it come back down into some of these rising support levels now, just to take a breather, recharge, and then have enough momentum to the upside, or enough Market energy to continue to the upside. So, that’s why I’m keeping a close eye, here. If we can get back into all of the support that’s underneath us, then I’ll be looking for some trend resumptions, potentially there, to the upside. And if we just continue to go and go here in Gold then we can see some nice futures trading opportunities there.

Futures Trading In Crude Oil

And lastly here, what I’ll be focusing on is Crude Oil. So, we came into the Trade Room this morning on Crude Oil, and the first thing that we noticed was that we were back above the speedlines on the daily chart and that opened up some long-side trading opportunities for us on Crude Oil. So we’re working through the overhead distribution, here, but being back above those speedlines, here, was opening up those long-side trades. So, that’s where my trading was this afternoon, on the long-side in Crude Oil, and I’m look for us to work through this distribution area and potentially breakout above it. If we can breakout above it, here, then look out above! We will go straight to 108, here in Crude Oil, in a heartbeat, if we can get a valid breakout to the upside in Crude Oil, and then what I’ll be looking for here, is to see if we can’t’ work into this distribution area that was formed back here in August of last year, and see if that won’t take us up into those, right about, 110 levels, in here. As we know, that’s a resistance overhead in this distribution area, but if we can work up through that, that could give us some good long-side futures trading in Crude Oil.

So, those are the three Markets I’m going to be focusing on come Monday morning. I think that’s where some of the best trading opportunities are going to present themselves. A number of the other Markets that we’re looking at are a little bit lackluster and a little bit difficult to be making trades in; very, very trendless, sideways action. A place I don’t want to be. But these other three can have the propensity to give some really nice trends to develop coming into Monday and into the coming days here. So, that’s where I’m going to be focusing my attention. Thanks a lot you guys, hope that’s helpful, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next videos. Have a great weekend!

Very Nice Futures Trades This Friday! So What About Monday?

Awesome Futures Trades In The Live Trading Room

As we take a look, Friday was absolutely awesome. Ryan and I were firing off those futures trades and despite the fact that we had several trades, there were a couple that I liked the most because they are core concepts that we teach here all the time. That was these two here. Early in the morning, of course, you can see that we walked in the door below the daily speed lines, so of course my first bias was to short and then between the indicators and the market energy and the consumer confidence numbers, it was a double sell signal right over here momentum shift with trend and accumulation break down. So that gave a double sell signal right over here that was awesome. Then, my favorite futures trade out of Ryan today was the poke trade and a max range extension. So, what we had was a max range extension trade back into the down trending resistance at the same time, this is also called a poke trade. This is a double sell signal and we are looking to take that trade right at the close of the bar. Then it rolled righted back over and Ryan did a fantastic job with that as people got to see. He grossed about $350 let alone the trades that I did. Bottom line, is some great trading here between all of the different futures trades that were done in the Live Trading room. Awesome stuff.  As we go into next week, let’s take a look at a couple of different things.

The Euro And Crude Oil

As far as the Euro is concerned, right now I want to get down below the 1.35 level. We’ve moved into the September contract at this point, but I want to show the continuous contract tonight because it has all of my key support and resistance levels and right now, as you know, particularly the 1.3480 level is an area I want to beat due to the fact that it breaks my 80/20 rule and also this key accumulation bar in the backdrop. So, I’d like to get down below the 1.3480 going into next week. Additionally, Crude Oil went ahead and had another nice day. It had a range of about 100 ticks to the upside off of its lows. So it had a nice continuation follow through early on. Going into Monday we are going to see if it can continue to hold the speed lines and bounce and continue to look for fresh long side opportunities. If it breaks down below the speed lines, we are going to back off and see if it gets a firm footing because one day does not make a trend on this key breakout. So, since we had one nice solid bar and the next bar is a doji star, that’s a period of indecision, most people don’t realize that is effectively a 50/50 trade at this point so we are going to need to see some more information going into Monday before we do any futures trades.

Looking At The Stock Index Futures For Monday

As it relates to the Stock Index Futures as a whole, walking in the door Monday, we are set right now to open below the speed lines so as you can imagine, my first bias is going to be looking for continuation shorts until such time as we break above. Now these speed lines are all coming down pretty quickly so it won’t take much actually for the NASDAQ or the Russell to break back above those speed lines.  The S&P, it’s going to be a little bit tougher there, it’s going to have a little more work to do and certainly the DOW is going to have some serious work to do to get back above those speed lines. So I am going to be cautious on any long side futures trades until we gate back above there just based on where we are at. This is kind of a kill zone as we refer to it where you have the rising support underneath, the resistance crashing down and that is where a lot of whipsaws tend to happen, so we’ll be a little bit careful walking in the door from a long side perspective in particular. But, if we get some nice sell signals going off again, just like the last couple of mornings, Ryan and I have been killing it with those short side futures trades and we want to continue to focus on that as well if history repeats itself going into Monday.

So, those are a couple of the key things we are looking at. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. We will look forward to seeing you guys Monday. Let’s do it all over again in the Live Trading Room and in Monday night’s videos. Take care everyone, have a great weekend!

A Great End To The Week With Some Futures Trading! So Much More To Come…

OK gang, welcome back. What a great end to a great week in total and certainly a nice way to end the week with that little launch off this morning. Let’s started with the basics first. The $VIX is at a new low that we have not seen since the beginning of 2007 and of course that just gets me all warm and fuzzy inside because as a trader, I‘m looking forward to what comes. The last time we saw levels that low, ultimately we can see in the charts what ended up happening. That was the beginning of the end for the bulls. Frankly I don’t care if the market goes up or down because between the futures trading and the options trading, we’re just going to keep humming right along. So, it is very exciting to see where the $VIX is right now. That translates into the Stock Index futures, but before we get to that I want to show you a couple more things that I am going to be looking at.

Let’s look at the Euro, I just want to remind you that I am going to keep watching this. I’m not going to do much with the euro as long as it is between the 1.36-1.37 areas; in fact I’m probably not going to anything to the long side at this point until 1/3750. But, what I am looking to see is if we get back down below the 1.36 are and start pushing toward the 1.35 and below. That is what I would like to see in the Euro in order to get active again. The other thing I am going to be watching outside of the US Stock Index Futures is Gold. Gold briefly got up above yesterday’s high and I want to see if we can do that again going into next week for some short term long futures trading. Otherwise, I’m quite happy to see it break down below this accumulation bar and these double momentum shift bars around the 1240 level and see much lower lows in Gold. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Gold into next week for some futures trading.

Futures Trading In The Stock Indices

As you can imagine, the crown jewel is the US Stock Index Futures. This is great. We have been watching the Russell for weeks and I told you that if we held this area, which is why I said don’t take the shorts yet, don’t make the big bets to the short side yet because we have got to see it get down below or we need to see it get back above. In this case, because of last week’s distribution bar I wanted to see it get back above that. That’s why I have been so aggressive to the long side since that happened. Up to and inclusive of the morning, as Ryan and I were firing off long side trades aggressively because of the great rocket ship that we had at the US open. So, quite exciting futures trading going on.

Peeking Into Next Week’s Trading

As we go into next week, the futures trading strategy for next week is going to be identical to what it was today. We are above the speed lines, so of course, my first reaction would be to think long. But the thing was that I was fully prepared to take shorts back to the speed lines. This morning when buy side trades came in they never looked back. It was buy side and buy side only right off the open today. So, as we go into Monday it is going to be pretty much the same thing. I will consider shorts back down to the speed lines but then I am going to back off of those shorts. Remember the speed lines are going to rise into next week. I will consider short term shorts if we get sell signals back down to those speed lines but I am going to want to get below those speed lines before I will want to take any fresh shorts. But if course, there is lots of room to grow with the rising support underneath. Especially as these get farther and farther away and this market goes parabolic in this ultra-low volatility environment.

I was talking to some of my friends who are doing meet up groups and one of them did a group last night and he was telling me that he had double the expected attendance. I was looking at our Live Trading Room yesterday, we invited a handful of people, a small percentage of our data base, for a special private event, we sort of do that at random and almost everybody showed up, and we weren’t really prepared for that either.

I am really surprised and enlightened and encouraged to see that a lot more traders are actually getting it. This particular summer you don’t want to be away. This is going to be an incredible summer to be a trader, whether you are futures trading or options trading, and we are looking forward to having so many of you on the ride with us.

So, have a great weekend. We talked about some of the key markets, the Stock Index Futures, Euro and Gold that we are going to be focusing on next week. I’m looking forward to a great week with you next week. Take care, enjoy your weekend and let’s get ramped up for another exciting week.

Rob’s Market Lessons From Today And Futures Trading Opportunities For Tomorrow

Okay gang, welcome back! Well listen, lets go ahead and focus on a couple of key things about the markets and upcoming futures trading opportunities that we’ve been sharing with you the last couple of days. They keep proving themselves true over and over and over again so listen well. As we go ahead and look tonight at the Euro it continues to go ahead and hold on for dear life here. We have to get down below that 1.35 80. Watch out, it’s very likely that the Euro is going to move between tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday there. Thursday morning we’ve got lots of ECB news coming out, lots coming out of the European sector there to go ahead and perhaps make this move. I’d be on the lookout for that, watch out for wide range moves and again watch out for moves below the 1.35 80 as long as they are outside of a press release. I don’t want to put a resting stop order out here 1.35 80 a few minutes before the ECB announcements come Thursday morning because it could spike right down and come right back through it. Outside of news releases I’m looking to see about getting down below that 1.35 80.

As far as futures trading and Gold, one of the rules with my KOBO, the kick-off blow-off bar, we had a kick-off bar, several small bars here. What we’re looking for is another blow-off bar but the other thing we want to keep in mind is this accumulation bar that hit. This accumulation bar hit several days into a move to the downside, so what do we expect in an area like that? We expect false breakout opportunities and extra risk. In fact, you recall for those of you that have attended my live in person events and things like that where I teach kind of like I did in Kansas City, which was a great group last weekend, one of the rules is if you’ve run out of rocket fuel and gone too far too fast you want to really trail a stop if you even want to take that trade at all because likelihood is we could break right through and then zip right back up above. Until we start getting a little bit more meaningful movement away from the bottom edge of this accumulation bar here, I’m really not going to be interested in futures trading here or taking any shorts. If we start getting the back end of what we call Break-out bar, it’s a KOBO, kick-off blow-off. If we get that blow-off bar then I’ll be all over it but I want to get away from this accumulation bar right now.

Futures Trading Opportunities In The Stock Index Futures

What can you say about the stock index futures? It’s just absolutely awesome to take my work for futures trading and see how it works so well here avoiding a lot of pain and heartache and a lot of lost money. If you’re going ahead and really focusing on some of the things we’re saying, for instance those of you that are so anxious to take the shorts, hey, and who wouldn’t love to take some great shorts here. Get down below the speed lines, have lots of room to grow to the downside here but the problem is you have to get below the speed lines don’t we gang? The strategy has been and continues to be each and every day, we have to break down below the speed lines and as you can see, we’re just not doing that on the S&P and the DOW. So while the Russell has its moments where it looks like it’s good, even that I could argue because if you look today we held the daily bottom end of the channel.

Want to see something cool? Let’s take a look together at the weekly channel. The weekly channel held the midpoint of the channel. So I’m pointing all this out live to people, real time, this morning in the Live Trading Room for people that were getting very anxious to short, that would be a really bad idea for a host of reasons from my perspective. Let’s talk about why.

I showed them how we were holding the daily speed lines, the weekly Russell support, the daily support and then guess what we watched it in turn do? We watched it turn right around and head right back up. It was a great way to keep some people out of some pretty bad trouble there. We’re going to continue to watch this going into tomorrow, it’s the story of the two and the two once again going into Wednesday. We’ve got to get down below those speed lines as we just talked about and this daily support here which is also the weekly midpoint. And then the NASDAQ of course has to do the same thing. All of them have great opportunities, we’ve got air pockets to the down side should we break down below those. But until that happens don’t get too excited about that, keep focusing on potential long reentry futures trading strategies in the meantime.

That continues to be the message and continues to be working out well and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos here. Take care everyone, have a great evening.

Three Key Charts To Watch For Futures Trading Going Forward

Well welcome back gang! Tonight’s video is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. We focus on three key markets that I feel are getting ready for some great futures trading. Number one: we have the Russell, something you’ve heard me talk a great deal about the last several week. We’re still holing this key seven month plus resistance level. It was resistance way back here in the fourth quarter of last year. We broke above it, we pulled back to that support, pulled back to it again, pulled back to it again. Now we start making lower highs on our way back down to it, as we hit it, hit it again, and now we just hit it again. It’s all about his key support/resistance area around the 108000 level on the Russell. I cannot emphasize that enough. As we walk into the door today, basically what ended up happening was, the Market had a little bit of juice, and it was able to come back and hit the falling daily resistance. So, we are still holding on that weekly basis, we’re caught between the support and the resistance on the weekly basis there, and that’s one piece of the puzzle.

Futures Trading As It Relates To The Volatility In The $VIX

Another piece of the puzzle is the $VIX. I wanted to show this again. We had a two-year stint where we were down around the 11.00 to 12.00 area in particular. It did get down there around the 10.00, but mostly it was around the 11.00 to 12.00 for about two years, and then we had the big crash in the Market. Well guess what gang, for effectively one year and four months now, we’ve gone ahead and been at these same levels all over again. So, the story is the volatility. I’ve been saying that day after day, week after week, and now we are actually seeing people catch on to it. There was an article that actually kicked in today finally on volatility and the need for a “black swan” event to get this $VIX off its butt. Well, I submit the two are somewhat correlated, because this goes back to the same thing, the 2005 and 2007 complacency there, which then to lead to huge retracements in this Market. As you can imagine, we’re due for some tremors in the system for some deeper cuts, ultimately, in the end of this. This won’t last forever. We say it last for about two years before, and then the good-time party ended with a big boom. A lot of people watched their 401ks turn into 201 and 101ks as this thing went ahead and the Market completely unraveled. We’re getting these same kind of levels here, once again. Again, last time it took two years for it to start the process of unraveling. Right now, we are about a year and four months in. keep that in mind. That is the second piece.

Gold Is Coiling Up

The final piece here is the Gold. I just want to let you guys know and see this. If you normally look, Gold has some very good trending to it. It has some very decent ebbs and flow. Well take a look at what’s happened here the last few months. We’ve been getting tighter and tighter, and tighter, and tighter. So Gold is getting wedged in here to the point where it, too, is showing signs it could have an aggressive breakout from these levels. As you can see, this is the tightest it’s been for a while. When it was even remotely close to that before, you see some pretty wide-ranged moves. As we’re tightening up month after month here, we’re also watching Gold.

So Gold, the Russell, and the $VIX, all of these are winding and winding and winding up and, like I said, I think it’s going to lead to some exciting trading here this summer and beyond. So looking forward to having you guys here with me each day. We’re going to continue to watch these elements and a lot more. You guys have a great night and I will look forward to seeing you guys in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in tomorrow night’s videos here to talk about the festivities of the day. Take care every one, have a great night!