These Markets, Including The Stock Index Futures, Could Heat Up Quickly

Good evening everyone! Ryan here bringing you tonight’s free video. A warm welcome to any new students that may be joining us for the first time that may have participated in the live event with Rob and Infinity Futures this morning. Of course, welcome and good evening to those of you that have are already students and have been with us all along. I am going to look a number of different markets here because there are quite a few things going on. As you guys can imagine, one of my focuses here is going to be the stock index futures.

A Review Of The Stock Index Futures

The stock index futures have been put into a very precarious position, from my point of view. What we have here is in the S&P we have speed lines coming down on top of us as resistance. We have some key levels here just underneath of us that the market just doesn’t want to close below. In fact, today we put in an inventory retracement bar here where we saw accumulation in the market in the S&P, the DOW, the NASDAQ, and the RUSSELL.

A lot of indecision here. A couple of people potentially looking for some bargains but buying large we have a lot of downward pressure still. What this means is with the resistance coming down on top of us and these inventory retracements underneath us in virtually all of the markets here is that the market has to make a decision one way or the other. It is really kind of coiling up in its own little small sense as far as indecision goes. It is in need of a breakout in one direction or the other. Which direction? I don’t know specifically so I am going to stay nimble here. My preference, in this case, would be for it to break to the downside because we have these markets really holding onto very precarious positions.

In the NASDAQ at right about 3850 you can see these last levels of support here. If these levels were to be broken it would open up a lot of downside potential here. Same thing in the other markets if we can get the DOW below this round level here at 16300 and the inventory retracement it made there as well. There is additional room to go to the downside. If we don’t find this support or we don’t find that buyers are buying then it is very possible that the break could have another swift leg down. It could possibly be proportionate to what happened on the front side of this little consolidation. In any of these markets that would be possible.

Of course, you look at this market and one naturally wants to think “it’s a bit oversold here so we are due for a correction”. You know, I couldn’t necessarily argue with that. Getting back up into some of these key levels where there is price support and some additional falling resistance on top of us here would not really change the overall bearish view right away. In fact, it would just give us a little bit more of a breather and consolidation to which we might be able to continue to the downside. That is very possible. That is what I am going to be looking for. Again, if this turns into sellers don’t sell then we could see violent snaps to the upside. That is one of the things that leads me to believe that the market is in a very precarious position.

From the stock index futures point of view what I will be doing is, again, looking for the weakest market. In recent days and weeks the NASDAQ was the strongest and I’ve noticed it has also been the weakest here a number of times on an intraday basis. That 3850ish level is what we want to break through to see the potential to the downside. I’ll be monitoring how the markets are moving and how they are changing on a net percentage basis, how they are moving intraday volatility-wise (especially if it does open up to the downside) so I can see which one is the weakest and focus on that market.

Other Markets Poised For Action

I’ll run through a couple of other markets as well and offer up my opinion and what I am seeing.

Here in the Gold market I don’t have any interest in trading this until it does one of two things:

1. If it were to get back down below this 1280 level. If we were to see this come all the way back down to the 1280 level and break to the downside below the momentum shift breakout bar then I would be interested in short side trades.

2. On the topside I am not particularly interested until we can get through the band of resistance that comes in right about the 1350-1320 levels. You can see there has been a lot of activity right in this range where we’ve seen inventory retracement, accumulation, distribution, and a lot of price activity. Until it really clears the 1320 level then I am not interested in Gold to the upside. If it were to, in fact, break this level then I will absolutely keep an eye on it to see if there is further upside potential in the Gold market.

As it sits right now you can see that more or less we are turning into a mess here. This is just turning into a sideways market that doesn’t really have strong direction either way.

In Crude Oil, I would like to see this follow through. I would like to see a wash to the downside, just maybe one more capitulation type selling as we break this last level of support. This level of support that was put in with inventory retracement bars that was made back here with accumulation is really the last stronghold of support before we might see some type of wash out activity or at least some continued downside (with hopefully some conviction) in the Crude Oil market.

It is at this point where, if it does find support and can get back above the speed lines, that a healthy bounce would be perfectly normal. It is showing some signs of weakness though so I would like to see some downside activity there. I will be monitoring this market to see if it can pick up some steam to the downside.

In the Bond market Rob had been warning all of us about this 139.09 level. It more or less hit it to a tee before again creating another inventory retracement bar. It found some distribution and came right off of that level. The challenge here in the Bonds is to work back through that level and work back up through 139.09 and then potentially open the door to much higher maybe into the 140 level. For right now the Bond market moving higher is facing this big band of resistance and that is going to be the major challenge for this market. I will see if it does, in fact, get back up to this 139.09 and how it responds. I would like to see it break, test and go. That is proving to be somewhat formidable resistance at this point. We have an uptrend underneath us though so we will see what happens in the Bonds moving into the rest of this week. Until then, I am not particularly interested in the Bond market yet.

These are a couple of the markets that I will be looking at in the coming days and potentially weeks depending on how they shake out. I hope that helps you guys out and I will look forward to seeing you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning or in the nightly videos tomorrow night! Have a great evening.

Ryan Discusses Divergence In The Stock Index Futures

Welcome back everybody, Ryan here. Happy Monday to you guys. Good to be with you here. Rob’s got a really hectic schedule so I’ll be bringing you tonight’s newsletter. So, tonight I wanted to focus on a couple of things that we’ve been looking at here for quite some time. Namely, there is the divergence in the Stock Index Futures. We’ve been bringing to you this type of formation, we’ve got the S&P and the fast trigger is divergent, divergent, divergent. As the price is making higher highs, the indicators are making lower lows in both the fast trigger and the core trigger. We’re starting to show red here and lots of downside momentum in the Russell, nothing new there. There is also the divergence that we had seen in the DOW and the divergence that we had seen in the NADAQ as well. At this point we have had a nice pull back in all of these markets. So the question becomes, is this divergence done?

Divergence In The Stock Index Futures

From my perspective and with my analysis these pull backs are large enough for me to say “yes, this divergence has played out” Does that mean that this market is not going to go any lower? No, that is not what this means. This market could absolutely go lower, could have much bigger legs lower, that is a possibility. But, this pullback here is enough to show me that this divergence has potentially played out. For this market to go lower, I would want to see a couple of things and this is in the big picture as we are looking at daily charts, so this is big picture analysis. I would want to see the S&P get below this 1910 level. I would want to see the DOW get below this round level  of 16400 and trade from the south side of that and I would want to see the NASDAQ get below here at the bottom of our trend channel and this 50 day moving average. There are also some key levels that we’d be coming into on the Russell but if we can start breaking down below those, I would in essence have fresh sell signals and then I would consider this market increasingly bearish. As it sits right now, this divergence is potentially played out. We only saw a pause today at these key levels, these levels that are propping us up in at least 3 of the 4. After these long range days, we’re expecting a bit of a bounce, some sort of consolidation or a little breather.  We do have lots of resistance overhead in all of the markets here and that will be weighing on us very heavily. So, whether this is a consolidation before we see another leg lower or if this market has found some type of market bottom and to bounce is yet to be known and we’ll see as it plays out. I would want to see those fresh sell signals on the daily basis on these Stock Index futures to increase the bearishness.

I’ll be keeping any eye on that. There is enough space in either direction to be playing these intraday trends. So, if this market were in fact to continue to roll over, even before we hit some of those key levels, these ranges are wide enough or long enough that there is good profit potential in there, so a break isn’t requisite here in order to start taking short side trades.  Again, I am just keeping the big picture in mind here as we look at these daily charts. I’ll be focusing on that on an intraday basis in on the Stock Index futures.

Taking A Look At Gold

Another market that is potentially intriguing to me is the Gold Market.  We’ve gotten just below this 1300 level and we have this 1280 level where we’ve put in this momentum shift breakout signal. If we can continue to trade below this 1290 level, there is enough profit potential here to get down below that level. And if in fact we can break that level which would be employing our 80/20 rule, get below that 1280, you can see that we would have good air to the downside to potentially see a bigger move to the downside. Lot’ of resistance on top of us, so if we can get that market going again and get that break below 1280 then the Gold market will get very intriguing for me. It got very close to doing that today. We had some intraday trends develop on the 2 minute and 5 minute, I think a bit on the 15 minute as well. We had some bearish trends that developed but we couldn’t quite get the energy going to the downside, but if it can pick up, I will be looking to get on board that.

One finally point here, this Wednesday, August 6th at 9:00 AM CT, Rob is going to be doing a Live Trading Event. It will be open to anyone that wants to sign up. You should be getting a link in your email this evening. If not, go to : and be sure to fill out the information so we can send the webinar link off to you. That is going to be a Live Trading Event, August 6th, 9:00 AM CT and Rob will be trading real money in his live account should the opportunity present itself and there is absolutely no substitute for that type of education, So be sure to take advantage of that and we look forward to seeing you there. Thanks a lot, and have a great night!

What’s Next After This Great Trading Week In The Stock Index Futures?

Well, hey everyone I hope you guys are having a great start to your weekend here.  Boy, deserved rest this weekend huh?  What a great week this was with the trading.  Rest up because we have a lot more of it coming ahead and we’re really looking forward to the trading to be had after this year.  Great stuff.  For all of you that of course joined in the last week or so and took us up on that offer a week and a half ago, obviously what a great introduction to trading with me, huh?  For everyone else let’s go ahead and review what we’re looking for into next week.

I’m going to cut to the chase tonight.  Instead of looking at several different instruments we’re just going to focus on the Stock Index Futures because they are obviously very important to me on an intraday basis and for those of you whether you’re a Swing Trader or Day Trader you’re going to want to know this stuff yourselves.  What I’m looking at going into next week here…

Obviously there is a lot of political turmoil all over the place whether it’s Iraq with ISIS or Gaza and Israel, whether it’s the whole Hamas Israel thing, or Japan/China, Russia/Ukraine, pick your poison, South Korea/North Korea.  There’s something ready to blow up pretty much everywhere.  We consider the Ebola virus situation, if that jumps ship and starts going to other countries lots of bad things can happen in lots of different places.  The Argentinian debt crisis.  Pick your poison there’s lots of things that can go wrong in different places.

Looking At The Stock Index Futures

As we’re looking into next week what I’m looking at is this, we’ve got right now an inventory retracement bar on the NASDAQ, the Russell and the S&P.  The DOW didn’t quite make one there today but that’s irrelevant because three did.  As we’re looking at this we also have key support on the NASDAQ, key support on the S&P and we already started breaking down below on the Dow and Russell.  I’ve been sharing with you these key levels of support in the Stock Index Futures and we keep breaking them.  Then of course that leaves to me doing more shorts and you guys can see the awesome activities that come out of that.  The $VIX spikes, UVXY spikes, the trading spikes, lots of great stuff just kind of happens in such a great trading environment.  We’re going to have a lot more of this as we go into the rest of the year.

As I said this market did go ahead and find some inventory holding us up at some key levels on the S&P and the NASDAQ as you can see today.  But we certainly have lots more room.  Let’s just take a look at this from the weekly chart again on the Russell.  I shared this with you way back before because I pointed out to you, if you recall it’s all in the videos you can go back and take a look at it for those of you that are newer to the videos, but I mentioned for the first time in well over a year and a half now, approximately a year and a half, we’ve gone ahead and actually had a negative divergence here on my indicators.  That was kind of a big deal.  You see we were making higher highs in the indications before but then we finally stalled out here and made the lower low so we were due for a big correction.  We got that correction.  Then we bounced off the key support, we knew that was a real big possibility here with the accumulation bars that were coming in near the support.  We bounced back up, hit that same resistance level we held before and now here we are again testing the same support area.

If we can break this support area this time we can see much lower prices and much more of a down draft making what we’ve seen so far not look as important as we hoped we could see.  Like I said, there is certainly lots of things all over the world blowing up that could go ahead and cause any number of issues here.  We’ve got American terrorists going over to Syria and blowing things up, well he came back to the United States before he left trying to recruit people, what happens if there’s more people like that in the United States?  There’s all sorts of things that could happen there.  Of course I’m planning for that and adjusting to it and trading around that risk.

Going into next week here in the Stock Index Futures, this is the weekly chart.  Like I said, lots of room to the down side if we start breaking down below.  First things first, going to be focusing on if we can break down below these inventory retracement bars?  That’s the key thing.  If we can start breaking down below those… because today volume stepped in there in the institutionals inventory here.  They’re either covering shorts or taking fresh longs off these lows and so what I want to see now is us break down below those which also happens to give me a great place to break down below some key supports right?  We break down these key supports that could lead to some much better trading.  That’s the ideal trade of choice.

If the market opens up going into early next week and starts to retrace a little bit, if we get some good intraday, two minute, five minute, fifteen minute, hourly type of trading signals I might look into some short term longs.  But as you can imagine my heart and soul is going to be into getting the big breaks to the down side.  That’s typically from my perspective where the bigger money is made.  The elevator tends to walk the stairs up and ride the elevator down.  So breaking these inventory retracement bars would be most important.

That’s what I’m looking forward to in the Stock Index Futures going into next week.  Again, let’s celebrate all the successes we had!  The Live Trading Room, the Private Mentorship I did, all the things that happened this week.  Let’s plan ahead real hard together.  We’ll see you Monday morning in the Live Trading Room or we’ll see you Monday evening in the videos here.  Take care everyone, have a great weekend!

Awesome Day Trading Stock Index Futures

Ok gang, welcome back to our fantastic Monday here, which is a real nice continuation from Friday, where Ryan fired off a trade I went and fired off four more trades. We had five trades, right away there, in the morning. Great stuff. And then, today was no exception, with more great trading here, more great profitability in the Room, just a really great session. Just looking at this, we started off this morning, the Market opened up this morning, it just became one big, fat sell. The momentum, the triggers everything was firing of here, giving lots of great shorting opportunity, and then it culminated, here, on the tail-end with one more short after we got a nice move in the downside, here. We had one more of my famous stochastic spike type trades, right over here, on the 5 and 15 minute charts, and that led to one more nice move to the downside. So, really great stuff. Trading this morning’s session was just a perfect extension from Friday. So, really great stuff. Welcome to all of you that had joined our Family last week, you’re already seeing how that second-half of the year is just great stuff.

So, as we look at our daily charts now, here’s what we want to be conscientious of going into the sessions, going forward here. We’ve got an accumulation bar, here, on the NASDAQ, accumulation bar on the Dow, accumulation bar on the Russell, and an accumulation bar on the S&P. So, inventory retracements have taken place on all of these bars, here, and so what we want to focus on going into tomorrow is how we wind up above in relation to the speed-lines. Remember, we’ve got higher highs in prices on some of these different Markets, but we’re making lower highs in indications. That can be very hazardous to your financial health. So, I’m looking at that and asking myself, “Okay, what’s going to happen next then?” Are we going to break-down below, just like today? I was really anxious and looking forward to breaking down below 1135, interesting to note that is where we closed up today, as it stand right now, on the Russell. And with that being said, now, tomorrow morning, when we open up, we are going to be very close to the speed-lines. If these three Stock Index Futures start pushing back above the speed-lines, here, there may be fresh long opportunities. I have to be honest though, my favorite trade would be for the Russell to continue to sell off, break-down below the lows we set, here, a week and a half ago, and push for much lower lows. As we can see from a weekly cart-basis, here, this Market is slowly but surely running back down to key-levels that we had a few months ago, that I was watching with you day after day, literally, and week after week, literally. So, we had several weeks where we were holding on for dear life to those key supports, so you can imagine, I’d like to see it break-down below those key supports, because if that happens, this Market is going to have a great potential to drop like a stone, and as a trader, we’d love to see that, just like we’d like to see that sell-off this morning that led to very profitable trading, and last Friday, same thing. We fired off multiple trades, there, as well. You just can’t ask for better. With that being said, keep in mind this bigger weekly chart, because these are the goals, and these are the goals, and these are the things I’m looking to stretch through. You know, like here, this 1127 area, to help get down to around the 1113. And then below that 1113, there’s lots of room to grow to the downside, well into the 1044 area. These are the kinds of things that help make for some fantastic trading.

Stock Index Futures Talk

Again, going into tomorrow, the theme is; do we hold above the speed-lines in the NASDAQ, on the Dow, on the S&P, and then we drag the Russell up kicking and screaming? Or does the Russell lead the way, once again here, and we look to see if we break-down below this morning’s accumulation bar, which led to a lot of great trading for us, and we just look for continuations to the downside. Those are going to be the two key things I’m going to be focusing on, out of all the different Markets, Gold, Crude Oil, the Euro, Bonds, everything that’s out there, there’s lots of stuff out there right now, but I’ve been telling you the action is in the Stock Index Futures. From my perspective, the profitability is in the Stock Index Futures, and I’m proving that out through our actions, between Ryan and I in the Live Trading Room, and what’s actually happening in my actual, live trading account. So, take that for what it is, but great stuff no matter what. Let’s see if we can do it all over again tomorrow. And, again, welcome to all of you that are new to our Student Family, and for everybody that’s been following us for years, I’m looking forward to helping you as we continue to go forward. You guys have a great night, take care, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning in the Room, or tomorrow evening!

A Swing Trading & Stock Index Futures kind of Day

Okay gang, welcome back! I hope you are having a great start to the weekend here. Listen, what can we say? Let’s start off with the basics here as we look at the $VIX.

When the $VIX is poppin Rob & Ryan are rockin. Friday of course we fired off five different trades between Ryan and I which kept the room really engaged in the process there and seeing how and why we do what we do. Just really great stuff here as the $VIX continued to pop out of that congestion band here. Let’s see if we can get some more of that action going into next week. Every tick the $VIX goes up so do my number of trades. I always love to go ahead and see situations like that. The $VIX is rising.

Taking a look at APPLE real quick, what can I say about APPLE. All sorts of articles coming out here, I’ve kind of pointed that out a little bit in some of the recent videos. Particularly in Swing Trading Videos. Everybody’s highly negative on APPLE, talking about how APPLE is going to be obsolete in three years for instance and so on and so forth. Since this split was even announced telling people that they’re going to buy the rumor sell the fact well the rumor came out, the split came out and this thing is still continuing to be higher there. Will it go straight up forever? No, of course not but if you’ve been listening in to all that you know ‘muckidy muck’ in the news you missed some really great opportunities.

You recall my Swing Trading Videos, I was sharing with you guys where I was selling puts way down below here with really quick results obviously coming out of that. I’ve been kind of APPLE-ble for a little while here since they announced they were going to do that split. Again my logic being, if you liked it at $600 you’ll love it in the 90s. Makes it a lot easier to afford with those fundamentals. Just beware, it’s another one of those pieces of evidence. Watch out about what you hear in the news. We do have a negative divergence here, we certainly would like to see it pull back, I’d like to see it pull back. Let some of that divergence be absorbed and then have it take off to new levels here again. Nonetheless, if you bought into all the negativity it’s been out since down here, you really missed some great opportunities.

The Euro is most of the way… Thursday and Friday I stayed out of the Euro here. There’s a lot of news that came out for it and the Stock Index Futures just offered up too many opportunities such as the five trades this morning. There’s a little bit of room left until the next major round of support at 1.34. Beyond that my next opportunity to look for this would be below 1.33 80.
As far as Gold is concerned, looking at this both ways you recall the other day I was looking to get a break down below the 12 87 level, that just could not happen. It held that 12 87 I told you about, went right back up here to some falling resistance. We’ve got some more work to do on Gold. I’m actually looking at Gold kind of from both sides of the fence now. I’m looking to short down below the 12 87 look for longs back above that magic 13 20 level you’ve heard me talk about many times over the last month and a half or so.

Crude Oil was a great example of our work in progress here this morning. Crude Oil is one of the trades I actually took here as well. This market came right down to my round number support which is also S2 – Normal Statistical Maximum Daily Range and then shot right back up like a rocket. It was great for people to watch that whole thing in action.

Stock Index Futures Talk

Let’s look at the Stock Index Futures as a unit here. With the Stock Index Futures what I would like to see going into Monday here… we’ve got room to grow to the down side if we can get below this inventory retracement bar here. We’ve got room to grow if we can get down below the low and I’d really like to get below the low set here earlier this week. I would really like to get down below that 11 35 level on the Russell, that would make me a much happier camper. That opens up another hundred tick plus move to the downside immediately and of course below that opens up a whole nother can of worms which I’m looking forward to when that happens. In the meantime we’ve got room to grow to the down side on the NASDAQ on the DOW and we’ve got it to go on the Russell. The Russell as you can see has been the weakest of the bunch since the get go here. the S&P certainly has room to go to the down side but it’s going to be a little bit of a harder journey on the way down here. Some of these other ones, particularly things like the Russell could much easier fall out of bed, a little bit quicker there. Could be a bit of a rocky ride for the S&P traders on the way down for that. A lot of these retail traders have 6-12 tick stops there and 10 to get themselves stopped out very early.

Let’s take a look at the Bonds. We talked about this area right now not looking for the longs until back above this area over here, that’s the earliest otherwise there’s too much stress on the system too much resistance up in this immediate area here to make me real excited about looking for the long side trade. Did have a nice stochastic spike trade here which is all well and good. But looking for the continuations on to my next market at the 140 area I would like to see it get above this area over here set at the end of May.

A lot of great stuff taking place there. Stock Index Futures is definitely one of the primary places. The action was also in my personal trading this morning, in the Crude Oil. As a rule these Stock Index Futures are just opening up a lot of opportunity and while it’s giving a lot of Swing Traders and Options Traders a lot of headaches its opening up a lot of trades for the futures traders. We’re looking at this from a multi-faceted approach of course, Stock trading, Options trading and Futures trading but that’s why the Swing trading video that I do is so important in my Options program. Nonetheless, firing off all the different trades this morning. Great stuff! Looking forward to another big week of it.

Of course we have some milestones that I’m looking for because with the Russell here we’ve gone ahead and had this negative divergence that I’ve been telling you about for a while. That’s lead to various types of selling here. Initially we started that conversation way back over here where I showed you the negative divergences that kicked in and now we’ve seen that even more so as we came back up to those levels, those negative divergences were reinforced and we continue to drive to the down side. As you can imagine, what I would really like to do in the sweet spot here is get down below the 11 12 area on the weekly and then watch this thing deteriorate much further. That’s just because I like to ride the elevator down vs. walk the steps up for no other reason than that. I’m certainly not impermeable by any stretch of the imagination. I just like to ride those nice quick moves to the down side as you can imagine. That’s the beauty of being a trader!

Great stuff! Great week! Great way to end the week with five more trades this morning to really teach traders and have them watch exactly how we do it and why we do it. You guys have a great weekend, I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you in the Live Trading Room. If you didn’t already join us this week when we made that special offer consider doing that. There’s a little link to the video down below in your email. You can read more about it if you want at But no matter who you are and why you’re here you guys have a great weekend and we’ll hopefully see you Monday morning to see what we do and why we do it. Otherwise we’ll see you Monday night in the videos here and keep helping you from afar. Take care everyone, have a great weekend!

Market Pullback – Futures Trading Strategies

Ok, gang, this video is being shot just a few minutes before the close, but, man, what a great day! As we wind up here, a lot of the stuff that we talked about in last night’s videos really came to fruition. Let’s talk about a couple of the key things from last night, and going into today, and then what we’re looking for tomorrow. So, first things first, the Euro, here, I warned everybody away from the Euro from my perspective, last night, and the reason being is that we have an awful lot of news coming out, and after this big-down bar, here, that could lead to a wild ride. Well, sure enough, we had that big-down bar yesterday, and then we had a wild doji-star ride in the end, going absolutely nowhere when everything was all said and done, but certainly enough damage width-wise to stop traders out on both sides of the fence. Not the kind of trading we wanted to be in, and that played out as we talked about.

As far as Gold, with Gold, here, I’m looking to see if we can get down below this 1287 area, looking for short opportunities. Won’t want to do anything with it to the upside, remember that’s the “gobbly-gook” area, but if we can break down below this 1287 area, there’s a lot of room to grow to the downside, so I’ll be keeping my eye on that.

Similar with Crude Oil, I want to get below the 10180 area and that would be the first push I would like to see here. And, if I really want to get warm and fuzzy, because you see there’s this support in the back-drop, over here, 10180 is my watch point and 10150 is where I’m going to get really aggressive on this, because 10150 we have this accumulation bar in the back-drop, that inventory retracement bar, and, so, I want to see if we can breakthrough there, then that will lead to a lot of room to the down-side, as well. So we’ll be keeping an eye on Crude Oil.

As far as the 30-year Bond, we talked about the 30-year Bond last night, and I said “Look, gang, you know, it’s a little bit concerning that people are NOW asking me on buying here, on a breakout of this area”. And my comment was, “Well, actually, the signal was back here, kind of like we talked about, and the even bigger issue is that we still have this inventory retracement bar in the back-drop, over here, holding us down.” And sure enough, we came off like clockwork, here, today, off that distribution area. And, so, it’s real important that we keep these things in mind. Where our entries are, based on the strategies, and where our stall-out, major risk points, are, based on my methodology. Great stuff there.

Stock Index Futures Talk

As we look to the Stock Index Futures, well, that was great stuff too. You recall that I told you we had triple sell signals. We had what we call the “Hoffman Fades”, which were also combined with hockey-stick sells, and these are stochastic spikes. So, we had what we call triple sell signals, here. These are the Hoffman Fades, which then became a stochastic spike, and then a hockey-stick sell, so a triple sell signal as of yesterday. We talked about that a lot in last night’s video, go back and watch that. What that did, that really capped any of that upside movement and really started driving us down. So, the way I played this, this morning, remember I’m going to be looking for two things; basically buy-side and sell-side. I said that if the Russell can get back above this resistance, here, I’ll look for some long-side trades, because, sometimes what can happen, is that when the sells don’t sell, you’ve got three sell signals here and of course, statistically speaking, most of the time those are going to sell then. But the few times they don’t can lead to some INCREDIBLE runs, some huge blow-offs, as everyone gets caught on the wrong side of the trade and this fever sets in. So what I did, initially, shortly after the open this morning, I went long. It was a very short-lived move, it was only like a 3-digit gain, and it was not a lot of money at all. But, managed to make money nonetheless on the long-side, here, initially. And then, the Market came back and started to roll back down, and we kicked in those sell signals on the day, then that opened up the real money that I ended making on the day. So, good stuff, and after it is all said and done, the sell signals held us down and kept us from any forward energy today. We watched that tick by tick, this morning in the Live Trading Room, which was some really great stuff and learning opportunities for all of our new students and old alike.

As we look to tomorrow, now, we’ve had a little bit of bleed-off, we did not get any, sort of, major selling. So, the way that I’m going to play this tomorrow, I’m going to see if we can breakthrough today’s lows. That’s going to be the first thing that I’m going to be looking for, because today’s bars, if you’ll notice on three out of four of these Markets, they’re doji-stars, and really you can argue that the Russell is a doji-star too, but it’s not necessarily fully an inventory retracement trade, you know, the accumulation bar, unlike the other ones, which you can see, as of a handful of minutes before the close, here. Those ARE inventory retracement bars. If we can get down below those lows going into tomorrow morning, I’ll be looking much more aggressively for short-side trades. At the same time, if we start pushing through today’s highs because, here again now, this is a distribution bar, that’s exactly what a doji-star is, it’s an accumulation and distribution. You’ll notice actually that the Russell is a distribution bar. So, if we can get through today’s highs, I will be very aggressively looking for longs. It’s a very unusual situation where if the buys don’t buy, I’m looking for the sell, and in this case, if the sells don’t sell I’m looking for the buy. Same concept going into tomorrow, because we have accumulation on the downside, distribution on the upside, which is what capped us there and froze us in time. Now, I want to see what kind of follow-through day we can get. Will the follow-through be to the downside? Will the follow-through be to the upside? That could lead to some intensive movement. So, that’s what I’m going to focus on tomorrow. But, also, don’t forget about Gold, Crude Oil, both of those have some good opportunities, as well. The Euro, again we have awaited that, and we still have more European news coming out tonight, going into tomorrow morning, and that also made like a doji-star day, a wide ranged doji-star. We are pretty much going to avoid the Euro going into tomorrow morning, as well. But, the Stock Index Futures were also going to open up, like I said, some nice opportunities to see if can close out our Friday real strong. So, great week, I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning, or in this weekend’s videos here, gang. Take care, have a great evening!

Rob’s Thoughts On Swing Trading, Options Trading, and Stock Index Futures

Okay gang, welcome back! Let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of different markets. Let’s start with the ones we’re going to avoid going into tomorrow at this point.

1. We’ll be looking to avoid the Euro. Today I wanted to avoid it because we had a big wide range bar so we were looking for a consolidation. The consolidation played out. I want to avoid it going into tomorrow and Friday more or less because we’ve got a lot of economic data coming out for the Euro all throughout the evening into the morning. That can make for a volatile ride with that many kind of news releases that you basically trade in the middle of the news and that’s not a good place to be for the average retail trader.

2. Gold is still sitting here in my affectionately coined term of gobbily gook.

3. Crude Oil, same thing. Right in the middle of all the gobbily gook. A bunch of support levels, resistance levels, and a bunch of levels rolling right through the middle of it. It’s high risk, low probability stuff whipping back and forth there.

What I do want to focus on is as such, let’s go ahead and start with the Stock Index Futures.

Stock Index Futures Talk

Looking at the Stock Index Futures the Russell is still very much a culprit here. We’ve got the kill zone in that gobbily gook range because we have a lot of support and resistance coming down on top of us, rising underneath us and then driving right through the heart of us here. That you can see now two days in a row we’ve hit that area that I warned about yesterday and we continue to struggle in those areas. In fact, like I said the trading I focused on today was short side trading. Made for a profitable day but none the less its tough money earned right now in the middle of this until we get out.

The NASDAQ performed very well today but we still have a negative divergence coming out of this here right now. As we take a look at this going into tomorrow, in fact let’s just pull up all of the charts here, the thing to watch is this… the DOW and the Russell are not performing very well here. We have a second distribution bar and on the Russell and you look and see we also have a distribution bar now on the DOW here as well. They’re both struggling trying to break out. The NASDAQ has been able to perform well because of NETFLIX, APPLE and others but we’re not getting that same love and that same support out of the DOW & Russell.

With these distribution bars here, going into tomorrow, I’m going to see if this is going to roll over. We’ve locked in kind of after a Hoffman Fade Stochastic Spike Double Self-pattern now we have a Hockey Stick to boot so you kind of have three sell signals there going into tomorrow. Typically in a situation like that I’m looking for a pullback. Right here even on the S&P struggling at yesterday’s distribution bar is where we’re looking to close up right now with five minutes left in the S&P trading session here. We’re already ten minutes after the US stock market close, we’re right there at that distribution bar from yesterday. To recap, while the NASDAQ took off today on an earnings related stint we’re still in a negative divergence on the NASDAQ. The DOW failed to gain any traction, Russell to gain any traction and the S&P, all of them either had distribution bars and or stopped at yesterday’s distribution bars.

I’m going to be watching, going into tomorrow, what should happen is that the market should pull down tomorrow. If the market does pull down I’ll be looking for shorts, if it doesn’t do what It’s supposed to do, which is sell off, so the sells don’t sell and we start charging to the upside then I definitely will be jumping on some long side trades because that’s a signal itself when the sells don’t sell. Especially when you have three of them on all four of the Stock Index Futures. Again, we’ve got these triple sell signals here with what we call the Hoffman fade, it’s also extended stochastic spike and then with the hockey stick sell. So we have triple sell on these indicators, which should come down. Either way is going to be a powerful signal for me so the Stock Index Futures are going to be very much on my watch list tomorrow.

As we take a look at APPLE, APPLE here continues from my perspective to be very bullish. I’ve seen a lot of articles come out as recently as June 30th talking about how APPLE was “crashing” and that was the quote there in the news media, that it was a “pump and dump”. Since that level we’ve gone ahead and continued to make higher highs. Just to give you my thoughts, it’s the same thoughts I’ve shared with you gang here on the Nightly Videos since way back here when I was selling puts. I was telling you guys between the Free Videos and the Swing Trading Videos here in particular how I was going to be selling puts here on APPLE before the split. From my perspective, listen, if you liked it at 500/600 dollars you gotta love it here when it’s sitting here under 100. What I’ve been telling you, the theme here is this, mom and pops who couldn’t afford more than a few shares of this thing at best at 600 dollars are now able to accumulate a lot more of it than they could before. It makes it much more affordable and yet the fundamentals are more or less the same. This is a great opportunity for people who couldn’t do a whole lot with it up here to do a lot more with it down here. You’ll notice that we’re holding my trends very well here as well. Every time we’re coming back to the rising support we’re taking back off there. From my perspective, while we may be due for some pull backs the overall analysis is still very bullish for the bigger picture here based on the same things that I shared with you back over here. If you heeded those words back then that would have been a good thing.

Bonds, I was asked by one of our viewers today “Hey Rob, what about buying the Bonds now?” Well the thing is, the viewer went ahead and sited the buy signals we had coming in over here if we could break out above the high from the other day with the distribution. The problem is twofold. Number one, that viewer failed to realize that we have a big distribution bar right in the backdrop here. So, that’s a big issue first of all. We really have to get above that and then our target is still initially up here to the 140 level. Second of all, the real entry if you recall was back down over here. I’ve been sharing this set up with you over and over again all year long.

You remember, throughout the year we were looking at the Bonds here looking for a pull back. Break through resistance, pull back to resistance and then I said we have to start taking back off and close above the speed lines. Month after month that’s what we looked for, month after month and we just couldn’t get it to happen here. Month after month we were looking for the breakthrough, the pullback to and then take off but instead it kept pulling right back down hard until finally it broke through, pulled back and then closed back at the speed lines. At that time I told you, “Okay, there’s the buy signal from my perspective from my trading and as long as it stays above the blue line here it’s still buy signal.” That causes to raise up here to the next target. Then we went ahead and pushed through, pulled back, tried to close above the speed lines but we couldn’t. Not until we got over here then we closed above the speed lines and then it had a shoot up. As we go forward here, then we tried to get above, we couldn’t do it. We pulled back through but then right over here we did pull through, pulled back, got back up there and closed above the speed lines and that lead to the next move. The point is the real entry opportunity from my perspective were here, here and then of course this one that I shared with you way back over here in the videos as well which was right here.

So we talked about those, go back and watch the videos, you’ll see more about that. I get a little nervous when people want to buy now when we’re already 50% 2/3 of the way up here and we’ve got massive distribution and resistance in the backdrop there. You have that big inventory retracement bar right there that’s holding us down even as I speak.

I hope that helps the viewer that asked the question and then for all of you to learn from it as well. Those are some of the key things I’m looking at into tomorrow morning, let’s see if we can have some more fun with those Stock Index Futures and the market as a whole. We have a lot of great things coming, it’s going to be a great second half of the year and I’m so glad you guys are here with me. Have a wonderful evening gang, well see you tomorrow in the Live Trading Room or in tomorrow night’s videos, take care everyone!

Rob’s Early Morning Warning & Short-Trading Successes

Okay gang, welcome back! Today was the perfect day, putting all the pieces together again. This morning, similar to last Thursday’s event that we had with Infinity Futures, we had to be patient earlier on in the morning. Now, at THAT event, I was able to get the trades off before the Room closed up, but today, we knew what we were looking for going into the afternoon, and boy, did it happen.

First, of all, let’s take a look at the Euro. We were on “Euro watch” all morning, but there was no way to take that trade, because I identified for everybody, now you can’t see it on the 2-minute bar, but the 15-minuts, the hourly-version was a big, fat accumulation bar, so an inventory retracement trade. What that means in English is that when we were coming down, here, we were expecting this area to hold. When we had that combined with lower prices, and the positive divergence on my fast and core trigger, what that means is we expected that to sell into a bait. We had, kind of, a double-support system, there, so we backed off on any attempts to short, and that was the right thing to do, we see going into the rest of the day. This Market just stayed flat as a pancake, and was a fantastic Market to avoid.

Stock Index Futures Talk

As we went on to some other ones people have asked me about today, Gold stayed right where we talked about, from when we mentioned it this morning in the Room, that all you guys were invited to be a part of. Crude Oil, the same thing, just kind of stayed stuck, there, in what we call that “gobbly-gook”, the support and resistance levels. And then, of course, it came down to the Stock Index Futures, that was the big deal. Right from the beginning this morning, I warned people it was going to be a heck of a time trying to take trades from there, because we had retracements back into that “gobbly-gook” area with resistance on the S&P, resistance on the Russell, resistance on the Dow, and we also had resistance on the NASDAQ. Now, the NASDAQ was able to gain a little bit of ground today due to some earnings, but everything else managed to hold down below these key resistance levels, and that really effected the way trading took place today, because what was happening was, every time we were coming up to those key resistance levels that I was warning people about, we were getting knocked down to the tune of 20 to 30 ticks, plus. It was great to walk through this with people, so they could get to see this in action, and avoid those stop-losses, because we were getting these slightly higher highs, some of our guests are like, “you should be looking at a long! You should be looking at a long!” and it’s a solid reminder why some of these retail traders lose a lot of money, because they are looking at what is sort of the inverse of what they should be thinking of it. We managed to avoid those losses, and because I was looking at that resistance, going into the afternoon, here, that still being a factor, having that resistance, I was seeing if we could push back down. Well that did happen, actually, right here into the afternoon, and you see it just couldn’t have been better. It started firing off on my indicators, there, and made the accumulation breakdown trade. We saw a lot of great stuff, here, and this is also known as the “inventory reversal trade”. It went down and broke-down below there, and that gave me multiple short-side trades, here, into this rapid move to the downside. It didn’t last very long, but it was well worth the wait, nonetheless. That’s what we were kind of talking about, here, I’m not going to sit here and trade in these tight, congestive, and quiet areas, I’m going to get where the getting’s good, and this is very similar in nature to that trading I did Thursday, late-morning. If you go back and watch the video from Thursday evening, you’ll see exactly what I’m referring to. All in all, great stuff.

Short-Trading Success

As we go into tomorrow’s session, let’s take a look at we’re looking at. As we look at this, all of these are locked into what we call an “M-Pattern” sell. Now, the Market’s in an uptrend, so what I do when I see M-pattern sells in an uptrend is typically just avoid the short-term longs, initially. Remember, we still have that resistance on the Dow, we still have that resistance on the Russell, and we still have that resistance, over here, on the S&P, that I even showed you at 8:42 this morning. So you take the picture there, and draw this over there. Everything I drew at 8:42 this morning is still very appropriate going into the day at 3:00pm CST, with the close of the cash session. Going into tomorrow, initially, like I said we have this M-pattern sell. I want to see; are we actually going to pull-back from here? Is it a shallow pull-back? And, if it is a shallow pull-back, do we start to break back through this resistance level? I did not just want to go “gang-busters” at the first sign of a long tomorrow morning. I want to give it a little bit of chance to show me that it’s actually going to be able to break through these all-important resistance levels on the S&P, on the Dow, in particular, and I want to see some more work out of the Russell. The Russell, like I said, had a lot of work to do today, and still does. You can see there is a lot of technical damage, we’re caught in this “gobbly-gook” area, rising support/falling resistance and that’s just a kill-zone. We saw that in action today. Every time retail traders wanted a pop-up, it was dropping back 20, 30 ticks. That’s a normal retail stop-out for the average retail trader, which is 12 to 20 ticks. So in the end as we put all the pieces together, everything we talked about in the Room this morning came to fruition, and then into the afternoon, gave some really nice short-side trades, which didn’t last really long, but it was a nice, quick move to receive payment on the day. I was really glad to fire off those trades. Welcome to all of you that joined us today, who came from our special event. If you didn’t join us, you are really missing a great opportunity to have a second half the year with us. Go to and read about what we gave you as an offer to join us today, we’d love to have you with us for the second –half of the year. I think you are going to see a lot of videos that are going to make you regret not being with us this second-half of the year, you’ll see what I mean. So as I look forward to the back-half of the year, welcome to all our new Student Family, and for everyone else, we’ll look forward to seeing you either in the Live Trading Room tomorrow morning, or in tomorrow night’s videos, here. Take care everyone, have a great evening!

Rob Touches on Stock Index Futures

Hey gang, welcome back! Boy, it sure has been a couple of exciting days, hasn’t it? Between the trading the last couple of days, and then, of course, these great events I’ve been doing, which a lot of you attended. Those of you who missed it, you missed some great stuff there; I did a two-part, jam-packed, award-winning strategy session. John Bollinger, John Person Ralph Acampora, Martin Pring, some other really top-tier traders working along with the E-Trading Expo to give you guys some great information and the same exact strategies that I was sharing there. Like yesterday, on the distribution/accumulation continuation trade, went right back in, used it yesterday, came right back into the Live Trading Room and used it again this morning. Tomorrow, you actually have another opportunity to join us. There’s a link in the Special Update section, you don’t want to miss that opportunity here, especially with the way these Markets have been, the trading we have been doing in the Live Trading Room, if we can mimic that trading, even remotely, tomorrow morning that should be some great stuff.

So, as we go into what we’ve been looking at, let me recap a couple things now. Remember the Euro? I told you I wanted to get down below the $1.3580 area, then looking for a move back to the $1.3500? You see, we did get back below my $1.3580 and we made a pretty healthy move towards our $1.3500. No interest in Gold because of the area we’re in and that congestion, I told you, would be too much resistance up above to tackle there.

Stock Index Futures Talk

As we look to the Stock Index Futures, I’m looking at this very closely. We had the 3 to the 1 most of the day today. The Russell was down, kept staying down, led to some great short opportunities, as the NASDAQ and even the Dow and the S&P, which closed a little bit closer back towards their highs by the end of the day, but earlier in the day we’re coming back, having nice retracements off their highs, and so the 3 kind of came back to the 1 earlier this morning, giving some great short-side opportunities. Now, as we close up the day, we’ve got a distribution bar on the NASDAQ We’ve got some accumulation bars we’re going to see if we can break down below, going into tomorrow’s trade for the Russell. And, at the same time, we’ve got these other 2 that are above their speed lines, but kind of holding on for dear life. Their rapid rises were stalled out today by the Russell. But this is great. When you have a mixed Market like that, it means things are about to happen, and they’ve already been happening. It’s been some great days of trading in the Trade Room between Ryan and me, firing off different types of trades, in our own individual accounts, great stuff.

And so, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow morning, so make sure you go join us! If you weren’t able to attend this two-part event that I did, as part of this “All-Stars” event, I’m sorry you missed that. But come see me live tomorrow morning, then during this Infinity Futures event. Let’s have some fun together there, okay? You guys have a fantastic night, don’t forget you’ll find this link for this in your Special Update section. Let’s knock ‘em dead together, and see if we can see some of these types of trades tomorrow morning together. And, of course, I’ll always execute them there, live on my platform there, so you guys can learn from them. Have a wonderful evening, gang. We’ll look forward to seeing in tomorrow morning’s Live Trading session, and then tomorrow night’s videos. Have a great evening!